Renee, Todd, Nude Day, & Lady Gaga


For sure, once Roy's passion was sated, she figured the sexual assault would soon stop, probably as soon as Todd ejaculated, but slowly stroking himself, taking his time to build his sexual desire, he didn't cum, yet. Then, pushing her panties aside, Roy started finger fucking her wet pussy to excite her enough to try and stick his hard cock up her ass. When she denied him anal access, he pushed her back down on the seat, mounted her, and stuck his fat cock in her moist, virginal pussy.

With her refusing to fight him off, with her refusing to scream, and with her accepting her fate, she allowed Roy to make love to her, fuck her, and rape her. Not taking care of the time to make love to her and not being gentle with her, Roy fucked her really hard. He raped her with the force of a soldier taking his spoils on a battlefield. Playing the role that she was chosen to play, she wrapped her arms around Roy's neck and buried her tongue in his mouth, while returning his hard, desperate humps.

"Please don't cum in me," she begged, whispering her plea in his ear to make sure he heard and understood her. "Please don't make me pregnant," she said when realizing that he had entered her without any protection.

Fortunately for her, the driver respected her wishes and didn't cum in her pussy. As his reward for accommodating her wishes, he moved his body higher up on hers and planted his fat body on her chest, while trying to stick his cock in her mouth. When she refused him by not opening her mouth, he pinched her nipple, before pinching closed her nostrils. When she opened her mouth to scream in pain and opened her mouth to breathe, he filled her mouth with his hairy cock leaving her no alternative but to suck him.

Hoping it would be with Todd she'd suck and fuck, she was sad that the first time she had sexual intercourse and the first blowjob she ever gave was to Roy. With a big hand planted to the back of her head, he fucked her face and forced her to suck him. Todd and his driver released their lust for Renee when they both ejaculated, Todd in a tissue and Roy in her mouth. Feeling a little like Alice in Wonderland, removing herself from the back of the limousine to go somewhere else, to a place where her mind could accept what just happened, if this was the key to Todd's perverted heart, she was willing to go through this door to get to him. Nude Day, a memory she wished she never had, after her first date with Todd, she'll always carry the shame of seeing the man she loved watch his driver fuck her, during their first date.

Maybe, she thought, she could change him, but she couldn't. No one could. Unfortunately for Renee, once he knew he could have his way with her, Todd got even worse and more perversely bizarre in his sexual behavior.

* * * * *

Ten years later and still together, a few years after Lady Gaga came upon the scene, Todd had become preoccupied with the singer and the fact that he imagined her birthday fell on Nude Day gave him new ideas on how to sexually abuse Renee. When entertaining his male friends on Nude day, he forced her to serve drinks to his friends naked.

"Take that off, Renee. Server them naked."

"Todd no. Every Nude Day, you want me to strip naked for your friends and every Nude Day, they touch me and grope me."

"Let them touch you and feel you, Renee. You can tell me all about what they did later tonight in bed."

With his friends touching her, feeling her, and groping her, she had grown accustomed to being naked around his friends and she accepted her role as their eye candy. Only, she wished it ended there. When, she was in the kitchen making drinks, he'd send in one or two of his drunken friends to help her and he'd watch while they touched her, made her touch them, and forced her to suck their cocks, while he masturbated.

"Suck my cock, Renee."

"No, you're Todd's friend."

"Todd sent me in here to watch you blow me."

Not knowing why she so revolted against having a gangbang, when there wasn't a friend of Todd's that she hasn't been forced to suck and to fuck, it was more the level of disrespect paid to her during a gangbang by serving everyone else's pleasure at her displeasure. Yet, the gangbang was more than just a sexual assault to her; it was something much more personal than that. If she allowed Todd to have her gangbanged, she felt that was the last straw and she'd lose her will to him. Even though she's done things for the love of him that she thought she'd never do, a forced gangbang was crossing the line. She had to make a stand somewhere and it was here and now, today, on this particular Nude Day.

For sure she would have left him over all that he's done to her but, except for every month of July and now this one crazy day, Nude Day and his imagined Lady Gaga's birthday, he was the loving, loyal, and faithful husband. The lunacy that plagued him, as if he were a werewolf that only howled at one yearly full moon, was the one day that made him lose his mind during the course of the year. She could deal with him acting crazy and allowing others to sexually assault and abuse her for that one day, but every year the stakes grew higher. She feared the day that his lunacy ran out of control and she'd be forced to pay the ultimate price, death.

Having already fucked and blown Roy, his chauffeur during their first date, after they were married, the first thing she did was to fire Roy. Now realizing that it was the month of July and Nude Day that made him insane with sexual perversions, she planned her wedding in the fall, otherwise, no doubt, he'd force her to do his friends on their Honeymoon.

Even with Roy and that first date a distant memory, she wasn't surprised when, every Nude Day, Todd forced her to fuck and suck his friends, too. Always he watched, while masturbating. Even though she hated having to endure the ordeal, she knew the rest of the year would be okay and he'd be the normal and loving husband she always wanted and hoped him to be. She loved him, she truly did and she understood his sickness and, whatever she had to do, she was willing to help him to get through his one day of lunacy.

The only thing she regretted about their relationship was that he refused to have children. So adamant in his decision about not fathering a child, he had a vasectomy years ago. His doctor refused to do the operation, should he change his mind later, but he found a doctor who would. Understandably he feared having a demon child, a son or a daughter who'd turn out to be just like him.

Just as he did then, expecting her to fulfill his every sexual desire, even if it included having sex with others, he still expected her to satisfy his sexual whimsy now. Why she didn't leave him years ago, she never knew? She told herself that she loved him and she did. Only, after all he's forced her to endure, she loves him less now than she did before. In truth, she knew why she didn't leave him, of course, but didn't want to admit it to herself. She was poor and Todd's family had money, a lot of money. They were extraordinarily wealthy and he was very rich.

As if living life as royal, she never saw such wealth and all the splendor that money could buy. Not having to work, not needing to earn a living, she was free to do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted to do it. Anything she wanted, she'd just charge. Anytime she wanted something, she'd call. Anytime, she wanted to go anywhere, she was free to travel. Yet, after a while, that privileged lifestyle was empty without the love, respect, and attentiveness of the man she so loved and grew to so hate. It was just the one day that she had to endure every year, but she feared the arrival of that day with consumed dread, as if it was her last day on Earth.

* * * * *

Todd was the social outcast of the family. Bad boy and black sheep were weak euphemisms to describe his inappropriate behavior on that one fateful day, Nude Day, his imagined Lady Gaga's birthday. A more descriptive term would be that he was the Devil reincarnated. His father placed his inheritance in a trust fund that gave him a very comfortable, more than most make in a lifetime, yearly allowance to last him the rest of his miserable life, so long as he had nothing to do with the rest of the family.

Renee didn't know any of this, until her wedding, when his side of the family were not in attendance. He lied his excuses why she couldn't meet his family and why they weren't able to attend their wedding. Yet, early on, she suspected otherwise and after they were married for a while, she contacted his family herself and behind his back, to find out what he'd never tell her about his distortedly troubled past.

She discovered that after he tortured and killed the family's beloved pet, his fathers' prize winning show dog, a Manchester terrier named Lord Manchester, that his father sent him to a sanitarium. Even before committing him, she discovered later that they had sent him to the best psychiatrists to get him the help he so desperately needed. Finally, after he was committed, the psychiatrist they chose to help him was experienced in such bizarre behavior and specialized in a condition that he termed the Clockwork Orange Syndrome. As proof of his mental illness, it was by no coincidence that Stanley Kubrick's award winning movie was also Todd's favorite movie.

In the way that some teenage boys read J. D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye and act out, as if they are Holden Caulfield reincarnated, as a sexually developing teenager, Todd watched Clockwork Orange over and again, nearly every day. He believed that he was a modern day Alex DeLarge. Living vicariously through Malcolm McDowell, unbeknownst to his sister and his mother, his sexual fantasy was to rape his sister and force his mother to have sex with him.

Deemed cured of all that violent behavior and sexual nonsense the psychiatrist pooh poohed Todd's mental illness, as just a stage in his sexual development. Committing him the day after Nude Day and releasing him the day before Nude Day, ironically but sadly, tragically, they instituted him for nearly a year. As part of his treatment, they medicated him, while forcing him to watch, within a twelve month span, 25 years of commercial free Oprah Winfrey shows over and again. He was released to live a normal life with his family. Unfortunately, not denoting the significance of how he so changed for the worse on Nude Day, the psychiatrist treated him after his lunacy had passed and before his lunacy resurfaced again. Not able to make the connection that it was Nude Day that caused his lunacy, Todd was released without having been cured.

Once returned home to his family, Todd was determined to get even for having been committed. It was on that very day, Nude Day, that the servants were dismissed and his father was in Geneva on business, that he found himself home alone in the mansion with his sister and his mother. Being that they were women, being that he had a problem with women controlling him, he blamed them for committing him to the institution and he chose them to seek his sexual revenge.

Knowing his sister, Muffy, slept late and with her room in a different wing from his mother's room, he crept down to the kitchen to get what he needed before creeping back upstairs and entering his sister's bedroom. Thinking that he was cured and that she was safe from her own brother, she didn't even bother to lock her bedroom door. Nonetheless, it wouldn't have mattered had she locked her bedroom door or not, as he would have sexually assaulted her in the shower, in the kitchen, in the library, on the tennis court, by the pool, and anywhere he found her that fateful day, Nude Day, so very long ago.

"Todd! Why are you naked? Get out of my room this instant! No! Let me go! Help! Mommy! Help! Mommy!"

Acting with the speed and strength of the madman that he was, he tied his sister to the bed, covered her mouth with duct tape, and stripped off her clothes. With his mother still asleep and on the other side of the mansion, he felt confident that she didn't hear the few screams his sister was able to manage, before duct taping her mouth. Touching his sister everywhere and forcing his sister to touch him everywhere, he sodomized her with a banana, before forcing her to suck his cock. Just as he was finishing his sexual assault of his sister, having just pulled his cock from his sister's mouth, after she sucked him and he ejaculated in her mouth, his mother entered the room.

"Todd! What are you doing to your sister?" Then, when his mother saw Todd's cum dripping from Muffy's lips, she attacked her son. "How dare you! You're just as insane as the day we committed you."

With his sister naked and still tied to her bed, he turned his attention to his mother and attacked her with lustful vengeance. Tearing off her nightgown in one upward pull, he stripped his mother naked. He pushed her down upon the carpet and, just as he did with his sister, he touched his mother everywhere and forced his mother to touch him everywhere. Then, he sodomized his mother with a cucumber, before forcing her to blow him.

Perceiving him as a legal liability, an embarrassment to the family, a danger to all those who came in contact with him, and a harm to himself, there was nothing else his father could do but to cut all ties and legally disown him. Not knowing any of his violent sexual background until after she married him, nonetheless, hoping to change his wicked ways, once she married him, Renee married him, right after they graduated college.

Instead of getting better, he got worse. That is, until today, Nude Day and Bastille Day. The target of his deranged mind and abuse for more than ten years, she was finally free, when she drugged him and locked him in his man cave downstairs on Nude Day.

Just as many of her French countrymen and countrywomen had been sentence to the Bastille and/or beheaded, Todd was downstairs in his man cave chained to the wall.

"Renee, please unchain me. I'll be good," he said yelling as loud as he could.

"Quiet Todd," she said hearing him as just a faint whimper. "I'm watching Oprah," she said speaking into the intercom. "I'll release you tomorrow, after your lunacy disappears."

"Okay, Renee. Thank you, Renee."


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