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Reluctant Mother-in-Law


I'm a married man in my thirties, with a dark secret. I am very very hot on literotica. Particularly all those taboo pages. I'm an intelligent guy, but with a darker side to my sexuality which I've had the opportunity to explore in one or two no-strings relationships; but the thing is there is a wonderful woman who I'm desperate for, who is the only person I know who can really give my mind the perverted kick it needs.

That woman is my sweet, pretty, older mother-in-law. She's a very prim, petite lady - although her hips are now filling out a lot (she is in her early sixties). Divorced 30 years ago, I know she's not had sex for all that time. I also know she is a tactile, sensitive, highly arousable woman. She has short brown hair, thin lips, the thin lips of a horny woman as Roald Dahl once put it, and a very juicy arse. And I'm afraid that since early in my marriage I've had regular hardcore fantasies about fucking her.

The thing is that until last week we were just good friends, so to speak. I am proud to be one of the closest men in her life. I also know that if we are ever alone, I can often easily sneak a bit of a cuddle and maybe even a kiss from her. Nothing inappropriate... except that a few times I've allowed the big hard boner in my trousers to brush against her thigh... and once or twice the little peck on the lips has become more juicy, more fulsome. And the flush on her neck afterwards betrayed something too.

The trouble is that this lady is brought up Catholic and intends to remain that way. Until I corrupted her, that is.

She's Sue, and I'm Nick, by the way.

Two weeks ago I was home alone and expecting her to drop by on her way past with some shopping. She rang the doorbell. I was rock hard, wearing some nice jeans and an open necked shirt. She came in and I grabbed her and gave her a big, full-on cuddle. I know she felt my cock because she lingered more than she should and then pulled away saying:

'my, what a lovely man you are'. I asked her in for tea and we sat close to each other on the sofa.

She would hate to talk about what we might do, I knew, and even if I succeeded in seducing her she would still not really want to talk much until the seduction was complete. So I did as I sometimes have in the past:

I slipped my fingers softly over her thigh and found her hand, which I stroked sensitively and gently. Whispering sweet nothings to her all the time (it's lovely of you to call by, thanks for your help, you are such a sweet person, I do appreciate you), I slipped my other hand around her back and stroked her neck.

Then suddenly I plunged for her and my mouth sought hers and kissed her fiercely.

For a moment or two I knew I had her, because she kissed back deeply. Then she pulled away and, knowing how my lust was raging, she looked at me, shocked and blushing.

'We can't, we can't' she muttered angrily. I was still holding her neck, though, and as my right hand slipped up her thigh to her hot little crotch, she groaned and came back for more. Oh God, I wanted her bad.

'I'm sorry, darling,' I whispered, 'it is too late. I'm going to take you now whether we think it is a good idea or not'. And my hand started moving on her crotch, her thighs started to part and she came back for another kiss.

'You mustn't, it isn't fair...' she said, 'I'm so horny and so desperate and I don't want to be bad'.

'Too bad,' I answered as my fondling began to get more obscene, 'I can feel the heat of your mature sweet pussy from here, and I can feel you enjoying it. It's time you had your desires slaked, time your lust was satisfied.'

Oh well, her pelvic bone was grinding firmly and her right hand reached over and unzipped me, grabbing at my cock.

'Oh darling, you are so beautiful and yes, you are right, I'm desperate, totally desperate. It's not fair. Promise me you won't - you won't go all the way. I don't want to'.

'What do you want then, just to masturbate?'

I knew she'd blush at that - so she caught her breath and said, which I wasn't expecting, 'Oh, baby, please masturbate me,' then, nearly sobbing with embarrassment, 'please w -wank me off, but don't go all the way'.

'Right', I responded. 'Strip, you gorgeous woman'. I was already tearing my clothes off.

My huge 8 inch cock, fat and straining, was bouncing in front of her, and she tentatively eased off her trousers, shirt and underwear.

'How can you like what you see' she asked. 'I'm so old...'

'Don't worry, it is all of you I want and all of you I'm going to get' I replied. I came in and kissed her once more, and started to slip my thumb up and down her wet slit. I think she was hoping for a quick orgasm from me, perhaps to see me spunk on her body and then to mop up and forget about it. I had other ideas, however.

I picked her up and took her to my bedroom. As we got there, she giggled a bit and said 'you could have just w-w-wanked me downstairs' Obviously she was still rather embarrassed.

'Ah,' I said, but you are going to cum so many times for me now that I want it on my bed.' 'But what about Sarah?' she asked, as I slipped her onto the bed, my thumb going straight back to her pussy and easing a little way inside her. God she was wet, and so tight. 'Tough' I said, 'My lust is up now and I'm gagging for this'.

Then I did it, I mounted her and pushed my cock up against the entrance to her wonderful tight cunt.

'Oh Nick, I said no!' she said. I looked into her grey eyes and said 'tough, you sexy woman. You've got your young man after all these years, and I want to give you my cock and make you enjoy a good FUCK like you've never had it before.' I shouted the word fuck to make her believe me, to show how obscene I was feeling and how certain I was that I was going to do it.

I started to push, and her creamy soft thighs parted as she continued to whimper her soft protests. Soon I was buried inside her and we started kissing again, but now with a savageness born of our incestuous lust. My penis throbbed and I barely moved inside her, just enjoying the feeling of a tight cunt belonging to a woman 30 years my senior. She eventually started bucking against me and clearly had given up the Catholic girl pretence.

So I reacted by sucking her saggy tits and beginning to pump my penis firmly and slowly up and down her vagina.

'Oh darling,' she moaned 'I never thought I would be so bad,' and as she said this I felt a rush of her juices.

'But tell me you aren't enjoying being fucked like this', I groaned back.

'Oh yes, I need the fuck of my son,' she whispered, insolently and rudely 'I need him to fuck me hard, more and more'.

I was so rampant now that I knew I needed to flood her with spunk so I could start again soon after. So I bent her over the bed and rammed myself into her. Her big bottom heaved back against me as I pounded away.

'Just think of the fucking you and I are going to give each other over the next few years' I grunted. And soon I felt her trembling and the tell tale signs of a very large, pent-up, long suppressed orgasm started to ripple through her pussy.

'Oh, Uh, Uh, Fuck, my new young lover' she grunted. 'Uhh, Uhhh, Uhhhhh.' Fuck I thought, she is really cumming, this is my wildest dream come true... and I forced her into it.

As I thought of the compulsion that I'd gently applied (not that she'd resisted much) I couldn't hold back and saw stars as my cock exploded deep into her.

Well needless to say we slumped back on the bed, hot and exhausted, but cuddling sweetly, knowing that a gorgeous new incestuous, adulterous affair had taken our lust to new heights and that we had a lot more to explore...

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