tagInterracial LoveReluctant White Wife Ch. 01

Reluctant White Wife Ch. 01


Lacy was getting frustrated. She'd been working on her husbands cock for almost an hour now and he was still soft. She'd tried everything she could to get him hard lovingly sucking and licking his cock and balls until she almost turned blue in the face.

She didn't understand it. Jim got rock solid hard when they were out at the mall that afternoon. They were eating in the food court when this pretty little blonde sat at the table next to theirs and crossed her gorgeous shapely legs allowing Jim to see most of her soft white thighs.

A few moments later a big husky looking black dude sat down across the table from the pretty little blonde and started passing the food he had purchased at one of the small shops in the food court to her. As always, Lacy always sat on the same side of the table as Jim when they ate at that food court on the weekends.

Lacy couldn't help notice the bulge sticking out from Jim's tight jeans and remembered how she reached over and started to massage his cock through his jeans right there in the mall. Jim had been starring at that petite little blonde sitting across from her black boyfriend. Lacy figured the thought of that pretty little blonde woman getting balled by that husky black dude must have gotten her husband excited.

She remembered leaning closer to her husband and whispering in his ear. "Does that turn you on baby?"

Jim got a little embarrassed knowing his wife figured out why he was so hard. He just went back eating his hamburger trying to ignore her question. It wasn't working so much as Lacy continued massaging Jim's cock through his pants. She smiled and patted his leg and whispered one more time.

"I'll take care of that for you tonight baby." She lovingly said to her husband.

Here she was sucking on her husbands cock just as she had promised him back at the mall that afternoon. Lacy was not only frustrated but felt a little angry inside wondering what could be wrong. She often wondered if perhaps she didn't turn Jim on sexually anymore. She couldn't understand!

He bought her flowers all the time. Bought her nice presents every week. Jewelry, clothes, you name it. Jim was a good husband. He even told her so every single day how lucky he was to marry her five years ago. Sexy had been getting less frequent with them as the years passed by until Jim no longer could get an erection.

Lacy pleaded with her husband to go see a doctor and find out what was wrong but he was too embarrassed to go. She even offered to go with him but he always refused her offer. A few months ago her and Jim visited one of the sex shops and Jim bought her a few toys to play with when he was at work he told her.

She knew why he had taken her to the store. He was having difficulties retaining an erection and he was probably scared she might have an affair with another man. That never crossed her mind at all and she often told him how much she loved him.

This wasn't the first time she took notice of Jim getting excited when he saw an interracial couple out in public somewhere. She remembered when they bought the toys in the sex store. There was a white woman with her black boyfriend in the store looking at some lingerie. She remembered how Jim just starred at them and noticed the bulge in his jeans that day as well.

OK, so her husband had a fetish for seeing white women with black men. There are a lot of men that get turned on by seeing white women with a nice looking black dude. She knew this for a fact because of her neighbor Susan.

Susan was a divorcee who lived next door to her and Jim. She bought the house a couple years ago when it was a foreclosure. Her and Jim helped her fix the place up. Painting, fixing appliances. Jim even hung her new kitchen cabinets. They all became very close friends. Lacy knew Jim liked Susan a lot.

Susan had a thing for dating black men and Lacy started noticing how Jim got excited when Susan came over and told one of her hot stories about one of her date nights with a black dude. Lacy could spot the bulge in Jim's pants every time Susan came over. Jim in fact would get the conversation started one way or another and just sit back and listen to Susan spill her guts out about one of her dates.

Jim was always so eager to sit back and listen. He'd even ask Susan intimate questions about what goes on during sex with these black lovers of hers. Lacy had plenty of conversations with her friend Susan about her dates with her black men and learned so much it actually aroused her at times.

It was getting to the point where Lacy wanted to know every little detail of what went on behind closed doors at Susan's house. After all, she wasn't getting sexually fulfilled at home these days and enjoyed the excitement of hearing Susan tell her stories about getting laid by all these hung black men.

Lacy learned quite a lot recently about Susan's boyfriends. She learned that Susan had a knack for spotting a well hung black lover a mile away. Something about the size of his hands and the thickness of his fingers. She would say that big hands meant the guy was hung and the thicker the fingers the better. That meant he had a very thick shaft.

A couple weeks ago, Lacy spilled her guts out to her friend?Susan about the difficulty Jim was having obtaining an erection. As they chatted some more during coffee Lacy explained in more detail about how Jim got aroused listening to her stories about making out with her black lovers.

After a few laughs and jokes Susan got more serious with Lacy and started to suggest that perhaps Jim had a fetish to see his wife with a black man. Lacy shrugged it off several times. Susan would bring it up at the start of their conversations now every time they got together for coffee and snacks.

Lacy finally lifted her head away and patted Jim on his thigh. "It's alright baby. We'll give it a try another time." She told her husband.

He looked embarrassed again as she moved away from her husband letting go of his limp cock like so many nights in the past. She'd thought about maybe trying to stimulate him with some dirty talk about fucking some strange black guy but decided not to tonight. She was a little tired herself and would see Susan tomorrow at lunch.

"Hey Lacy, how are things going with your love life?"

Lacy sighed as she poured a cup of fresh coffee for her neighbor. "I wish I could tell you something new but last night was the same old same old...."

Susan sipped her coffee before replying. "Listen Lacy. I've been thinking a lot about this the last few days. You know that you and Jim have done a lot for me since I moved in next door. I love you guys to death for all the help you have given me. Especially Jim! He's been such a sweetheart with all the work he's done at my place. I feel I owe you guys something special."

Lacy grinned. "What are you going to do? I'm sure Jim and I can work this out somehow."

Susan smiled. "I do have an idea if you don't mind. I kind of mentioned you to one of my friends down at the club over the weekend. He said he could hook you up with one of his friends."

"Susan! Are you crazy?"

"Listen Lacy. Hear me out before you go all ballistic on me....OK?"

Lacy sat down with a cup of coffee in her hand and replied. "OK. Lets hear it."

"Listen Lacy. Here's what we're going to do. When Jim comes home tonight I want you to start asking him questions about listening to me talk about my dates during dinner. Get him all worked up until I get here around seven. I'll start talking about what happen last weekend with Frank and we'll go from there."

Lacy laughed. "Where we going with this?"

"Just let me do all the talking. All I want you to do is agree with whatever I say."

Lacy really started laughing this time. "What the hell do you have planned?"

Susan responded. "OK. Here's the plan. I got it all lined up for Friday night for you to meet this black guy named Harold. He thinks I'm married and my husband allows me to fuck other men."

Lacy laughed as she replied. "What does that have to do with me?"

"Everything!" You see. I'm going to be there with you when you meet this guy Harold. We're going to tell Harold that Jim is my husband and you're a single white lady looking for her first date with a black guy."

"Your kidding me? Right? You want to bring my husband along while he watches me flirt with another man?"

"That's it! Susan yelled out. She continued saying. "We're going to explain to Jim that we got him all figured out and thought it might excite him if he saw his wife flirt and perhaps dance a couple songs with a black guy."

Lacy was still laughing as she replied. "You really think this is going to work?"

Susan replied. "We're going to find out if it does this Friday."

The women sat and worked out their plan early that afternoon and when Jim got home from work late that afternoon Lacy was ready with her plan that her and Susan had worked out earlier in the day.

Lacy sat down at the dinner table after her and Jim finished their dinner. They always had coffee afterwards. Jim knew something was up once his wife sat down in the chair next to his seat and started rubbing his thigh.

"Honey. Listen. I think I finally realized why your having so much trouble obtaining an erection when we're trying to have sex."

Jim laughed. "Oh really."

"Listen baby. I know what turns you on. You can't try to hide it any longer. Susan and I figured it all out and we know what gets you all turned on and horny."

Jim laughed. "OK. Lets hear it."

Lacy grabbed her husbands hand and held it as she started to explain. "Susan and I noticed how turned on you always get when she tells her stories about her dates with her black lovers. I for one noticed it first and when I mentioned it to Susan she agreed that you have a fetish to see white women with black men."

Jim busted out laughing. "So you really think I'm turned on listening to Susan tell us about her sexual adventures?"

Lacy replied. "Yes I do honey. Listen baby, there isn't anything to be ashamed of at all. Susan is on her way over to explain her plan to us."

Jim was still laughing. "Seriously Lacy. What's Susan's plan. Letting me watch her getting screwed silly by one of these hung black men she dates?"

Before Lacy had a chance to answer hr husbands question, there was a knock at the back door. It was Susan. She let herself in though the screen door an found Lacy sitting next to Jim at the kitchen table

"Are you ready?" Susan asked Lacy.

Lacy nodded her head and stood up pulling on her husbands hand. Jim looked at little stunned as Susan walked by them on her way into the living room.

"Let's go baby. Susan's going to explain a few things to us."

Jim figured he'd go along with it and see what the women were up to and held Lacy's hand as they walked into the living room. The ladies sat on either side of Jim on the sofa and explained in detail what they were planning. Both Lacy and Susan kept an eye on Jim's response as they explained every little detail. Little by little his cock got hard and when he was totally erect Lacy began massaging him through his pants as Susan looked on with a smile on her face.

Jim got a little nervous when Susan slid as close to him as she could on the opposite side of his wife. She put her hand on Jim's other thigh and started to massage it as she cleared her throat and began to explain her plan.

"Jim. I never knew you got so excited listening to my stories about my dates with black men. Is this true sweetheart?"

Susan was starring into Jim's eyes as he looked back at her. Her hand was slowly working it's way to his crotch where Lacy was already massaging his cock through his pants.

"I guess it's true."

Susan smiled at Jim and continued. " I have a little plan all laid out for this Friday night. You and me are going to get married."

Jim's eyes widened looking at Susan wondering what she was talking about as she laughed knowing Jim would feel that way.

"Here's what we are going to do sweetheart. We're all going out to the club on Friday. You and I are going to pretend we are a married couple. Lacy is coming too and we are going to pretend she is a single woman out for the evening."

By this time Susan's hand was touching Lacy's as they both massaged Jim's crotch feeling for that hard-on to form. Jim felt a little nervous with both his wife and neighbors hands on his crotch.

Susan said. "It's alright sweetheart. Just relax and sit back and enjoy it."

Jim tried to relax as he listened to Susan explain her idea.

"I got in contact with one of my boyfriends buddies. He's going to be at the club on Friday and we're going to hook him up with your wife for the night....Jim....He's black!"

Jim looked a little confused as he asked. "You mean Lacy's going to want to......Fuck this guy?"

The women both laughed as Susan replied. "Well we didn't plan it that way but would you like to see your wife get laid by a well hung black stud?"

Jim paused for a few moments looking down at their hands on his crotch. His cock was starting to get hard and they felt it.

"Uh....What exactly we you two planning anyway? I mean.....My wife......How could I watch?"

Susan looked over at Lacy with a surprised look on her face. This wasn't going like it was supposed to. Susan continued. "Look Jim. We're going out for a few drinks and introduce Lacy to this guy. His name is Harold. We figured we'd get together and perhaps a little dancing and see how things develop."

Susan was looking over at Lacy knowing they hadn't planned for her to actually fuck another man. Jim's reaction caught them both by surprise.

Jim kept thinking. His cock was hard as a rock by this time. He finally blurted out as he looked at Susan. "How big is Harold's cock?"

This question totally caught her off guard as she stuttered as she replied. "Well....Sweetheart.....Um....I haven't seen Harold...... But I was told he was 10" and very thick."

Jim turned his head and looked at his wife and said. "I think that would hurt."

Lacy shook her head up and down in agreement as quickly as she could looking over at Susan. Jim hesitated but than added. "I think you could stretch for him after a while."

That remark caught Lacy by surprise as she starred over at her neighbor. Susan started to speak saying. "Well sweetheart. I think we better take this one step at a time. Don't you think?"

Jim looked at Susan than turned to look at his wife than finally said to Lacy. "Honey. I want to see you when this guy fucks you. Is that alright?"

Lacy looked over at Susan as she replied. "Baby. Lets do this slow. OK? We'll al go out to the club and see what happens on Friday. I mean....I might not even like this guy for all I know and...." Jim interrupted his wife.

"Lacy. I'm sure Susan knows other black guys that would like to fuck you if you don't like him."

Lacy was speechless as she starred over at her neighbor. Jim's cock was throbbing by this time. He actually put his hand over his wife's hand and pressed it harder into his crotch. Susan had moved her hand away by this time.

Susan figured she better say something as she started to speak. "Sweetheart. I know you love your wife and I certainly don't want to cause any problems in your marriage. I was only trying to help. Do you understand?"

Jim grinned as he replied back. "I had no idea you two would plan out something like this. I've always had a fantasy to watch my wife make love with a hung black guy."

Susan and Lacy just stared at one another. They had no idea Jim was going to respond this way. It was only supposed to be a night out and perhaps stimulate Jim a little by seeing his wife talk or perhaps dance with a black guy. Susan got them in sort of a little mess. She wondered how angry her friend was at this point knowing her husband actually wants her to screw a black guy.

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