tagLoving WivesReluctant Orgasm

Reluctant Orgasm


The very first time that I mentioned my fantasy to my wife she responded by pretending to gag. She said that I must be joking. How in the world could a man find anything appealing about watching his wife make love to another man? I responded by reminding her of the story she shared with me about making love to her ex boyfriend at UCD, while they were parked in his pick-up, on a freeway off ramp, with traffic passing by. I told her that I could picture her in my mind sitting astride him as she slowly impaled herself on his cock until he responded by furiously pumping her full of his spunk. I imagined her grimace of joy as she allowed herself a thunderous orgasm. She even let him keep her black panties as a trophy!

As we lay spooning, I whispered to her,"Honey, I would give anything to witness you in action! I love to hear you share your past sexual escapades with me. It drives me nuts! Just one time I'd like to see you entertain another man with your charms. Even if it is only heavy petting. Do you think you could at least let another guy get to first base with you as I watch?"

She rolled over and looked into my eyes as she replied, "You really would like to see me kiss another man? Passionately?"

"Actually, I'd like to see you fuck his brains out, but I'd settle for intimate kissing. Would you at least consider it?"

She appeared to mull it over. Before she answered, she placed her head on my shoulder and let her fingers slowly slide down my bare belly until she touched my raging hard on.

"I guess you really would like me to kiss another guy!"

"Oh yeah!"

As the nights passed by, our pillow talk became more and more imaginative and our sex was great. Sometimes we even talked of the possibility of exploring my fantasy, even though she always made it clear that it would never go beyond kissing, and maybe a bit of innocent touching, so as to satisfy my voyeurism.

A friend of ours, Tom, called Karen one evening and said he had two tickets to a local concert. His date had cancelled at the last minute and he wanted to know if Karen would like to join him. We have known Tom for many years and he has always had a bit of a crush on her. I have never felt threatened by him. In fact, I am always pleased when other guys fancy my wife.

She asked if I would mind, and I responded, "Have fun Sweetie, but you must allow Tom to get to first base!"

"OK!" she laughed.

I felt like Karen's father when Tom arrived to pick her up. She looked as happy as a parrot in a cracker factory as she adjusted herself in the mirror. She was radiant in her form fitting black turtle neck and leather skirt. Tom looked his usual professorial self with the patches on the elbows of his brown sports jacket, and his horn rimmed eye glasses.

Karen greeted Tom with a hug and a peck on the cheek. He always held her a bit longer than she expected. Tom smiled at me and said that he'd have her back before dawn. I laughed and replied, "Well, that means that I will get a decent nights sleep for a change!" Everyone laughed, and then they flounced out the door.

The waiting was delicious. I knew that Karen would enjoy the concert and the company. I didn't know what, or if, anything would happen. I imagined their drive home and how Tom would casually rest his hand on Karen's knee as he drove. I hoped that Karen would feel this intimate gesture of friendship and admiration, as an enjoyable thing. I wanted her to respond to the electricity of his soft touch. I envisioned him turning off the ignition, and turning toward Karen and bending to kiss her. And her responding to the kiss. I was in cuckold heaven.

Karen called when the concert ended and said that they were on their way home. I told her that was wonderful, and that she should invite Tom in for a glass of sherry. That I was going to bed (not) and that I fully expected them to enjoy themselves. Then, I told her that the couch in the den would be the ideal place to relax as I could see it clearly from the hallway mirror. She laughed, and giggled that I was incorrigible!

I dimmed the lights in the den. Not too much. I wanted to see everything. I was very comfortable in my pajamas as I waited in the darkness of the living room sitting in my old stuffed recliner.

I heard a car door shut quietly, followed by the hushed sound of conversation. The front door latch announced their entry. I was conscious of my heavy breathing (Be still my heart). They walked silently into the den where I had left the two glasses and the bottle of Bristol Cream. I could see them clearly as they sat very close in total comfort. They clinked a toast to one another and whispered a secret conversation. The mounds of Karen's breasts pushed against the tight turtleneck as she relaxed into the sofa. She looked damned sexy. I knew she was wearing black lingerie. I wondered if Tom would soon know that fact. They appeared at total ease as they enjoyed the warmth of their libation. I caught Karen glancing at the mirror. She could not see me as I was in total darkness. I wondered if she thought I had actually gone to bed.

Finally, Tom made his move. He whispered something into Karen's ear. She looked at him full in the face. For an interminably long time they sat silently looking at one another. Then, slowly, Karen leaned into Tom, closed her eyes, and offered her lips to his kiss. Tom gently kissed her. They teased each other with a passionate tenderness born of love and respect. It was so darned romantic. Karen quietly nudged Tom with the palm of one hand. He slowly pulled away. They both took another sip of sherry. I couldn't make out their conversation.

After a bit, Karen allowed herself to lean casually against Tom as he put his arm around her. With his free hand he turned her cheek to him and began to kiss her again. This time his kisses were more energetic. Karen began to respond with a quiet ferocity. Tom let his hand find her left breast. Karen did not protest. The kisses became even more passionate and Tom was now moving his hand to lift her top. Karen sat back, and looking directly at my mirror, began to remove her turtleneck. I was hard as a rock. I had my cock out and was stroking it with a controlled abandon. Wait for it. Make it last.

Now Karen was sitting there in her little black demi bra and leather skirt.

Tom poured them both another sherry. Karen gulped it down, as Tom removed his coat and tie.

Karen looked like a Goddess! She was so bold. Just sitting there and letting Tom see her. I was one lucky guy!

Tom lifted the coffee table away. And then removed the couch cushions. He had Karen lie down, face up, on the couch. Then he knelt on the floor and began to kiss her again. Karen reached to touch his face, but Tom had her relax and laid her arms at her side. He then began to explore her face with his loving kisses.

Karen appeared to tremble as Tom traced the contour of her body with his caressing lips. Down her neck. Along her shoulders, and now to the swell of her breasts. Oh my, I hadn't noticed that his left hand was under her skirt! He was inching the fabric of her hem up towards her waist with his wrist, as his long fingers began the search for her panty covered pussy.

Now Karen lay there in her little bra with her leather skirt bunched at her waist! Tom was smelling the perfume of her moist cunt. His nose was directly against the crotch of her black panties. I forced myself to stop stroking, fearful that I would cum too soon.

Karen was writhing in ecstasy and pushed Toms entire face into her pussy as she began humping. The gentleness gave way to reckless abandon! Tom pushed her bra up, revealing those delectably erect nipples! He continued to eat Karen's pussy through her panties as he fondled and pinched her nipples. Karen squealed with joy as she began to orgasm again and again. I had never seen her have multiple orgasms before.

Now Tom stood, and dropped his trousers. He slipped out of his underwear and his thick cock sprang to attention causing his shirt to drape along it's admirable length. Leaving his white dress shirt on, he began to slide Karen's panties down.

Karen told him to stop. He stopped. She said that she really didn't want to go any further. Tom said he understood. Karen then asked for him to come closer so that she could kiss his cock. He did. Karen licked him until he became even more rigid than before. Then she started sucking him. As Karen sucked, Tom began to hump. That's when I made my move.

I couldn't stand it. Tom standing there with his bare ass peeking out from under his dress shirt getting sucked by my beautiful wife who is lying there with her little black bra pushed above her tantalizing tits and that leather skirt bunched above those sopping wet panties, was too much for me!

I left my secret spot and approached the two love birds. I sniffed Karen's pussy and reached up to touch her perky breasts. She was actually a bit startled. I think she forgot that I was there. I pushed her panties to the side and slipped my fingers into her cunt as I licked her clitoral nubbin. She began to moan as she slobbered on Tom's dick. This was fun!

Now I begn to slide her panties down. She looked a bit frightened, but I just smiled and gave her a wink. She pulled away from Tom and said to stop. I looked at Tom, and made my way to her face. I began to gently kiss her. She closed her eyes and kissed me back. I whispered into her ear.

"Tom wants you. Let him have you, honey pie."

Tom was back down at her pussy. He began to slide her panties down. Again she protested. I kissed her again. And again. She finally relaxed. This time she raised her hips to help Tom as he slid her panties all the way off. I sat back on the carpet to watch.

She again raised her hips to invite Tom to remove the remaining skirt. He slipped the skirt off without effort. Karen then sat up and removed her bra. She tossed it casually in my direction.

I spotted her soiled black panties lying on the carpet. I picked them up and stuffed them into Tom's coat pocket. He mouthed a silent thank you to me.

Karen looked directly at Tom as he approached her pussy. It was so odd. He still had that shirt on, and his big pecker was pointing the way to heaven. I now truly know what is meant by the word carnal.

Karen lifted her right leg up over the back of the couch. Her left leg was lifted high in the air and opened as wide as possible. Her nipples were absolutely extended, rock like, from the swell of her breasts. She was almost sneering at Tom. She looked as if she were going to eat him alive. She began to pinch and pull at her breasts.

"Are you going to fuck me now, Tom?"

"Honey, I think Tom wants to fuck me!"

Tom approached, crouched onto the couch, and let his prick rest against her wetness. Karen reached down to guide it into her. As his head disappeared, I began to play with myself again. I stood up and walked to Karen's face and began stroking toward her beautiful lips. I was only inches away from her pretty face. I watched as Tom slid ever deeper into her pouting pussy. Karen moaned deeply, and gasped, "Yes!"

Tom held her left leg aloft as he began pumping. Deep strokes. All the way in. All the way out. And, then a little delay as he teased her a bit. She smiled and said, "no teasing, big guy!"

Slowly she began to turn her head one way, and then the other. Then this low, animal like, guttural sound emanated from the bowels of her womanhood. Tom laid down on top of her trying to kiss her as she began wildly humping against him. He was kissing her entire face as she was writhing in sheer ecstasy. She had her thighs, vise like, around his waist as he riveted into her pussy. And she matched him stroke for stroke. I was so proud!

I began to feel the rush of my own impending climax. This time I was going to let it fly! Pump! Pump! Pump!

"Arrrrgh!" I shot cum all over. Onto the back of Tom's head. All over Karen's pretty face, the couch, the floor. Everywhere. It was wonderful!

Karen began screaming and screaming! Tom thrust into her again and again and finally came with a thunderous roar of his own. He kept stroking until he drained the last remnants of his seed from his softening prick. It was then that I noticed Karen had her middle finger probing in and out of Toms anal orifice. She lay there with my cum in her face and hair. Her legs splayed lewdly apart, with her finger up Tom's ass.

We all headed for the bedroom together. None of us showered. Karen was in the middle, of course, and Tom and I tried not to touch each other as we took turns fondling Karen. Eventually we all fell asleep.

The next morning I pretended to sleep as Karen and Tom fucked each other. They are such good fuckers. So far, we are living happily ever after...

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