tagFirst TimeRegina's Special Gift To Me, 1986

Regina's Special Gift To Me, 1986


I am writing this more for my guilty ego for taking a gift and trashing it. Also to show the female readers that men do have feelings…………it just may take us several years to realize and admit them!


The year was 1986, and I was close to graduating from the University. I was far from being sexual inexperienced as most students are.

Her name was Regina, and she was new that year. I had a couple other relationships throughout the year, but it seemed Regina was the one always catching my eye.

What can I say about sweet Regina, she had longer brown hair, big old sexy doe eyes, a very smooth complexion and a smile that could light up any room. Regina also had those swollen succulent lips that women now go get injections to achieve. Guys know what I am talking about, lips that just seem so soft plump and cushiony when kissing!! I became a sucker for her lips after the first kiss.

I can’t say enough about her beauty, she had me hook line and sinker, and I was smitten and bitten by the love bug. Regina was so lovely; I guess I should mention her physical charms. As the old Bob Seeger song said that she points way up high, he must have been talking about Regina. She was blessed with lovely firm c cups and also with a cutest damn butt you can imagine, all wrapped up in a petite little 5 foot 2 inch package.

I wasn’t the most popular guy by any means but I was easy on the eyes as I have been told, and I asked her out. I knew from talking with her throughout our relationship, that she really hadn’t gone with many guys, and was still a Virgin.

Regina had a big old Daddy and he had all girls, no boys what so ever. That was the main problems with Regina; a big old daddy meant no going out on dates.

Our relationship was mostly at school and school events. We would occasionally see each other outside of school, but not much.

It was late spring (May) and she told me that her girlfriend was spending the night with her and that they were going down to the creek the next day.

I told her that I would meet them there. I was elated to see her that Saturday afternoon, she had on a red bikini, the side’s ties on her succulent hips and the top tied around her neck. This girl, my little princess was just drop dead gorgeous!

We played around in the water a little with her girlfriend and her little sister and then she and I, (She and I was our song too, back then it was a hit by Alabama) walked down the creek a ways. We settled on a little gravel bar and started making out, it was the first time I had really been in a position with her where we were alone and we could really get our groove on.

I untied her red top and for the first time saw her awe inspiring breasts, and they were just absolutely perfect, capped off with fat erect nipples that I had to immediately start sucking. I started rubbing my finger threw her swollen lips, still hidden beneath her bottoms, her excitement though was shown by the ever growing wet spot.

My finger crept under her red bottoms and found her treasure that had been untouched until now. I traced her swollen lips from the top to the bottom of her mound and made quick little circles around her clit, eliciting little girl gasps from a young woman.

I rose to my knees and took in her beauty, lying before me was the little princess of my dreams, allowing me the pleasures that no one had ever known. I felt so damn lucky, how the hell did I get here?

My hands traveled up the outside of her young thighs, trying to keep my movements slow

It seemed an eternity until I reached the tie strings of her bikini bottoms. I slowly untied them with my shaking fingers, once loose I folded the top down to reveal her dark brown bush. In all my years, I still love a woman to have a bush. I dropped the front of the bottoms to the ground between her outstretched thighs and gently spread her legs.

I wanted nothing more than to jump her bones and go to town, but I wanted to keep things slow and easy as this was her first time.

I leaned in close to her and started running my tongue through her swollen wet lips. Regina was very tense and I was trying to calm her down, her virginity warning buzzers were surely going off in her pretty little head. I would like to say that I ate her to her first orgasm, but being real here, I highly doubt there are many females that do have orgasms when they are deflowered…….hell, they are scarred of the unknown.

I rose up on my knees and I pushed down my cut off jean shorts and leaned over her.

I asked her if she was ok and she slightly nodded her head, I leaned on down and made contact with our lips, trying to calm her and reassure her. My right hand grasped my dick and I made contact with her wet pussy lips. I traced the head back and forth between her lips plowing her Garden of Eden.

I slowed as the head was nice and wet with her moisture and stopped at her entrance. I truly cared for this young lady and was not going to do anything she didn’t want me to do. I asked her, are you ready. She slightly nodded her head and I slowly started to push into her. Regina started stuttering nononononno, ………………..and yes I stopped.

I had slowly started penetrating her and had only had my head inside when she stopped me.

I rose back up off of her and she couldn’t get her bottoms tied quickly enough. Regina had almost given herself away, going close to the edge teetering and then falling back to safety. I was disappointed, but I never wanted to push her. That pretty well concluded the events for that day.

We again found ourselves at the creek the following Sunday. Here she was again in her little red suit. We were by ourselves this time and we swam a little and then we found ourselves at the gravel bar as the previous weekend. I loved playing and sucking on her breasts. I lowered her bottoms and started licking between her luscious swollen lips. I think she had already decided how the day was to turn out as she seemed much calmer. I reached up and held her hands as I continued to lick at her pussy.

I again rose up and lowered my cutoffs; I then moved over her and leaned down to her.

I kissed her and started running the head of my dick back and forth between her lips.

When I was fully wet and ready I slowed the pace and stopped at her entrance. I paused and looked into her eyes and asked, (are you ready) she nodded and I slowly started pushing into her.

I took everything as slow as possible wanting to ensure she was alright. After I had complete penetration I stopped and asked if she was alright. I started rocking back and forth within her and picked up a nice pace, and loving the way her tits had that slight bounce in time with my thrusts. It didn’t take long and I was nearing orgasm, I knew I couldn’t come inside her and I wasn’t wearing a Jimmy, I barely made it pulling out and sprinkled her torso as I shot all over her.

We kissed and whispered sweet nothings to each other, I was still hard and slid back into her and started stroking back and forth within her again. I couldn’t get enough of her and quickened my pace. Since already coming once, I lasted a lot longer this time. I continued stroking in and out of her, as I neared orgasm. I wanted nothing more to come inside her.

It was a hard decision and I almost emptied myself into her, but at the last millisecond I pulled out and was shooting as I left her, she shockingly shrieked Mike as she felt me blasting as I withdrew.

It would be great if our relationship lasted longer or that there was a better tale of more sex, how ever I was graduating school three weeks later. Our senior skip party was over Memorial day weekend, I overindulged at the three day party and word travels fast enough that by Tuesday she already knew of my indulges with another.

In closing, when you get older you have the opportunity to look back at your triumphs and your failures, good/bad ideas. I look back now and I truly wish I had been smart enough to care and not be so disrespectful by cheating on Regina three weeks after she gave me a gift that a young lady only haves to give to one lucky man. I do know it is possible to truly case for someone and it is up to your own will power to keep the faith and respect of another.

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