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Remember Me?


My first summer home from college was one to never forget. I had just turned twenty one, and the friends that I had not seen for the whole year I was away had greeted me at the airport. I was excited to be home, and so were my friends. That night, after seeing my parents and having dinner with them, I left to the town bar. Everyone who wanted to drink, or pick someone up to fuck goes to Barney's. It was a good night to go too. Everyone who I knew was there. Including a couple of teachers too! I noticed my ex boyfriend, hanging out by the bar, a drink in his hand. He waved to me, our relationship down to friends.

"How have you been? I see you're back in town." He motioned to the bartender to bring me a drink.

"Fine. I'm on summer break. It's great to be home."

What had happened between us was unforgettable. We had dated all through high school, making out at first, moving onto touching each other and licking, sucking. Then, to having sex. He was the best lover I'd ever had, he had taken my virginity and vice versa. I loved him. Still did.

"How is school? I hope you like it."

The bartender interrupted to ask for my ID and I happily gave it to him.

"It's fine. I don't like the whole big campus, but I guess I can live with it."

We had broken up because we both were going out of state for school. I hated it and so did he.

After having shot after shot, we were laughing up a storm. Tons of men sent me drinks, and I drank them, but the only man in my sights was next to me. I felt it deep in my stomach, that longing. It made it even pleasurable to know that it was someone who knew what he was doing that turned me on. I didn't know if he was with someone or not. And I didn't care. All I knew was that I had to fuck him, even if it would be the last time. I gathered my courage and turned to him, to his ear.

"Shane, I want you to take me home. Fuck me in your room like you used to, while you listen in case your mom gets up." I grinned at him, and when he grinned back, I knew that I would get it good.d After paying for the drinks that I had, I followed him home. I knew that I should not be driving, but the thought of fucking him again and the booze did not mix and I was as alert as ever. As we pulled into the driveway, I could feel my pussy, how wet it was, from anticipation. He came around, and opened my door, like he used to.

"Be quiet, my mother is alseep. "

I laughed, and walked into the house with him. The interior had not changed, his mother obsessed with cows. I trudged behind him, and almost tip toed past his mother's room. My heart beat heavily inside my chest. His room, however, had changed. He had been away, and his mom had obviously been in here. Tons of puppy decorations littered the floor, the walls and the shelves. She had kept the bed in here for when he came home, on breaks. But the bed had a puppy spread, the pillow cases with little beaming puppies on them. It made me laugh.

"That's too good. I can't believe your mother did this."

He laughed with me, and with that laugh, my clit throbbed.

"Fuck me like a dog on your bed."

"Shit, Ellie, what the hell happened to you while you were gone?"

"I just know what I want, and what I want is that hard cock in my tight pussy!"

He gulped hard, and kissed me softly. But I would have none of that. I bit into his tongue and he groaned. I rubbed at the front of his jeans, his hardness throbbing under my hand.

"God, yeah." He whispered.

I grinned, sucking his tongue.

I began to unbuckle his belt, and got to my knees, letting the belt hit the floor with the jeans he wore. I could see the outline of his cock in the boxers that he wore, a small dot of wetness on the front proved that I was doing everything right. I pulled him out of the hole in his boxers, and he moaned softly.

He knew what I was going to do. It had been a while since I sucked him, and I had a couple of new skills.

I jerked him softly, and rubbed his balls with my other had, which was something new. I never thought to rub a man's balls until the one guy I fucked at school told me to. He had taught me many things.

I gave them a last squeeze, and dragged mouth down. Taking one of his balls into his mouth, I sucked. He gasped at the unexpected contact, and I felt his cock by my ear. I switched from one to the other, not yet licking his cock. I knew he wanted it, wanted it bad. He was moaning and grabbing at my head, trying to push me into putting his cock in my mouth.

"Come on, El. Suck it, baby. Suck me!"

That made my ears burn, hearing him say that. I had talked to him like that, so why was I so shocked?

He pulled my head back by my hair, and shoved himself into my mouth. I gagged for a second, then adjusted myself to allow his cock to slide in my throat. He fucked my face. I swirled my tongue around his head, making him jeark into my mouth.

"Fuck, yeah, fuck El. Goddamn, it's so good! Suck it hard!"

I obliged, and soon his whole cock, down to his balls, was in my tight mouth. I could feel them begin to tighten up, and his groans told me he was close, so close to coming. I quickly popped him out of my mouth, and he moaned in protest.

"Return the fucking favor."

I pulled the zipper on my pants down slowly, tantlizing him. He grabbed me by my hips, done with the teasing, and pulled them down.

"I can smell that wet pussy from here, and fuck, you're so wet, I can see that spot on the front of these."

He pulled the panties I wore down, exposing my shaved pussy to the air. My clit was out of it's hood, and he seperated my lips, rubbing that small nub.

"Oh, fuck, rub it! Yes, that's good!"

He stood, and I took the pool of jeans and panties off my feet and he lifted me onto his bed, getting ready to suck out my pussy. I was hot, ready for it, and when his head disappeared between my legs, my head spun.

He licked my thighs, biting the flesh softly. My breathing got faster, and some of my wetness drifted onto my thigh. He licked all of the drops off. When I saw him do that, I had to have my pussy sucked!

"Come on, Shane!"

He finally licked my lips, softly. I wanted, no scratch that, needed, more. He used the tip of his tongue to make circles around my clit, and I moaned loudly.

"Shh, Ellie, be quiet. My mom is sleeping!"

I laughed. It was just like old times. He would wait for me at his front door, at night, and take me to his room. I was just as loud as I am now.

He fixed his lips onto my clit and sucked hard. I felt the blood rush to that nub, and I was close to coming. I bucked my hips up into his head, and just when I was about to finish, he stopped.

"What the fuck?" I groaned.

He laughed at me.

"If you can make me hold out then you can."

In protest, sat up and took his cock into my mouth again. I continued to suck him off, but after a couple of minutes, he had me on my back. I spread my legs wide, waiting and inviting.

After two years of missing his cock, I felt it again. Inside of me, filling me whole.

"Fuck, it's good. Shit, Ellie, you're so wet!"

I nodded, and kissed him, and he began to pump into me. My pussy was so hot, and I was on the verge of coming, so close to reaching that goal that every woman wants.

"Fuck,yes, that's it! Harder, come on, fuck me harder!"

He moaned and reached between us, rubbing my clit. I sqealed; and right then and there, I came, screaming out his name and bucking under him. Soon, he followed suit and gushed hot come into my cunt. He moaned above me and collapsed on top of me. His chest crushed mine, my nipples still hard on his. We both breathed hard, the heat still lingering between us. Always will. Then, I started laughing. For some odd reason, I did.

"What? What's so funny El?" He asked me.

I shrugged, grinning.

"I don't know. All I know is that I am moving to a school closer to here!"

"I would love that."

I know he would. I squeezed my pussy around his hardening cock to prove that he would.

Thanks for reading! I hope to have some sort of continuation of this, if enough people enjoyed this one! I have a lot of stories to transfer on here, so keep reading Crazy!

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