The trail had been long and it seemed like it would be hours before they camped. Callia methodically placed one foot in front of the other, instinct willing her to continue. She glanced around at her companions. They all seemed to be feeling the effects of the ale consumed at the Grandfather Tree with the Uthgardt Barbarians. All except Darvic. He looked as crisp as an early spring morning. She shook her head at him. What a stick in the mud. Even Onis had fun with the four barbarian women that carried him off. With a groan, she rubbed her temples. Just a few miles more.

She kept to herself for most of the day. She knew what her companions must be thinking. She'd fallen from grace...again. After a few months of not drinking and not screwing everything that moved, she consumed 2 whole barrels of ale and indulged in intense carnal lust with 2 human barbarian men. No one seemed to look down on her for it. Not a word had been said that her ears had heard. But Callia sensed something. She caught a sneer of disgust on Darvic's face as she briefly glanced at him.

She walked ahead in silence, consumed in thought and occasionally checking the trail for tracks. As the sun began to lower in the sky, they settled on a campsite and started a fire. Callia kept to herself as she shrugged off her pack and gathered her bow and arrows. Hunting would do her some good. She spent nearly an hour in the woods, finding 2 plump rabbits and an armful of wild vegetables. She returned to camp, spotting someone she had not seen in months.

His very presence sent shockwaves racing through her, as if someone had unleashed Shocking Grasp inside her heart. She thought she would never see him again. With a happy shriek, she raced towards him. As she reached him, she threw her arms around him, planting a multitude of kisses on his face.

"NATHAN!" she cried, "It is so good to see you."

"Callia? My, you look so different. I almost didn't recognize you!" He replied, returning her embrace.

"What brings you here? What news can you give me from The Moonwood? Did you make it there without trouble? Were you treated well?" She asked, firing off a barrage of questions.

"One at a time, luv," he replied. "Yes, I made it there just fine. I was treated well. Your brother was happy to hear from you. As for what brings me here, I was sent back to find you by your brother. He sends an urgent message. He asks that you come home with most haste. Your mother is ailing and is asking for you." Nathan replied, hating to be the bearer of bad news.

"My mother?" she repeated. "What's wrong with her? She was hale and hearty when I left some months ago."

"I really wasn't told, hun. I was just told to find you. That is all I know." Nathan replied.

"Allow me to gather my things and say my goodbyes." Callia said, shocked to hear the news about her mother. She stuffed her possessions into her pack and gathered her weapons. Then she said her goodbyes.

"I must return home immediately. My mother is ill. I will try to catch up if I can." She gave everyone a hug. Onis stopped her before she headed out of camp. "I hope it is nothing serious ailing your mother. Be careful out there."

"I will. I can take care of myself in the wilderness. You are the one who should be careful. I know everyone will be ever watchful for that cloaked werebat who has been stalking you."

"I will be. Darvic will keep me safe."

"Yes, the great Darvic will keep you safe." Callia scoffed. "We could do that and not have to be paid."

"Be nice, Callia. Forget about all that. Look who you have to accompany you on your journey home." Onis replied, his eyes twinkling.

"Yes, I know. I had hopes I'd meet up with him again." Callia smiled, and hugged him. "Take care, dear friend."

Callia joined Nathan and they headed north. "So how long have you been searching for me?" she asked, knowing it had been a few months since their meeting in Red Larch. It was then that she had sent him to The Moonwood with the letter for her brother.

"About a month. I pulled in a favor from a friend. I had her cast a locate spell which pinpointed your location as being The High Forest." Callia gave him a look. "A friend, huh? What kind of friend?"

"Just a friend."

Callia nodded then shot him a blazing smile, knowing full well what he meant. "I am glad you found me. I've thought about you more than you know since our night together in Red Larch."

"You are one hell of a woman. I was more than happy to be the one to seek you out." Nathan replied as he took her hand in his.

"You can show me how much later when we camp," Callia purred.

"I will."

The two pressed on, covering several more miles before full dark made vision difficult. They made camp close to a small creek. Callia nearly shook with anticipation as she watched Nathan build their fire. He left momentarily, returning with a fat rabbit and some wild vegetables. She smiled as he pulled out a cook pot and began to fix a savory rabbit stew.

"Can I help?"

"Nah, you just rest." Nathan replied, with a smile. "Let me take care of you."

Callia returned his dazzling smile. "Gladly."

It had been a rare occasion that a man did this for her. She would enjoy it while she had time with him to enjoy such pampering. She knew Karowyn would never accept her "relationship" with Nathan, but that didn't matter. She did not have to live with Clan Blackhawk if she could convince Nathan to spend the rest of his life with her. The rest of his life...Callia sighed. Nathan was human and would grow old and die long before her. She pushed the thought aside. She would not dwell on the inevitable fate and live for the time they had now. That was if he wanted her like that as well. Who knew? Mayhap Nathan had a betrothed somewhere in the Realms. He could have many women scattered around. Callia hoped he did not. She hoped he wanted only her. She wasn't sure if she could handle that. No, she thought, shaking her head. I will not dwell on that, either. She would live in the here and now.

"You are quiet." Nathan commented, a twinkle of concern in his eyes.

"Just thinking," Callia replied. "I have a lot on my mind."

"Care to share it?"

Callia hesitated. Did she want him to know her concerns about his mortality? Would he be interested in a life with her? "My thoughts concerned you most of all. I could be perfectly happy to be with you for the rest of your life, but that would be all. I am an elf. You are human. You will grow old and die in too short of a time and I'll be left to mourn you for the rest of my days. And while I'm thinking that, a little voice inside me says you may not want to be with me for the rest of your life. That you may have a human betrothed somewhere in the Realms. And there's also my brother who would not allow it. I can deal with disobeying Karowyn. He won't run my life. I don't have to live within the confines of Clan Blackhawk. I could have my home base elsewhere and still adventure. But I know I want you to be with me for as long as possible," she replied, baring her soul to him.

"I have no one waiting for me elsewhere." Nathan said, calming her fears. "You are one hot woman. I know you are free spirited and rather generous with your favors. I want you to be generous and free solely with me."

"Nathan," she purred, her blue eyes sparkling. She climbed into his lap and snuggled against him. She kissed his neck, nipping at his ears. He loosed a feral groan and pressed her down onto the bedroll.

He removed the stew from the fire and banked it, leaving only enough burning embers to illuminate their tiny camp. Returning to her, he relieved her of her armor and furs. Callia trembled with anticipation as his hands worshipped her body. His rough calloused hands sent frissons of delight racing through her. Jolts of pleasure raced along her nerve endings, exploding as it reached each synapses. Callia's body flushed pink with intense desire. She moaned, reveling in their passion. She sucked in a deep breath and exhaled swiftly as his mouth located her breasts. She whimpered as he took one erect nipple in his mouth and suckled while fondling the other with his hand. His teeth nipped. His fingers pinched. Callia unleashed a feral moan, begging for more. Sensations rippled through her, turning her into a live wire. Nathan had ignited a spark with that would burn brighter and hotter than anything else. She hadn't felt like that in a long time...not since the last time they were together.

Nathan burned a trail down her body with his kisses. Callia dug her nails into his shoulders as he skimmed over the folds of her pussy with his tongue. She shivered, her body writhing. He tasted her, his tongue dipping into the sweet honey of her pussy. A shudder coursed through her body and she let out a scream of intense pleasure as his lips closed over her clit. Knowing how it delighted her, he continued to suckle the tight nub, torturing her, teasing her.

Callia felt her climax building. She shook uncontrollably, moaning loudly. She cried his name as her body erupted, flooding his face with her female juices. He lapped with pungent moisture up, sending her spiraling even higher.

"Nathan," she called, her hands dipping into his hair. "Please..."

With a chuckle, he attacked her dripping snatch once more, eliciting more moans from her. Callia whimpered, her cries of passion echoing through the trees. When she swore she could take no more, Nathan intensified the tongue lashing he had been giving her. Callia screamed, her body writhed and bucked, as jolts of pleasure electrified her whole body. A powerful climax rocked her small body, sending her reeling into oblivion. Only then did he pull away. He stood up, watching as she still shook. He stripped off his own armor and clothing, returning to her. He covered her and hissed as her taut nipples scraped across his chest.

Then he kissed her tenderly, softly. He slid his fingers into the depths of her silky hair. "Callia," he whispered, "You are all that is hot and sexy in this world. I am so glad I found you."

Her hands roamed down his sides, over his back and down to his buttocks. She gripped each buttock in her hand, feeling the compact hardness. "Nathan...take me," she sighed, breathlessly. "Please make love to me."

She felt the thick length of hard cock nudge her thigh as he shifted.

"You want this?" he asked as he nudged her thighs further apart and ran the head up and down her slit.

She moaned. "Yesssssss....please."

"You want me," he purred in a husky voice.


Nathan persisted in teasing her, slowly poking the large purple head in, stretching her slightly. Callia groaned. The teasing became such exquisite torture. She writhed and grabbed for his hips, attempting to push him in further. Nathan pulled away, pulling out completely. She whined in protest. "Please..."

"What do you want, beautiful?" he asked, grinding his manhood into her swollen snatch.

"I want you. I need you. Please don't tease me. Just pleasure me. Take!" she pleaded, her nails digging into his flesh in emphasis.

"Does kitty want this?" he asked as he poked his throbbing member back into the slit of her pussy.

"Yes, Nathan, yes."

"Does kitty want it bad enough to take it?" he asked, still teasing her.

"Yes......yesssssssssss...." she purred.

He pushed himself deeper into her and rolled them over. Callia sat up on his thighs, still keeping him buried within her. She slid herself down, completely engulfing his hard rod within her tight snatch. Both released a feral growl. She gripped his pectoral muscles, digging her nails into him while slamming her hips down upon him. She rode him fiercely. Her pussy muscles squeezed his cock, milking him. Nathan groaned aloud.

Pulling her down to his chest, he thrust upward and sought out her mouth. He kissed her while he pinched her nipples. Callia reveled in his brutality, his rough kiss, his rough pinching. She urged him on, reveling in the sheer wildness. She returned his kiss with fervor and dug her nails in harder. She slammed her hips down, meeting him thrust for thrust. Callia pulled herself away and slapped his face. She dug her nails in more, leaving angry marks behind. She used her hold on him as leverage, slamming and bucking. Nathan grunted loudly.

Her feralness only increased his own. As she slammed down, he thrust up into her as hard as he could, piercing her fully. Callia screamed as he hit an inner pleasure spot. She shuddered, spasming as she erupted in orgasm. She trembled uncontrollably.

"Take it," she screamed, thrusting down with her hips and grabbing his long hair. She lost herself in the moment, remembering another time.

One climax erupted after another. Just as she had begun to crest completely, just as this most incredible climax was on the brink of explosion, Nathan seized control and rolled her over, putting her beneath him. Pulling out of her slick heat, he turned her, putting her on her hands and knees before him.

"Take this," he growled in return as he gripped her hips and slammed into her from behind. Callia screamed, digging her nails into the bedroll. He slapped her ass and thrust forcefully. Nathan ripped through her tightness, loosening her in the wake of his battering thrusts.

Callia cried out as she exploded, her wetness gushing out to bathe his cock, soaking his tight clenched balls and spilling out onto the bedroll. She screamed repeatedly as his thrusts came harder and harder.

Through her moans and squeals, Nathan could tell her time was close. He geared his thrusts so they would arrive at that point of ecstasy at the same time. He felt it build within him. It was close. He groaned as he held back. He feverishly teased her clit. Callia screamed as she exploded. Nathan loosed his own scream as he felt his balls erupt. Hot streaming torrents of male cum splattered out inside her. He pumped his hips furiously, milking out all he could.

He shuddered and pulled out with a loud slurping pop, collapsing to the ground. Callia joined him, panting as she fought for breathe.

"Oh honey, oh baby, you are still one great fuck." Nathan groaned as he stretched out on his back.

Callia looked at him with tears in her eyes. "I had hopes I meant more to you than just a great fuck. I want to be more than just a bed warmer," she said, hoarsely.

He rolled toward her and placed his hand upon her body. Softly he stroked her damp flesh. "Oh baby, you are. I could never be so lucky than to find some other woman like you. You are beautiful and wonderful. I know beneath that tough exterior there is a sweet thing waiting to come out. I want you to be sweet and soft. Let me be the strong one. Let me take care of you." Nathan urged, as he stroked her face.

"You took me like no one else ever has. I wanted you to make love to me. I wanted soft and sweet. Make me feel those things. I wanted gentleness."

"But you enjoyed it," he replied. "The night is young, luv. You will have what you wish."

Callia smiled and planted a kiss on his neck. Nathan purred. "Baby, let us rest. We can wash up and eat."

She nodded in agreement as she stretched her lean lithe body. Helping her to her feet, he wrapped them in a blanket and lead her to the creek where they scrubbed each other's bodies. Callia took pleasure in lathering him all over, cleaning him off.

As he ran her hand across her backside, he purred, "You felt so good." Nathan nipped her ear and caressed one of her breasts.

"I've experienced much since I've reached adulthood, but I'd never had anyone do that to me and you are of a considerable size."

"You like my size, don't you, baby?" he asked, his voice dropping lower and huskier.

"Yes, very much so." Callia replied, as she reached behind her to grasp his lengthening shaft.

He groaned in her ear. "I love the way you fit me like a glove, like you were made for just me. You are mine, Callia. My woman."

"Yes," she moaned. "I am yours."

Nathan lifted her into his arms and laid her down on the grass beside the creek. She stroked him to full raging hardness. He had to have her once more. He couldn't get enough of her. He ached for her. He gave her what she wanted as he made love to her the way she wished him to.

Slow and tender, soft and gentle. Nathan worshipped her body, bestowing exquisite pleasure upon her. Callia wept at the sheer beauty of the moment. He kissed her tears away, stroking her until she climaxed. Stars exploded overhead and she clung to him, until his own climax washed over her.

"I can't get enough of you, baby. I hope you don't get tired of my insatiable need for you." Nathan murmured as he rested his head against her breasts.

"Never," she purred, her hands finding his hair.

"That's what I like to hear," he chuckled as he heard her stomach growl. "Sounds like my baby needs food. I guess it's true that one can't live on love alone."

"Unfortunately not. I need food," she replied. "Let's wash again and eat."

Dinner passed quickly as the two devoured the rabbit stew. With their bellies full, they snuggled together within the blankets and recounted their adventures since they'd last been together in Red Larch before drifting off to sleep.

Callia stirred as dawn broke. She stretched languorously and snuggled against Nathan. He made contented sleepy noises. She threw her leg over his hip, nuzzling her face between his head and shoulder. Gently she nipped his ear, suckling lightly. Her hands ran down his muscled chest. She rubbed his sides.

"Nathan," she whispered and lowered her head. She found his nipple, flicking her tongue over the flat bud. He moaned as he slowly woke up.

Callia skimmed her hand down the length of his hard compact body until she reached what she sought. She grasped his cock, amazed to find it at full hardness. Nathan's eyes fluttered open then closed as he rolled from his side to his back. Callia stroked him, feeling the incredible hard length from base to tip within her delicate hand. Climbing astride him, she connected their bodies with one thrust of her hips as she guided him inside her. Slowly she rocked her hips, riding him sensually. She undulated her body atop him with slow graceful movements, bringing him to ecstasy. Nathan moaned and gripped her hips with his hands. Unable to withstand the torture of her teasing gyrations, he pulled her down against his chest and rolled her over, putting her beneath him.

"My turn," he chuckled, as he slammed in the full length of his hard rod, impaling her thoroughly. Callia let out a loud moan. She bucked her hips to meet his thrust. Nathan loosed a growl from deep in his throat. He became wild and demanding, taking her to new plateaus of passion. She reveled in the blissful reverberations coursing through her. She took everything he had to give her and begged for more. He brought her to climax many times, taking her higher and higher each time. She crested the precipice and soared out of space and time. Then he shattered her. She screamed repeatedly as sensations bombarded her, building up to an earthshaking explosion. Her final tumultuous climax set off something within him that he had been holding back.

With a series of grunts and shouts, he joined her in this blissful culmination of their mutual passion. Drained and supremely sated, Nathan collapsed upon her, his body wrung wet with sweat. Callia stroked his back as tears ran down her cheeks. No one had ever taken her that high before. No one had made her feel such pleasure. She'd lost count of the times she had orgasmed. It was as if he had turned her body into one long continuous climax.

"Baby..." he whispered, noting her tears. "Did I hurt you?" "No, my love. You were so wonderful," she sighed, breathlessly. "I've never felt anything so....incredible. I'm not even sure if that is the word for what I feel."

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