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Religious Teens Turn Gay


We attended a Christian High School. He and I were best friends who believed all of the things they taught us in the Baptist School. We were in our final year, both of us eighteen and ready to take on the world. We were having a sleepover at his place one Friday night in Middletown, Delaware. The sofa bed fit us both comfortably as we watched tv, and it had never occurred to me to have gay sex with anyone, let alone, my best friend. The lights were off, we sat in the glow of the television, flipping channels.

"Her tits look nice," Joe said.

I laughed, it was shameful to talk that way, according to our religion, "Yeah, they do," I replied.

"Would you like to be sucking her tits?"

"Oh yeah," I sighed, imagining that, finding that I was getting slightly aroused, "I would love to suck on her titties," I said, still not thinking a thing about being so aroused while next to a guy.

He was suddenly quiet and I suddenly felt very horny, I looked over at him, laying there, we were both in underwear and it was obvious that he was aroused too. I suddenly wanted him, although it was very wrong, I realized that I was being tempted to do something that was very evil, I could go to hell for these suddenly nasty thoughts. They had told us so many bad things about gay people, and how there was nothing gay about what was going on. I suddenly felt hornier than I had ever felt.

"Do you want to try it?" he asked, his voice low and husky, there was no question as to what, "it," was. I did want to try, but I was terrified. I did not say a word. "Do you want to try it?" he asked again, turning to face me, I felt so sinful, so evil for what I wanted then, I never felt like this before, it was so wrong. I did want it.

"Yes," I said, as he, still looking into my eyes, began to lower his underwear, and I saw the first hard cock that I had ever seen. It was so stiff, slightly longer than my own and it curved off to the left, only slightly. I pulled down my own underwear, my own cock was harder than it had ever been before, I was terrified, but on the other hand, I wanted him so bad. He smiled and reached over, grabbing my hard cock, his hand felt so good, I moaned and quickly reached my hand over to his, grabbing it, it felt so warm, so hard, I began to stroke it, we both looked into each other's eyes.

"Do you want to kiss?" he asked, leaning into my mouth.

"Yes," I felt so sinful as his mouth, his lips, touched mine, but he tasted so good as I received his kiss, and his tongue as we were suddenly grinding against each other. My head was swimming with desire and fear as I did the most evil thing a Christian could do (or so I had been told).

Wordlessly, we disengaged and sat up, playing with each other's cock, he felt so good as he leaned his head over and began to blow me. He was learning by doing, I felt his wet, warm mouth begin to suck on me, it felt so good, I laid back and enjoyed it, moaning, he stopped, "It's your turn," he said as he laid down and I dropped my mouth onto his hard, throbbing cock. My first taste of cock was warm, salty and I loved feeling his cock in my mouth. I sucked him. "Blow me," he sighed as I licked his shaft, then tongued his head, imitating the women I had seen in porn movies, it felt so good, so right, so natural. Full of desire, I continued to suck his cock, perfecting my technique of my new found love, sucking him, I looked up into his eyes, I could tell he was elated, then, his eyes grew large as I kept sucking him, he moaned and I knew he was experiencing ecstacy and I sucked him harder, I had never tasted cum, but I wanted it now. He held my head against his cock, but I would not pull my mouth away from him even if I could.

Spasm. His cock, spasming in my mouth, then, the cum, shooting so hard, I choked at the force of it as it covered my throat, I coughed and then, clamped my mouth back down on his cock, oh his cum tasted so good. I had been with a few girls, but I had never felt the desire I felt with Joe, I had never wanted sex like I wanted it with him, he was still moaning as I kept my mouth clamped to his hard cock, I was draining his balls. I looked up at him, cum on my face, smiling, I pulled my mouth off of his cock and climbed up on top of him, he smiled, kissing me hard, I felt so much desire for him, was this how a girl felt, I wondered? He pulled off of me, "That was great, that's the first time my cock has ever been sucked," he moved down and took my cock into his mouth, I reached down, running my hand through his hair as he eagerly sucked my hard cock, I was so hard in his mouth, I laid back to enjoy it, suddenly spasming, I tried to hold back, I did not want to cum yet, but there I was, cumming into my best friend's mouth, he gagged, pulling off of my cock as I had pulled off of his, his face sprayed with cum, laughed and then put his mouth back down on my throbbing cock, God it felt so good.

It was back to reality. We had just did what we were taught was very evil and Satanic, but it was the best sex either of us had ever experienced. We both had cum all over our faces and chest.

"You might need this," a female voice said, throwing a wet rag at us.

Joe's sister sat in a recliner next to the sofa bed, we never heard her come in.

She giggled, "Two young guys, discovering their love of cock," she smiled, "I'm going to help both of you," she grinned, lighting a cigarette and offering the pack to me. I took one, she leaned forward and lit it for me. That was also a first for me, she taught me how to smoke, "It's something to suck on when you don't have cock," she laughed. "We'll talk more, tomorrow," she laughed, disappearing into her room.

"I wonder what she meant?" I asked, feeling the nicotine buzz kick in.

"I hope it does not involve her boyfriends," he sighed, as we cleaned the cum off of each other. I was suddenly alarmed. Her boyfriends were very muscular guys with heavy facial hair, Joe and I were small framed guys, not muscular at all and we had very little facial hair. I was suddenly very nervous, but my cock was getting hard again, so was Joe's.

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by Gadasi02/10/18


A bit on the short side and no mention of what might be to come. I'd love to read what happens next Also there was no lead up to the narrator's desire to try it. It was just a bit too sudden.

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