tagMind ControlRemember?



The weather was just starting to change from the harsh cold of winter to the tolerable warmth of spring, and Erin planned to take full advantage of that transition. A woman in her late twenties, Erin was a graduate student at the University of Alabama. She was a woman easily described as beautiful, with a thin frame, a charming smile, and beautiful blue eyes. Erin was also aware that her large breasts made her quite attractive to the men on campus. She wasn't one to do much dating, choosing instead to focus on her studies; her boyfriends had always accused her of being a prude or a cocktease for not wanting to go 'all the way', but she was never really concerned about it. While she wasn't cruel to them, her priorities had always been more than just lying down and spreading her legs. She wasn't adverse to sexuality by any means; she's willingly given blowjobs and handjobs to the men she'd dated in the past, but had never let them go so far as to fuck her. It always wound up with a high amount of frustration on their end, and tended to end the relationships. For that reason, she'd all but stopped dating. It tended to be a waste of time, investing that much time and energy into something that was destined to end because she didn't want to have sex.

Not dating, then, left Erin with a good deal of free time. Other than her classes, she really enjoyed being outside. With the weather finally in a warming pattern, the woman decided it would be an ideal time to go out for a jog. Clad in a sports bra, old baggy t-shirt and sweatpants, she headed out of her room on campus and out into the warm afternoon sunshine. It was when she was doing her stretches in front of a park bench when she heard a voice calling to her from behind.

"Erin? Is that you?"

The speaker was a woman, the voice was one that sounded familiar but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. Erin looked over her shoulder, spying a thin woman with black hair and pale skin. She, too, was dressed for exercise, it seemed. Standing at five and a half feet tall, she was easily a pretty woman; she, too, was thin, but didn't have the same curves that Erin did. If a glancing estimate was right, she didn't look like her chest could have been any bigger than a large A, or small B cup. Of all the things that she noticed about the woman, though, it was her piercing blue eyes that stood out the most. When Erin looked into them, they seemed abnormally dazzling, almost entrancing. She had to blink her eyes just to look away. Erin's look of confusion must have shown, because the dark haired woman laughed a little.

"You don't remember me, do you?" She placed her hands on her hips, seeming to take a mock-offended posture.

"I... I don't think so. I'm really sorry..." Erin trailed off sheepishly.

"We had that one economics class a couple of years ago. The one where half of the class failed the first exam. Remember?" The woman replied, staring rather intently at Erin; the graduate student found herself staring back at the woman's eyes while she talked, as if her gaze just gravitated toward them. Erin did, though, strain her memory to remember. After this other woman brought it up, she felt a funny, hazy feeling in her mind. For the life of her she couldn't remember having ever taken a economics class; given that she was a history student, it didn't make a terrible lot of sense. But since she mentioned it, the memory did seem to be surfacing.

Weird, Erin mused to herself, that I completely forgot about an entire class...

"Riiiiight," She said out loud, shaking her head and laughing in embarrassment. "It completely slipped my mind. Um, you are...?" Erin trailed off, trying to prompt an introduction.

"Missy," The black haired woman replied, smiling rather broadly for some reason. "I haven't seen you in a while! It's a shame, too. I used to have a lot of fun when we hung out."

There was that feeling again in Erin's head, a distinct heaviness behind her eyes and a foggy feeling in her mind. Before this moment, she was certain that she'd never hung out with Missy before. But now that she mentioned it? She did remember having some fun times with this woman. Strangely enough, though, she couldn't actually remember doing anything in specific... just that she'd had fun with her before. Erin blinked, trying to clear her head. "Yeah, that's right. I'm really, really sorry. I'm not normally this spacy. I was about to go for a jog, though..."

There was just something about the encounter that stood out as odd to Erin, and she wanted to get on with her afternoon.

"That's cool. You don't mind if I come along with you, do you?" Missy asked. Though Erin tried to look away, she couldn't; she was wanting to go jogging on her own, but now that idea seemed a lot less appealing. A little company would be nice.

"Yeah, sure. That's cool. Come on, then."

The two women took off jogging through the park. They talked, mostly idle chit chat and catching up; the rest of the jog passed without incident, and the feelings Erin had been experiencing didn't surface while they were out. She just chalked the whole experience up as a strange fluke, probably due to stress from her heavy work load. It took about an hour for the two women to reach the bench where they had begun, both of them slightly winded and sweating; Erin was in a good mood, as she always was when she finished exercising. They sat on the bench, drinking from water bottles as they caught their breath.

"Wow," Missy said between drinks, "that was a pretty good run there. You're totally better at this than I am."

"It just comes with a lot of practice, you know?"

"Do you do this a lot?" Missy asked in return.

"Yeah, I try to every couple of days. It keeps my mind clear when I'm working."

"We should do it more often," Missy replied. Once again, she looked over to Erin to meet her gaze, and Erin was drawn into that stare. "Let's do it again tomorrow. I could get used to spending time with you."

Erin found herself nodding slowly in agreement. "Sure..." She replied, feeling somewhat distracted, almost like she wasn't able to focus on what was going on. "That sounds like a plan."

"Maybe we could meet up before. Do some stretching or something! At your place?"

Again, Erin was just nodding in agreement. "Yeah, that sounds cool. At my place."

Erin gave Missy her room number, and the building she lived in, before the dark haired woman left. As soon as she was away, the feeling in Erin's head went away, leaving her wondering what had happened.


A knock came at Erin's door around midday the next day. She'd been buried in books all morning, and had completely forgotten about her jogging date; when she heard the knock, it brought it all back.

"Shit!" She hissed to herself, pushing out of her chair and trotting to the front door. When she opened it, Missy was waiting on the other side; dressed in tight athletic shorts and a body-hugging t-shirt, she looked like she was either ready for a run, or ready for a night out.

"Hey!" Missy said, leaning against the doorframe with a grin. "You ready to go or what?"

Erin bit her lip, offering an embarrassed smile. "I kind of forgot. Um... want to come in while I change?"

"Sure!" Came Missy's reply. Erin stepped aside so that the thin woman could step into her single room, private dorm. "Cramped quarters, huh?" She asked, looking about. Erin nodded as she walked over to her dresser, pulling open the top drawer to withdraw her sports bra and workout clothes. She tossed them over to the bed before closing the drawer.

"Yeah, but since it's just me I really don't need a whole lot of space, you know?" Erin replied as she looked over to Missy; she assumed the other woman would get the hint, and turn around to let her change clothes with as much privacy as the one room dorm would allow. But Missy didn't seem to be getting that message. Instead, she locked eyes with the student, causing that same dull pressure in her head, accompanied by the feeling of distraction.

"What's wrong with what you're wearing right now?" Missy asked Erin. Erin wanted to look down at the sloppy, comfortable clothes she was wearing: sweatpants and an old, baggy t-shirt.

"They're not really good for jogging..." Erin said quietly, "... and I don't have on a bra."

"So what!" Missy replied with a laugh; Erin started to laugh too, though she wasn't entirely sure why... she just followed Missy's lead. "When did a bra ever stop you from having a good time? You used to love the attention that you got when we'd go out without it, remember? You're fine to go like you are."

A part of Erin's mind rejected this, knowing full well that she shouldn't go out like she was... that following the directions of this other woman wasn't right. She opened her mouth to protest, but as she stared into those penetrating eyes of Missy she just found herself nodding in agreement. "Sure, let's go."

This seemed to please Missy quite a bit, as she grinned and held open the door for Erin.


The two women returned to Erin's dorm about an hour later, exhausted and sweaty from their workout. Erin had spent the entire jog trying to hide the blush rising to her cheeks; without her sports bra, or any bra, her large breasts had bounced rather obscenely the entire time. Erin couldn't help but notice the stares that she was getting the entire time, too. Normally she would have been mortified, never having left the dorm without a bra in the first place... but after what Missy said to her? She felt foggy memories floating back to the surface, and the normal horror at other people seeing her behave so lewdly did, in fact, seem to turn into a strange sense of satisfaction. By the time the two of them walked back in her door, she was feeling a strange mix of embarrassment and arousal.

"Good one, huh?" Missy asked, bending over to put her hands on her knees and pant for breath. Erin nodded silently as she headed for the bed, sitting down. Idly she placed her hand over her chest, rubbing the now-sore flesh of her breasts; all of that free bouncing had left her more than a little tender. Missy noticed this and grinned. "You looked pretty hot out there, you know. Did you notice all of the guys staring at your tits? I bet they wished they could see them bouncing like that back at their place!" The blonde woman laughed, pulling out a chair and sitting down.

Erin flushed a deep crimson and instinctively covered her chest with her hands. "I really don't know what got into me today, Missy. I never used to do stuff like that. It's just... it's so weird." She looked over to Missy; she didn't intend on falling into her gaze again, but when she found those eyes waiting she was tapped. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she felt the pressure settle on her mind; the more she did it, the more comfortable it was becoming.

"What are you talking about, babe?" Missy replied as a mischievous grin spread over her lips. "You used to be a lot more daring than that. The Erin I knew was totally a sexy little exhibitionist. Don't you remember all of those parties you and I used to go to? I practically couldn't keep you in your clothes. Don't you remember that, Erin?"

Erin started to shake her head, but the memories did start to flood back to her, memories that she could swear she never experienced. Nights of parties at people's houses, her slipping off her top on dares, feeling great as her pussy grew soaked knowing people were watching her... of slipping her hand down into her panties and rubbing herself until she came so hard from all of the eyes watching her. Mutely, the woman nodded as her mind's eye began to plant new memories, overriding the old, modest past that she had. Missy watched this with barely contained glee.

"You were so much fun back then, Erin. Anyway! I'd better go, and let you get back to your work. Same time tomorrow!" This time, Missy didn't ask... she just decided for the both of them. Trapped in the blonde woman's eyes, Erin was powerless to argue. She agreed, mindlessly, as Missy let herself out.


Erin spent the rest of the night trying to fight off the haze that had settled into her mind after Missy's last visit. She couldn't quite put her finger on what was wrong, but she knew that something was amiss. But, try as she might, she just couldn't pin it down. Trying not to let it get to her, the student decided to get back to work on her project. Wanting to make sure that her focus wouldn't be disturbed, she pulled her t-shirt over her head and tossed it to the floor; her generous breasts spilled free, bouncing slightly as gravity pulled on them. As the rush of cool air hit her flesh, her nipples grew instantly hard. She then walked over to the window, pulling up the blinds and opening the glass pane; that way she could put her mind to ease knowing that somebody out there might be staring at her tits while she studied. Just the thought of it made her grow wet, sitting there in her chair.

While her eyes were focused on the book, she idly let her right hand drift into the loose shorts that she wore, her fingers touching her moist netherlips and spreading the wetness around. She found her mind wandering from her topic, thinking instead to how she must look to an outsider, sitting in front of the window, slowly rubbing her pussy as her tits bounced with the slightest gesture. After a half hour of her mind wandering, she gave up on trying to get her work done. Instead, she opted to pull her shorts away completely and sit with her feet on the windowsill. She sat there, sliding two fingers in and out of her wet snatch with her eyes closed, the idea that somebody could be staring at her causing her pussy to grow increasingly wet. Her thumb brushed gently against her clit, sending shivers of pleasure through her body. In no time, she found herself panting and moaning, chest heaving as she took in copious amounts of air. A small part of her mind screamed that this wasn't right, that this wasn't who she was... but that part was quickly submerged by the newly implanted desires and memories. She was conflicted as she fingered herself, between the reality that she remembered, and the one that she was being told about. Erin shuddered violently as those thoughts roamed through her head, a strong orgasm rolled over her; her pussy clenched around her fingers, squeezing them tight as she came.

With that out of the way, Erin turned away from the window but didn't bother dressing. She spent the rest of the night working on her studies, and idly sucking the flavor of her pussy from her fingers.


The knock came on Erin's door at the same time the next day. Unlike yesterday, though, she hadn't become so absorbed in her work that she'd forgotten about Missy stopping by. When she heard it, she sprung up from her desk and walked over to open the door. Missy was waiting on the other side, dressed like she had been the day before. Erin, however, had not bothered to get dressed at all; the things Missy had told her last night had sank so easily into her mind that it overrode some of the most basic functions of her day. When she woke up, the thought of putting on clothes of clothing her blinds never occurred to her. So, she'd spent the day walking around completely nude in her dorm. Missy was unable to hide her surprise when her jogging partner opened the door in the nude, breasts bouncing slightly.

"Hey Erin..." Missy said, rather distracted as she looked over the nude, well curved woman. "Mind if I come in?"

Erin made no effort to cover herself with the door open. She just nodded, admitting the blonde into her room. "Hey, do you think we could talk before we go out?" Erin asked. As soon as the door was closed, her hand snaked down between her legs so that she could idly rub her clit. After the notion of being an exhibitionist sank into her mind, she found that she was able to focus a little bit better if she was toying with her pussy.

"Sure, er... What's up?" Missy asked, looking down to Erin's rubbing fingers. She licked her own lips at the sight.

"Um, it's about... the last few days. Have you noticed anything... I don't know... strange about me?" She asked, slipping a finger into her damp hole; her other hand went up to her breasts, lifting one of the large mounds and kneading it.

"No! No! Why would you even think that?" Missy asked in return, moving to sit on Erin's bed.

"It's just... mm..." Erin moaned as her thumb toyed with her clit, "ever since we started talking again, things have been weird. It's like... I have two sets of memories. I don't remember doing a lot of the stuff you talked about, but... I always do remember it after you bring it up. It's like I've been in two places at once." Erin moved to her desk chair, turning it to face Missy just to make sure that she had a good show. She spread her legs wide, giving the best possible view of her pussy.

"Oh." Missy replied. She managed to tear her eyes away from Erin's exploring fingers so that she could make eye contact with the other student; Erin moaned as the familiar feeling of haziness settled over her mind. "You shouldn't worry about any of that."

"I shouldn't?" Erin asked, almost on reflex.

"Of course not, babe! You never were very good at thinking, remember? I'm surprised that you made it this far in school. You were always way better at playing with yourself or making other people feel good. Whenever you have a conflicting memory, you should always erase the other one completely. Everything I tell you is the truth."

"Oh." Erin replied. She could feel her mind slipping away from her; the subconscious part of her screamed as Missy obliterated her intelligence, and ruined her future. But as soon as it happened, it was gone. All higher thoughts were gone from her head, all complex ideas lost. She looked down to the book on her desk, dully noting that the letters on it didn't make sense to her anymore... they all just looked like a silly jumble. Moments ago, she'd been able to read, and had been one of the top students in her class; now, she'd completely forgotten how to assemble the letters into coherent words. The thought barely formed in her head before she shrugged it away, focusing instead on the good feelings in her wet pussy. That was the important part, she realized.

"As a matter of fact, you were always just the perfect little submissive thing anyway. You were so good at taking commands, baby. You just did everything I told you, and nothing ever seemed unusual about it. You were just the greatest little pussylicker."

"Oh, okay..." Erin replied, picking up the pace of her fingering. Her words no longer had the air of confidence to them; instead, Erin managed to sound confused. "Missy? Why can't I think good now? My brain feels all cummy..."

Missy was growing increasingly turned on by the changes in Erin, who seemed to grow ever stupider. "You don't need to think anymore baby, remember?"

Erin just nodded. "Thinking is hard..." It came out almost as a whine. "I just wanna play with my titties and pussy..."

Missy put her fingers into the waistband of her shorts and pulled them down, revealing neatly trimmed pubic hair. "Why don't you come over here and play with MY pussy, sweetheart?"

Erin nodded, abandoning her own task so she could go and please Missy.


Erin withdrew from college later that week, with a little help from Missy; unable to read or write, she couldn't fill out the proper forms to even get it done. All of her property was sold, that which Missy didn't personally want, and the formerly smart graduate student moved into the apartment of her 'friend', to spend the rest of her life in service. There were times when a nagging thought at the back of her head would remind her that she hadn't always been this way. But she quickly dismissed it. Thinking was hard, afterall.

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