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Renegade Angel


I scented him before I ever saw him. Drakkar Noir, as suitable as any could be. He continued on past me, unawares of me watching him. A finely formed head sat on large, broad shoulders, narrow hips, and long legs. He stood over six feet, and walked with a calm authority. He radiated the need to be left alone by the rest of society. He ducked inside a small, exclusive bar, and intrigued, I followed him, slipping past the bouncer as a wisp of shadow.

After he sat and ordered a drink, I walked up and sat at the next stool over. He watched as I ordered a drink, as I knocked it back without even a moments' hesitation.

"Can I buy you another?" Damion asked the darkly attired woman next to him.

"As you wish," she replied tossing her long, dark hair back over her shoulder, "My name is Arandiel."

"And mine is Damion. What brings you to The Devil's Keep? This isn't a usual refuge for one as striking as you," he replied, looking at her more fully.

She is dressed in tight leather pants, with a low-cut, laced shirt and a long trench coat. She is the very essence of sexuality, looking like she could eat even someone like me whole. And yet there is a palpable edge there as well. A bit of danger lurking under the surface, something you wouldn't perceive at first unless you really looked into her.

"Those are beautiful tattoos you have Damion," she says running her finger up my arm. Chills follow in its path, leaving my flesh quivering with excitement. She seems dangerous, yet all the more alluring because of it.

I see the look in his eye. He is as good as gone, lured by the mystery and the need to find out what I offer. He doesn't even recognize the basic instincts that cause his pulse to quicken with something just a little past desire and excitement. Some deep-ingrained instinct recognizes me for what I am, and pulls his mind away, but his body speaks a different tongue entirely, wanting every decadence I can offer. It longs to sate itself on my body, and then slumber next to me until late into the next day.

"They were designed by a close friend of my father's," he says, "someone a bit outside the influence of popular culture."

"Many of life's most affluent people are. Such a shame really, to outcast people based on trendy thinking instead of true crimes or social inability." She sighed, her personal thoughts weighing heavily on her.

"What can I do to make you happier? It must be a crime against nature for such a beautiful creature such as you to be so sad. You could make the angels in heaven weep", I asked her.

"Not much makes me happy, allows me to forget," she said, "Fighting these feelings is not an easy task."

"I bet I can think of something." He said, leaning in closer, his lips gently taking mine.

I smiled as the kiss got deeper, his tongue intruding into my mouth, tentatively, teasing, making me want more. I began to wonder if I could do this. He was so genuinely concerned; all I wanted to do was tell him all. Maybe if I could get it off my chest I could finally connect in a way I never could with others, even when I was alive. The centuries I had passed as the undead hadn't exactly helped me get closer to others, in fact it did the exact opposite. Not that I could blame people, what's so sexy about being with someone who has no pulse and hasn't for over a hundred years. No amount of sex appeal can bring back that mood.

As he cupped the back of my head, I slowly came up for air.

"Maybe we should go somewhere a bit more friendly…." I whispered, looking deep into his eyes. Compelling him to obey, though I doubt it was necessary.

"My apartment is across town," he says, looking down in frustration.

"No matter, mine is but a breath away," I purred in his ear.

He quickly settled his tab, and escorted me out of the club. Before he knew it we were turning to an ominous looking doorway. As I unlocked the door, he hesitated for a moment, and then followed me in, firmly shutting the door behind us.

"I don't usually do things like this," he whispered, pulling me against him, kissing me firmly.

"Me neither, "I said, holding onto the lapels of his jacket, lest I fall down. My legs felt like jelly, and my whole body was trembling at his touch. I felt like a school girl with my first crush. And that was saying a lot, it must have been almost 700 or more years ago since I first felt that way.

He slid off my jacket and placed it on the rack by the door. I moved to light some candles around the apartment, luxuriating in the feel of his eyes following my every move. Slipping into his mind for a moment, I grabbed a bottle of chardonnay from the wine rack, and brought him two glasses, a corkscrew, and the bottle. He immediately proved his manhood and opened it perfectly. I picked up a remote from the coffee table, and music began filtering in from spots around the room.

As he sat back on the leather couch, he shrugged of his own coat.

"This is a beautiful apartment. Do you live alone?" he queried.

"Yes, I have been alone for longer than you can imagine," I responded.

"That's a shame. Someone as beautiful as you shouldn't have to pass so many nights alone, especially in such a dangerous city." He remarked quietly, capturing my hand with his, handing me a glass after kissing my palm.

After taking a sip of the potent wine, I took her glass from her, since she was just playing with the glass, not drinking the contents. I set both glasses on the table, and pulled her to me again. After tracing her lips with my finger tip I followed the path with my tongue, and finally my mouth. She put her arms around my neck, and pulled me against her, deepening the kiss. I followed the line of her jaw from her mouth up to her ear, then along her throat to her collar. I peeled her shirt up, and she lifted her arms to help me remove it. Her breasts were exposed to the cold draft, and her nipples peaked, visibly hardening. She moaned quietly, biting her lower lip and watching me through lowered lids.

I continued my exploration of her body, never quite touching her breasts, just skirting their general area.

He was driving me to near madness. Never did I remember the act of lovemaking being this good. My senses, being more powerful to start with, were nearly maddening as he teased me relentlessly. I merely waited till I could return the favor when he was momentarily satisfied with my arousal. As he took my left nipple in his mouth, I arched my back involuntarily. It felt so good I contemplated screaming. My mind couldn't focus on anything past the act of lovemaking which would follow this expert foreplay.

Finally I had had enough. It was his turn for me to show him what he was doing to me. I grabbed his wrists and flipped him over. No small feat, even when one's mind isn't clouded with desire. He calmly allowed this. I almost ripped his shirt off, and began to caress and lick my way down to his waist. I gently bit his nipples with my teeth, causing him to writhe in ecstasy. I slowly undid his pants, and pulled them down his hips, to the floor. He kicked off his boots, and they dropped free of his body. He returned to being a passive, albeit affected, observer of the events. Starting near his ankles, I slowly licked up the length of his body. I didn't come near his crotch; instead I teasingly drew just my fingertips over the ever-growing bulge. Judging by the hissing intake of his breath he wasn't going to complain. I worked my way ever-closer to his mouth. I slipped my tongue into his mouth, savoring his taste, and then quickly darted to his ear, pulling the lobe into my mouth and nipping it with my normal teeth, careful to not break the skin. As I suckled his neck and ran my fingers through his hair he moaned and pushed against my thigh, held tight against his.

She began rubbing against my leg as a cat does. The smell was like a tropical rainforest, earthy and rank. The wet feel of her on my leg was akin to the most excruciating pain, but brinking on madness. The maddening sensation as she nibbled my ear drove me to flip her over onto her back on the couch. As she sunk down into the plush cushions she gave a little "humph" at being side tracked from her game.

"I know my pet," I murmured into her neck, "but I promise that your obedience shall not go unrewarded."

I don't remember my pants disappearing, but suddenly I was shivering at the contact of his hairy thigh against the smooth juncture of my thigh. He continued to lave my breasts sucking on the nipples; occasionally he used his teeth in a maddeningly arousing way. Before I knew it he has me at a fever pitch. I was moaning and straining against his knee.

She began to move unlike any other woman I had encountered before. Her unrestrained show of arousal was the most stimulating thing I have ever seen. As I moved my hand from her sumptuous breasts to her stomach to her navel she began to become more urgent in her gyrations. I edged lower and began to feather my fingers through her pubic thatch. I slowly traced the outer edge of her paradise trove. She began to thrust her hips at me so hard she almost threw me from the couch. I decided to finish this right. . .

He picked me up in his arms and carried me down the hall, seeming to know exactly where my bedroom was. He deposited me on the bed with the utmost care. He then traced a line down my body with his tongue, stopping to suckle at my breasts and sipping at my belly button. He then lingeringly licked a line around my labia, sucking them into his mouth lightly. He then. . .

. . . Started to lave into her inner cavity. After sufficiently devouring her essence, I proceeded to pull back her outer lips and lightly stroke her clitoris with the flat tip of my tongue. She immediately began bucking so hard it took all my strength to hold her down. Within mere seconds she began to shiver all over . . . then moan and finally bit my shoulder as she dug her fingers into my scalp, holding my face where she wanted it most. As she began to subside in her shaking, she fell back against the bed and I moved back and inserted just the tip of my finger into her moist cavern. I slowly moved my finger in and out . . . drilling into her warmth. She began to grasp my shoulders again, arching her back and pointing her feet. I moved up her body, licking my way back up in the reverse manner of the way I licked my way down. I met her mouth in a passionate kiss full of fervor and promise. As I kissed her with all my soul I continued to finger her lovingly, and it wasn't much time before she began to shake and twitch under me. She wrapped her legs around my knees, and began to dig her fingernails into my shoulders. As she came, she arched her back and moaned long and low, her breath whooshing out of her body once she was done. This time I licked my finger and followed her down onto the pillowy bedding.

As I finally regained my senses I realized he was holding me against his shoulder, stroking my back and murmuring against my forehead. I savored the feeling, realizing this one mere man was offering me the promise of more loving and devotion than I had been offered in my entire lifetime, dead or undead. I sat up a bit, wondering at the large expanse of his chest. He smiled at me as I slowly slid down his body, till I was right above his penis.

Not a minute after her second great orgasm she was already up and ready to go. I was beyond hard at the thought of having a lady such as this in the same bed as me. She took my hardness into her hand and slowly, softly began to massage it. After a few strokes she bent down and took me into her mouth. The sensation was like none I'd ever felt. She never seemed to need to stop for air. After she had tormented me for long enough I pulled her up and partook of her sweet mouth again.

He pulled me up the length of his body, and the contact of my nipples along his body drove me back to the brink of madness. As I finally reached him, I offered my mouth and he kissed me like his last breath depended on it. He quickly turned us around and slowly stroked my inner petals open, and poised himself over me awaiting my readiness. I arched my back a bit, bringing the head of his pleasure tool into contact and waited.

Upon seeing her acceptance I thrust into her with one slow, smooth stroke, her arousal making it easy to slide to the back before stopping. I stilled for a moment, savoring the feel of her warmth surrounding me. It was like being where I belonged, and she curled he legs around my waist and held on as I began to pump in and out. As I watched where our bodies met, I was struck by the extreme opposites; hard into soft. Never has it occurred to me how yielding the feminine form is, nor how hard and demanding is the male. The extreme closeness I felt was not unlike the melding of souls. As I neared completion I looked into her eyes and what I saw captured my heart.

The longer he made love to me the closer to heaven I felt. I had stopped believing in heaven many hundred years prior to this night, but he had made me believe in it again, as long as he was there. As I sensed him becoming more desperate he looked up into my eyes. He then reached down and stroked me, making me heat up and flush an even deeper shade of crimson then I had already, an impressive feat considering I was probably short a pint of two of blood compared to the average flesh and blood human. She he looked into my eyes and whispered into my ear, I came so hard I reflexively bit his neck supping lightly and blacking out.

She awoke shortly after. I was still panting slightly after the amazing experience of making love to her. She moved slightly and fluttered her eyelids open. She smiled as her eyes focused enough to recognize me. I smiled back and ran my hand through her hair, smoothing it down as I did.

"That was unbelievable," she whispered slightly breathy still.

"Yes you were, "I said back, "I just have one question I can't explain."

I tensed waiting for the question that would invariably lead him out of my life forever. "Ok, shoot," I said.

"How do you account for being alone for so long when you are so good in bed," he asked gently, wonder shimmering in his eyes.

"Male stupidity," I answered relieved it was such a simple solution.

"Oh yeah and one more question," he said innocently.

"Yes sweetheart," I responded.

"How come I know you bit my neck hard enough to break the skin but all I have is a bruise?" He queried.

"Ummmmm, I don't know," I responded, "Luck?"

He rubbed the spot and shrugged it off as only the male of the species can. He drew the blanket up over my shoulders and lightly rubbed my back as we both floated off into oblivion. It was then that I knew I had found someone worth spending the rest of eternity with. How cliché that sounded, yet for creatures like me I truly meant it and was willing to prove it. I wonder what he will think about it when I try to explain my lifestyle to him . . . something to ponder tomorrow.

I smiled to myself as I held her as she went to sleep. How to tell her that I knew her dark secret? That I was willing to give anything, including my mortal soul to keep her by my side? Oh well, something to worry about tomorrow. For now I wanted to only hold her and bask in the afterglow of the most wonderful sensual experience of my life.

The End or Is It?

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