tagInterracial LoveRenee's Lust

Renee's Lust


For years, I've looked at her in a different light than I should of one of my friend's mom. But, she was different. She was hot, she was young, and she had something about her that said...it's fine.

Renee is the 40 year old, blonde haired, petite woman with the big rack that all of our friends loved. Even better she is a teacher at the high school.

She one of the teachers that you would willing to get lunch detention for just to see her legs as she sits on the desk with the short skirt that's just tight enough for you to notice that she does not have a panty line. One of the teachers that you would love to have after school detention for because you would love to see her in that low cut blouse that gives you a clear view of her Ds as she bends over to tell you why you should not be acting out in class.

But unlike those other teachers, she is the one that you would love to stay in the class one-on-one with because deep down in your heart, you thought that you would be the one that she decided to finally quit flirting with and take it to the next level.

But then again, you're not Mario.

Mario was the 19 teen year old All-American kid. He was a honor student. He was an All-State football player. He was the Tony's best friend. But mostly importantly, he was the one friend that Renee wanted, but she could not have.

Mario loved the attention the high schools girls gave him and he loved to give them attention. But, he was too focused on football and school to take advantage of all the young girls that he could have had. Besides the one girl that he thought he wanted was Renee, because she was off limits to everyone he knew and even worse, she was his off limits to him because of it would be a stab in the back.

But that's what made it even more exciting. All the reasons he should not try to get with Renee made him want her anymore.

But all good things eventually turn bad or in this situation...all bad things eventually turn good.


Fourth block had just ended. It sounded the end of another long school day. Mario was having trouble with math and he wanted to make sure his grade was good enough to get into schools like Stanford (or just Stanford because that was his dream school).

He prefers Renee because she is smart, she cares about him because he is like a son, and most importantly because she is the hottest thing in the school.

The only problem is that he has a hour and thirty minutes until practice. So somewhere between putting on his gym shorts and finding out what 2x + 54 = 712z - 63 means he had to squeeze in all his thoughts of bending Renee over her desk and making her feel like he doubt her husband could ever do. All those fantasies and sneaky stares had to be quick.

Because of the rush today and the light practice they had today, Mario decided he was wearing shorts. And because of the heat he also decided that he did not want to wear his football girdle (the shorts that not only hold the pads in the pants but also jams his cock onto the inside of his leg). He did not like either, so it made it easy for him to decide not to wear it.

So there he was, again staring at her breast as she taught him how to make letters into numbers and numbers into letters. In between learning them and watching his tutor's lovely set, he did not notice the blood flowing to his cock until he felt a leg under the desk brush up against it. He noticed but she didn't, which gave her enough time to think of football (think of football, think of football, think of football, think of football).

Just then, Renee's phone rings at her desk. She walks over and sits on the desk to take the call. As she she sat and talked on the phone she noticed something about Mario, not so much that she should have ever noticed. Under the desk she noticed his shorts were rising a bit and his cock was hanging out the bottom of the shorts. And this thing looked like a monster. It was not erect but it was not soft. And it just hang there, looking so gut feeling, like she had always imagined it would.

Half on this Earth, half in a dream of Mario's penis and her mouth she babbled through a conversation with the football coach about Mario being late.

Nothing the coach said made sense, nothing made sense because all she could think of was what hung between Mario's legs. It wasn't even hard and it was at least 7 inches and she wanted it so bad. Way worse than she could have ever imagined.

She did not want to push it too fast but she could not take her eyes off of his member. She wanted it, she thought of it, SHE NEEDED IT.

Study session was over and Mario was late but she had a plan.


Dinner was at 7:30. Renee invited Mario over and he would just ride over with Tony after practice, which ended at 7:00. She told Mario not to worry about showering, he could shower at their house. And somewhere between the time of practice being over and the start of the school day tomorrow, she would finally get what she could not stop thinking about since her tutoring session.


As soon as dinner ended, Mario decided now was better time to shower. If he got tired and went to sleep it was fine, he has stayed there during school nights so it would not be the first time. Plus, it was late and he was tired with a bad need of a shower.

But once the shower started his mind went to Renee and how the tee shirt she wore brushed her nipples during dinner. It made it hard to not stare but with Tony at the table, he could not take full advantage of his point of view. So, subtle peeks here and subtle peeks there.

Those peeks were enough to make this shower more interesting than the previous day's shower, and the day's before that, and the day's before that.

The warm water made it easy to jack off and the imagine of Renee in his mind made the semi-erected 7 inches turn into a raging bull 10 and a half inch cock that would make even the most professional pornstars look in awe. It was not just over ten inches but it was also thick enough to where two hands could be required, and this was one of those moments two hands were required.

Once he finished one of his best jack-off sessions in his memory he decided against shorts and a shirt and chose to go with just a towel. Tired, full, and just emptied his balls of cum he decided to lay down and rest for a second before covering his body and calling the downstairs guest room bed his home for the night.

And Renee knew the one good thing about the guest room was that it was downstairs, away from her and Tony's room, and right beside the kitchen which made snooping on this hot shower session easy.

But, before Tony decided to go upstairs and before Renee could clean the dishes and kitchen she heard the shower stop. It was not the end of the world but it would certainly ruin her rubbing session that she planned when she went to her room. All that would have to wait because no shower equals no peeping tom session which equaled an uber sad Renee.

She decided to check in on Mario anyway to make sure he had everything he needed. Instead of checking in on him, she found him passed on on the bed, wearing a towel and found herself hoping he would wake up and take her on the bed while her son upstairs doing homework or sleep, did not matter either way as long as he was not in her way while she was getting her insides pleasured.

As she watched and thought, the young black athlete with the rock solid body and third leg moved. She felt a little bad because he was close to being naked and though she wanted his cock, she did not want to seem like a creep. And as she moved in to place the covers over him, she saw again what she had been waiting for.

The towel spread as one leg moved from the other one and once again apposed the magical tool that any greek love God would envy over.

She couldn't believe her luck. Just when she thought she was unlucky the cock of her dreams was out and no one was around.

As she moved closer to cover him, it looked bigger and bigger. Like a chocolate covered cucumber with a sweet creame. She knew she wanted it and this time she was not sure that she could control it.

She was at the edge of the bed holding the covers. She knew she should cover him but she could not take her eyes off of his member. Before she knew it her hand was lightly touching his inner leg. Touching ever so lightly that he does not wake but enough that it turned her on knowing that she was within reach of being able to suck whatever juices he had in him out.

Slowly she rubbed his leg. The 7 inches lay there like a limp banana but so much thicker and much more enticing. Her hand moved closer and closer. She was overboard and there was little she could do to control herself. Her panties were moist, her nipples were hard, she was as turned on as ever before.

Her off hand found itself away from the cover inbetween her legs while rubbing her panties. She could feel the excitement of the warm and wetness between her legs. If she rubbed for two more minutes she would explode.

The rubbing with her right hand grew closer and closer to Mario's cock. She was in another word and probably did not realize that her fingers were rubbing from his balls to the tip of his shaft. More excited, less care, and more and more want.

The carelessness caused her to put her head on his leg just inches from his cock. She could smell it, all the while she could feel the sexual energy of her body with her left hand as they slipped inside her panties and found her slit soaking wet. She was bringing herself to a climax just from the sight and smell from the new object of her affection.

She moved her head closer inch by inch as her hand continued to work her into a ball of lust. Her juices made her finger inside her feel like nothing ever. She was lost in lust. And closer her face moved.

She was so close to exploding and without thinking, she kissed the head of cock that had her all worked up. She kissed it ever so lightly.

It was the final kiss and knowing that she was close that sent her over the edge.

She barely caught herself as she before orgasmed.

Scared to ruin her moment she escaped with what little strength she had.

She finished what she started in her room, to the imagine of Mario's cock. She played with herself for 15 minutes before she was so wet that she could not take it. Her fingers in and out of herself and all around until her body spasmed and she convulsed until she passed out.

As she woke in the wee hours of the morning, foggy from the most powerful orgasm in years she noticed the door closing behind the strong black guy walking through the door. A drop of cum on her leg, and her panties still half covering her still wet pussy. She closed her eyes and told herself....today is going to be a good day.

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