tagLoving WivesRenee, Todd, Nude Day, & Lady Gaga

Renee, Todd, Nude Day, & Lady Gaga


This is a Nude Day contest story. Please vote.

Husband wants his wife to entertain his friends naked on Nude Day.


Appropriately tied to the significance of her first name, meaning reborn, the rebirth of Renee coincidentally started on July 14th, Nude Day. With this the National Nude Day holiday, her controlling husband, Todd, already had her day planned for her. As in so many of his other impromptu, sexual parties, that he only held on Nude Day, he wanted her to be the entertainment for his combination Lady Gaga's 25th birthday party and Nude Day celebration. She had no problem celebrating Lady Gaga's birthday with him, but it was the Nude Day part of the party that troubled her. She could only imagine with dread what he had planned. In the way that some gay men love Cher, Bette Midler, and Madonna, even though he assured her that he wasn't gay, Todd loved Lady Gaga.


On more than one occasion, she caught him masturbating, while watching Lady Gaga videos. The first time she saw him masturbating over Lady Gaga, she knelt down beside his chair.

"Let me do that for you, Honey," she said stroking his cock, before leaning down to take him in her mouth.

Only, even though she was more beautiful and had a better body than Lady Gaga, she was not who he wanted then. His lust was not for her, but for Lady Gaga.

"Stop," he said pushing her. "Go away. I'm watching my Lady Gaga video. Can't I have any privacy? Must you ruin everything for me?"

Hurt that he so rejected her, she was sickened by his sexual attraction to the performer, rather than to her, his wife. Albeit very talented and entertaining, nonetheless, if she thought Lady Gaga was anything, she thought that Lady Gaga was homely. Rene was so much better looking than Lady Gaga.

Moreover, always willing and ready to have sex with him, she was disturbed by his need to masturbate over a mere video of Lady Gaga, when he had her there to have sex with any time he wanted to have sex. After he pushed her away, whenever she caught him masturbating, which was more frequently now that it was July, than any other time during the year, she pretended she didn't notice him playing with himself and quickly left the room for another part of the house. Reading all the signs, knowing him better than he knew himself, historically, masturbation was the key and the prelude to the insanity that consumed him during July and specifically during the day of the National Nude Day holiday.

Whenever he played his stereo, he blared Lady Gaga songs so loudly that she fled the house to find shelter at the mall for the temporary peace that comes with shopping and the deserved self-satisfaction that comes with spending his money. Acutely jealous of the performer, she's grown to hate Lady Gaga. Spending his money was her way to get back at him for all the horrible things he's done and insensitive things he's said to her over the years. Spending his money was the only pleasure she had being married to him during those times when his mind was so troubled that he wasn't the same man that he was during the rest of the year. Unstable and a bit deranged, especially around the advent of Nude Day, she wanted to leave him during that time, but feared what he'd do to her or to himself.

Already losing her identity to his lunacy and her self-respect in his sexual fantasies with him thinking she's someone else, she's sick to death of hearing him talk about Lady Gaga and tired of him comparing her to the entertainer. His conversations are always heavily weighted with personal references of the performer's private life. Consumed by the celebrity of Lady Gaga, lost in his sexual fantasies of her, she wondered if he even had a grasp of reality. Afraid to tell him that July 14th wasn't even Lady Gaga's birthday, the performer's birthday was on March 28th and her 25th birthday had already passed. Thankfully, he missed it.

"Renee, my little, French, cream filled, pastry puff, we're going to have some real fun on Lady Gaga's birthday, Nude Day," he said with a devious smile.

He was so condescending, when he wanted something from her, especially something so sexually perverted. Surmising what it was he was imagining, her skin crawled whenever he called her his little, French, cream filled, pastry puff. He only called her that when he was imagining his insanely wickedly perverse thoughts. No doubt, his idea of her being a little, French, cream filled pastry puff, was his image of her on her knees with a dozen depraved men, his closest friends, standing around her masturbating, before cumming in her mouth and all over her naked body.

She cringed at the thought of those two occasions, the combined celebration of Lady Gaga's 25th birthday and Nude Da, somehow twisted together in his sick mind to the detriment of her. Knowing him so well, already knowing what he was planning, she couldn't help but imagine her dressed up as Lady Gaga, while having sex with the audience of men he'd invite. Refusing his long-time dream and his sickest perversion, his biggest sexual fantasy was to watch her pull a long train.

As if it was her idea, as if his sexual fantasy was her sexual fantasy, he'd talked endlessly in bed about arranging a gangbang for her. While in the heat of his lunacy, without giving a care to her sexual desires or emotional needs, his sexual fantasy was to watch her make love to countless men, while he masturbated. Always during the hot heat of July, spinning out of control with sexual desire, as if he was a rogue moon that orbited around her, the blazing sun heated his perversion. Helpless to move away from the gravitational pull that he had over her, she succumbed to his sexual whimsies, as if he was a black hole that sucked her deeper inside, until who she was disappeared to become part of him. Unable to deny him his perverse pleasure, with every sexual thing she did to satisfy his lust and sate his hunger, she felt more lost in his space, time, and lunacy. Every year he gets like this and the closer it gets to Nude Day, the more perverse is his behavior, until Nude Day when he goes mad.

"Okay, Todd," she said biting her lip with dread. "A combination Lady Gaga 25th birthday party and Nude Day celebration sounds like fun," she said with tense trepidation. "What do you have in mind?"

She held her hands so tightly closed that her fingernails dug into her skin. She could only imagine what he had in store for her this year. Used and abused at his whimsy, just once, she wished she could make it through a year without being expected to sexually service his friends.

Sometimes, in the way he mistreated her, she couldn't help but wonder if he even liked women. Sometimes, in the way that he disrespected her, she couldn't help but wonder if he was a frustrated, closeted homosexual. Not that there was anything wrong with being homosexual but it was his bizarre behavior and her participation in his perversions that frightened her.

She couldn't help question his sexual orientation, when trying to understand his sexual perversions that always included her and put her at risk for the sake of his selfish, sexual pleasure and erotic titillation. At the total opposite of this sexual spectrum, his sexual pleasure was her sexual displeasure and his erotic desires were her repulsions. In that regard, his sexual peccadilloes were somewhat akin to those of Nero, Caligula, or Hitler.

In the way that he sometimes humiliated her, acting as if he owned her and she was one of his possessions to do whatever he wanted to do to her at will, she couldn't help but feel that she must pay some twisted price because she was female and his woman living in his house. She wasn't a psychiatrist, but she knew enough that he needed one. Perhaps, in the way that he struggled with his sexual identity by trying to hide his sexual orientation, that internal battle he fought may explain and be the reason for his perverseness and meanness towards her.

Truly, especially when he said that he loved her, just as she didn't understand any of his bizarrely twisted behavior, if he did, indeed, love her, she couldn't understand how he could so mistreat her. During the rest of the year, especially with the advent of fall cooling his lunacy and the chill of winter hibernating his perversions, with him telling her how much he loved her and how much he couldn't live without her, he was so lovingly attentive to her. The reason why she was still with him, once the summer was over, he was a totally different man.

"I want you to be our entertainment for the party," he said leering at her, as if she was a porn star.

"Todd, maybe you should hire someone, a professional," she said wanting to say a professional prostitute, but didn't.

Ready to do whatever, whenever, having already given in to so many of his sexual whims, she was defeated. With no fight left in her, not that there ever was, unable to resist his demands and now just going along for the ride, she didn't know what else to do. She loved him. She truly did. Only, during his time of lunacy, hoping to make it alive through the month of July, he was too crazed and crazy to show her his love for her.

"I thought I could dress you up as Lady Gaga."

"Okay," she said dreading what else he had in mind. "I can do that. I just need a blonde wig, a futuristic costume, and a ton of makeup."

"Then, once dressed, I thought you could strip for us."

Bingo! There's the sexual part, only she knew they'd be more. He'd never be satisfied with her dressing up and pretending to be Lady Gaga behind the closed door of their bedroom. He'd never be satisfied with her dressing up as Lady Gaga and singing and dancing to entertain his friends. He had to bring all his perversions out in the open and humiliate her in public by having her strip naked, while making her the star and the main attraction of his sexual fantasies.

Even if it only stopped at her stripping naked for him and his friends, she'd be okay with that. It wasn't the stripping part that worried her. It was what was to happen, once she was naked that frightened her. Always he forced her to have sex with his friends.

"Todd," she said biting her lip and hoping to reach wherever sanity had suddenly disappeared in his twisted mind. "I'm not a stripper."

After exposing her to his unbridled debauchery and endless depravity by forcing her to perform a long history of inappropriate sexual activities with other men and women, he must have thought up a new one for Nude Day, no doubt. Now in celebration of Lady Gaga's 25h birthday, as if she was a hired performer and a paid prostitute, there for his lurid whimsy and sexual pleasure, he wanted Renee to dress up as Lady Gaga and sing and dance, before stripping naked and having sex with his friends. On the surface, dress up was harmless, innocent fun, but with his track record of sexual proclivity and with him in charge of their erotic entertainment for the evening, she now knew better that their time together would be a wild sexual fantasy for him and a tortuous ordeal for her.

In celebration of Nude Day, while dancing around a pole he had installed in the completed basement, his man cave, with all of his friends in attendance, she couldn't believe that he wanted her to slowly strip off her clothes, until she was naked. Even being naked in front of his friends would be okay with her, especially after they've all seen her naked so many times already. Modestly shy before, public nudity was now the least of her worries. Only, what was to happen once she was naked was what she dreaded and feared.

Even though she could sing and dance a little, pretending to be Lady Gaga, as if doing a karaoke imitation of her, was a grand plan, that is, if she was a professional singer and dancer, but she wasn't. Even stripping naked, while dancing around a pole, was a great way to entertain a bunch of horny, drunken men, while celebrating Nude Day, that is, if she was a stripper, but she wasn't a stripper either. She was his wife and he was the love of her life. His lunacy saved no respect for her.

Some love? Some life? If she knew things would turn out like this, she never would have married him. Only, in hindsight, now that she thought about it, she should have known. Like this from their first date, still not believing what she's been forced to endure being married to him, how could she not have known he'd only get worse?

Certainly, she's done worse with him to accommodate his sexual peccadilloes and she'd even consider being the entertainment for his combination Lady Gaga and Nude Day party. She'd accommodate whatever was his sexual fantasy, so long as it was only him that she was serving and servicing and not the entire accompaniment of his friends. Unfortunately, she correctly suspected the outcome of her stripping naked would be her pulling a long train and being gangbanged all those in attendance. His disrespect of her was boundless. No longer able to feel hurt, she was just shocked by his uncaring insensitivity for her feelings.

Nude Day with him wanting her to get naked to entertain his friends again was her last straw. What's next? She needed to put her foot down now and put a stop to him using her body, taking advantage of her love for him, and abusing her good natured willingness to please him. Because of him, she chose not to celebrate neither Lady Gaga's birthday nor Nude Day, not that she ever wanted to celebrate either of those occasions, if it wasn't for his insistence.

Instead, today, July 14th, was also her holiday, Bastille Day. Being that she's French, Bastille Day was a holiday that personally meant more to her than to him and certainly more to her than did Nude Day. She decided to celebrate Bastille Day, the end of the French Monarchy, the end of Todd as her ruler, and the first day of her freedom. As an act deviance and of her own little, personal French revolution for personal freedom, she sat in his soft, red leather recliner and sipped his oh so expensive French Champagne, while watching his big screen, 3-D, HD TV.

"Ah, this is the life! Vive la France," she said raising her glass in toast to the freedom of her countrymen, countrywomen, and herself. "Today, I am finally free of Todd."

* * * * *

It all started ten years ago, Nude Day, when they were both 18-years-old and Todd asked Renee out on their first date. She had a mad crush on him and, having never been in a limousine, she was so excited when he unexpectedly pulled up in one. She knew he had money, but she didn't know he was rich.

Love at first sight for her, she just knew that he was the one. She was in Heaven and found the perfect dress, a short, low cut frilly one that showed off her shapely figure. Even though she was a virgin, she was willing to give herself to him. Thinking about going all the way, thinking about giving him the pleasure of her pure body, she soon discovered that he wasn't all that she thought he was.

A lost soul, he was already twisted with sexual perversions and sexual fantasies that he wanted to experience at the expense of her. Before she even had sex with him, before he even kissed her and explored her body with his hands and his mouth, he pressured her to have sex with others, while he watched and masturbated. At a time when most young men were possessively jealous, it was bizarre enough for someone to be into group sex and even more bizarre for someone to want to watch their woman having sex with another, especially at such a young age.

"I'm just going to invite my driver in the backseat with us and watch you with him."

"What?" She looked from Todd to his driver and back to Todd again. "What do you mean, watch me with him? I don't understand, Todd."

"She's all yours Roy," he said rapping on the glass partition of the limousine.

"Todd! Wait. No! Eww! This is so gross. He's old enough to be my father. I don't want to be with him," she said looking from him, to his driver, and back to him again. "I want to be with you."

"Don't worry, you will," he said unzipping his fly and taking out his cock as Roy opened the back door and sat next to her on the seat.

Their first date and she couldn't believe that Todd just pulled out his cock in front of her. She stared at his engorged prick but, even before she could want to touch him, stroke him, suck him, and fuck him, Roy was already in the backseat and seated beside her. He was all over her and touching her and feeling her in all the places that she wanted Todd to touch and feel her. Wrapping a big hand around her neck, Roy leaned into her and kissed her hard, while feeling her breast through her dress. With her eyes wide open and trying to break off Roy's kiss, she watched Todd stroking his cock, while he watched Roy sexually molesting her. Surprising herself at the what she'd do to be with Todd, she couldn't believe she was allowing his driver to manhandle her, just for the sake of the promised relationship with Todd.

Afraid to deny his driver for fear of losing Todd, wanting to please both men for the sake of Todd's perversion, she relented and allowed Roy to have sex with her numb body. Todd's driver and bodyguard, a man who was more than twice her age, sickened her. With Todd positioned on the jump seat across from them, he watched his driver kissing her, touching her, groping her, and having his way with her. As Roy's excitement increased, she watched Todd stroking his cock faster. A bizarre first date, to say the least, with Todd's cock the first cock she ever saw up close, Roy's cock would soon be the first one she'd ever experience.

Feeling her bra with one hand and her panty with the other, Roy stuck one hairy hand down the bodice of her dress and another hand beneath her dress. Pulling forward and down on the front of her dress, while pushing up her bra, he exposed her breasts for Todd's approval and Todd stroked himself faster to the sight of Renee's big tits and erect nipples. Feeling as if she was going to be ill, thinking that this was all a surreal joke, for the sake of having a relationship with Todd, she allowed his driver to sexually assault her. Even when Roy was kissing her, even when Roy was sticking his tongue in her mouth and touching her in all the places where no man has ever touched her before, where Todd's employee should have never been allowed to touch her, and where she dreamt of Todd touching her, she never removed her stare from Todd and Todd never removed his stare from her.

Roy fondled her breasts and fingered her nipples, while kissing and kissing her. Forcing his fat tongue in her mouth, he forced her hand on his cock and, not taking no for an answer, every time she pulled away, he became more violently determined in his desire for her. Then, after he pulled his cock from his pants and wrapped her finger around his erection, he reached beneath her dress and violated her by rubbing his thick, hairy fingers through her panties and along the line of her pussy lips. She couldn't believe that he was exciting her to the point that she'd do anything for Todd, even if it meant her being with Roy.

So, naively innocent, fearing she'd displease Todd by rejecting his driver, she was unable to take a stand and tell both Roy and Todd to stop. Then, when Roy continued fingering her pussy through her panty, while fondling her tits and sucking her nipples, she stroked Roy's cock in her hand. When she saw how excited Todd became with all that Roy did and was doing to her body, as if Todd was sexually living vicariously through Roy, she quickly learned how to excite Todd by using Roy as his sexual surrogate. Immediately catching on to his bizarrely perverse sexual game, she played her part well.

It was then she wondered how many other women Roy and Todd sexually assaulted. As smart as she was sexy, figuring this was all just a test to see how far she'd allow them to go, she figured all the other women weren't willing victims and didn't go along with what Todd had in mind for her to do to satisfy his sexual proclivity. It was then that she knew the only way to get Todd was to play along with whatever he wanted her to do, so she did.

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