tagMatureRendezvous in Victoria

Rendezvous in Victoria


At long last, the obstacles standing in the way of their meeting had been removed. Months of chat, erotic tête-à-tête, phone calls discussing everything from Canadian politics to international banking, had whetted their appetites for this first meeting. Within just a few hours, they would at long last, meet.

Richard had grown to know the comely Chantal over the months. She was as innocent as she could be erotic; as gentle as she could be ravenous, coy, yet very much suggestive of what she wanted from her partner. Loyal, honest, and trustworthy, she was everything a man could want in a woman. And, it didn't hurt that she had fabulous runners legs, a firm set of 34D-cup breasts... and did I mention drop-dead gorgeous? Smouldering eyes like hers once launched a thousand ships... She had always liked her men older, and he was that, by two decades.

He wanted to plan their first encounter perfectly. By now, he knew the intricacies of what she liked, what she fantasized about, and what she wanted to try. There would be time for all of that, and more, but the first meeting had to be drawn out, memorable, one for the ages...Richard had scheduled an early morning Friday Air Canada flight for her out of Toronto into Victoria, which would be departing at 07:50 am and arrive at 11:55 pm, after a change of aircraft in Vancouver. It would be a long day for her, the anticipation building for them both, but he wanted to do something to stoke Chantal's fires as well. He sat down in front of the computer, and drafted his cunning plan. Many emails would be required, careful coordination, and not to mention the considerable hit that his VISA card was going to take. Over the next few days, the plan took shape, and all was in place for his beloved French vixen.

Chantal awoke very early on the Friday morning that she was to depart Toronto, even earlier than was her custom. She was tired however, as they had spoken on the phone until the wee hours, and she had made the decision before turning in to pass on the morning run and head straight to the airport. A smile crossed her face as she recalled their conversation... "How unlike him not to suggest or demand phone sex, she thought." She was ready for it, even eager, but her subtle suggestions had been ignored. Even softly calling him "daddy", which was the usual "trigger" she used with him to get his attention or signal that she wanted to play, hadn't had the desired effect. Over the past few months, their phone sex had become more detailed, more in depth, as they became familiar with each other's desires, and they both derived immense satisfaction from their frequent telephone trysts. Pausing to stretch languidly, she allowed her hands to drop to her breasts and cup them, fingers softly caressing her hardening nipples... Her eyes closed, and as she though of him, one hand snaked its way under the covers towards her thighs, where she could already feel herself getting noticeably wet... No time for that now, she thought, glancing at the clock on the nightstand as she jumped out of bed and headed for the shower. Finally, the three-hour time zone was going to work in her favour; she should arrive in plenty of time to have a nap and maybe do some sightseeing before their meeting later in the day. She was glad that she had packed the day before. He said that everything would be taken care of, and she wondered how the day would unfold...

The doorbell startled her as she reached the bathroom; Chantal hurriedly threw on a bath robe. Giving her long, tousled brunette locks a quick shake, she checked herself in the bathroom mirror... looks OK, she thought. Who the hell is ringing the door at this time of the morning? Bounding down the hallway, she opened the door and standing there was a UPS delivery man, in the customary brown jacket. In his hand was a large brown envelope. "Sign here please," he said, and she took the pen and hurriedly scribbled her signature, affixing it rather more messily than she would have on the bank documents she often signed. Taking the package, she said thanks, and retreated inside the house.

Chantal opened the package, and inside she found five smaller envelopes, plain white, numbered on the outside from 1 to 5, and an Air Canada open-ended return ticket to Victoria. Also there was a small, hand-written note, in elegant script, which read:

"My Chantal, open the first envelope after you are on the aircraft, and follow the instructions. Ensure that you keep all the envelopes in your possession. A taxi will arrive at 6:00 a.m. to take you to the airport. Your Bear"

Looking down at her watch, she saw it was just after 5:00 a.m. She was torn by curiosity and desire to open the first letter and see what it contained, and the yearning to follow her lover's explicit orders... "I will think about it" she thought, "As I slip into the shower." Setting the note and envelopes down on the coffee table in the living room, she headed off to the bathroom.

Chantal spent the next 15 minutes scrubbing, thinking, and smiling a lot, and by the end of the shower she had decided to obey the command not to open the first envelope until she was on the aircraft. Tonight would be the big night, and she was eagerly awaiting it, her body already tingling with anticipation. Climbing out of the shower, she grabbed a bath sheet and began to towel off, noticeably more damp between the thighs than she normally would have been. Glancing at her watch, she saw it was almost 5:45. Quickly throwing on some jeans and a T-shirt, she hastily applied a very small amount of makeup, as she needed little to accent her combination of French and Saxon beauty. Carefully placing the envelopes in her purse, she threw a coat over her arm and sat down to await the taxi. The taxi pulled up in front of her house at precisely 6:00 a.m., and the cabbie carried her suitcase out to the taxi. The short ride to the airport was uneventful, and the taxi driver escorted her to the Air Canada Business Class check-in line-up with a slight knowing smile.


The aircraft departed on time. After the jet reached cruising altitude, and after a crisp cool glass of champagne, Chantal carefully reached into her purse and opened the first envelope. Inside was an American Express card, in her name, a dozen $50 bills, and a note from Richard. It instructed her to "Take a taxi from the Victoria International Airport to the Fairmont Empress Hotel". She recalled from surfing the internet for Victoria attractions that the Empress Hotel was one of the most exquisite hotels in the city, located on the inner harbour. Steeped in tradition, the Empress had a magnificent view of the harbour marina. The note went on "Once you arrive at the hotel, check in at the front desk, go up to your room, and then open the second envelope." Slipping the cash, credit card and note into her purse, Chantal stretched out in the comfortable business class seat, finished her second glass of champagne, and with a contented smile drifted off to sleep. It had been a short night.

The Air Canada flight arrived five minutes early, at 10 minutes before noon. Walking out of the secure area, Chantal turned right and headed for the luggage conveyor belts. Her suitcase was one o the first ones out, and she grabbed it and wheeled it out the door. Bright sunshine and a warm breeze caressed her face, and she made her way to the taxi ranks just outside the door. A cabbie walked up and took her bag, opened the back door to his cab, and she settled in. "I'd like to go to the Empress Hotel," she told the cabbie, and as he put the car in gear she gazed around at the landscape. "Lovely countryside" she mused, as she could clearly see the mountains across the Strait of Georgia as the taxi pulled out of the airport.

The ride into downtown Victoria took about 25 minutes and by the time she reached the hotel Chantal was feeling a bit hungry. The cab ride was $60, so she handed the cabbie two crisp $50 bills and asked for $30 in change. Retrieving her bag from the trunk of the taxi, she strolled into the lobby of the hotel to check in. After identifying herself, the front desk clerk smiled and said, "Mademoiselle, we have been awaiting your arrival. We are sure you will find everything in order." Handing her a door key card, the clerk motioned for a bellhop to come and take the bag, and escorted Chantal to the room. The elevator ride went to the top floor, and the bellhop took the card and opened the door to the room. Entering the room, Chantal could immediately see that her room overlooked the inner harbour and had a magnificent view of the BC Legislature.

Turning to the bellhop, she said, "Thank you, that will be all" and handed him a $10 bill.

Chantal paused to take in her surroundings. Yes, this Edwardian hotel was magnificent, almost decadent. A king sized four poster bed was positioned opposite the window; there was a huge walk-in closet and a huge bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub. On a table by the window was a fresh fruit tray, and, on a bedside table - a vase with a dozen long-stemmed roses. Inside the bathroom stood a silver-plated wine cooler, and sitting on ice was a bottle of Dom Perignon. Beside the sink were several champagne flutes. Remembering her instructions, Chantal opened her purse and withdrew envelope number 2. Picking at the sliced cantaloupe and honey-dew melon that was on the fruit tray, she sat down in the big easy chair and opened the envelope. It read:

"Chantal, I hope you enjoyed your flight to Victoria. I will see you later tonight, but the first thing I want you to do is to relax and unwind. Draw yourself a hot bath, open the champagne, and enjoy it as you soak. At 2 o'clock, open the third envelope."

Stealing a quick look at her watch, Chantal noted that it was almost 1 p.m. "Good," she thought, "I have time for a nice soak." She turned on the taps to the Jacuzzi, adjusted the temperature, and as the tub was filling, she cracked the champagne, the cork blasting out of the bottle and ricocheting off the ceiling and into the tub. Laughing, she scooped the cork out of the tub, poured herself a glass of the bubbling amber liquid, and slipped into the tub. Hot water enveloped her, caressed her curves, and reaching down for the dial for the Jacuzzi she adjusted the jets to provide tingling streams of bubbles against her skin. "I wonder what the next envelope will contain?" she mused, sipping at the champagne. "I'd better not have another, or else I shall become too tipsy!" she thought aloud.

At 10 minutes to 2:00 Chantal emerged from the tub, refreshed, relaxed, and eager to find out what was in store next. Quickly towelling off her athletic body, she slipped into one of the big fluffy bathrobes provided with the room. Wrapping her damp hair in a towel, she went into the room and sat on the bed, digging the third envelope out of her purse. Unfolding a single sheet of paper, she read:

"Chantal, at 2:30 you must go into the main lobby of the hotel. You will be met there by a taxi driver. She will take you to your next destination. Dress casual. Don't forget your envelopes!"


At precisely 2:30 Chantal emerged into the lobby of the hotel, dressed in jeans, sneakers, sweater and a light windbreaker. As advertised, a taxi driver, this time a lady, awaited her. "Hello" she said, "I am to take you downtown." Again, Chantal settled into the back of the cab and mused about the destination. Within a few minutes, the cab pulled up in front of a large Victorian building.

The sign above the door advertised Victoria Rose Spa. Chantal thanked the driver, and walked into the building, where she was warmly greeted by a young lady who led her into a change room. Doffing her clothing in exchange for a bath robe, Chantal emerged into a luxuriously-appointed room with a massage table in the middle. Awaiting her was a pleasant-looking but muscular young woman, who had her lie face down on the table. For the next 60 minutes Chantal's body was firmly massaged, working all the muscles in long, flowing strokes, using a delightful almond oil for the Swedish massage. Her eyes closed, thoroughly enjoying the ministrations, her mind wandered to thoughts of what it would be like to have Richard's hands on her, caressing her, stroking her inner thighs, warm oil on his fingers as they slid ever closer to her mound, her button... She could feel herself getting damp again, and, slightly embarrassed, she hoped the masseuse didn't notice...

The massage over, Chantal got up, fully energized. She dressed and headed to the entrance of the building, unsure of what to do next. The young lady who first greeted her was there, and she said "I hope you enjoyed your massage. You are now to open envelope 4, in the taxi, which is waiting for you outside." Chantal skipped down the stairs, got into the back of the cab, and reached into her purse. Envelope number 4 directed her to "tell the driver to take you to 1644 Hillside Avenue. Once you arrive, go into the establishment and ask for Catherine."

The taxi pulled up in front of a Hillside Avenue address about 15 minutes later, not too far from the downtown core. Chantal looked up at the address and outside she saw the sign "La Senza". Hmmm, she thought, didn't I just read an article in a newspaper on the aircraft that talked about Victoria's Secret buying out La Senza for over $700 million?? Handing the cabbie $30, Chantal walked into the store, inwardly smiling to herself. Richard put a lot of thought into this, she thought...

Stepping through the doorway Chantal was greeted by a lithe young woman in her mid-30's who had watched the cab pull up in front of the boutique. Immaculately dressed, she stepped forward and introduced herself. "Hello" she said, "My name is Catherine. Are you Chantal? Good, you are right on time! I have been instructed to help you pick out something special for the evening." Leading her into the rear of the store, Catherine continued "I have selected a few items for your consideration, based on Richard's description of both your figure, and his tastes. I was told you were 5'8", 128 pounds, leggy, chesty, and beautiful. I see monsieur's description was right on the money!" At the rear of the store there was a large fitting room, and hanging from hangars were three very sexy outfits. One was pink, one white, and one black. All looked somewhat similar in appearance, with a very low cut bra and a delicate pair of thong panties and a garter belt.

"Monsieur said you would look stunning in any one of these, especially with the assets you have," Catharine said. "Which colour do you think he will prefer?" Chantal walked over to the clothing on the hangars and felt the material... it was lovely, smooth, and she could imagine how it would feel on her body... "I do want to look good for him," she thought, examining the colours. "Not sure about pink, so it is either black or white. Hmmm... does white look a little too innocent?" Her mind made up, she selected the black set. I think I will go with this one," she said. Catharine smiled in approval, almost as if she could see Chantal in it. "Don't forget you will need some stockings to go with these," Catherine said, picking a couple of pair of black silk stockings from the shelf and placing them in a bag with the rest of the items.

"I have also been told that you have a thing for shoes," Catherine said. "Come with me." Chantal was led into another room in the back, where a small but exclusive display of shoes was on offer. There were about two dozen styles, the latest fashion from Victoria's Secret. There were several that Chantal found appealing, but she finally settled on a pair of delicate ankle strap sandals... steel blue in colour. "Good choice, Mademoiselle," Catherine said. "Those lovely legs of yours will really be shown off to good effect in those shoes!" The shoes were boxed up and placed in another bag. "I believe your time with me has come to an end," Catherine continued, "I have arranged for a taxi to take you back to your hotel. You are to open your last envelope when you get back in your room." Glancing at her watch, Chantal noted that it was almost 6:00 p.m. Exiting the store, she skipped out to the waiting taxi and told the driver to take her to the Empress Hotel. Within a few short minutes she was back at the hotel, entered the lobby and pressed the button to the elevator to take her up to her floor. Sliding the key card into the lock, Chantal opened the door to her room and stepped inside. She immediately noticed something in a plastic bag lying on the bed. On closer inspection, she saw that it was a dress. Picking it up, she examined it, and inside the plastic she saw a black cocktail dress, low cut. Holding it up against herself, she noted the skirt would reach to just above her knees. "Classy," Chantal thought, setting the dress back down on the bed and reaching into her purse for the last remaining envelope. Opening it, she read:

"Chantal, I have reservations in the Bengal Lounge for supper for 7 o'clock. I will meet you in the lounge at that time. Please wear the dress I bought for you."

It was signed, M. Bear.

Glancing at her watch Chantal saw that she had less than half an hour to get ready. Mentally she allocated herself 5 minutes for a quick shower, 10 minutes for application of some eye liner and minimal make-up, knowing that her classic beauty needed no enhancement, and besides, that was Richard's preference. The rest she would spend getting dressed. She smiled for a moment, fondly recalling how she first came to nickname him "Her Bear," now a term of endearment. She smiled recalling the growling noises he made on the phone when they first had orgasms together that way. She quickly jumped into the shower, and a few minutes later emerged, towelled off, and stood in front of the mirror, naked. "Not bad at all," she thought, "the running is keeping me in terrific shape!" Quickly applying a little make-up and giving her hair a quick brush, she headed into the bedroom to get dressed.

First, she slipped on the garter belt... and next the bra. It all fit perfectly. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she opened the package of black silk stockings... taking them out,, she let them slide over her legs... they felt very sleek, sexy... picking them up, she put them on her long legs, slowly unrolling them onto each leg in turn, and hooking them to the garter belt. Standing up, she slipped the thong panties on, and walked into the bathroom once more to have a look. "Outstanding," she thought. "My Bear will enjoy peeling these off me!" Striding back into the room, she took the dress out of the clear plastic wrap and slid it on over her head, reached around to pull up the zipper in the back, adjusted it on her body, and looked at her watch. "Right on time," she observed, then took one last look at herself, smiled, and headed for the elevator.


Chantal strolled into the Bengal Room. The lounge was half filled, and most of the men turned their heads as she entered. A tall, classic beauty, she paused at the door to look for her Bear. There he was, sitting at a table in the corner. As she headed towards him, he stood up, and smiled. As she neared, he opened his arms and gave her a big hug when she reached the table. "Finally!" he said. "It has been a long time coming. Please sit down, my dear." He stood behind her and pulled a chair out for her. Settling her in the chair, she was acutely aware of the light pressure of his hand on her bare shoulders, and the touch of his hand was electric. She shivered inwardly.

Richard returned to his chair, directly opposite. He was dressed in a tweed sports coat and black slacks, traditional white shirt and a maroon tie. He smiled at her, and reached out for her hands. She placed them in his, his "bear paws" dwarfing her hands. He held them tightly, and said, "After all this time, finally, we are together." I have longed for this time for many months, almost from the first time we met in the chat room." He looked into her eyes, and once again marvelled at what he called her "effortless beauty". Chantal recalled their first chance meeting, and how they had talked long past the time they both intended, both perhaps a little under the influence of alcohol. Little did they know that it would take this turn of events, that a simple request for a little corner of his heart later that week would end up with him giving it to her totally, unashamedly, and wilfully.

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