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Rekindling An Old Taboo


Now I have to say ahead of time, I'm not usually one to step outside of any of the normal boundaries of accepted behavior. That being said I have to relate to you the events of a recent family reunion. Like any other, I felt mostly out of place. You see I come from a family, in which most of the relatives are of Native American decent. I on the other hand, come from one of its many mixtures with outside cultures. In other words, I am a mutt, half-breed, or whatever other description you care to use. I am proud of both of my heritages, but to be nice, I stick out like a sore thumb at family reunions! Being only half Indian, I somehow inherited my mothers paler Swedish complexion and features. There are a few of us light skins, but for the most part, darker skin is the norm!

I was making my way through the large selections of foods that were always present at these things, rubbing elbows with long forgotten Uncles, cousins, and other assorted relatives, when I happened to run into someone I had long forgotten, my cousin Roz. Now to say that the woman is stunning would be a big understatement. She had the features most guys' dream of in any woman. She had the long, waist length black hair, dark bedroom eyes that just sucked the life from you, and a figure that was, needless to say, the stuff of many a wet-dream! At least in my youth they had been. Roz and me were about the same age, our mid-forties, and to be honest, neither of us looked it. She looked no different than I remembered her in our youth. With the exception of filling out to an even better figure, and maybe a few streaks of silver, she was still the picture of perfection.

Roz and I had been dumped together as kids when our parents visited Grand moms. As the years went by we went from playing with each other's bottles and rattles, to sharing storybooks and board games. As we got older we would explore the woods out behind my Grandparents house for hours. We were the best of friends as well as cousins. She was the one person I looked forward to seeing every week, when we went over for church and dinner. You could say we were inseparable. As you would expect we shared all our little secrets and swore we'd never split up! Kids of nine or ten have a very dim view of the future!

As we entered puberty, we started to discover other things as well. She began to develop early, at eleven. I guess you could say I was an early bloomer to, because Roz and I got very curious as to the changes that were taking place with each other. We'd sneak off into the woods and play "Lets peek" and eventually, like all curious kids, we wanted to touch. It was about that time that one of our many Uncles caught us, and "explained" that what we were doing was so very wrong. His explanation left me not able to sit for almost two days, and my mother telling me about children with two heads and six eyes. I had no idea why they were so upset, and neither did Roz. We were just curious kids after all. After that little episode, Roz and I were not allowed to take trips to the woods, or be alone again without another older kid keeping an eye on us.

As life so often works, soon after, for unrelated reasons, my Mother and Father split up. My Mother got custody of my brother and me and we moved far to the north of where we had spent our childhood. Like so many others, Roz and I had lost contact. We had sworn to always keep in touch, but time and distance proved to be too much. I hadn't seen or spoken to her since a year after leaving our home in the Carolinas. That had been over thirty years ago! Now there she was right in front of me, still a vision to my eyes. I smiled recalling all the wonderful adventures we had spent together, and all the trouble we used to get into.

Just as I was about to go and re-introduce myself, Roz turned around and saw me. She stood there looking across the yard at me, when a huge grin spread across her face. She very nearly knocked down two small children carrying their lunch plates, as she dashed across the lawn and jumped into my arms; giving me the tightest hug I have felt in a very long time. "I thought that was you!" she yelled at me. "You haven't changed much, well maybe a little!" There was that smile she had, that was for me alone.

Needless to say we moved away from the main throng of our relatives and talked for hours, catching up on our lives. It seemed like we had only seen each other a few days ago. Yet our conversation went back and forth over the many years we had been separated, and we found ourselves lost in the many ups and downs of each other's lives. She had married early, at eighteen, had five children. I on the other hand had married late, in my mid twenties, and had three children in two separate marriages. She had recently divorced her long time husband for abuse, and having too many affairs. While I on the other hand had lost my second wife to Cancer soon after the boys had left for college, leaving me alone for the first time in years. I had never even considered trying to replace her in the two years since.

Roz seemed to take the loss of my wife as hard as I had and we soon found ourselves commiserating over our pathetic lives. Her girls were all grown now, and she was ready to rediscover some of her lost youth. I told her I could probably use some fun times again myself. We made plans to get together again, and promised that it would not just be an empty offer. As the night brought the reunion to an end, we soon found ourselves again saying goodbye. I honestly hoped it would not be thirty years again before we saw each other next. I made my way back to the airport and flew home to my empty house. I really hadn't wanted to be there after Shelly's death, and began to think that maybe it was time to make a change.

After several phone calls with Roz, I finally decided it was time to go home. I liquidated all of my stocks, and bought a few acres of land out in the woods of my hometown, had a modest four-bedroom house built, and a call to my publisher to let her know of the change. I moved what little stuff I wanted to keep, along with a few reminders of Shelly, and began to get my "old" new life back home. Needless to say, I was looking forward to renewing my friendship with Roz as well.

Roz came over early the morning the moving van rolled into my new driveway. My son and a few of his college buddies were helping me with the move. Jeremy, my youngest, wanted to check out the new place, since it was only a few hours from where he attended college. "It would make a convenient place for me to crash on holidays.", he said! I could picture the mountains of beer cans and trash that I would end up having to clean. I rolled my eyes and just smiled, it seemed some things never did change after all.

It was a rather humid day, and as anyone who's ever been in the Carolinas can appreciate, humid days are somewhat unbearable to the unaccustomed. Sweat was literally running down all of our faces. I looked at Jeremy and suggested we call it a day! He and his friends readily agreed, so we flipped open the cooler and cracked a few cold beers. I recently began to allow him to drink as long as he didn't get carried away. His twenty-first birthday was only a few weeks off.

About the time we were all getting relaxed in our chairs, out onto the deck walked Roz, in what I could only call "Daisy Dukes" and a half shirt I could only describe as barely enough material to cover her chest. Roz seemed not to care that all four of the boys, my son included, had all but forgotten the conversation they were just having. They just watched her cross the deck and sit down on a chair next to mine with looks of pure lust!

"Jeremy! Get you Aunt (I drew out this part), a cold beer from the cooler!" I said as they all came back into focus. After a brief second Jeremy focused on my eyes, and jumped up to do what I had told him. He moved surprisingly quickly for a young man his size; Dad still had some respect I noted. He twisted off the cap and handed it to Roz, who by now was well aware the she was the focus of the four young men seated uncomfortably around the deck. The other three were shuffling their feet and trying desperately not to stare at "Aunt Roz"! Roz for her part grasped the situation quickly and readjusted her chair so that she was squarely facing me instead. Now it was my turn to squirm, as the view afforded me an unfettered look up her legs to the material that was barely covering the focus of every man's attention in this situation.

Jeremy and his friends seemed to take that as their cue to make a hasty exit. They got up to leave, and one by one said their goodbyes to Roz. I followed them to the door, and more than once overheard "Fine ass", or "damn hot". I knew they would have a lot to talk about on the way back, when it came to Aunt Roz! Jeremy looked back and smiled, "Take it easy Pops, don't tell Aunt Roz but she's one hot lady!" With that he turned and headed for the SUV Shelly had left him. I watched for a few minutes as it disappeared down the dirt driveway to the road and disappear.

As I passed through the living room I grabbed a bottle of "Wild Turkey" and headed back for the deck. Roz was working on another beer and handed me a fresh one. "Thought you could use a new one Cuz, I hope I didn't scare the boys off?" she smiled.

"Nah, they needed to get going anyway. I'm sure you'll be seeing them again. Free rooms and a place to party, they'll be around at least once a month!" I laughed.

"Yeah, I know that for a fact. Mine are always coming by to hit old mom up for food and money! Things never change do they Jack?" she smirked.

I held out the bottle, and she only smiled and said, "Sure why not. It's been a long time since we could relax and bullshit with each other. I'm in no hurry to get home to that empty place."

"Good", I smiled, "I could use the company. It's been a long time since I have had anyone to talk to either." We filled the shot glasses I brought out and spent the next four hours getting hammered and telling war stories!

As the sun began setting, we realized neither one of us was in any condition to drive. I suggested she take one of the bedrooms for the night, (I had four), that way we could get an early start in the morning. She didn't argue with me at all, and I showed her to one of the spare rooms. I pulled out a couple towels and suggested a shower might sober us both up a bit. I then headed back down the hall to my room and stripped out of my, now smelly cloth's.

The shower had just the affect I needed, after about tens minutes under the steaming water, I was good to go again. As I stepped out into the bedroom, I was greeted by the sight of Roz standing in a towel at the foot of my bed. She had a smile that would have melted steel. "I couldn't find any soap in the other room, so I figured I'd wait until you finished and use yours! Is that cool?" she asked.

"Sure", I stammered, as she slid past me to head into the steamy bathroom. I made my way around to the dresser and started rummaging for something to wear. I noticed in the mirror that Roz had left the door to the bathroom open and was heading back to close it when I saw her reflection in the bathroom mirror. She dropped the towel to the floor and stepped into the showers spray. The view of her body was enough to stir my dick into total stiffness with a quickness I hadn't seen in years. Within seconds I was at full attention.

The shower has a glass door, and I was at just the right angle to watch her, without myself being seen. As the water fell over her body I could make out the soft curves that defined her as a wonderfully attractive woman. She had perky C cup tits that barely showed the effects of time and child bearing. Her hips were full and nicely padded. Roz was in no way heavy, but she had filled out nicely since the last time I had seen her naked, all those years ago in our youth. I couldn't help but watch her now, the more mature version of my childhood wet dreams!

As I was looking on, Roz did something I was unprepared for. She began fingering herself frantically; it almost looked like a desperate act. Within a few minutes she leaned back on the wall and seemed to choke down on whatever sounds she was about to make. The look of a quick release to ease the edge passed over her face. I knew that look, as I had become well versed at quick self-gratification, quite well since my wife's death. I slipped back into the living room to allow her some privacy, and me a chance to get myself back to a presentable condition. I didn't want Roz thinking I was some kind of pervert, watching her in the shower. I turned on the stereo and grabbed another beer for the both of us.

I was just pouring the next round of shots, when Roz came back into the room. She was wearing one of Shelly's old tee shirts, and from what I could tell not much else. The fact that she was braless was very obvious from the way her thumb-sized nipples stood out against the material. Her hair was pulled back in another towel, and spun into a beehive on top of her head. The view she gave me of her legs, was just barely short of a full view of her womanhood! I almost choked down my shot, and quickly turned my head.

"What's the matter cuz, never seen a half naked woman before?" she laughed, catching my embarrassment.

"It has been awhile, yeah! To make matters even worse, it would have to be you Roz!" I grinned back.

"Hey, I take that personally! Don't I still make you wonder, what might have happened if our Uncle hadn't caught us that day?" she had an evil little smile, that reminded me of when we had been much younger.

"I was just thinking that very thing." I said. "After all these years, I still think about that day and wonder!"

Roz moved closer to me, almost face to face. I could feel the warmth of her body pressing on mine through the flimsy shirt. Her breath smelled sweet to my senses, and I felt my cock raging to concrete hardness once again. "You know Jack, we aren't little kids anymore," she said lustfully. "And, to be honest. I am still curious about what if?"

My resolve of family taboo's, and right and wrong, melted away like so much candle wax. I let my arms slip around her waist and pulled her in tightly to me. She pushed her lips up to meet mine, and we found ourselves in the most passionate kiss I had experienced in a very long time! Within seconds, we were exploring each other's bodies with more fervor than we could ever have dreamed of as kids.

I pulled away long enough to pull the shirt from her body, then quickly resumed my exploration of old forgotten territory. Roz on the other hand, had managed to unzip my jeans and was frantically trying to pull them down. It was almost like the clumsiness we had shared all those years ago, trying to get each other undressed. We actually broke out into a fit of laughter over our inability to do this one simple thing. Eventually she got my pants off, and whistled her approval. Now, I'm no porn star, but I was not left on the short end of the blessed line either.

I guess the short break in the action, as well as the realization that we were indeed about to do what we had only imagined all those years ago, gave us a chance to catch our breath. Roz looked at me with lust filled eyes and whispered, "You sure you want this cuz? I've thought about this for over thirty years! I knew that if I ever got the opportunity, I wouldn't let it get away again. I see you have had the same thoughts or you wouldn't be so nervous either!"

I had to admit, the thought of bedding my cousin, family taboo's aside, had given me many a soggy sock to wash over the years. I knew there was no way I was going to let this chance go by this time! I looked at Roz and replied, "I was in love with you thirty years ago, and in all that time I have never once regretted anything we ever did together. I wouldn't miss this for the world!" To show my point I slid back into her warm embrace and gave her most passionate kiss I had been able to muster in years. I could feel her body responding to mine with a fire that made me want her all the more.

She responded by pushing her hips to mine and gently gyrating against my, now diamond hard cock. Soft moans of anticipation were all that could be heard, besides the heavy breathing! She knew what she wanted and was not ashamed to get it. I was in no mood to argue. My hands found the round fullness of her ass, and I pulled her even tighter to me. All thoughts of any wrong doing no longer matter, and I was more than willing to see this to it's wonderful conclusion.

It was a little strange seeing her dark complexion pressed against my barely tanned skin; the sight was actually turning me on, as my tastes had always tended toward more fair completed blondes! But her need and insistence was something that could not, and would not be denied at this point. I could feel her hands cupping my balls as if she were trying to judge the load that might be waiting there for her. She was definitely a woman that knew how to get the most excitement possible from a man.

We kissed and explored each other with a wild abandon I had never had in the twenty years of marriage to Shelly. The fact that my cousin, of all women, could cause this level of pure lust, only spoke of what awaited me for the rest of the evening. She seemed to hesitate only a second to ask, "Last chance to back out Jack, after this we'll never be able to go back!" The look in her eyes spoke chapters to the level of need that now consumed us both.

"Not a chance Roz, I've waited thirty years for this moment", I said and to show my own need for her, I pushed her back onto my bed so that she now lay before me, the vision of a most delectable dish. I guided her legs apart and settled my face along her inner thighs, tracing my now hungry mouth along the softness of her inner thigh. She watched for only a moment, then closed her eyes and let me do what I love best.

Slowly I teased her inner thighs, not quite reaching her magnificent smelling sweetness. The gasps of pleasure escaping her urged me to continue without any rush. Her pussy was glistening with wetness, like dew on a morning leaf. The temptation to dive in was almost too much for me. I slid further onto the bed so that my mouth just barely came in contact with her sparsely haired box. Like an electric shock her body jerked at every slight touch, she was already close to climaxing, but I wanted her to go even higher before reaching that point.

A trick that used to work with Shelly came to mind, and although no two women are the same I was sure it would work. Without warning I slipped my thumb into her brown bud. She nearly tore my head off twisting around on it, without knowing, I had done just the opposite of what I had wanted, sending her into a screaming orgasm. I could barely hold her down as she jerked and spasmed out of control. The screams that came from her throat made me hesitate, thinking I was somehow hurting her.

Yet as I looked at her face all I could see was total and complete release to my manipulations. She was pouring out her orgasm like a flood onto my wrist and hand. I couldn't resist any longer and dove into her quivering, cum soaked pussy. The nectar of the Gods would not have tasted sweeter to me at this point. It had been over three years since Shelly's death, and longer since I had had sex. I wanted Roz now in a way that could only be described as animal.

Pushing up from my wonderful slice of heaven, I positioned my cock at her twitching entrance. She looked into my eyes and moaned as she felt the head making contact with her engorged lips.

"Yes Jack, do it, do it now! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!", she screamed, and sounded like she hadn't had sex in years herself!

Without any more coaxing, I slammed all the way to the hilt inside my cousin Roz' damn tight box. All at once it felt like slamming myself into a well-lubed keyhole! I never would have believed a woman could be so tight, while at the same time being so wet! The feeling was almost enough to make me blow my load right then and there.

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