tagNonConsent/ReluctanceReluctant Pleasure Ch. 05

Reluctant Pleasure Ch. 05


Damien swirled his scotch around the glass, waiting impatiently for Amethyst to appear. No matter how many times he possessed her body, he always wanted more. No matter how many times he beheld her beauty he always wanted to drown in her magnificence. She was late.

Amethyst glared at her reflection in the mirror appalled at the woman who stared back at her. So different from the girl of the previous evening. The one who still had a tinge of self respect. The one who had worked her fingers to the bones trying to do right by her dying mother. Where was that girl? And how had this sex starved automation managed to replace her without anyone noticing?

Tilting her head to the side, Amethyst drank in her reflection. The smoldering dark eyes of a sex kitten stared back at her. The simpering 'yes' girl had had zero impact on Damien's runaway train attitude. Time to see if the first class carnivorous tigress could do any better.

Smoothing one more line of gloss on her overly luscious lips, Amethyst purposed in her heart to drive Damien wild with wanting this night. He had bought the clothes, yes, but he had no real idea of what she could do with them in the right frame of mind.

As she came down the stairs, she saw the muscles in Damien's body go rigid with tension. That was the only sign she needed that she had exceeded expectations in regards to her appearance this night.

"You look good enough to eat," he greeted by way of compliment.

"Then I'm sure you will," she consented, eat me. Her eyes all but invited him to do so.

"Shall we?" he invited, offering his arm as she slid down the last of the stairs, her long legs making a mockery of her need for four inch heels.

Damien's eyes devoured her legs as she slid into the vehicle. The slit in the side of her dress giving him ample opportunity to enjoy her charms.

"That dress is lethal," he complimented, shutting the door and retreating to his side of the car.

"I'm glad you like it," she simpered. "You paid enough for it."

Amethyst glanced down at the in your face dress and smiled to herself. She really did make the most out of the dress. Her tiny waist complimented the slit along the right side that went from ankle to just underneath her breast. Only a few thin threads held the dress in place, and it was obvious to anyone who cared to look that she couldn't possibly be wearing any underwear.

Pushing her moist thighs together, Amethyst vowed to enjoy the evening. To enjoy making Damien squirm. They were going to a very exclusive restaurant and no doubt could expect a certain amount of solitude. She would enjoy tempting him throughout the night with flashes of thigh and accidental brushes against his aroused body.

As she suspected, upon arrival they were led to a secluded alcove that afforded them an enviable measure of privacy. Let the games begin.

It took her only a moment to decide on the ahi tuna to start and the sword fish for her main course. Suddenly decisions were easier to make when the main goal was to buy them as much alone time as possible.

Damien was more typical in his choice, opting for baked scallops to start and red meat for his main course. Amethyst handed her menu to the waiter. She sipped her sparkling champagne as she turned her amorous eyes on Damien.

"Champagne?" she questioned, smiling her secret little harlot's smile. "What are we celebrating?"

Damien smiled back, mischief dancing in his wicked eyes. "Your pleasure."

"My pleasure?" Amethyst questioned sans artifice.

Damien leaned across her, his mouth seeking her ear as though he had some juicy secret to share. "Very much so," he whispered, his breath fanning her neck at the same time as his hand swept under her dress.

"Damien," she scolded, grabbing for his hand. "No."

Damien moved closer to her hot entrance, certain of his welcome by the slick passage that met his questing finger. "You're wet. That tells me all I need to know."

Amethyst's mouth opened, only to snap shut as he cut her off. "Don't waste your breath with lies either." Sliding his finger deep inside of her revealed the truth of his words as her head tilted back ever so slightly. "As long as you don't give it away by shouting your pleasure to the world," he smiled, "Then no one will ever guess what happened here today."

His finger pulled out, and pushed in again. Amethyst's glazed eyes opened. Their message clear. Half condemning, half excited.

Her face fell forward as he continued his ministrations, her long hair hiding her expression from prying eyes. He leaned forward to whisper in her ear. "Do you like that?" he asked, pseudo rhetorically. He pushed in an additional finger and circled his thumb around her clit.

"Is it too much for you?" Amethyst felt his smile against her ear as he continued to torment her. A raw moan broke from her throat and she barely managed to stifle it in her napkin. Her hand found its way to his thigh in a tight squeeze, at once begging him to stop and to finish it.

Ever the cat playing with a mouse, Damien withdrew his hand from under her dress. Amethyst fought back the depraved growl that was caught in the back of her throat. Always sex games and power struggles with Damien. He always had to show his supremacy over her.

Amethyst moved the merest centimeter away from Damien and felt his fingers tighten around her waist and draw her back. He could have saved himself the effort as he was only rewarded by her flashing eyes.

The waiter hastily deposited their starters before backing away from the table as quickly as his legs would carry him. He was not immune to the layers of tension that fell heavily between the two.

"Don't sulk Amethyst," Damien chided as he began to eat.

Her stiff frame sat next to him not daring to pick up a utensil lest she stab him with it. Her hand itched to fall beneath the folds of her dress to finish for herself what he had started. Amethyst bristled with outrage. She refused to give him the pleasure of knowing he had affected her so deeply. Although how she thought he interpreted her angry silence and refusal to eat was anybody's guess.

"If you've lost your appetite, we can go home," he offered, sounding for all the world as if he hadn't a care in the world. She translated his words to mean they could stay here and maintain a semblance of civility over dinner or he could take her home and make her scream down the rafters. His intense stare indicated he would prefer the latter.

"Not at all," she denied, her eyes finally coming to meet his with nothing approaching murder gleaming in their depths. "I'm just anxious to be in your arms," she told the half-truth without batting an eyelash. "Would you like to dance?" she offered, scooting out of her seat and offering him her hand.

Damien didn't know what her game was, but he was determined not to indulge her. He could tell by looking at her body language that she had some mischief in mind. "Not right now," his charming smile was meant to soften his words, but only served to make her feel as though he were talking to a child, trying to keep her from throwing a tantrum over not getting her way.

"Very well then." Amethyst turned her back on him, but was stopped by his firm grip on her forearm. Her inviting eyes met his, the raised brow asking the reason for his border line mad handling and if he had changed his mind about the dance.

"Are you going somewhere?" The thinly veiled questioned dared her to say yes.

Her sensitive nerve endings picked up the warning, thought about the consequences, and then gave the only answer possible. "Yes." She gently shook her arm trying to indicate without words that the sooner he let her go the sooner she could go there.

"Dancing perhaps?" Her quick nod indicated that he hadn't lost the ability to interpret simple acts of defiance.

"Alone," he asked, his head motioning to all the other couples on the floor.

"Just so," she agreed acting as though he were the world's biggest simpleton for not understanding this fact. "I would go with my partner, but he is too busy entertaining his meal," she excused. Her sly smile not hiding the fact that she thought he was neglectful.

"Don't worry about me though," she pacified, "I'm sure I'll draw the attention of someone who, like myself, has no one to dance with and if I'm very lucky he'll be able to finish what he starts, unlike some others I could name."

Amethyst knew it was a mistake the second the words were out of her mouth. The prowling menace she felt rolling off of him as he stood to tower over her was more than she would have wished for. She took a hasty step back.

He took her hand and drew her out onto the dance floor. All eyes moved towards them and stuck. They made a handsome couple. More than handsome, she was sure of it. She moved into his arms like honey and together they swayed to the music.

She felt his knee slide between her legs, but wasn't worried. What could he do while all eyes watched them? The leg rubbed sensuously again her agitated flesh and she flinched from the intense contact.


She tensed against him at the gentle command. He wouldn't dare.

"What is wrong with you," she demanded, her voice a low, urgent undertone that succeeded in disappearing in the sweet chords of music. "Must you always make a spectacle of me in a public place, proving your prowess to the entire world?" Her breath was cut short as his caress grew bolder, the pressure more insistent.

The watching eyes didn't seem to notice anything amiss as he danced them closer and closer to the enclosed balcony.

"This is what you wanted, isn't it?"

"Stop this now," she insisted, albeit only half heartedly.

"Isn't this why you insisted we dance? Isn't this why you threw a tantrum when I didn't bring you to orgasm at the dinner table?"

"Please Damien," she begged, urging him to end this madness, but he wouldn't indulge her and as the set ended he led her onto the balcony in a seamless motion. Careful planning or coincidence, there was no way of knowing, but the balcony was empty when they arrived. He pulled her over against one of the glass windows and turned her so she was facing the night sky. 48 floors above the city and she could barely see it as he held her in his embrace.

His hands came around her body, one sliding under the dress with ease and delving into her wet folds, the other pinching her aroused nipples into pebbles of pleasure begging for his mouth. She relaxed into his hold certain they could steal these few moments of pleasure without anyone noticing.

Amethyst felt the insistent pressure of his thrusting fingers and brought her own hand down to toy with her clit. In the glass she looked at their reflection and felt a shaft of pleasure as she watched their two hands working her into a state of madness.

His mouth slid down her shoulder and a whispered word warned her she was becoming too loud. Amethyst made a token effort to silence the sounds of pleasure, but in the end couldn't control herself enough to keep the loud piercing cry from escaping her lips.

They returned to their table in silence, Amethyst satisfied that she had received the orgasm she deserved, and Damien heavily aroused but hiding it well. The remainder of the meal saw them picking at their food in a parody of hunger.

It was with something akin to annoyance that Amethyst noted another couple approaching their table. She knew without a doubt that whatever the couple wanted it would only serve to prolong their time at the restaurant.

Fixing a polite society smile on her face, she rose beside Damien and bore with good will the introductions and the mundane chit chat. Although she noted with displeasure that the woman was practically devouring Damien with her eyes and he didn't seem in the least bothered by the inappropriate attention.

Out of courtesy and respect, he excused himself to dance with the blond vixen claiming she was a family friend. Amethyst could care less about his pithy explanations as she was forced to watch those red claws sink into the fabric of his suit jacket. The voluptuous body pressed close against Damien fueled the fire of her imagination, and Amethyst could just imagine the other woman's nipples responding to the pure vitality he radiated. Damn him!

While she silently fumed, his friend beguiled her with anecdotes from Damien's college days. To say that she was less than amused was an understatement. When the set was over Damien excused himself with the pretext of an early morning the next day. His final words, which Amethyst was privy to, were a promise to contact the woman for dinner later in the week. More fake smiles were exchanged before Damien paid the bill and led Amethyst to the lifts.

Amethyst stopped on the way to fix her shoe and from where he was standing Damien thought he could just see the shadow of her pussy, but when he met her eyes they were fixed at a point over his shoulder. Damien turned to see another wealthy patron enjoying the view and Amethyst's smoldering eyes gazing into his as bold as you please.

The three entered the elevator together. As the lift doors dinged shut he pulled her into his arms. "Tell me you were not just showing this man all that belongs to me?"

Amethyst stood defiantly in front of him, her chin raised in the air. Of course she had been willfully displaying her charms for another man to see as a reminder to Damien that she didn't need him, that she was only with him out of duress. She hadn't expected such a volatile or immediate response, but that was her mistake. He had demonstrated his passionate nature in the past. She should have remembered.

"And if I was...?" She trailed off, deliberately provoking him still.

"If you were," his grip tightened considerably, "Then I will just have to remind you that you are not available." His hand swept out and depressed the emergency stop button before pushing Amethyst against the wall and doing what he had wanted to do all night. He slid easily into her slick folds and pressed deep into her yielding flesh.

The other patron gasped in shock, but didn't turn away. He was not adverse to the little play taking place in front of him. Amethyst could see him clearly over Damien's shoulder and as their eyes met she felt both shame and excitement as he watched her. Her outrage won out in the end though.

"Damien, stop this," she demanded. "It's enough. You proved your point," she admitted defeat grudgingly, but knew it to be the only way to get him to stop. But Damien was past caring, who was watching, where they were, or what other pretty words spilled from her lips. He was intent on one thing, and that was achieving pleasure in Amethyst's sweet flesh and he didn't intend to stop until he had done so.

The more she talked, the more Amethyst could feel his arousal. His size inside of her seemed to increase with every refusal that spilled from her mouth. And when he dropped his hand to circle her sweet spot she knew she was in trouble. Her body bucked against the caress and her head fell back against the elevator wall. God, he was good.

"Damien," she tried again, but the word came out as more of a moan than an actual attempt to get his attention. He pulled out of her and turned her to face the glass paneling. Her body followed the motion of his hands willingly enough no matter how her mind rebelled.

He slid swiftly back into her tight flesh and she welcomed his every thrust. The hand shaping the curve of her spine, and the one tracing the flat of her belly only served to increase her arousal. His gentle, passion-induced touches all over her body brought her to the brink of pleasure and she stayed there poised to fall. Half afraid he would finish this here and half afraid he wouldn't.

It was the eyes of the stranger looking back at her through the reflection in the elevator that decided the matter for her.

"Damien you promised." The words were pushed out hastily as though if she waited she wouldn't have the strength to try and stop him.

His motions stilled for only a moment and then resumed with increased momentum. It was clear he had had enough of her talking.

"Oh my God," the words were ripped out of her as he pushed her body to its limit causing dots to dance before her eyes as she felt the edges of unconsciousness tugging at her. "Oh Damien," Amethyst bit her lip. It was almost impossible to keep from begging him to push into her harder.

"Give it up Amethyst. Just enjoy the moment," he encouraged. His tense body indicated to her he was just moments away from planting his seed inside of her in front of a complete stranger.

"You promised you wouldn't have unprotected sex with me."

His laugh drifted to her ears from low on her back, his teeth trailing a solid line upward. "My promise doesn't matter." Amethyst let out a scream of pleasure as he pinched her left nipple hard between his thumb and forefinger. "You're on birth control." Another solid scream, half outrage, half unadultured pleasure. His deep growl of pleasure in the curve of her neck joined her unrestrained cries of joy and his hand shot out to release the emergency break before their breathing had even returned to partially normal.

Amethyst turned in his arms, adjusting her dress as he adjusted his clothing. Neither spoke again although she wanted to slap him and fuck him properly in equal turns. The third passenger also rode silently, probably thinking of the ways and means he could get rid of his unwanted erection.

They slid into the confines of Damien's car and traveled swiftly back to his home.

"It doesn't make it ok," she berated as soon as she felt calm enough to speak civilly.

"Doesn't it?" he parried.

"No, it doesn't," she repeated. "You can't have sex with me without a condom just because I'm taking birth control. You promised to always use protection, and before you waste your breath asking, no, I haven't got anything, although it's a little late in the day to be asking."

Damien sat silent for a moment as though considering her words, but his next words proved he wasn't thinking about what she had said at all. "What you did at the restaurant--"

Amethyst cut him off before he could get much further. "Are you listening to me? This isn't about my behavior. It's about yours."

"When you act like a whore, I will treat you like one."

Amethyst's hands clenched tight in her lap as she lapsed into silence. Damien beheld her rigid posture and tense profile, but said nothing driving steadily through the night.

When they arrived at the house, as soon as Damien opened her door, Amethyst stood and slapped him hard across his face. "Never speak to me like that again. Never treat me like that again."

His hands reached out and secured her wrists. "Truth hurt?"

She struggled immediately and wanted to strike out at him again, but his hold didn't loosen by so much as an inch.

"Are you through?" he asked when most of the fight had gone out of her.

As if she couldn't stand to hear his voice, she began to struggle anew. "You treat me like a dressed up blow up doll that you've taken out for the evening and blame me for acting like a whore?" Her voice escalated with each incredulous word that she hurled at him. Her anger mounting more every second she didn't have the use of her hands.

"I hate you!" she screamed at the top of her lungs, denied every other outlet for her rage.

For one tense moment there was no sound other than Amethyst's agitated breathing, before it was broken by Damien's next words, "I could almost believe you." His hold on her loosened enough for her to pull away, which she did immediately. "Go in the house," he commanded, his voice little more than a growl in the cool night air.

Amethyst didn't immediately move, but just stood there staring at him as if she didn't know who he was. A feeling he could well understand as each day with her showed him to be more obsessive than even he could believe possible. "Now!" he shouted when she didn't immediately respond, "Before I do something you'll regret."

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