Reluctant Maid


"No need for apologies." Replied Ms Hammond. "Now I shall go to my room. Perhaps you would like to say goodnight as you come past."

"I'll do that, Mistress." Andrea agreed and then stood politely, watching as her employer rose to leave and then walked towards the door. The maid could not help but enjoy the beauty and grace of the woman. She smiled to herself, aware of her Mistresses' attraction and the desire that she felt. Her smile lingered as she remembered Ms Hammond's stare at her own unclothed body and the touch of the woman's hands against her breasts. Her pussy clamoured for attention and she felt the slick wetness between her legs as she cleared the table. Every movement brought her closer to the solitude of her room and her body demanded that she lie on her bed to touch and satisfy the ache that she felt.

With the dishes stacked neatly and covered with a cloth, Andrea checked that she had forgotten nothing and left the room, switching off the light as she went. She climbed the staircase slowly, using the opportunity to take in her plush surroundings and feeling contended to be able to work in such a place. Reaching the landing she headed towards her room and then stopped outside her Mistresses' door. She knocked gently.

"Come." Her Mistresses' response was immediate. Andrea stepped into the room lit with soft light that emanated from a table lamp by the bed. Ms Hammond stood in the far corner of the room, her back was towards her maid and she had changed into a loose-fitting gown. Andrea could see that the garment was light and diaphanous but the shadows hid any more detail.

"I came to say goodnight, Mistress." Andrea's voice held a tremor, her eyes fixated by the soft material that fell over Ms Hammond's body, and by the loveliness that she knew lay beneath.

"Close the door, Andrea." The voice was both soft and commanding. The maid closed the door and watched as Ms Hammond moved towards her. As she moved closer so that the light was behind her the gown became sheer and Andrea's lips parted as her Mistresses' naked body was revealed beneath a veil of white.

Ms Hammond stood and watched her maid's expression. She noted the parted lips and wide eyes and saw the girl's breasts heave as she struggled to catch her breath. Andrea was dumbstruck. She felt her nipples harden and her pussy flood with her juices. Her eyes were riveted by the dark, swollen nipples that pushed the gown away from her Mistresses' body, by the flat, firm belly and by the dark, trimmed patch of pubic hair that sat between Ms Hammond's long legs.

"Oh, Mistress." The whisper from her maid was in a tone of reverence and awe. Ms Hammond was pleased and she glided to the bed and sat down. She crossed her legs and sat down, placing both hands on her thigh. Her posture was upright, her position commanding.

"Come to me." Andrea moved forward slowly, feeling more than a little shaky but overwhelmed with excitement. She stopped inches from the woman, her head bowed. Her Mistresses' legs, from the perfectly formed feet to her long, soft thigh, filled her sight.

"Kneel." Her maid did so. She felt as though she would have done so without the command. She could feel the power that Ms Hammond had over her. The need to please her Mistress was a force driven by a sexual craving of proportions that Andrea had never before experienced.

"Your legs should be wider apart." Ms Hammond instructed. Andrea did as she was told, exposing her stocking-clad leg and bare thigh through the slits in the dress. Ms Hammond had not moved but her desire for the girl at her feet was intense. The Mistress felt her excitement rise as Andrea complied with each command unquestioningly. With each movement her maid's subservience became as great as her Mistresses' need for it. Ms Hammond knew that the girl would do all that she asked, knew that the sexual fulfilment of each of them would be met by the positions that they held.

Andrea clenched and unclenched the muscles in her soaking pussy. She so needed to cum. She ached to touch herself, to slide her fingers deep into her slit and rub her pussy juice over her hard and engorged clit. The maid within the girl, however, had learned her place. Her hands were by her side and her gaze was set at the top of her Mistresses' crossed legs. The muscles of her pussy clenched harder and harder, desperately trying to find the relief that was sending the girl out of her mind.

"Mistress, please!" She knew that she would have to ask for orgasm and was prepared to beg for it. Whatever it took she was in agony, desperate to gain the release that she needed.

"You will wait." The edge in the voice rose above intense ache that ravaged the girl's body. "Your Mistresses' needs are paramount. If I allow you to take release it will be only on my command. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress." The reply was almost a moan, yet an acknowledgement all the same.

Ms Hammond uncrossed her legs, her pussy dripping wet at the sight of the beautiful girl at her feet. She knew that the dampness surrounding her engorged labia could clearly be seen by her maid and she wanted the girl to see and be teased. She wanted to watch as her submissive was reduced to a point where she would beg to cum. She wanted to watch her beg and knew then, that at that point, her maid would do anything to be released.

With long fingers the Mistress raised the hem of her gown to her waist. She leaned back a little on the bed, allowing the gown to fall around her without covering her pussy. She wanted to lie back but to watch her maid's reaction would bring yet more excitement. One hand rested on the bed behind her for support and the other slid slowly down her belly to her pussy. She heard a whimper from the girls as her long finger slid deep into her slit. Instantly she could feel the heat and wetness within and she half-closed her eyes as she felt the digit start to excite and appease her. One finger became two and then became three as she filled her pussy, driving it towards orgasm. Andrea saw the fingers become slick with juice and stretch outwards the lips of her Mistresses' slit as they plunged deeper and faster into her wet tunnel. The maid wanted to lean forward, to help with tongue or fingers but knew that such things could only be commanded, not requested.

Ms Hammond watched this dilemma in her maid and smiled at the frustration that she had created. Her fingers were so deep inside her now building to the crescendo of her orgasm. Her ass rose in time to push her pussy up to meet the fingers that it needed to be satisfied. Knowing the feeling that was beginning to pulse through her body the Mistress lay back on the bed, her legs wide, the sight a forbidden enticement to the girl at her feet. With her other hand now free she began to rub her clit with frantic strokes, urging the orgasm from her body. It ripped through her, a flood of ecstasy and release. Shock after shock wracked her body with convulsive energy. Her finger moved from her now tender clit but her fingers continued to slip slowly in and out of her vulva.

The intensity of her orgasm had amazed her. The passion that her new maid had aroused in her had continued through most of the day and the release of the frustration had been wonderful.

She sat up, her legs still wide, to see her maid rocking backwards and forwards in a vain attempt to satisfy her body. The girl's nipples were so hard that they jutted blatantly through the thin fabric of bra and dress. Her mouth was wide open, her breath coming in short gasps. The Mistress savoured the lust that she had perpetuated. Her maid's eyes were still on the fingers that slid in and out of the Mistresses' pussy. Satiated, for the moment, Ms Hammond drew her fingers out. The slick wetness coated them to the knuckle. She held them in front of Andrea's mouth.

"Lick." She commanded.

"Oh thank you, Mistress." The girl slid her mouth hungrily over the fingers, tasting the nectar from her Mistresses' slit. She licked intently, savouring each drop until she could find nothing more than her own saliva. Even then, as she released the fingers from her mouth, she slipped a tongue in-between each of them to catch even the smallest remnant of the woman's love-juice.

"Thank you again, Mistress." The taste of her Mistress was a fleeting reward and only heightened the need for more. "Mistress. Please, Mistress. Please, I beg you."

The Mistress smiled. "Beg me for what, my Dear?" She asked, pretending ignorance.

"Please, Mistress. I beg you to let me cum." Ms Hammond could hear the desperation in the girl's voice.

"Stand here in front of me." She ordered. Andrea did on legs unsteady from their ever-tense kneeling position. She felt her skirt being lifted and her panties pulled aside. Ms Hammond slid two fingers into the wet tunnel of the girl's pussy.

"My Dear, you are so wet." Said Ms Hammond, looking up at the face of her maid which had taken on a rapturous look. "Dou you want me to make you cum?"

"Oh yes, Mistress. Yes please, Mistress." The girl pleaded.

Her Mistress stroked, slowly, in and out of the maid's wetness. "You have to earn your rewards, Andrea." The Mistress spoke quietly. "You have to be a very good girl. What would you do to show me how good you are?" The fingers continued their slow and teasing rhythm.

"Anything, Mistress." Andrea gasped, lost in the feel of the woman's fingers between her labia and invading the depths of her slit.

"Anything, my Dear?"

"Yes, Mistress. Anything. I will be really good for you. I'll do anything that you tell me to. I need to show you that I'm a really good girl so that my Mistress will let me cum." The words babbled from the girl in a desperate plea to be satisfied.

Ignoring the girl's resultant moan the Mistress slipped her fingers from her maid's pussy. She licked them slowly, tasting the flavour of the girl's juices.

"Very well then." She rose, slipping the gown from her body. Her maid ached to be held against this woman's firm body, to be at her mercy. She needed to be used and taken by her Mistress, to be penetrated by her firm fingers and ravished by her tongue. She needed to be commanded to bring her Mistress to endless orgasms and to give every sexual enjoyment that she could.

Ms Hammond lay back on the bed. She placed an arm behind her head and raised one leg so that the foot rested on the bed. "Undress for me. Slowly."

"Yes, Mistress." The girl began to slip the shoulder-less dress down her body, bending low to show as much cleavage to her Mistress as possible. The thought of being watched by Ms Hammond, to be displayed by command, was an aphrodisiac that compelled her to be servant and slut at the same time. She stepped with elegance from the dress and then straightened slowly, her hands running up her thighs and over her body. As they reached her breasts her hands caressed her breasts, her head tilting backwards as her nipples accepted with excitement the gift of her touch. She reached behind her and undid the clasp. The black bra dropped to the floor.

Andrea stood before her Mistress. Pausing for a short while so that Ms Hammond could inspect her underling. She felt wanton to be viewed in such a way but the sexual stimulation overrode any thoughts of embarrassment or shame. Gently but firmly she had been given this opportunity. To take it she had to throw herself at the mercy of this woman that she hardly knew but the whole of her wanted to be given for, in giving, could she find fulfilment.

The gusset of her panties was wet from her pussy juices. She knew how much her body betrayed her obvious desire. She slid them down her legs, revealing her soft pubic push. She wondered if Ms Hammond could see the wetness between her legs. As she stepped out of the panties her Mistress spoke.

"Leave your stockings on. Now kneel on the bed between my legs." Andrea moved onto the bed longing to pleasure her Mistresses' body. She was entranced by the woman's long legs and open pussy spread before her. She felt her Mistresses' hand on her head. "Now," Ms Hammond continued, "satisfy me." With that she pushed Andrea further down, watching as her maid's naked ass was raised high in the air and her mouth lowered to her Mistresses' waiting slit.

Instantly the woman felt the girl's tongue slide delicately over her labia, tracing the outside of her pussy lips. Andrea caressed Ms Hammond's pussy with long, soft licks. Her tongue stroked up and down and then slid gently a little way into her Mistress, tasting her juices and darting around the hard bud of her clitoris. Not wanting to rush she repeated this several times and then, lowering her lips to her employer's clit, she sucked it into her mouth, ravishing it with the upper surface of her tongue. She could feel her Mistresses' hips push up to meet her, pushing harder against her maid's tongue and demanding satisfaction.

Andrea's need for her own orgasm transformed itself urging on her Mistresses' own. In her passion she placed her hands around Ms Hammond's hips, pulling her forward and onto her maid's face. The girl was beside herself, desperate to be smothered with her Mistresses' juices, to taste them and feel them anoint her as this woman's submissive. Only that of her employer who thrust her clit forcefully onto the girl's tongue transcended the maid's lust.

"Now!" She growled to her maid. "Make me cum now!" Roughly she gripped the girl's black hair and pulled, forcing the maid to push even more firmly onto her clit. Forcing the girl's tongue deeper into the depths of her soaking vagina. Andrea, gasping for breath, tongue-fucked her Mistresses' slit, sucking and never letting her tongue rest. She felt Ms Hammond's body tense, felt the woman's hips rise even further as the girl struggled to hold the woman's writhing body. She heard her employer scream and felt a rush of wetness on her face as her Mistress came.

Gradually Ms Hammond's body relaxed, the passing orgasm leaving only spasmodic after-shocks that wracked her perspiring body. The girl's tongue continued to slide dutifully in and out of her pussy but avoiding the woman's over-sensitive clit. She drank, taking time to savour her Mistresses' nectar, to lick her Mistress clean.

Andrea felt her employer's hands encircle her face and lift it away from between her legs. The girl stared at the woman, and was pleased to see a small, contended smile on her Mistresses' face. Her part was no longer one to be played but rather a course that her whole being needed to follow.

"Thank you, Mistress." She said quietly, bowing her head.

"For what?" Ms Hammond asked.

"For allowing me to satisfy you. For giving me the honour of making you cum. I am privileged and grateful, Mistress."

Her Mistress accepted the thanks of her grateful submissive with a nod yet inside she realised with delight the desire that she had inspired in the girl. Ms Hammond lay back, surveying the maid's beauty and knowing that Andrea was hers to take and command as she wanted. The feeling of power was second to none and her mind dwelt on the ways in which her new servant could be used. For now, though, a reward was due but, even so, she would ensure that her presence was felt.

"Are you wet, my Dear?" An unnecessary question but one that would direct the girl's thoughts.

"Oh yes, Mistress. Very wet. You have a lovely body and it excites me very much to be allowed to pleasure you."

"You will spread you legs for wide for me. You will slide you fingers, slowly, in and out of your pussy. You will not cum unless I tell you to."

"Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress." The girl's last word was lost in a gasp as her fingers pushed into her pussy. It was so difficult to control her movement as she her body screamed for the satisfaction that her fingers could give her. Her fingers filled and vacated her wet pussy. Her juices glistened on her fingers. She heard her Mistresses' voice.

"Tell me." Came the command. "Tell me what you feel and how you feel to be masturbating for me."

Andrea's voice trembled in reply. Her words only added to the frustration that could not yet be released. "I feel so wicked, Mistress. I am so naughty to be opening my legs like this. I feel like a slut. I'm such a bad girl to be wanking in front of you like this. I'm so wet, Mistress. You have made me so wet, Mistress. Please, Mistress, I know that I'm bad but I will do anything, anything if you let me cum."

"Anything?" Asked her employer for the second time that evening. "Remember that I will hold you to you word." There was no reason in her maid's voice when she replied, only desperation for release that filled the whole of her body and mind.

"Oh yes, Mistress. Anything. I promise, Mistress." Ms Hammond saw tears spill down her servant's cheeks.

"Very well then, Andrea. You may cum. Show me everything so that I can see that you mean your promise. I want to see your fingers fuck your pussy and I want to see how much of a slut you are."

The words fuelled the girl's mind and her fingers flashed faster and faster in and out of her wet slit between open, stretched legs. Her free hand stroked frantically at her clit and her head was thrown back, showing her Mistress the whole of her body. She felt it build inside her body, felt her muscles tense and she stroked her clit as fast as she could. Then, suddenly, she came, a momentous spasm that made her scream and that convulsed her taut body again and again. The release was epic as the length of her fingers plunged between her legs and stayed there. Her breath came in great, racking sobs and then, as though unable to cope with the excitement, she blacked out.

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