Thanks to estragon, copy-editor. I hope you enjoy this quick, yet steamy read. ~ Red

They had both had an exhausting and emotion-filled month. Things were said and each had begun to question their role in the other's life. Over time, though, and through countless tears, they had finally come back to the same page. The conflicts that had threatened to destroy them were resolved, and their love for one another had once again conquered those that had hoped to destroy them.

He called her down to the playroom and she'd come willingly. The high backed chair had been placed a few feet from the bed. The ankle restraints, as well as the neck restraint, were already attached to the polished wood. Their silver padlocks picked up the light that flooded the room. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw Master waiting for her to join him. Obediently she disrobed and crossed the space that separated them.

She reached the chair and sat down. The cool temperature was a contrast to her hot skin. She said nothing as he bent down and tethered each ankle to the front legs of the chair. Her pulse raced when his gentle yet firm and powerful fingers pressed her neck back. The leather strap hugged her throat, blanketing the nylon collar and tag that proclaimed her as his. A small silver padlock was fastened around the front clip of the restraint. It was heart shaped and lay against her flushed skin. Another restraint was added to her waist. It was pulled tight and she was asked to test her bindings.

True to his request, she did just that. The restraint around her neck allowed just enough movement to permit her to turn her head to the left or right. Her hands were still free, so she tried to escape, yanking at the lock on her throat as well as the one on her waist. She twisted her legs, flexing her ankles and feet against the thick ties that bound her, seeing if those bore a hint of weakness. When they were both satisfied, he pressed her wrists together; her palms faced one another. He wrapped the final restraint around her wrists, and locked it with the final padlock. There was a small amount of freedom allowed her, to wiggle her fingers and close and open her palms.

He stepped back and disrobed. Her breath quickened at the sight of him walking toward the small refrigerator/freezer in the corner. There were only a few things that he kept in the small dorm-room appliance. One of those things she knew was ice, a favorite plaything of them both. He opened the door, reached in and pulled out what he wanted. She licked her lips in anticipation as she watched him, her eyes full of wonder.

When he turned around, in his hand was a small paper cup. He peeled away the paper, exposing a thick chunk of ice, which he set on a nearby table. Then he picked up a lighter and walked around the room, lighting the wicks of several strategically placed candles. When he was done, he flipped the switch on the wall, shutting off the lights, and faced her.

Candlelight flickered across their nude bodies as he walked toward her. By the time he reached her side, his cock was fully aroused. She turned her head and came face to face with his jutting shaft and spongy tip. Her pussy tightened and her mouth began to water. He was just a mere inch or so away from her lips. She ached to taste him. The tip of her tongue darted out from between her lips, moistening his pink flesh. A whimper slipped out when he handed her the chunk of ice.

"A new game, pet," he said.

She swallowed the lump in her throat and felt the well-known sign of budding frustration in the depths of her abdomen. Her lower lip trembled. He knew how she loved new games.

"You need to free yourself. Frozen inside the ice are the keys to the padlocks. The one on your throat, the one on your waist, and the one," he smirked and chuckled softly, "the one on your wrists. Your ankle restraints are just buckles, no locks, so you will find those easy I am sure. This one," he touched the heart shaped lock on her throat and this one," he flicked the one at her wrist, "not so much."

"Open your fingers and palms," he said. She did as he'd commanded and the chunk of ice was slipped into the cradle her hands created. "You're to rub the ice over your body, melting the water, freeing the ring of keys. Once you have them free, you can unlock yourself, then my dear one," he cupped her right breast and tweaked the nipple, "you may worship my cock."

A groan of pure carnal lust poured out of her. Her sex throbbed and moisture eased from her sex, settling on the chair. "Thank you, Master," she whispered.

He leaned down and kissed her lips; his tongue sought hers and they danced a slow and teasing dance of seduction. He rubbed her nipple with his thumb and forefingers, teasing the pink pearl until it was aching for another kind of touch. Master knew what she needed and so he settled between her legs, and began to suck, bite and tease the tip of her breast, while she began to melt the ice.

She brought the chunk of ice up to her neck, where she rubbed and caressed her skin, that was growing more flushed and heated as Master sucked and drew her nipple between his teeth. She bit down on her lower lip, chewed on the inside of her mouth and gasped when he shoved one finger into her tight pussy and began to fuck her.

Her muscles tightened beneath her, and for a moment she forgot her role in this game. She quickly resumed moving the cube, ran it over her shoulders, down her breasts, and awkwardly rubbed the top of the left globe. Cold trails of water slipped and slid down her body; shivers danced up and down her spine, making her tremble. Master lapped at the water that she sent spiraling down the curved paths between and around her breasts, her stomach, her mound.

She moaned and writhed under him. His tongue traveled down to her pussy, where he teased her clit. He flicked and pushed at it with the tip of the wet muscle, drove a second finger into her opening and told her how much his cock ached. He told her how he wanted to taste her cum and how much of a slut she was.

Her legs were open, as far as she could manage, straining against the ankle restraints until her calves ached, and her chest rose and fell as he began to fuck her feverishly with his mouth and fingers. She bucked and pulled at the restraints. Her hands moved faster, she ran the cube across her abdomen; more cool liquid slipped down her body. When it hit her sex, he drank it before lapping at the inner walls of her pussy. Her eyes were clenched tight as he brought forth a shuddering climax from her. Amidst drinking her nectar, he ordered her to continue.

"Move it, we haven't all night--for this game."

The ice was much smaller now. Her heated skin had melted the ice quickly. She rubbed it across her lips, sucked on a small corner, drank the life-giving fluid and tasted a small hint of metal. Excitement shot back and forth inside her mind as she realized she was closer to freedom than she'd realized.

Master looked up and smiled. He rose to his feet and once more made his way to her side. His cock was hard, swollen and appeared angry with need. She saw his hand come up and his fingers wrap around the engorged flesh. He stroked himself; she turned and opened her mouth. He chuckled softly. It dawned on her and showed in her face that she knew she could not reach that which she craved.

She held the cube between her palms and pressed it against her pussy. A gasp of shock followed by a sigh of pleasure filled the room as she cooled her hot sex and watched Master tease her with his cock.

He rolled his fingers over the head and gathered his pre-cum, offering it to her hungry tongue. She took it, slowly at first, just a small taste. Once she savored it he offered her another drop. This time she made no move to deny herself. She drew his finger into her mouth and sucked greedily, until she felt she'd cleaned the digit properly. He withdrew his finger, leaned in and ran his cock along her cheek. "Don't do it," he warned her, having seen the desire in her eyes. "Don't you dare make yourself come before that ice melts," he said, before slapping her mouth with his cock, and walking away.

She watched him walk away. He sat down on the edge of the bed and watched her. His hand touched his ball sack, while the fingers from his other hand stroked his rod. Master wantonly displayed himself, knowing that she desired nothing more than to suck and drink the fluids boiling up for her.

The cube was hard to hold now. Its size was greatly diminished, so she was forced to concentrate not only on the cube, but also on the metal she could now feel with her fingers. She rubbed the cube up and down her slit; the water sent chill after chill over her hot flesh. A moan, followed by a low grunt, were signs Master needed to hear, and she had no problem giving them. The act of watching him touch what she wanted to worship, while fingering herself with the ice and rubbing her clit with the tips of manicured fingers brought her to the edge of release.

Her panting and moaning filled the room, and when the keys slipped free of their icy cage, she held them in one fist as tight as she could, shoved the rest of the ice into her channel and hissed in pleasure as it began to dissolve at a speed much faster than before. She rubbed her clit, while watching Master stroke his cock and roll his testicles back and forth between his fingers. His gaze was intense, and he controlled her desire with a look that told her how badly he wanted her at his feet.

When she came she shook violently; her head was thrown back and her mouth open to drag in the gulps of air her lungs craved. Stars danced behind her clenched lids as she shook against her palm; the teeth of the keys dug into her fingers as she held them in a death-like grip. When she came down from her orgasm, it was with a foggy haze. Her master cleared his throat, and she moaned softly. It took her a few seconds to comprehend that she was still locked and unable to reach him.

She gave herself a mental shake and pulled herself back to the task at hand. It took her eyes a moment to adjust to the lighting, after her earth rattling orgasm, but when she was able to focus, she noticed the three keys. They were each similar in some ways, but also different. Their sizes differed, but not their color. She picked one and slipped it up to her fingers, held it tight and bent her arms so she could touch and play with the lock at her waist. When she felt confident in her task, she pushed a key into the hole and turned it.

A chuckle erupted from Master's lips, followed by, "Lucky girl."

The first key she chose had been the right key for that lock. The click of freedom was heaven to her ears. She tucked the keys back into her fist and with the fingers of her other hand, she wiggled the padlock free. It fell to the ground and she glanced at Master.

He no longer stroked his cock. She could tell he was interested in how she was going to free herself. His watchful gaze was both comforting and nerve-wracking. She took a deep breath and picked one of the keys. Her eyes darted toward Master as she tucked the keys she didn't want to use into her mouth and kept the one she wanted to try between her teeth. He eyed her knowingly; she knew that he would aid her if it became necessary.

Pride drove her onward. She brought the lock up to her mouth, pushed and prodded the key against its hole until finally she was able to line up the tip of the key with it. A quick mental prayer was sent to the heavens as she turned her wrists, held tight to the key and waited for the knowing click. When it did not come she grunted a curse; Master chuckled.

Using her tongue, she maneuvered another key between her lips. She glanced at Master again; he nodded his encouragement. She repeated the process, this time gaining her reward. The lock gave and she sighed in contentment and relief. The keys were taken from her mouth and tucked into her fist. She used her tongue, fingers and teeth to slip the lock free; it clattered to the floor. She then used her teeth to pull at the leather that had been wrapped around her wrists. When it began to become looser, she was able to pull her hands apart.

She smiled wide when she'd won the freedom to move with more ease. Master shared her grin, and he chuckled at the joy in her features. It took her several tries to free the lock on her neck, not because the keys did not work, but because her heart was pounding with excitement and she found it hard to concentrate, often forgetting which key she'd already tried. When her throat was free she quickly bent down and released her ankles.

Her gaze shot to Master's crotch. His hard-on was still evident and her lust was still thick and heavy between her loins. She quickly dropped from the chair to the floor and crawled to Master. He opened his legs and held his cock out to her. A whimper followed by a purr rippled past her lips. When she reached his side, she began to do exactly what they both wanted.

The tips of her fingers trailed up and down his rod as she gazed longingly at him. She nuzzled her cheek against his inner thigh as she looked at his smooth balls and swollen rod. Her hands caressed the skin of his shaft; a breath of air blanketed his testicles as she wiggled herself further between his legs. He petted her hair, toyed with the curls and caressed her cheek. Adoringly she looked upon him, and then she began to worship him.

He watched as she laid her head against his thigh, and her fingers slowly trailed along the underside of his balls; when she touched them, he shivered, groaned softly and sighed in contentment. She smiled, looked up at him and pressed a kiss where her fingers had brushed. He said nothing, nor did he move to encourage her. She had won her reward and so he allowed her to bask in it.

She licked at the soft, smooth flesh, pushing the spheres back and forth with a knowing touch. Her lips brushed across the underside and then she began to deliver long sensuous strokes with the flattened muscle until he was softly cursing. A soft giggle slipped past her throat, as she maneuvered herself up to her knees and dragged her tongue up his full length.

One hand lay behind his cock. Her knuckles grazed his abdomen as she held him within her loose caress. She rolled her tongue around the mushroom head, then down along the ridge, before tracing the largest engorged vein with the tip of her tongue. His fingers no longer petted her long curly locks, but by now had become wrapped tightly around the silky strands. He pulled her hair slightly, allowing her to feel the pleasure he was receiving from her tender ministrations.

She smiled against his shaft and quickly made her way up from the base of his cock to the head again, once more choosing a vein to follow. She reached the tip and played with the small opening, until she opened her mouth fully and engulfed the swollen head. He grunted long and low. She purred around the head, sending shock waves down the rod and forcing the sensations of a thousand needles to radiate through his spine.

Her head moved left and right, as she slowly worked her way down his member, licking, sucking, and stroking with her tongue and fingers. When she had all of him in her, she looked back up into his eyes and grinned around a mouthful of cock. She bobbed up and down, twisting her hand back and forth, while feeling the blood course through his veins. She moaned, felt the wetness of her sex between her legs and fought the urge to dip her fingers inside. She knew the rules.

Instead of disobedience, she gave him discipline. She brought him close to the edge, then stopped, only to repeat the process over and over again. All the while she maintained eye contact, watching his face, reading his expressions and knowing when to pull back and when to deep throat him. When it was time, she knew by the color of his eyes and the way his lips pulled back in a grimace of lust.

She relaxed her jaw, dropped her shoulders slightly and took a deep breath to calm the beat of her heart, all control over herself given to him. Both fists were full of her hair as he began to fuck her with abandon. He controlled the speed and depth. He set and maintained the tempo he chose, and when he came, he showered her throat with his seed.

Her tongue worked vigorously to swallow the offering, until she was sure she had emptied him. She never once looked away as she drank him in. When he pulled her up, she showed him the last mouthful of semen, before obeying his command to drink it. She savored the last swallow, and she reveled at the look in his eyes, when he told her to rise and feed him her pussy.

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