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Alice woke suddenly in the night. The clock said it was 2 AM. She laid in bed for a minute, wondering what woke her up. Then she was aware of it, the sound of her roommate, Amy, moaning in her room next door. She and her boyfriend were at it yet again. It's just not fair, the 21-year-old college senior raged to herself. She hasn't gotten laid in over a month and here's Amy getting it every other night. She stared at the roof of her darkened room and wondered what Greg could be doing to get Amy so far into heat. Is his face buried between her legs as he tongue fucked her? Is he fingering her? Sucking her nipples? Could they already be fucking? Amy has always been a horny girl, ever since they met in high school. Half the time Alice called her cell she'd answer and in gasping breaths say that she'll call her back in an hour over the sound of a guy's groans. She tires of guys quickly and usually ditches them after a few all night fuckings. Greg's been screwing her for over a month now, making him the longest lasting guy yet.

Alice imagined her friend lying on her bed, looking up at him hungrily as his body towers over hers, trapping her until he's able to use her to satisfy himself. That sense of helplessness has always been a turn-on for them both. Alice had a very easy time imagining what Greg's body looked like as he screwed her friend. The last time she's been fucked was by him six weeks before just after he started seeing Amy. He came over to the apartment horny as hell and Amy wasn't there. So Alice helped him satisfy his cravings, and her own. She felt guilty after, though. She and Amy had been best friends since kindergarten. They do everything together. They've even slept together every once in a while. So she confessed what she did to Amy only to find out that it was a setup. It turned out Greg thought Alice was hot and Amy felt sorry for her since her ex had just broken up with her. So she sent Greg over to help her feel better. Every time she thinks about how he took her all over the apartment she gets so wet that it can soak thru her pants. They fucked four times that afternoon and he ate her out too. Every room but Amy's saw him taking her.

Listening to her friend being pleasured and the memory of being taken by her man was turning Alice on. She began to feel hot as body slowly went into heat and so she threw the covers off of herself. She had on a tight-fitting spaghetti strap shirt and silk underwear. Her nipples were already hard and looking down she could see them poking up thru the fabric. She hands moved up her stomach to her tits. She began to play with them, first squeezing her breasts then pinching and twisting the nipples.

She still remembers the first time she and Amy fucked each other. It was their first week of college and they were both homesick. So they turned to one another for comfort. She still remembers how it felt to have Amy sucking her tit. Then she rolled on the bed besides her. Alice climbed onto her face and looked down as Amy opened her legs for her. She went down onto onto Amy's pussy, nervous as hell, and they 69ed. She still remembers how it felt to have Amy gripping her ass and tongue fucking her. She yelled into Amy's pussy even as she licked it with her tongue. Then they worked their way between each other's legs and rubbed cunts until they both came. It wasn't the last time by far. They usually sleep together once or twice a month. They'll show each other tricks they learn from sleeping with guys.

She sat up and took her shirt off. After throwing it to the floor she lifted her hips and the undies joined it there. She fell back onto the bed, naked. Her hands moved between her legs. Nope, not very wet yet. This part of her body was always slow to respond. It tended to frustrate guys. Not that she ever had a shortage of them. She and Amy were on the university soccer team. So they both had the sort of athletic looking bodies guys dreamed of fucking. Her 33C tits always got special attention. But her cunt was so slow to get wet. Her last boyfriend was always frustrated with her. He'd be hard as a rock and ready to fuck her brains out. But he'd have to keep eating her cunt to get her wet enough to take his cock. She suspects it was one of the reasons he started to cheat on her. He had just given her a key to his apartment when she let herself in to find him on the couch, screwing an 18-year-old freshman. He had the poor virgin bent over and was fucking her from behind relentlessly. He didn't even know Alice was there until the book she threw hit him on the side of the head.

She could feel herself starting to get wet when Amy ceased moaning. For a minute Alice thought they were done until a new sound started to come though the wall. It sounded like he was spanking her but it was too fast for that. Alice smiled as she realized it was the sound of them fucking. So he was eating her out before but now Amy has a cock inside of her. They were going really loud and fast. He must be doing her doggie style. It's Amy's favorite position. She loves it when a man gets down behind her and screws her like an animal. The animalistic part of sex always attracted her. She likes having guys see her as a sex object to screw. She doesn't look for a connection with the guy who's taking her, just an orgasm or three. Alice has never really understood that. "I save the gentleness for you," Amy once told her as their sweaty, naked bodies laid in bed after a tryst last year.

Alice slipped a finger inside of herself and began to rub her pussy walls. She could hear Amy's moans start up again as the smacking sound became louder and more rapid. Alice's pussy juices started flowing and she began to moan in pleasure as well. As her finger probed at her pussy her palm was rubbing her clit. She brought her other hand up to her tits to play with those. She could just imagine Amy on her hands and knees. Greg would be kneeling behind her, gripping her hips. Maybe he would lean down every once in a while to grab at her tits and suck her neck. He would be thrusting into her and her whole body would shake from each impact. Her tits would be bouncing around. Once in a while one of her hands would come up to squeeze them real quick. Sometimes he'll pick her up halfway through and force her to fuck in a different position that she didn't want. She likes being dominated like that. Giving him control was her second favorite thing during sex.

Just as she thought about that the smacking sound stopped. A second later there was a loud thumping noise against the wall. He must have her up against it. Alice knows her friend and she hates having sex standing up. Right now Amy's horny and only cares about getting Greg's cock as deep inside of her as possible. But once the heat wears off she's going to be royally pissed. Greg, however, loves to do it standing up. Alice still remembers his hands on her ass, holding her body up with her legs around his waist as he fucked her fast and hard in the shower. That was the second time he did it to her that afternoon. She was taking a shower after they screwed in the kitchen and he snuck in to surprise her. Oh, the feeling of him pounding into her sex while he sucked at her neck and tits as the water washed over them.

Alice's hips began to thrust uncontrollably into her fingers. She could feel her orgasm building up. Amy's moans turned into yelling; she was obviously coming. Greg's voice joined hers and after a minute both voices subsided as he finished blowing his load into her. Alice began to moan herself as her fingers began to rub her pussy walls more quickly. She was barely aware of Amy yelling at Greg in the next room and Greg yelling back. Alice was moaning as loud as Amy was a minute ago. Her hips fully leaving the bed as her body instinctively tried to fuck her fingers.

As she came off her orgasm she could hear Greg storming out of the apartment. Just before the door slammed he shouted something to Amy about how her roommate loved to get it standing. Alice laid on the bed naked, her sheets were a little damp from the pussy juices. Then there was a knock on her door. She quickly got up and put her shirt back on, leaving the undies on the floor. She cracked open the door, careful to keep her naked bottom half hidden behind it. Amy was there in her little robe, smiling. "Hi," she said, "I couldn't help but hear that you're a little lonely in here."

"A little," Alice responded with a coy smile.

Amy untied her robe and let it fall open, revealing her whole body. "Want some company?" she asked coyly.

Alice smiled as she let the door open all the way. As Amy stepped into the room her robe fell to the floor. A second later Alice's shirt fell on top of it. They embraced; each girl could feel her body pressing against the other. They began to kiss each other hungrily as they made their way over to the bed. Alice laid down and smiled as Amy buried her face between her legs and went to work on her. Soon they were making yet another memory for Alice to masturbate to at night.

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