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I teach at a small university in the Midwest, in a small town, the usual place where gossip spreads faster than the common cold. Those of you who live in one know exactly what I mean. My department moved into our new building after a year of construction and got two new secretaries about the same time. Our secretaries used to be spread all over the building, but now were concentrated in one room. I used to enjoy flirting with the secretaries, but got in a bit of trouble with one who, even though I wasn't flirting with her, was upset in general and I gained a reputation among the secretaries of a number of departments. Some looked for it because they liked it, some looked for it because they wanted to squash that kind of thing. It was hard to tell which was which, so now I had to be much more careful and restrict my comments to times when I knew who was within earshot. I always mean it as a compliment to them, but I'm never sure how a new secretary would take it. I had met on of the new ladies, Angie, several times around the department over the previous month or so. I was in need of getting some info put together and walked into the secretarial office to make the request and Angie was sitting at her desk working, and for the first time, alone

"Hey gorgeous." I said as I walked toward her desk.

She looked up at me, "Hi yourself handsome." Was her smiling reply. I had noticed that she tended to wear very nice outfits, generally showing plenty of cleavage and plenty of leg. She has a good looking body and doesn't seem afraid of showing it off a bit, a fact I am sure frustrates her husband. I walked up to her desk and practically forgot what I was going to ask her as she leaned forward with her arms crossed on the edge of the desk under her breasts, giving me a look down her top. If there is one thing that really gets my motor running, it's a nice pair of tits and the pair she was displaying for me were a really hot pair. She was bra-less, and from what I could tell, really didn't need one at all for her large B small C cup breasts. "Cat got your tongue?" she asked as I stared.

"Oh Sorry. I didn't mean to stare." I said clearly caught off guard. "Just taken breathless by the view." I said in recovery.

"What these little things?" she asked as she pulled her arms away from the desk and pulled her top a bit farther away from her body so she could look down her own shirt, exposing her tits even more. I could clearly see her whole breasts now, nipples and all, which made my dick practically jump to attention. "They're nothing special." She finished as she let her stretchy shirt material snap back into place.

"Depends on your view I guess." I answered her with a smile.

"It sure does." She said raising an eyebrow and staring straight at the bulge developing in my pants.

I was very used to flirting, and even getting a certain amount of flirt back, but this caught me off guard a bit. Still, I wasn't complaining, it was a very good look at her tits. I changed the subject before this one got out of hand and asked her for the information I needed. She said it would take a few hours to compile and she would bring it by. I thanked her, both for the info and for the view. She smiled and said simply "any time!" A few hours later she stopped by my office to bring me the student info I needed.

One of the things we have all been struggling with in the new building is the doors. We were always taught to keep our doors open with students around, just to keep the potential for issues and rumor to a minimum. The new building was designed in such a way that for the heat and air to work properly, the doors needed to be left closed. Most of the rooms had windows to compensate, but many of the faculty, like myself, are limited in wall space, so my office has a bookcase where the window is, leaving only a small window pane in the door available. Angie walked into my office and stepped around the chair I have next to my desk for students, and set the file folder of info on my desk. She bent over much farther than was required, making sure I had a good look down her shirt again, before straightening up again. I thanked her once again and she headed for the door. On the way she dropped a paper she was carrying and bent over, straight legged to pick it up. I had a quick and I was quite sure, intentional, view of the tops of her stockings, well above her skirt hem. I much prefer stockings to pantyhose, and hers had tiny red rose garters around the top. She stood up and smiled at me before heading out the door.

Time passed slowly for me with my wife out of the country with the army. The bright spot in the days were when Angie would stop by to flirt or we would meet in the hallway to chat. There was nothing emotional at all, it was just two adults having a good time. I worried that her husband would be jealous, but she assured me that he really loved hearing all the details of how some guy was looking down her shirt or how she managed to flash something even more private. On one occasion we were riding up the elevator together, and it's a slow elevator for only three floors. She said she purchased some new underwear to wear for her husband and wondered if I thought they looked nice. Before I had a chance to say anything, she stepped one leg up on the railing around the elevator car and pulled her skirt up with her free hand, exposing herself below the waist. I quickly got a huge hardon looking at her white thigh high stockings and one of the tiniest white satin thong panties I had ever seen. Not only was it very small, barely covering her pussy lips and leaving no doubt that she was completely shaved, but it was also evident that it was wet from her juices. I commented that she seemed to be horny today, and her reply was that she was ALWAYS horny and just loved teasing me. She also invited me to feel it and see if "he would like how it felt" but the car came to a stop and she dropped her skirt and leg, looking totally professional again before the doors had fully opened. Fortunately there wasn't anyone waiting to get on, so my bulging pants and flushed face went unnoticed.

As the holidays approached, my mood deteriorated. I missed my wife, her being gone nearly seven months, and I wasn't looking forward to the holidays alone. I think Angie noticed and her visits to my office became more frequent, and if we were completely alone, like in the elevator, she would reach out and give me a hug. One day she came by my office with her arms full of boxes and papers, struggling to just get my office door open without dropping it all. She walked in and put her foot up on my chair to balance her load while she went through the papers and found the one that needed my signature. She handed me the paper and her pen. Being the clutz that I am, I dropped the pen and bent over to pick it up. When I looked up I could see straight up her skirt clear to the tiny red thong that had a gold ho ho ho printed on the almost non-existent material. She was more than used to me taking a good look when she offered a view, so I did pause a moment to look.

"Like what you see?" she asked with a smile.

"Very much. You seem to be in a holiday spirit."

"Thank you." She said as I signed the paper. I reached out and handed it to her, which she took. Then instead of taking the pen from my hand she took my hand and gently pulled it down and under her skirt. "I know you like to look but you never touch, and it always makes me so wet when you look." She said softly as she placed the back of my hand against the thin material. I shifted the pen in my grip and extended two fingers, rolling my hand over and stroking her pussy through the material as she withdrew her hand.

"Ohhhhhh Yes. I thought you would never touch me." She cooed as I stroked her increasingly wet panties. After several seconds I started to pull my hand away. "You're not going to leave me like this?" she squeaked.

"Like what?"

"Hanging on the edge! You get me all worked up and then don't let me cum? That's not very nice. Don't you like how I feel?"

"I like how you feel very much. I just don't want to get us both in a lot of trouble."

"Men!" she said putting her leg down and practically storming out of my office.

She came back about an hour later, coming in and sat down in the chair next to my desk. "I'm sorry I got mad at you. I know you were just trying to keep us out of trouble."

"I'm sorry I left you hanging. I would have liked to finish what I started, but to be honest, having your husband know I was looking up your skirt is one thing, but having him know I was touching your pussy is another altogether. Last thing I need is a shotgun pointed at me."

She laughed and scooted the chair around so she was sitting closer to me. "I don't think you understand. He loves hearing about me being looked at and if I told him you were touching my pussy he would probably rip my clothes off and fuck me right in the middle of the dining room table! He really gets off hearing things like that."

"I guess that's a foreign concept to me. I'd be really upset if I found out my wife was being touched by some other guy."

"But you have nothing against looking at or touching other women?" she asked.

"I know. Double standard, but then my wife is a bit prudish anyway. We have never aligned too well on that kind of thing. I've just always tried to keep it below her radar."

"Hmmm I understand. Lots of women don't like their guys messing around with other women. We have a rule, my husband and me, that we won't mess around without the other around, but touching is fair game as long as we share all the details."

"That sounds like a reasonable arrangement."

"I like it. That way I can tease all the guys I like, and if one wants to touch a bit in return, then so much the better." She said putting her foot up on my chair so her skirt slid up her leg to her waist, exposing her completely naked pussy. "Would you like to finish what you started?" she asked as she spread her legs wider, showing me her whole naked pussy. I really couldn't help myself. I reached out and stroked my finger up her wet pussy lips, her moisture allowing my finger to slip easily between them as I pulled it up along her slit and across her clit. "Ohhhhhhh yes." She whispered as she leaned back to enjoy what I was doing to her. I spent several minutes stroking her pussy, hoping no one would look in the little window on my door, and watching her face. Her hands were soon busy under her shirt and then in the open as she pushed her shirt up to expose her tits while her hands squeezed them and pulled the nipples. Her breathing became ragged as she came closer to her climax. IT washed over her almost suddenly as her body jerked and shook, as I continued to stroke her hard nub, finally slowing and stopping as her climax passed. "That was pretty damn good." She said breathlessly. "You can do that to me any time you want."

"You're welcome." I said, trying to adjust my hard dick in my pants.

"Looks like you need some relief now." She said as she got up, pulling her shirt down over her tits and smoothing her skirt. She stepped around behind my chair and turned me around so my back was facing the door. She knelt down between my legs and quickly opened my zipper, working my dick out. "Ohhhh this is a nice one." She cooed as she moved closer. She slipped the head of my dick into her mouth and was quickly at work slurping and stroking my dick. She seemed to be an expert and within only a few short minutes she had me spurting a huge load of cum onto her mouth. She didn't miss a drop as she sucked my juices down, not stopping until my dick had softened considerably. She tucked my dick back into my pants and then zipped me up.

"My turn to say Thank you." I said

"Oh belive me, it was my pleasure."

"How does this match up with your promise not to fool around without your husband around?"

"Oh this? Oral sex is fine. When he gets home I'll be sitting there naked waiting and as soon as he sticks his dick into me I'll give him all the details. I have no doubt that he will cum as hard as you just did." She said moving back to the other chair. "I have a question for you."


"Do you mind touching other women? I mean it's not just people that tease like we do, is it?"

"I suppose if the circumstances were right. Hell. I'm a guy. How can I resist touching a naked woman?"

"Good point. We're throwing a little Christmas party and I thought you might like to come." She said with a smile. I thought it was a bit odd of a change of topics.

"Thanks, but I'm not sure that I could handle a bunch of screaming kids and all."

"Oh don't worry, this is a no kids allowed party. You really should come, I know you'll enjoy it, besides, it'll cheer you up!"

"I don't know." I said, trying to find a way to beg off.

"No excuses. I won't take no for an answer!" she said firmly.

"Ok." I said with a sigh. "When is it?"


"Ok." I said still hoping that I was going to find a way to get out of it.

The rest of the week had gone as slowly as the previous week. In fact, I had completely forgotten about the party, that was until Angie came in mid afternoon on Friday. "Hey. Here's a map of how to get to our house." She said handing me a paper. "And just so you know, this is a private party. We don't want to advertise, if you know what I mean."

"Ok." I said taking the paper from her. "You sure I'm not just going to be a fifth wheel coming alone and all?"

"Believe me, you won't be a fifth wheel. I have a few single ladies coming too, so you should be able to find someone to keep you amused." She said with a chuckle.

"What do I need to wear? I mean it's not a costume thing is it?"

"Just wear what makes you look sexy." She said with a wink

"I don't know I have anything like that."

"Oh' I'm sure you do. It's nice but casual. Just relax and have some fun. You've been going around looking like you lost your dog. It's time to cheer up for the holidays! That's an order!"

"Yes maam." I said, folding the paper and putting it in my pocket.

"Now don't let me down! I'm expecting you! See you at seven!" she said, blowing me a kiss before she opened the door and headed out. I was wondering why I let myself get talked into this. What I really wanted to do was sit in the house and veg in front of the TV.

It was quite a ways out of town to her house, but I found it, thank you to the map. I'm not sure I would have without it. I parked and walked up to the house wearing a pair of light colored Dockers, a silk pocket t-shirt and my brown Swede leather sport coat, all topped off with my signature leather 'indian jones' hat. It's my idea of nice but casual, and I thought I looked pretty good. It was dark already, but there were a fair number of cars there. I didn't even have time to knock on the door before Angie opened it and held her hand out to draw me inside. She looked absolutely stunning, wearing a form fitting dress that was knee length with a slit that went up both sides almost to her waist. Her hard nipples attested to the fact that she had no bra on.

"I'm glad you came!" she said, giving me a huge hug that drove her hard nipples into my chest and my growing bulge against her mound. After releasing me she pulled me to the living room and introduced me to the group, after which she stuck a name tag on my jacket. "Now everyone will know what to call you." She said with a smile before giving me a kiss on the cheek. "Now go have some fun!"

"Yes maam." I said as I made my way into the dimly lit living room. The place was decorated to the max with Christmas wreaths, holly garlands and lots of lights. In fact, the only light in the room came from the hundreds of tiny colored bulbs flashing and blinking around the ceiling, door and window frames. It gave the whole place a sparkly atmosphere. I made my way to what obviously a bar and poured an orange soda, not being a big alcohol drinker.

"Orange! That's pretty rugged!" a female voice said from behind me. I turned and saw a gorgeous redhead smiling at me. She was dressed in a long red dress, running from her turtleneck and sleeveless top all the way down to her ankles, the color as bright as any Santa suit. She wore red spike heels, and the formfitting dress outlined her slim hips and nicely shaped bust that supported her nametag. "Hi, I'm Jill." She said over the recently turned on music.

"Hi. Mike." I replied simply, trying to put my eyeballs back into their sockets.

"I take it you like my outfit?" she said moving closer so I could hear her.

"Very much so." I replied to her.

"I'm glad. You look pretty hot yourself. I like the hat! Nice touch!"

"Thank you."

"Do you dance?" She asked.

I looked at the middle of the large living room where a number of couples were dancing some kind of bump and grind dance. "Not much." I replied, having to almost shout to be heard.

"We'll fix that." She said as she took my drink from my hand and set it on the counter. She pulled me toward the middle of the room and wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my face next to hers. "Now just move your hips to the music." She said as I put my arms around her. I tried my best but it was difficult to move my hips without grinding my hardening dick into her body. The song ended and we had a few moments of quiet before the next song started. "Are you bashful?" she asked with a smile.

"A bit." I said shrugging.

"Oh, I see. The idea is to rub as much of your body against mine while we dance. That's the whole point."

"Oh, I see. Kind of like having sex with clothes on?"

"That's pretty much it." She said with a grin. "But if you want to dance without any clothes on, just let me know!"

"that's a pretty tempting offer! Maybe a bit later." I replied.

"I may hold you to that." She answered as she ground her mound into my hardening dick. "I like what I feel."

"You're not so bad yourself." I answered as her tits pushed against my chest, our skin separated by only the material of my thin shirt and her dress, my coat having spread enough that she was now inside it.

"I thought you couldn't dance. You seem to be getting the hang of it pretty well." She said as the song ended and she let go of me enough for our bodies to not be glued together.

"I had a good teacher." I replied.

"Thank you!" She said as a slow dance came up. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her to me, swaying to the music. "You know how to do this kind of dancing very well." She said as she put her head on my shoulder. I let my hands rub gently up and down her back, slowly stroking from her neck down to the curve of her butt. I didn't feel any panty lines and was pretty sure she was naked under the dress. I looked around while we were dancing, and other than two more seemingly single women by the bar, there seemed to be about six more couples on the dance floor, including Angie and her husband, who's hands were rubbing her ass through the gaps in the sides of the dress. Pretty much all the women were in either a skirt or dress, and most of the outfits were pretty damn sexy. If I were to guess I would say I was the oldest of the bunch, most of the guys and women running from late twenties to late thirties or so, and there wasn't a dog in the bunch, so to speak. The slow song ended and she pulled slowly away from me. "I guess I better let someone else have a chance at you for a while." She said as she led me by the hand back toward the bar. "Sue, this is Mike." She said to a small lady standing by the bar. She was dressed in a long sleeved knit shirt and matching color wrap around skirt that went down to mid thigh. "Have fun!" she said as she put my hand on Sue's, who in turn led me out to the dance area.

"You'll have to excuse me a bit. I'm just learning how to dance like this." I said to her as I pulled her close. She snuggled her body against mine, the top of her head only coming to my chin, and that was with her wearing spike heels. She wrapped her arms around my body inside my coat and pulled her body tight to mind, grinding her tits and mound against me.

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