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Relax And Let It Happen


His wife and he had a curious sex life. She'd always been adventurous and imaginative in her mind but very timid in her experience of all things sexual. So, from an early time in their 10-year marriage, they'd talked over the things we'd like to do and get ready for them. They'd buy things for their pleasure and book themselves into exciting venues where they could take part in erotic pastimes. At the last minute, she'd get cold feet and so now they have a massive collection of sex toys, erotic underwear, bondage equipment, books. All unused. Recently, he'd bought Cialis tablets in the hope she'd be more responsive and that he'd be able to get erect and stay active all night. They also languished in the bottom drawer on his side of the bed.

They started talking about this aspect of their married life, about two years ago. Dianne said that she'd definitely pluck up courage one day soon and they'd start to enjoy some of the things they'd planned so many years ago. She promised to let Tony do as he'd always wished with her.

"When the time comes," she'd said, "you can do whatever you want. You'll see."

Tony had been on a sexual high ever since he heard the words but months and months had gone by, and he'd assumed it was the same old story. Her spirit was very willing but her body was too afraid.

Dianne had also started to suffer insomnia and slept hardly an hour or two each night. During the day she was tired, so Tony didn't feel able to suggest Saturdays afternoons making imaginative love. They were beginning to slide into an impasse where he no longer believed he would be able, or allowed, to make love to his wife in the ingenious ways they'd discussed as a newly-married couple. She began to feel too exhausted all the time to be able to talk about it, even.

Tony went with her to the doctor's clinic and they talked over her insomnia. The doctor prescribed Temazapan.

"But don't take more than one," he'd warned, "or you'll have difficulty waking up. More to the point, your husband won't be able to wake you up either. Try a half tablet to start and see if it works for you. Just be careful and wear something absorbent in the night in case your bladder decides to empty, but you'll stay asleep. OK?"

That night, Dianne tried half of one Temazapan and slept soundly after about 20 minutes. She awoke a bit wobbly the next day but was her usual self by 10 o'clock. It became her normal routine to do this and her sleep pattern was established within a week.

One night, when she was particularly tense, he'd said, "Try a whole tablet tonight, dear, and see if that'll help you calm down and sleep better." The effect was amazing. Within 15 minutes, she was so deeply asleep he could move her onto her back, roll her onto her front, talk into her ears without any response, and slowly during the night take her nightgown off her, so that she awoke naked with him and didn't remember any part of the night. Tony watched this with interest and came close to penetrating his wife, but wanted to save that experience for "...when the time is right..."

"The tablets certainly relax you, dear," he ventured the next day, "perhaps you'll feel more like making love like we said, one day soon."

"Yes, dear," she replied, "maybe that's what I need. I'm ready now for usto try; now that we have the way to make me relax. I know it's inmportant for you."

A plan was forming in Tony's head and he felt that the day was approaching when he could take her promises seriously, "... you can do whatever you want..." He began to make his plan in all its complexity, built up over many years, of what exactly it was that he wanted with his wife. He would wait until the next time she was really tense and needed to sleep well, and his opportunity came after only a few days.

Two friends had visited in the afternoon and had complained about finances, their children, their housing association, her weight, his job - practically everything that they could have selected to moan about. By 7 pm, Dianne was exhausted and twitching with stress. Tonight was obviously going to be a whole-tablet night, except that Tony had another idea.

"You get ready for bed, dear, and I'll get you a drink for your tablet."

"Oh, yes please," Dianne had said, "I think it's a whole tablet tonight, don't you?"

As she prepared for bed, Tony made her the milk drink but it was a special brew, that night. Into the hot milk, he crushed a whole Temazapan and also a Cialis. He wanted his wife to be very very relaxed but also capable of arousal and moist for him. With its chocolate flavouring, he tried a sip and could detect no other taste whatever. He took it to Dianne and sat on the edge of the bed as she raised it to her lips and blew on it to cool it off a little.

"Bring me the tablets, dear," she asked, "I think I will take a whole one tonight. Do you agree?"

Unknowing, she swallowed the second tablet and finished the drink. Tony took the cup off her and pulled up the duvet so that she'd be comfortable. Then he went to the kitchen and took a Cialis for himself.

After 45 minutes, Tony went to the bedroom and leaned over Dianne, to see that she was properly asleep. He spoke into her ear. He took the duvet completely off her, an action that always awoke her and annoyed her, but this time there was no response at all to anything he did. He assembled his toys and equipment on the other side of the bed, spending a few minutes doing so, and enjoying every item and its prospect of pleasure.

Gently, still trying not to disturb her so soon in her sleep, he took off her nightgown. This time, it came easily over her head and shoulders for some reason, and he was relieved. Dianne looked delightful, lying there naked, and he rolled her onto her front. Her breathing was regular and deep.

First, he took the white satin corset he'd bought 5 years before, loosened the laces and opened it out on the bed to one side of Dianne, on a level with her waist. Leaning across Dianne, he rolled her onto her back over the corset so that he could bring the two halves together at the front and clip up the busk easily. Then he took the two laces, one each side and gave a slight pull on both to settle the corset into its position on her waist. He leaned over again and rolled her onto her front so that the laces could be tightened. But he tightened them only a little because he had other plans for her waist and her insides. The corset was long; from her bra line to her hips, and beautifully shaped over her hips. It was made to measure especially for her figure and could reduce her by ferocious lacing until she would measure only 20 inches at her waist. He was so very much looking forwards to that later in the night.

By now, his erection was building nicely as the Cialis added to his excitement. He had to start getting undressed to relieve the discomfort in his trousers. From his collection he took two soft ropes and tied each to one of Dianne's ankles. Taking one of them over the edge of the bed, he took a loop around the short leg at the middle of the side and then attached it to the short leg at the foot of the bed. He did the same with the other ankle-rope so that Dianne was beginning to be splayed out in such a way that her legs could be pulled into a perfect splits later, as he gradually tightened up the ropes. Her bottom and vagina were fully exposed and still she kept breathing heavily, in the deepest of sleeps with her head to one side and her arms laid out in either direction.

Tony took a bottle of lube and spread some on his wife's vagina lips, to find that she was wet already. He spread more over the inside of her buttocks, and into the circular crack of her anus. He put more on his fingers and pushed lube into her anus, until he could move two fingers in and out with no resistance. Dianne was certainly very relaxed.

Then he got completely undressed and, for the first time that night, he lay on his wife and entered her stretched-open vagina from behind, and pumped merrily into her a number of times. As he felt his orgasm tingling in his groin, he stopped. He didn't want to come too soon. There was much else he wanted to do that night for his pleasure.

Reaching to one side, Tony brought to his wife's bottom the first of many butt-plugs that he intended to install in her. This one was shiny black hard rubber, 1 inch diameter, blunt bullet shaped, with a slight neck at 5 inches from the more pointed end, and it had a base plate to stop it from disappearing up inside her bowels. He eased it into her slippery anus and found that he could press it half way into her before he felt any resistance. At that point he let it settle outwards for a half-inch and then pressed again, entering a little more that time. Slowly, with more back and forth urging, the plug entered Dianne's rectum. With a plop, it settled into her, and her anal muscle gripped around the slight neck and pulled the base plate tight up against her buttocks. Dianne slept on.

This was one of the sensations he'd been planning for himself all those years, so he resumed his position behind his wife, supporting himself by his hands on the bed. He entered her against the unfamiliar internal pressure of the plug and with the little detour he had to make around the base plate. Inside her, he could feel the hardness of the plug through the membrane separating him from her bowels. This time his orgasm started to build within a few seconds and he had to control himself ruthlessly to withdraw before any "damage was done" to his plans for the night.

Kneeling between her spread legs, he leant down to his wife's waist, took the laces and tightened the corset a little more. The corset was open by about 6 inches at her waist but by only 2 inches at top and bottom. He complimented himself on the measurements he'd taken for the design of the corset, which would be fully closed when her waist was 20 inches but her chest and hips would be hardly pressured at all. He tied off the laces and leaned his erection into his wife again, this time feeling the extra pressure inside her abdomen as the corset constricted her organs. He knew by that time that his orgasm was vulnerable and could come at any moment, so he eased out of her after only a few seconds.

He surveyed Dianne's spread legs and went first to one bed side, and then the other, as he tightened the ropes around the bed feet. Her legs were now wider apart than he'd ever seen them, but still not in the straight line which was his plan. He checked her breathing again and spoke to her softly in her ear, but there was no response, not even a "Hmm" from his wife.

The pattern of Dianne's erotic preparation was now set. In turn, taking half an hour to complete each cycle, he exchanged the butt plug for another, a half inch wider, then he penetrated her to feel the extra hardness. Then came the tightening of the corset by just a fraction of an inch each time, and his penetration against the pressure of her abdominal organs. Finally came the re-tying of her legs to be more spread than ever.

By 10.30 pm, Dianne's waist measured 21 inches and the butt plug was 3.5 inches diameter. Her legs were only a few degrees short of a straight line and Tony was so excited that his semen was slowly oozing from him without any touching or penetration of Dianne's body. He looked at the clock and at his wife, still sleeping soundly. She looked amazing with her hourglass figure, her stretched anal opening and the angle of her legs. He decided not to stretch her legs any further in case he injured her hip joints, but he wanted everything else. The final cycle of preparation was coming and he entered her briefly to feel the extreme of the pressure inside her and against the plug in her rectum through the separating membrane. He could feel his semen oozing slowly into her but experienced no orgasm and that worried him in case he'd gone beyond the point of release. He'd heard that such a thing happens to a man if his excitement is prolonged too far.

He leant over Dianne's head and whispered into her ear. "This is it now, dear. This is where I get what I want. I'm loving you every second and wanting you as well. If you remember any of this when you wake up, I hope it'll be nice for you."

Then came the final butt plug. He looked at it as he greased it and couldn't believe such a thing could possible pass through his wife's muscles and her pelvis. It was still only 5 inches long from base plate to tip, still hard black rubber, and still had a slight narrowing at a neck by perhaps half an inch or so. Slowly, with both hands, he took hold of the base plate of the plug that was inside Dianne and eased it outwards until he could feel the extra stretch as the neck was released and the plug slid quickly out into his hands. Wasting no time, and not allowing Dianne's muscles to contract, he pressed the plug against her opening and manoeuvred it slowly into her. The force needed this time was considerable. He placed his clenched right fist against the base plate and grabbed the corset laces with his left hand, and pushed with all his strength. Slowly, the plug made its way through her anus and he worried that something may tear but his wife's body stretched and accepted the 4-inch diameter plug and it snuggled into her. He moved backwards and surveyed the effect. It was unbelievable and his wife looked grotesque, with her legs splayed outwards and the great shiny black disc of the base plate filling all the space between her legs. He noticed himself also; his erection was like a different man's. He didn't recognise his own penis; it was so long and wide, and a different colour to his usual erection. It was as if his blood was pumping closer to the surface of his skin, so dark did it seem.

He reached under the base plate with his hand and tried to find Dianne's vagina lips. They were so compressed, that he could just press his right middle finger into her but it seemed impossible that he could penetrate her with his raging erection. He resumed his earlier position and pressed until he could feel her labia against his glans. They parted a little but hardly at all. He leaned further down and began to push hard into his sleeping wife, but could make no progress. He laid his whole weight on her and slipped his hands under her shoulders, alongside her breasts, until he could latch onto her shoulders. Then by pulling on Dianne's body and thrusting with his own hips, he managed to get the tip of his erection into her but the pressure was impossible and he contented himself with just popping his glans in and out of her. He learned two things: first that there was no room inside Dianne because of the huge intrusion into her bowels; secondly, that his orgasm was still there, waiting to build and deliver him the climax he wanted. He pulled out and rested on his arms for a moment, to let the orgasm subside.

Next came the lacing of Dianne's waist, and he leaned forward to untie the bow in the laces. He knew that he wanted to take in the full extent of the gap in the corset, so that it would close at 20 inches. For years, he'd wondered what effect this would have on her figure but also on the feel of her insides, and now he was about to find out. Gradually, he tightened the laces from the top to her waist, and from the bottom edge to her waist, so that the gap slowly began to close. Dianne's skin under the corset was being stretched and compressed at the same time, and he could see the crease through the lacing. When the gap was only a millimetre or two, he stopped and held the laces tightly in one hand. He let his other hand roam over his wife's body until he could feel the hardness of her waist; as if she were made of warm wood. His excitement grew even more as he looked forward just a few minutes until he could get inside her and inside the corseted waist. He resumed his tightening, and the corset closed, as he tied off the laces into a bow and doubled over the bow to make a knot that wouldn't slip.

As he watched and looked at the extreme waist his wife possessed, her bottom began to pulsate. He could see the butt plug oscillating back and forth, as if something inside her body were moving it about. He realised that the pressure inside Dianne's abdomen was pushing the plug out of her and quickly he grabbed the lube jar to be ready for his next move when it came out of her. But before anything else, he got off the bed and released the ropes that held her legs apart and they closed a little. He undid the ropes from her ankles. Kneeling behind her, he watched the plug moving as if under its own power. He could see a little gap appearing around the base plate and knew that it would pop out very soon. Sure enough, it was not a gentle slide but an explosive pop, propelling the plug right to the foot of the bed, three feet away from Dianne's gaping anus. Quickly, Tony held his hands together as if in prayer and pressed against the wide circular opening before it contracted. Gradually, his hands probed into Dianne, then they stretched her a little, and then they disappeared deep inside her. He wrapped his fingers through each other to make a double-fist. She was warm and very tight, and her anal muscles slowly contracted over his wrists, holding his hands inside her body. He didn't move for a minute until her muscles had closed down on him completely. He was surprised at the force her sphincter exerted on his wrists, and he wriggled his double fist about inside her, to see how it felt and if he could extract himself when the time came. She was so tight on him that he began to wonder if he'd ever get his hands out but, at that moment, he didn't care about getting out. He had plans for his pleasure whilst his hands were deep inside her.

Trapped as he was, his next manoeuvres were a little awkward. He pulled his wife towards the side of the bed as gently as he could, using his hands deep inside her rectum. When he could stand on the bedroom floor, he slowly positioned her so that her head, shoulders and breasts were on the bed, but the rest of her was held in mid-air on the end of his arms. Her legs hung down loosely in her sleepy state, and he lifted them off the bedroom floor. He lifted her bottom and hips upwards also with his encased hands, and his erection was perfectly in line with her vagina. He took a short step forward, pulled her towards his diaphragm and felt himself entering her under his arms.

He was amazed again at Dianne's tightness and he could feel his own hands clenched inside her rectum and rubbing against his penis through the thin membrane. He pumped into her again and again, pulling and pushing with his hands until he felt sure he must break through her bowels and into her abdominal cavity. But the rectum is a powerful and resilient muscle, and he found himself almost waving her around on the ends of his arms. His orgasm was coming, building again from deep in his groin. It rose to his chest, expanding all the time, and then it rushed down to the tip of his penis and he erupted his store of sperms and juices into her waiting vagina and cervix. He held her against himself as his flood finished inside her. He held her against him even longer until his erection began to subside, and then he moved himself slowly around to the foot of the bed. He could lay Dianne down almost full length on the bed. She was still fast asleep and breathing deeply. He could hardly believe that her body had been treated so harshly, with squeezing and filling and throwing around in mid-air, but still she slept.

He unfolded his fingers in her rectum and pulled back slowly, feeling a little movement, and then a definite outward progress. With as much control as he could exert, and as slowly as possible, he extricated his wrists and then his hands from the depths of her intestines. His hands were wrinkled with the moisture and the lubrication he'd used to get into her. He looked down at her and saw his sperms oozing from her labia, and her anal sphincter stretched and red. He wondered if it would hurt when she awoke. He wiped his hands on a towel.

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