Rent Due


You've been a bad girl. I told you not to fuck with it. I told you to leave it alone. And I come home and it's a jagged mess on the floor, and you're looking for a dustbin.

You're dressed to go out with your girlfriends. White blouse, nice skirt, hair pulled back. Such an innocent face. You were hoping to get away before I got back. Too bad for you.

"Come here."

"It was an accident!" Your soft Japanese accent is a reminder that you're far from home. You get to stay here because I think you're pretty, and we both know that there's a kind of rent coming due, eventually. Looking over your body, I decide it's now.


You're trembling. I'm older than you by at least fifteen years. You're small and trim and pretty, with a firm little rounded ass, barely B-cup tits and long legs, for your 5'4" height.

You think I don't know about your fascination with older men. And American cock.

"What did I tell you?"

"To leave it alone," you whisper. You can see how my eyes are moving over you. You lick your lips, nervously, as you walk towards me. I'm 6' 2" and looking up at me makes you feel tiny.

When I remove my belt, your eyes go wide.

I sit down and nod to you. "Lie across my lap."

"This... no. Not legal... wrong..."

My hand tangles in your invitingly shiny hair, and pulls. You're across my lap, ass up, shaking now. "Please no! I'll be good!"

Yes you will, I think, as my hand brushes back the skirt and reveals the black thong panties. Maybe you weren't going out with your girlfriends at all. Just the sight of your ass has me hard, and I know you can feel it against your belly, low.

My hand traces the bared skin... lightly, slowly. You whimper, repeating "I'll be good," but the voice is softer, more little-girlish, this time. I slide fingernails along the curves, and then suddenly deliver a hard smack.

You cry out something in Japanese. That earns you another smack. "You have no right," you whisper in a shaken voice, and that amuses me. I lift the belt, fold it double, and bring it down sharply. Three times. You're panting now. Maybe you think it's just fear and shock.

I go back to tracing the pretty curves, seeing pink stain the skin. My hand drifts, moving between your thighs. You're suddenly silent... and the panties feel damp.

Another sharp smack. The moan you give this time is decidedly sensual, and you choke it off quickly. Two more slaps, and then I haul the thong down to your knees. "This is wrong," you whisper, but your voice is so unsteady it's hard to understand you. My fingers curl under you, find your clit, begin to rub.

It takes time, but suddenly I feel your belly begin to tighten. My fingers leave your clit, and spear into your pussy. Shuddering, you squeeze down. I rock my fingers against the tension, then yank them out and slap again. You cry out, and now you're rocking your belly against the hardness of my cock. Maybe it's unconscious, maybe not. Deep down you need to appease the angry male. And there's only one way that works.

I alternate between rough fingering, and slapping. I no longer need to hold you down, and my other hand slides over your torso, eventually sliding under you and finding those tight little titties. Your nipples are immediately hard, and yanking on them through the blouse makes you moan in a way you can't choke off. Large, firm nipples on a small breast has always worked for me. Yours are obviously sensitive.

Maybe you really need the free rent. Maybe those times I caught you staring at the front of my jeans explain it all. Maybe you're just a slut with an innocent face. But your hands are stroking my calves, and every slap causes a sexy little-girl breathy gasp that's got me rock hard. I slide you to the floor, suddenly, to your knees, facing me. I unbutton the blouse, making you watch my hands as I do. I like the way your eyes are unsteady. I use the opened blouse and suddenly ruined bra to bind your arms behind you, then stand up and rip my zipper down. I take it out and slap your face with it.

Instantly you're sucking. Badly. Don't women suck cock in Japan? After a minute of your fumbling, I tip you over and impatiently push you to the floor. Panties at your knees, arms tangled behind your back, you won't be scrambling off anywhere. Your eyes are huge now.

"Offer yourself, or I'll make it hurt," I growl. You raise your hips and try to make your face expressionless. Despite all the Asian stereotypes, you're not good at that.

Your thong gets pulled down to your ankles, and I kneel in, between your legs. Grabbing you by the hips, I pull you to me, my cock at your slit. You weigh almost nothing. Your legs tense, on either side of me. Your eyes close.

There's a game I like to play with small girls like you. I have you by the hips, and I rock you against my cock. It's only in a half an inch.. It's not to properly enough to fuck that wet little slit. First I'm going to make you want it, against your will.

The big lump of hard meat at your slit bumps, over and over. It stretches your little opening. Your clit is out, and the movement of the head of my cock, under it, makes it move. Now I'm in an inch. You say something soft and frantic in Japanese. I give you another inch, and then pull out and start over.

Your eyes snap open. You just lost the fight against wanting it. Now you're fighting not to let me know you want it. I slide a hand over, grab your clit firmly, and shake it. Your eyes unfocus, and I rock into you, deeper now. You lick your lips... your legs start to wrap around me. That's a good girl.

I lean over you and fuck you. Your helplessness and trapped arms and little round mouth and breathy moans... your pretty little face and hard nipples... the tight waist, the helpless rocking of your hips... the lost, little-girl eyes. I pound you, and your moans turn frantic. Fuck yes. Bagged you, got you, took you down, and you *love* it.

I come on you. Not in you - you have to earn that. Then I pick you up like the little doll you are, and work your clitty between my fingers as I force you to kiss me. You fight that, but that just makes it fun. The cum sliding down your skin... the way your dark hair flashes as you shudder... I bite down on your lower lip and that's what finishes you. You come, suddenly and deeply. You shudder helplessly in my lap, and I bite and lick your ears, lips and neck. I make you come a second time, and as you do, I whisper in your ear "I think you broke it on purpose."

You blush, deep red, even as the orgasm peaks. I smile, cruelly. "Go finish sweeping, and then shower. You sleep in my bed from now on."

When your orgasm subsides, you become expressionless, and nod yes, eyes down.

You're mine, now.

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This story will be revised a little and continued. People who like my softer stories (Why I Hate My Roommate, Getting Dressed) may want to stay away from this one. Neither character is affectionate ormore...

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