tagNonConsent/ReluctanceReluctant Model Ch. 01

Reluctant Model Ch. 01


WARNING: There are graphic portrayals of homosexual activities within this story. It is a Femdom story of a reluctant model that plays rough sexual games. It is written in the first person format from the submissives point of view.


Chapter One -- Meeting

I bought a large building. It was one of those business things with high ceilings and large windows that had been converted to apartments.

It had an odd list of residents. Some lived there and at least three had businesses there.

A photographer had a studio there. She was very successful. Even I had heard of her and seen some of her work. It wasn't my field but I appreciated her work, none the less.

Two stories below her was a specialty shop that made all kinds of leather goods. It was run by a couple of guys. They were obviously gay. But I didn't care as long as they paid their rent on time and made no trouble.

Between the two shops was an artist's place. He was always on time with his rent too.

Just after I bought the place, his twelve monthly rent payment cheques ran out. I already had a written commitment from him about staying on. I dropped by to pick up twelve more cheques.

His model opened the door to my enquiring knock. She was a short woman with shoulder length auburn hair. She was dressed as a dominatrix, complete with corset, tall black boots, severe make-up and a cruel expression.

"You're late! Get your ass in...Now!" She snarled.

"I'm afraid you have mistaken me for someone else." I said, with just a hint of a cool smile.

She had the grace to blush.

"I'm Mitch Franks...The new landlord." I confirmed.

Just then, the artist himself came around a partition that separated the rest of the apartment from the front door. He was a tall man and broad shouldered. Long grey hair made him look older than the fifty some years I estimated him to be.

"Come, Come, Mr. Johnson...We are going to lose the light..." He began.

The model interrupted before I could say anything, "Bill, it's not Mr. Johnson. It's the landlord."

Bill Smyth, the artist chuffed and said, "Oh, sorry about that. Please come in and I shall get your cheques...Oh, and pleased to meet you." He turned and walked away after shaking my hand.

I walked around the partition and into some sort of sexy dungeon.

I was amazed and it must have shown. All throughout the apartment, the sun from the east facing windows illuminated a wide variety of implements only found in a dungeon.

Some I recognized, like a rack and some I didn't, like the odd looking giant wheel. The cuffs made it apparent that it definitely belonged here.

"I know it must look strange but Bill is a specialty artist who only does paintings on a commission basis. They all have a similar theme, a man being dominated." She said.

I nodded and realized that I had been holding my breath. I found I was a little excited by the naughtiness of it all. Worse that that, I was becoming aroused...

Normally, I keep my submissive side a tightly guarded secret. I had learned that it wasn't something that many others tolerated.

Just then the phone rang. I could hear Bill answer it. After a short silence, he slammed down the phone and marched back in.

"I'm afraid that was Mr. Johnson, my dear." He said to the woman, "He is unable to make it today; something about being in a car accident."

Bill the artist turned to me, handed me twelve cheques made out correctly and said, "There you go and I think you will find these suffice."

I nodded and asked, "So what will you do now?"

Bill looked at me carefully and answered, "What, you mean now that I am without a model?"

I nodded and he looked at me carefully before responding.

"Either I will have to cancel the painting today or..." He left the rest unsaid.

"Or I could stand in for him." I finished.

Chapter Two -- Columns

Bill looked at my broad shoulders, flat stomach and bulky arms before he spoke.

"You'd have to sign a waiver and you do understand that this is a BONDAGE and DISCIPLINE painting?" He asked with some severity.

I nodded and said, "I do understand and we'd have to agree to a safe word and some basic rules...By the way, how much does it pay?"

Bill nodded and said, "I'd keep your body but I'd make it a different face in my painting. Other that that, I think we can agree."

He told me the price and I nodded.

Quickly then, he brought out a waiver and I stripped down. I told him my safe word and he nodded.

The woman identified herself as Dawn Ferguson. She bound me tightly between two columns. There was a hood hanging from a chain. She put it on and inserted an inflatable gag.

I could feel my sexual arousal becoming greater with each application of leather, rope and steel.

In the end I was tied tightly, standing spread-eagled on tip toe.

I was also hooded except for my eyes. I was gagged with an inflatable gag; she was careful to inflate it and lock it in the full position.

I found my dick was iron hard. The room was warm from the sun but not overly so. I felt very comfortable and that added to my sexual excitement.

I could see Bill behind his easel, facing me and busy painting.

At first I was resolved to remain still and show neither pain nor fear.

Bill finally looked up at the model and said, "Dawn, would you be a dear and apply the whip?"

I gasped but realized that he wanted realism in his paintings.

Dawn took down a single tail whip, showed it to me but I merely looked defiant. She walked behind me to take up her position.

I heard the whisper of leather through the air. I felt the burning kiss as the whip landed on my nude and helplessly bound body. I did my best to stifle my cry of pain.

Dawn waited for a couple of minutes before winding up and whipping me again.

Once more, I heard the whip whispering before it landed. I felt its burning kiss and I choked back a cry of pain.

Bill painted with a fierce intensity.

Dawn began to take less and less time as she applied the lash. It became harder and harder not to cry out.

Two blows became twenty two in short order.

Dawn would whip me and I'd gurgle in pain and shock.

Bill looked up every once in a while then he'd look back to his easel.

Now Dawn hadn't been whipping me real hard but after twenty two strokes, I'd had enough. I tried to let her know to stop. She didn't seem to be listening.

I looked at Bill and when he met my desperate gaze, he smiled.

I gasped as the lash landed and gurgled at him. He put down his brush and watched as Dawn applied the cruel whip several more times to my writhing pain filled body.

Finally, he took pity and said, "Dawn, that will be enough."

She stopped and I gasped in relief.

Chapter Three -- An Honor

I hung nude, bound, well whipped and totally exhausted. I let my eyes close for a second.

Then I heard Bill's voice in my ear, "Usually, they don't last...My models, I mean. Usually they won't allow themselves to be punished this hard."

I could feel him pressing up close behind me. I snapped my eyes open wide to see Dawn sitting on a chair in front of me. She was squeezing some lubricant into her hands!

I gasped and gurgled from behind my gag.

Bill let his hands boldly travel up and down my nude and bound body. I could feel his moist erection poking against the cleft of my naked behind.

I struggled helplessly to get away but there was no escape.

Then Dawn reached out and grasped my still semi hard erection. She knew what she was doing and in a matter of a few seconds, I was, once again, hard as a rock.

Bill reached down and spread my virgin ass cheeks as he spoke, "You are about to give me the fuck of your life...So far!"

I protested from behind my gag but Bill was adamant.

"Dawn will help you and between her lubrication and her cane...I'm sure I'll have a good time!" He spoke with such vehemence.

Dawn stroked me and I couldn't help it, I shuddered with pleasure and shame.

Dawn made a consoling noise at my shudder but she continued to stroke me with her knowledgeable hands.

Bill began to push his wet, hard erection into my ass. I struggled but there was no getting away from it.

Finally, he pushed himself into me up to the base of his cock. I could feel the lubrication as he slowly, carefully inserted himself.

I protested but neither of them would be denied.

I looked down to see a look of intense satisfaction on Dawn's face as she watched Bill take me from behind.

Her eyes were glassy and lust filled as she stroked my hard but reluctant dick.

"You're not a virgin anymore!" He said with satisfaction, "But I know...Because I checked around...Mary said you like being tied up and whipped but you have never been with a guy."

I groaned as Dawn continued to stroke my still hard erection.

The effect of being masturbated while bound and anally violated was both arousing and embarrassing.

I pulled against my cruel bonds. I struggled helplessly against Dawn's expert hands. I gasped and I groaned. I must have given Bill quite a ride because he didn't move.

Suddenly he spoke, "Dawn, be a dear and apply the bamboo, please."

I gasped and tried to cry out. It did no good as I watched Dawn wipe away the lubricant from both my hard erection and her hands.

I tried to catch her eye but she ignored me. A second later she returned with a thin bamboo cane. She held it up before my eyes and said, "You know where this happy little fellow will be going."

It wasn't a question.

With wide eyes I tried to shake my head no as I looked from the cane to Dawn's cruel eyes.

She smiled coldly and said, "Bill is so amazing. I am honoured that he allows me to help create these fantastic works of art."

I looked at her with growing horror as she caressed my still hard dick with the cane.

"You should feel honoured too." She said piously, "Being allowed to service this great artist is not for everyone."

As she sat, she added, "I'd take your place but Bill...Well he likes me but not in 'that' way...If you know what I mean?"

Chapter Four -- Service

I groaned again and gurgled that I didn't want that honour but she either didn't understand or, more likely, didn't care.

She raised the bamboo cane up and off to the side. She brought it down in a short, sharp arc across the side of my hard erection.

I screamed and bucked against both Bill's big, hard erection and the restraints that held me firm.

Bill chuckled lustfully and Dawn laughed cruelly at my reaction.

She lashed my hard-on again and again. I shrieked each time it landed. I tried desperately to pull away.

After several more blows, I felt I could take no more. I knew I had to do more than buck and struggle helplessly. My resolve to remain defiant was now completely gone. I shrieked and cried shamelessly as Dawn applied the bamboo with cruel expertise. I put on a show for my tormentors.

They kept it up for several minutes. Dawn would whip the bamboo cane onto my now semi hard dick and I'd shriek and writhe for their amusement and arousal.

When my erection faded, Dawn used her free hand to squeeze and knead it into an iron hard-position once more.

Knowing that even more torment was coming and that I was now at my absolute limit, I gurgled in protest once more from behind my gag.

Dawn ignored me but said to Bill, "Fuck him while I make him fuck you!"

I cried out dramatically and tried to shake my head but they ignored me. I felt Bill as he began to move his hard erection in and out of my butt.

Dawn made sure I could do nothing but give him the fucking he expected.

The bamboo cane in her hands became a nearly unendurably cruel instrument of torment. It forced me to shriek and flinch from its impact. Then her expert hands would masturbate me back from flaccidity to iron hardness again.

My shrieks, cries and entreaties must have been like music to their ears because she would smile at them and I could hear him laugh.

Just as I thought Bill was going to withdraw himself from me entirely, he began to push in again.

Dawn continued to alternate between whipping my erection with her bamboo cane and stroking my now pain filled erection with her free hand.

I did my best to get away from both but I was not going anywhere and all three of us knew it.

I could feel his movements becoming faster and faster. His hard dick travelled in and out of my butt with a frenetic energy he had not displayed before.

Dawn whipped and stroked my hard cock in time to keep up.

I found myself forced to buck and hump in a pantomime of sexual activity.

I cried out in pain but they had made it clear that my wants and needs were not important. I was just their sex toy. One that they needed if they were to have sex with each other...

Then I could feel Bill's orgasm begin. So could Dawn.

The tempo of their torment increased and I was forced to fuck Bill while being 'encouraged' by Dawn.

He grabbed my hips, pushed as hard as he could into me. He roared and struggled. I could feel his erection shooting into me.

I looked down to see Dawn smiling as she briskly stroked my flagging erection.

At length, Bill pulled out of me; Dawn quit touching me and moved the chair aside before they left the room, hand in hand.

There I hung; nude, bound spread-eagled, hooded and gagged. I had just been whipped, anally violated and masturbated. Lubricant dripped from my still hard erection.

I had not been allowed to come and the hell of it was...I was still semi aroused.

I knew that if they came back in and tormented me some more, I'd probably take it.

I felt ashamed and aroused; more now that I had been used.

The intense sexual desire that I had been forced to feel had the effect of making my restraints less uncomfortable.

But now that I was no longer being stimulated, I could feel the cuffs beginning to chafe and the difficult position starting to take its toll on me.

Chapter Five -- Secret Session

After a few minutes, I could hear a woman's passionate cries coming from a short distance away. It sounded a bit like Dawn.

"Hell, Dawn had said that Bill didn't like girls 'in that way' and even if he did; I don't think he could have recovered that quickly." I thought to myself, "So he's either using his mouth or some sex toy on her."

A few more erotic moans culminated in a woman's voice shouting out in an inarticulate but obviously sexual passion.

A few minutes after that, Dawn and Bill re-emerged from the back. Dawn looked particularly pleased and satiated, I thought.

Bill walked right up to me and looked me in the eyes as he spoke.

"I want you to know that I really enjoyed myself. I also want you to know that I have another, more private painting that I am going to be working on." He said in a calm, arrogant voice.

I gargled from behind my gag in outrage but he just smiled, as though he knew some big secret.

Dawn smirked before disappearing behind me. I could hear her pushing something behind me.

I felt something brush my inner thigh but bound as I was; I could not look down and see what it was.

Bill smiled and between Dawn and him, they adjusted and fit the thing into me.

The device held a phallus shaped vibrator that my two tormentors lubricated and inserted up my well fucked ass. Much to my chagrin, my erection rose as they did that. Dawn commented on it.

Then Bill stepped over to the wall and picked up a full length mirror. He showed me what they had done.

The image reflecting back at me showed a muscular, nude, spread-eagled and hooded man. Between his legs was what looked like a microphone stand but as I could attest, it was no microphone that they had inserted.

I groaned in frustration and fear but neither Dawn nor Bill showed any inclination of being swayed by my feelings.

In fact, they seemed aroused yet again by my bound helplessness.

Worse, my position was quickly becoming very uncomfortable again. So much so, that I, once again, found myself at the point of not being able to take it. The great strain on my arms and legs from standing on tip toe was quickly taking its toll. I found myself trembling with effort.

Bill, seeing my discomfort, quickly put the mirror aside. He returned to his easel and began to paint furiously.

Dawn pulled up the chair she had previously discarded and sat spread-legged on it. I found this sight to be very erotic.

Dawn took a handful of lubricant and reached out to take my hard dick in her hands.

I gurgled from behind my gag in protest. It was intense but I knew I didn't have much left in the way of endurance.

Dawn's deft hands quickly made me forget all about my aches and pains. They even made me forget about my anal intruder.

I found myself gasping, groaning and shuddering in pleasure as Dawn tormented me against my will. My eyes closed inadvertently.

Just when I thought I was going to come, she stopped. I opened my eyes and looked down to see her cruel smile. I knew she was going to take her time with me and that there was nothing I could do about it except endure.

My iron hard dick ached with pleasure.

Bill continued to paint furiously.

Dawn reached out to stroke my hard dick again. The sexual tension in me was almost too great to bear.

Over and over, she stroked my dick to the point of orgasm and then she'd stop. I had to bite down hard mentally in order not to ask her to continue.

Finally, Bill was standing beside her and he said to her, "I'm done...We can go now,"

The implication of his words hit home to me when I saw Dawn get up off the chair as she wiped her hands.

They were going to leave and they were going to leave me like this!

I yelled out through the gag!

My words were garbled by the inflatable gag but my meaning was clear, "Don't leave me this way!"

Bill smiled cruelly at Dawn who smiled back.

He reached down, picked up the bamboo cane and as he walked behind me, he said, "Remember, you asked for it!"

Dawn resumed her position on the chair between my legs. She took a large handful of lubricant and she took my hard dick in her knowing hands.

I gasped at the pleasure.

Then Bill lashed my behind with the bamboo cane.

I gasped from the impact and a second later, I shrieked in pain but he simply let me have another.

Dawn stroked me and I shuddered with pleasure.

Bill lashed me again just as Dawn stroked my hard dick.

They kept this up for several minutes. Dawn would give me pleasure but the uncomfortable position and Bill's cruel caning would take it away.

It was a war between pain and pleasure and all I could do was shriek and struggle. I was a sexual pain toy for my tormentors!

Finally, I couldn't help it, I started to come. The combination of everything was just too much and I could no longer hold back.

My two tormentors continued to simultaneously whip and masturbate my helplessly bound, anally violated body.

I shook and I shuddered. I writhed about in pain and pleasure. I shot and shot for what seemed like forever.

Finally, my orgasm began to subside. Bill and Dawn could see that it was subsiding but they never slowed their torment.

My cries of pain and pleasure quickly turned into shrieks of pain. Dawn's knowing hand seemed made of sandpaper. She stroked away at my sensitive yet still hard dick.

Bill continued to whip the thin cane into my unprotected behind and legs, as I flinched in pain and suffering.

Finally I could take no more.

I cried out, "HE HAW! HE HAW!"

The effect was instantaneous. Even through the gag, the safe word, HE HAW, was easy to recognize. It meant I needed to end the session.

Working quickly and carefully, the two of them took out the anal intruder. They untied me and helped me over to a couch where I collapsed in utter exhaustion.

Chapter Six -- Understanding

They let me sleep for a while. When I came to, the sun was no longer streaming in from the east facing windows.

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