You are standing there in front of me. I always knew this moment would come and it finally has. You are more beautiful that your pictures could ever show in your button --up blouse and your jeans. The sweater you are wearing brings out the color of your eyes, almost making them glow as you look at me. The moonlight shining thru the window is the only light we have as I step toward you.

I reach out to you and take your hand. Our fingers intertwine as I pull you gently toward me. My arms wrap around your waist as yours encircle my neck. Our first kiss is more that just a kiss ... it is a release of all of the fantasies and energies we have been building up as we have talked online. But far from aggressive, it is soft and loving. Lips slightly parted, tongues barely touching... it is a kiss of romance not of lust. We hold each other tightly, feeling our hearts beating as one heart. As we part to catch our breath, you start to reach down to pull your sweater off.

"No, Carol. Let me do this. I love to undress a woman," I whisper. You arms relax at your sides.

I reach my hands to the hem of your sweater and begin to pull it slowly upward. You raise your arms as it rolls up your chest, uncovering your shapely form. As I start to pull the sweater over your head, I stop with it still partially covering your face... entwining your arms. You cannot see me coming as I lean in and kiss your inviting lips. You lean forward into me and return my kiss with passion. As we part again, I pull you sweater over your head and let it drop to the floor.

"I want you Alex," you whisper... saying the words I have wanted to hear you say since I first saw your picture.

"Soon my love," is my reply as I reach for the top button of your blouse.

With each button I open, I lean forward and kiss the newly exposed flesh. The first kiss is on your neck, the second on your collarbone, the third kiss finds your exposed cleavage and gives a hint of the low cut bra you have worn for our encounter. The next finds the top of your belly, the fifth your bellybutton. The last kiss finds the space just above the top of your jeans as I linger there, smelling your arousal.

"No one has ever done this to me before, Alex. It feels so wonderful. All the other men have ever wanted to do is just get me naked and fuck me."

"They didn't love you the way I do, dear," I reply. 'I want you to enjoy our time together."

I stand up and kiss you again, slowly parting your lips with my tongue. As you reach for my head to pull me closer, I step back instead. As I look at you in the soft light, I see how beautiful you are and doubt for a second that this moment is real. I can see your chest rise as you breathe. I step toward you and slide my hands up on your shoulders, sliding the blouse down your arms where it joins your sweater on the floor. Your bra is doing little to contain your breasts as they struggle to stay confined. I use my hands to slide the straps down your arms. You bend your elbows and the straps are free and you start to reach behind you.

"No, dear," I whisper almost pleading with you. "Let me."

My arms follow yours and my fingers find your clasp. I lean forward and kiss you neck as I momentarily fumble, like all men do, with the hooks that hide you from me. As I move my kisses up your neck to your ears, I finally succeed and your bra slides slowly down between us.

My kisses travel down your chest as I plant kiss after kiss along my trail. My hands slowly circle in front of you until I feel your warm breasts... taking one in each hand... my palms feeling the hardness of your nipples against them. With a gentle push, I move them together and move my kisses between them. I can feel your breathing increase as I start to use my tongue to trace small paths along your skin. With a slight turn of my head, I replace the hand covering your nipple with my lips... forming a soft circle around it as I use my tongue to tickle the underside of its already hard flesh. I suck firmly, grasping it between my lips as I pull it slightly causing you to catch your breath. My left hand can feel your other nipple begging for attention so I move there, sucking on you... licking you... nibbling at you. Your hands find the back of my head and pull me into your breast, urging me to continue.

I step away to catch my breath but the sight of you topless in front of me takes my breath away instead. I have seen you like this before in your pictures, but they were nothing compared to the beautiful young woman I see now. I look up at your eyes and see a passion waiting to be released.

I step toward you and you reach for me again as my hand find your soft breasts. I squeeze them gently as you moan quietly. My hands release you and my fingers trace tracks down your belly until the reach the waistband of your jeans. I step toward you and turn you so I am now standing behind you. My hands move up to cup your breasts again, my thumbs rubbing against your nipples... the nipples already hard with excitement. As my left hand continues to play, my right hand slides past your waistband and finds the hem of your panties. They provide no barrier as my fingers continue down finding the soft skin of your lips. You are already warm and wet as my middle finger slides between them, stopping to rub circles around your clit. You reach a hand up over your shoulder and around my head as I kiss your neck.

As your breathing increases again, I release you and turn you to face me. I drop to my knees before you as my fingers undo the button holding your jeans closed. I can almost feel the heat rising from your pussy as my fingers find the zipper and pull it slowly downward, revealing your panties to me. Your hands find mine on your hips and we together start to pull your jeans down. I move them slowly, almost teasing myself as your thighs are revealed to me inch by inch. As your jeans reach your ankles, you step out of them slowly until your legs are free.

I lean forward to kiss your belly, and then move downward...kissing you through your panties until I can feel your wetness through them. With one finger, I slide your panties to the side and plant kisses on your pussy lips. You spread your feet slightly as my fingers part you... allowing my tongue to lick your soft inner lips. I taste your juices as they flow from you... tasting sweeter than any taste I have experienced before. Your hands move behind my head, pushing me closer... urging me to taste you even more.

My fingers find the waistband of your panties and I slowly draw them downward. I move my lips to let them pass as they move past your knees and then your ankles. They join the rest of the clothing debris on the floor as you step from them. I stand up in front of you and can feel the heat from you as I slide my hand to cover your wetness. You can feel my finger probing your lips then jump slightly as one finger enters you. I bend slightly as a second finger joins the first and plunge then deeply inside you. My other arm find your waist to hold you close and my finger move rapidly in and out of you. I feel your body tense as you wrap both arms around me.

"Make me cum, Alex, please make me cum," you almost shout.

Your pussy squeezes around my fingers and I can feel your juices running down my palm as your body shudders with orgasm. As my hand leaves you, my arms enfold you; holding you close to me.

I step back to admire you, standing naked with only the moonlight shining through the window to illuminate you. Your eyes are filled with desire, your body still trembling with the aftershocks of your orgasm and your thigh glistening with your own juices. You are definitely beautiful.

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