tagLesbian SexRelieving the Pressure

Relieving the Pressure

byBronco Billy©

'Relieving the Pressure' is one of a series of stories that I have written concerning the sexual awakening of an attractive , happily married housewife, Betty Fielder. They go in the following order: Miss Betty, Campaign Worker, The Lady in Black, The Lady in Black...Encore, Pigtails, Anita, Brown Sugar. If you enjoy this story please read the rest and don't forget to vote.


About a month after I tasted brown sugar in New Orleans my husband David asked me to accompany him on a business trip to New York. It was the first time he asked and I was thrilled. Having never been to the big city I jumped at the chance. I was anxious to see the sights and at the same time experience what my husband's life is like. My mother agreed to watch over our boys and we flew to New York.

David's days were filled with meeting and presentations. At night we would dine at some of the finer restaurants in the city. I had the opportunity to meet many of his business acquaintances, one of which was a strikingly beautiful girl named Chloe. I guessed her age to be about 26 or 27. She was tall but not quiet as tall as my 5'10". Her shoulder length hair was straight and blonde. So blonde that it was almost white and her eyes were gray. Chloe had a very sensual looking mouth with full, puffy lips, both top and bottom. She had a slender well-formed body with exceptionally long legs. Her breasts appeared to be a little too large for her body and they jiggled delightfully when she walked. Just looking at her made my mouth water and I could picture myself between those long legs lapping at her juicy snatch.

The second night that we were there we had the opportunity to dine with Chloe and some of the others. She was dressed in a yellow sundress that showed off her wonderful legs. She looked ravishing.

When introduced, Chloe smiled and said, "Nice to meet you Betty."

"Nice to meet you also," I smiled in return.

"Are you enjoying the city?" She asked.

"It's my first time here and it is a little overwhelming," I offered then asked, "and you?"

"Oh its strictly business for me. I have this sales presentation tomorrow that will take up most of my day and then I am going home to our new baby." She answered.

"How old is the baby?" I queried.

"Andy is only four months and I am breast feeding. I probably shouldn't have come but It is and important sales opportunity for our company. I flew in last night and I hope to fly back tomorrow after the presentation." Chloe replied.

"That must be difficult. I mean with the breast feeding thing and all." I offered. The breast-feeding explained the large size of her breasts.

"Let's excuse ourselves and walk to the ladies room for a minute and I'll let you know just how difficult it is." She suggested.

We walked to and when we entered the ladies room we were alone. Chloe turned to me and said. "I don't want to impose on you but I don't know what else to do. I have been producing a lot of milk and I have this breast pump that has worked very well.... so far."

As I looked into those beautiful gray eyes I could feel my pussy get wet and I hesitated before asking, "What do you need me to do Chloe?"

"I am so embarrassed," She blushed. " I would be eternally grateful if you would be at my presentation tomorrow. You see.... I... I have to use the pump every two to three hours and my morning presentation will last about three hours. I just need for you to be there in case I need some help."

"No problem. I'll be there to provide any help that you may need. I am at your disposal." I gushed as she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big hug. I could feel her big tits mash against my erect nipples as my pussy gushed.

Chloe backed away smiling and said, "That's great! You are a lifesaver. My presentation should start about nine thirty or ten and finish around noon. I'll use the pump just before I talk and I should have just about enough time. I don't expect any problems I just will feel better having someone there for me."

"You got it girl. I'll be there in the morning." I added.

"Oh! Thank you so much Miss Betty.

We returned to our table and all during the meal I was flustered. I could picture myself sucking the milk from Chloe's scrumptious titties. I remembered doing Jill and how wonderful her long, hard nipples felt in my mouth. I then decided that I had better not get too excited for I probably wouldn't get the opportunity to do the same to Chloe.

As the meal ended and we headed back to our rooms Chloe passed by and nudging my arm said, "I'll see you at the presentation."

David and I returned to the room and I was so turned on that I fucked his brains out. We made love again in the morning right after showering together. David filled my pussy with an enormous load of his hot cum and I decided to leave it there so that I could feel it soak my panties throughout Chloe's presentation.

As I dressed I put on Ann's blue panties and chose to wear a one-piece, orange sundress that showed off my long, slender legs. And, of course, I wore my little padded bra.

David went off on business of his own and I made my way to the large auditorium in which Chloe was making her presentation. As I entered she was just beginning and as I sat down we made eye contact and she smiled.

Chloe was dressed in a conservative, gray business suit. She was beautiful to say the least and her presentation was precise and energetic. Chloe gave no indication that she was having any difficulty at all. As soon as she finished she walked to me and said, "Please come with me I need your help."

We walked quickly down the hall and entered a large suite. "Mr. Winston, my boss, has a large bathroom that he said I could use. We have it to ourselves. No one will disturb us." Chloe stated.

The bathroom was huge and was equipped with state of the art facilities. Above the lavatory was a mirror that covered the entire wall. The floor in that area was covered with a thick carpet.

" The damn pump quit working before I could completely empty my breasts. I am so uncomfortable. I feel like my breasts are going to burst. What can I do? I have to be back in about two hours." Chloe rapidly gushed.

"Do you have pads in your bra?" I asked.

"Yes! I stuffed more than one on each side but they are about to soak through. What can I do?" She frantically uttered.

"You'll have to take your dress off or it will get wet." I suggested.

Chloe did not hesitate, unbuttoned and removed her jacket and blouse, and then slipped out of her skirt. She was dressed in a white bra and slip.

"You'll have to remove your bra too." I directed.

"You won't tell anyone about this will you?" Chloe timidly asked as she unsnapped her bra. She slipped it over her shoulders and down her arms. The pads, soaked with milk, remained covering her breasts.

"I won't tell a soul," I replied as I licked my lips. "You better remove the slip too, it'll get wet.

Holding the pads in place with one arm she slid the slip over her hips, down her legs and to the floor. Chloe's panties were white and full sized. Her long, lean, well-toned body was beautiful.

"What am I going to do now? My breasts are so full they hurt." She hysterically emitted.

" Just calm down a little. We'll work this out. You'll have to milk them with your hands. Just lean over the lavatory. I won't look." I directed.

As I stepped back she leaned forward and begin to stroke her nipples. Standing behind her I got a good look at her muscular ass as it strained against the cloth of her panties. I could see the hollow between her legs where her sweet pussy lay. As I lusted for her she frantically exclaimed, "I'll never get it done like this! If Andy were here he could nurse them until they were empty. It wouldn't take him long."

Seeing my chance I did not hesitate and boldly stated, "I can do that for you.... if you'd like."

Chloe looked at my reflection in the mirror and with a shocked look on her pretty face she questioned, "You'd nurse on my breasts?"

"What other choice do you have? You are obviously in pain and have to do another presentation this afternoon. It will relieve the pressure. I don't mind. No one will know but the two of us. We are alone in this room." I reasoned.

She turned to face me. Her nipples were long and hard with drops of milk hanging from the tips. With a perplexed look on her pretty face she said, "I can't believe this. We just met. I hardly know you." Then with a shrug of her shoulders resignedly added, "You're right.....What choice do I have?... If you're sure you don't mind..... Lets do it."

Her response made me weak in the knees and I felt that I might faint but I managed, "I'll have to take my dress off. I don't want it to get it wet."

I pulled it over my head and dropped it to the floor. I then unhooked my bra and let it slide down my arms and to the floor. My nipples were long and hard. Chloe looked as though she were petrified as I leaned forward and said, "Let me nurse on those beautiful nipples. It'll relieve some of the pressure and make you feel better."

I looked into those gray eyes, opened my mouth and took in one of her hard nipples. She gasped, "Oh!" as I sucked it gently. Her warm, sweet milk immediately began to flow into my mouth and I wrapped my tongue around the nub as I sucked. I worked my lips up and down making her already turgid nipple longer and harder. It felt so good to suck that milk filled tit as it spurted its sweet nectar into my mouth. Chloe had this look of awe on her face. I could tell that it was the first time a woman had sucked her tits and I was glad that it was me. I sucked several times on that nipple and I let it slip from my mouth with a slurping sound. I kept my mouth open with my tongue extended knowing that she could see the milk there.

I swallowed, slowly licked my lips, and asked, "Does that feel any better?'

"Lots better." Chloe managed breathlessly.

"Do you want me to do the other one?" I smiled.

"Oh...yes,,,please." She stuttered and timidly added, "If you don't mind?"

"I don't." I said as I cupped her other tit with both hands and sucked that long nipple into my mouth. I was dizzy with lust and I sucked with long steady pulls as I milked her breast with my hands. The milk was steadily and rapidly flowing as I sucked and swallowed. I loved the taste as I worked it up and down on that firm, warm nub. I swirled my tongue, loving its hardness. I sucked it sensually and noisily making wet slurping sounds.

"That feels... so... good. You do that ...so...well. I never knew that anything could feel this good." She moaned as she gently placed her hands on my shoulders. "I can't believe how sensual this feels," She continued as she slid her hands over my shoulders to base of my neck. "My legs are getting weak," Chloe gasped and her tongue snaked out of her mouth and licked her lips.

I sucked hard as I raised my head and reluctantly let that sweet nipple slip from my mouth. I let some milk trickle from the corners of my mouth as I asked, "Do you want me to stop?"

"Oh...no...no. I just need to sit down." She continued. "I don't want you to stop. It...."

"Then I'll sit on the toilet. You straddle me and sit on my legs." I directed as I moved toward the toilet. "Maybe you should remove your panties. They may get wet."

As I sat down she moved to stand directly in front of me and answered, "I think you're right. They may already be wet." She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slid them down her legs to the floor. Her pussy was surrounded with a neat bush of light brown hair. I was so turned on that I began to salivate.

"I can't believe that we are doing this." She said as she straddled one of my legs and leaned forward so that her tits dangled in front of my face. One of her nipples brushed across my nose and then my lips. "They hurt so much. Suck them. I need to relieve the pressure. Please suck them!" She pleaded.

I willingly obliged as I took one of her orbs in both hands. It was heavy with her milk and I wanted every tasty drop. I voraciously attacked the distended nub. The milk immediately began to flow and Chloe sighed and sat down as I sucked with long languid strokes. The feel of her breast in my mouth was wonderful and her milk was so delicious. I let it flow over my tongue as I savored each spurting stream.

I sucked several times on that breast and then switched to the other one. I sucked sensuously as I stroked her breast with my cupped hands.

"This feels so wonderful. It feels so naughty...so sexy...and so erotic. Miss Betty you do this so sensually. It makes me so hot." She said as she wet her lips slowly with her pink tongue.

It felt wonderful to me to do it to her like this so I picked up the pace and sucked over and over, pulling back, tonguing her nipples and working my lips over her turgid nubs. I tried to draw the milk out as sensuously as I could while making loud wet sucking sounds. Chloe's hard nipple felt so good in my mouth as I slid my lips along its length. My pussy was on fire and I could feel my juices flow into my panties.

"Ohhhh," Chloe sighed softly. "God! This makes me so damn hot. I'm glad that you offered to help. I would never have thought about this. This is unbelievable. God!... Miss Betty. You are wonderful. My...pussy...is...on... fire. You are making me so damn hot."

I let her tit slip from my mouth and I looked into her eyes and softly said, "Baby, go ahead and bring yourself off. It's all right to let yourself go."

I went back to sucking and Chloe closed her eyes and started to slowly hump my leg with her sopping pussy. I could feel its wetness a she worked her cunt against my leg.

I kept sucking softly and steadily, drawing her warm, delicious milk out. I was so turned on. Her smell, her milk and her hot, wet pussy rubbing on my leg enveloped me. I reached around and cupped her firm ass with both hands. She was humping my leg with a frenzy as I licked and sucked her long hard nipples. Chloe's breathing became faster and I knew that she was about to cum.

"Come on baby. Work that beautiful ass. Harder! Work for the cum!" I directed.

Ohhh, Shit! Yes, I'm so close. Suck my fucking tits. I'm ...going...to...cum. Ohhh fuck yes! She exclaimed and settled into a rhythmic grunting, "hunh, hunh, hunh, hunh, hunh," as she steadily humped my leg.

As I resumed sucking I squeezed her ass cheeks and helped saw her snatch back and forth as she worked to cum.

"Ohhh, Miss Betty. I... am... going... to... cum... all... over... your... fucking...leg." Chloe stuttered. Then softly screamed, " I'mmm cuuummmiinng! Yees! Fuucck Yeeess!"

She threw her head back and gasped. Her tousled, blonde hair covered her pretty face and her pouty mouth hung open. A thin string of saliva hung from her puffy bottom lip. Chloe's gray eyes were glassy and slightly unfocused. She was on a sexual high.

"Feel better baby?' I probed.

"Jesus Christ!" She exclaimed. " This is the most intense sex that I have ever experienced. I didn't see this coming. A woman that I hardly know sucked my tits and made me cum. My body is on fire. I can't get enough of this."

"Shall we stop? "I asked.

"It feels so good. Please suck a little longer? I don't think that they are empty yet." She answered.

"I'll empty them but first lets try something different." I suggested. "Let me stand up." I directed. She complied and I stood and said, "Lean over and put your hands on the toilet seat." Chloe complied and as I moved to stand behind her she looked back with a questioning look on her pretty face and asked, "What are you going to do?"

"You are going to like it." I answered. "Now spread your legs a little." I directed as I slowly dropped to my knees and added, " I have to taste that pretty pussy."

I placed my hands on her hips and as I pulled her ass to me I plunged my face into her sopping wet slit. Chloe jerked a little and softly exclaimed, "Ohhh!" With a flat tongue I licked her cunt from her clit to her puckered little ass hole. Damn! She was so wet. Her sex juices coated the inside of her legs and I lapped hungrily at this treasure. I loved the taste of her cum. I couldn't get enough.

"Please stop." Chloe pleaded. "We shouldn't be doing this. You're a woman and you are licking my pussy. It's... not...right. We should stop now!" But she was too far-gone and quickly added. "No! Don't stop...it...feels...too good. Oh God! Lick it. Lick...my...pussy, Lick it good!"

More than willing to please I attacked her wet slit voraciously lapping up as much of her sweet nectar as I could. She had a wonderful taste and smell and her snatch was indeed beautiful. Its full puffy lips hung down and were coated with her creamy secretions. I took each, in turn, between my lips and worked their length, sucking and lapping noisily as I moved. I was in pussy eating heaven.

"You've done this before. Haven't you? She managed to ask.

"Yes! Yes I have." I mumbled around a mouth full of pussy. "I love to eat pussy." I breathed.

"You ...do... it... so... well." She stammered and breathlessly added, "Please don't stop."

"Tell me what you like baby. Talk nasty to me. I love to hear nasty talk when I eat pussy." I directed and resumed lapping her scrumptious snatch. I mashed my entire face within its folds and probed as deep as I could with an extended tongue.

"That's it! Put your whole beautiful face in it. Lick my pussy. Make me cum again!" She approved and exhorted.

I continued as directed loudly sucking, slurping and swallowing as I devoured her tasty slit.

"You...are...going...to...make...me...cum...with...that...beautiful...fucking...sucking...mouth." Chloe stated. "I'm close baby. Suck! Suck...my...fucking...pussy. SHIT!" She loudly screamed. I'MMM CUUMMIINNG!

Chloe slumped forward and rested her upper body on the toilet seat with her fine firm ass high in the air. She was panting like a dog, coming down from a sexual high and basking in that glow that occurs after a good orgasm. But I had other ideas. I had a good view of her gaping pussy and her little brown puckered asshole. Using my thumbs I parted the cheeks of her ass and firmly licked her butt hole.

She gasped and softly and calmly said; "Now that feels good. Oh baby! Do my ass."

She straightened her legs and elevated her ass even higher and languidly continued, " I love to have my ass licked. Lick it slow. Lick my fucking ass. If you keep this up I'll cum again."

At first I took my time and slowly flat tongued her ass over and over. Then I picked up speed and lapped it as rapidly as I could. I rolled my tongue up and tried to drive it in as far as I could. I kept plunging it in and occasionally chewed her hole lightly with my teeth.

Chloe arched her back to give me better access to her butt hole and managed, "That's it baby! "Tongue fuck my ass! Chew on that fucker! Eat my ass you nasty bitch! Ream it good."

Curling two fingers together I stuck them as deep as I could into her steaming pussy. She shuddered and bucked her ass back as hard as she could. My lips were smashed against my teeth and I knew that I would have a bruise to explain. But I didn't care because I was enjoying giving pleasure to this beautiful woman.

"Ohh1 Shit yeeess!" She hissed. " Finger fuck my pussy. Tongue fuck my ass," Chloe exhorted as she settled into a steady bucking rhythm against my probing fingers and mouth.

"You are going to make me cum again. YES...YOU...ARE. Yes! FUCK...ME...GOOD! She shouted and as she picked up her bucking pace and started grunting, "hunh,hunh,,hunh,hunh,hunh."

I knew that she was close to cumming so I hung on as her ass battered my mouth.

"OHHH...FUCK! I...AM...CUUMMMIINNG! Chloe screamed and gave one last violent buck and slammed that beautiful ass into my face. I could feel her juices coat my fingers and run down my arm as she violently climaxed. My own orgasm hit me and I gushed more of my pussy juice into my already sopping panties. I groaned and sat back on the floor as Chloe dropped to her knees with her upper body draped over the toilet.

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