tagFirst TimeRemedial Massage Turns Erotic

Remedial Massage Turns Erotic


While I was at college I went looking for a vacation job, but couldn’t find anything in my profession so I took on a massage course in the hope of getting a student trainee position. I completed the course a few weeks later and was successful in getting a $10 an hour trainee position at a beauty clinic.

On my first day I arrived all enthusiastic was given a white dress to wear. I packed my jeans and red blouse into a packet and put on the dress. It was a bit see through but all the beauticians wore it and so I did too. It was in the spirit of the cleanliness the job represented. The first few days all I really did was watch the masseuse and then clean up after her. A week later the beautician called in sick and told me to cancel the appointments for her. I got onto the phone a women in her 20’s arrived saying she had booked a massage. I told her that Angie the masseuse was sick and I was so sorry that I had not got her to cancel the appointment in time. She was irritated, saying she needed a massage and had come all the way in and would not accept that Angie was not coming in. After a few minutes she asked me if I could give her the massage. I told her that I was inexperienced and had only just completed the diploma. She walked up to me, put out her hand, introduced herself as Sam, and said she was happy to try out my skills as she was desperate for a massage. I told her I couldn’t but she walked straight through to the massage room and told me she would be waiting.

I wasn’t sure what to do but realised that I had little choice in the matter. I went into the room and Sam was lying on her front on the massage table. She had placed one of our white towels over her body. I selected the aromatherapy oils and oiled my palm. I looked at Sam and walked up to her and started lathering the oils on her back. She seemed happy with what I was doing and after finishing her back she told me she wanted me to put bronzer on her body for her. She was going away for a beach holiday and wanted an instant tan. I went to get the lotion and when I returned she was lying topless facing up. She told me she wanted her whole body to be tanned for her boyfriend. I put the bronzer in my hands and massaged it into her stomach and when I had completed it I moved to her shoulders and arms. I moved down to her legs and she asked me why I was jumping around. I told her I didn’t understand what she meant. She replied that she wanted to be covered head to toe. I took some more cream in my hands and realised that I had left out her breasts. I felt funny about touching another women’s breasts. I thought it very unusual. She told me that Angie always does her whole body. Sam was 25 years old, only about 7 years older than me. I realised that I had to please the customer so I massaged cream into her breasts. I looked at them. They were probably a size A with a clear purple aerola standing out around the nipples. I applied the cream across her breasts. They were very soft and I went right over her nipples rubbing in the cream all over. Her nipples were hard and erect and I just continued with my job at hand. It felt strange as my fingers swept across the soft silky skin of her white breasts and then rubbed over this hard erect nipples sticking out an inch. I felt I shouldn’t be touching it and I find that my nipples grew hard as I touched Sam’s, something I could not explain rationally.

When I finished them I went down to bronze her long slim legs. After completing it she pulled off the towel .She was totally shaved and had no pubic hair at all. I had never seen a girl like that before. I massaged the cream into her thighs and she told me that I needed to do her whole body. I asked her if she even meant there and pointed to her pubic area. She responded by saying that she didn’t want a single area of white showing. I took more cream and rubbed it into the area where she had shaved her pubic hair and I moved my hands over her mound rubbing the cream into her. She was soft there and I felt her folds as my palms crossed over it. This was the first time I had touched a women in that area and it made me feel very strange. As my fingers touched her she let out a tiny little whimper unless I was imagining it. She suddenly turned over and I did her butt. They were firm and small and I used both hands on each butt cheek rubbing the lotion in. I spilled some extra lotion and in dripped down her inner leg. Her legs opened slightly and I could see her pussy from behind her ass cheeks. Her clitoris stretched down it and stood out. I then made long strokes down her legs and she said she wanted to show me how it should be done.

She got up, pulled the towel around her front covering her breasts and waist. She told me to sit down. I sat on the massage table next to her and she told me to lie down with my face forward. This was not standard procedure and I was the masseuse, but she was quite commanding and I didn’t want to be rude so I did what she asked. Next thing she unzips the back of my white uniform and pulls it open. I am lying in my black sheer full back panties and things go quiet suddenly. I feel this cold cream on my legs. With both hands she is massaging my upper legs up and down. She tells me that this is how it should be done. I thank her for showing me and I start getting up and she tells me to slow done she is not finished. I try to relax and just enjoy this nutty women. I suddenly felt her cold hands reach under my panties and she rubbed my butt. This was very unusual. She didn’t stop there and her hands dragged down my butt and reached around my inner thigh, very close to my pussy. I felt a surge of excitement at this and I realised that I was sexually excited and turned on. In truth, I didn’t want Sam to stop. I felt an aching need deep inside my pussy and I wondered if she was aware. Her hands repeated the stroking up and down my inner thighs and each time I felt her fingers probing the border of my panties.

She suddenly stopped and I put my hand on my back to zip up and then get up. I was a bit upset at the anti climax. I didn’t say anything. Sam was wrapping her towel around her and getting ready to get changed. I got up and to break the silence I said thank you for the massage. I looked at her and her eyes were dilated. I think mine were too. She approached me put both her palms against my cheeks and just looked at me. I felt a whole lot of stirring emotions boil up in me. This had never happened to me before and especially not with a girl. I was still trying to zip up my dress and pull the one sleeve over my shoulder. I looked at her eyes. They were full of lust and hunger. Her lips approached me and instead of turning away I let her kiss me on my lips. Her pals held my face and I just got swallowed up in this raw passion. I opened my lips and we kissed each others tongues. It was awesome and I was swept away. My heart was pounding furiously and Sam moved closer to me. Her towel dropped to the floor and she was standing naked next to me. She came a bit closer until her legs were around my leg. I felt her hot and burning pussy against my leg. It felt moist and I could feel the intense heat radiating from it. She pushed herself into my leg and I felt her pussy , we kept on kissing.

Her hand moved around my back and she pulled my dress down. It was still half on – half off. She pulled it until it came falling down to the floor. She moved close to me to hug me. I felt her tits against mine. Both our nipples were erect and as they touched each other I felt such a sharp cutting need for sex. I didn’t want to stop here. I was still wearing my black sheer panties. I pulled them off myself. They were soaked from excitement. She moved closer until her pussy was against mine. I was hairy and she was totally shaved. As I felt her pussy touch mine a wild animal in me came out and I started taking control. I placed my hands on her butt and squeezed them pushing her pussy into me harder and harder. I felt her pussy rubbing against my clit. It felt good. I opened my lips and sucked her nipples. They were hard and long. They were dark red and her neck swayed back with pleasure as I pulled her nipples out with my teeth. Her hand cupped my pussy and she masturbated me, rubbing it in little circles. I felt my legs getting wobbly from the waves of feelings, so I sat down on the massage table. She lay down opposite me in 69 position and she was on top of me. I pulled her butt apart and I had her fold in front of my face. I could smell a fishy but sexy and salty aroma close to her opening. I wanted to taste it so I out a tongue inside her folds and she started screaming. She said she was cumming and I pushed my tongue in deeper. She had her fingers under my ass and her nails were digging deep into me scratching me. I continued to suck and lick. She put her tongue around my clit and rubbed it until I felt myself climaxing. It was so intense. I continue to suck her and some white creamy substance came out of her pussy and was on my chin. She was pounding her pussy into my face in unison with sucking my clit. We both screamed and trembled.

I never saw Sam again, but I won’t forget her smell and taste and this experience was something I would never forget.

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