tagBDSMRented Out Ch. 05

Rented Out Ch. 05


Thanx to those who have enjoyed, voted on and commented about the first four chapters of this on-going story. Please, if you like the tale, take the time to vote. As for comments? I live for them!

The old home was palatial and discretely set away from the busy downtown. This suited both its owners and the community's economic and political elite, especially in November. Each year forty or so movers and shakers would gather in the main ballroom for an evening of lechery to welcome in the winter.

In an upstairs bathroom the mayor looked on in approval. Marilyn, her secretary, finished wiping the shaving cream off and stood back to admire her handiwork. Her muscular husband was now completely hairless and smooth below his eyes.

"Ooo, sexy Marky," she cooed, "You look like a Greek statue."

Her boss agreed. "He certainly does, dear, and once he's covered in oil he'll look even better. Mark, darling, you're going to make so many women happy tonight. Your tongue, your cock and especially your ass will be the height of the party. Of course your delightful little wife will be doing the same for their husbands."

Mark regarded himself in the mirror, a dubious expression on his face. "Shirley, the ladies can do whatever they want to me and, I guess, to Marilyn but I don't care how much money you're paying us, I don't do men." At least I don't think I do. Marilyn still refuses to say whether Hercule had me back in August. I really hate the idea but everything felt so good . . .

"We understand that you don't do blowjobs, Mark. And you understand that you will spend the night blindfolded even though you were at one of these parties before and know most of the people. The entertainment never knows for sure whom it is they've serviced. Marilyn won't, Tanya won't, Sophie won't and neither will you. It might be me and it might be a man but your prostate can't tell the difference between silicone and latex covered flesh so just relax and enjoy, my love."

As the younger couple continued their toilet, Shirley walked pensively down the hall. Mark had been one of the prizes of her unofficial harem until Marilyn had caught his eye. They were married in a rush, much to the mayor's annoyance. She had fancied having both of them in her sway and watching them waltz off into a life of respectable domesticity had put the mayor's nose out of joint until the opportunity came to seduce them into a new life as hobby-whores. She had seized it with enthusiasm. Whether they recognized it or not, both were now her sex-slaves and she intended to keep them that way. Mark might not like the idea of being an object of desire to both sexes but his body overruled him. Few things made him purr like something stiff and warm up his butt.

Marilyn filled the bowl of a small hookah, lit it and handed the mouthpiece to her man. "Here, Mark, it's imported Humboldt County Bubbleberry. It will make you all giggly and warm so you'll have a good time tonight. Right now you look like a complete party pooper."

He sighed and took the hint. Two deep breaths later a smile spread across his face and his shoulders relaxed. "Hell, honey, for what we're getting paid I really shouldn't be so uptight."

"Uh-huh, especially around your ass. I've seen the new dildo Shirley bought to use on you. You'll know what's coming when the crowd starts to 'oo' and 'aw'. Of course, she'll probably fuck me with it first. If you hear me squeal, know you're next!"

A small, private elevator took them to the first floor foyer where the butler and his wife met them. "Roland, Fiona! So good to see you again." Marilyn jumped into the man's arms and planted a hot, wet kiss on his mouth.

Fiona pulled the tie loose on Mark's dressing gown and ran her hands down his body. "My goodness, Mark, you've made the transition from guest to gigolo. Does that mean you're off limits to those of lesser income?"

"Fiona, all you have to do is bring Roland over to the house some time. You know we'll be out of our clothes in a trice for the two of you. Ohh . . .!"

Fiona fondled his package a bit more then stepped back with a wicked smile. "Like that, do you? I understand there are several other things you like and I also understand that Shirley has made sure that everyone knows what they are. You, young man, are the centerpiece tonight so let me take your robe. Stand over there next to Tanya and I'll get the oil."

Marilyn had backed up to Roland. She clasped her hands behind his neck exposing her entire body to his roving hands. And he squeezed and groped, she swung her hips left and right across his crotch. "Roland, that feels so good. Do I feel that good to you? You guys really must come for a visit. Mark will tie me up and make me take all three of you on at once, maybe even twice."

"An appealing idea, sweet one, but you're due 'on stage' in a few minutes. Here's your aerosol foreplay. Take a quick snort and I'll get your blindfold on."

Mark stood with his hands raised while Fiona painted mineral oil all over him. She took extra time between his buttocks and when she decided he gleamed properly took a blunt tipped applicator from a velvet bag on a side table.

"All right, everyone, bend over and spread. You know how fond the guests are of taking your alternate route and we want this to be a comfortable experience for everyone. Especially you, sir. Word has it that the limo will be extra padded for you on the way home. You'll probably need it."

When the blindfolds were in place, the Entertainment heard the big double doors open and felt warm hands lead them into the ballroom. There was a hush and then the crowd began its whispered comments.

"Darling, don't you just love it when the toys are all oiled like that? The way the chandeliers shine on their skin is so tempting. It makes me want to fuck them all!"

"Me, too! And do you see what I bought? It's from Germany. It's designed so that you don't need a harness when you're fucking someone."

"Oh, I've seen those online. Do they really work?"

"Ask Steven. The weekend it came I almost gave him hemorrhoids, I think. It feels so good when you drive it up someone's butt and pull it back out again. And I adore the way they squeak when the flange of the helmet pops out before you jam it in again."

Shirley smiled as she drifted through the crowd. The four objects of tonight's lechery were being suspended in harnesses, as usual. Soon the fondling, the groping and the teasing would begin. Little did they know what was really in store for them, especially Mark.

"Hercule, darling, are the Electrosex™ machines all ready to go?" Shirley stroked her husband under the chin and leered at him.

"Oui, mon amour, I 'ave set them all on low to start. Then we can increase the intensity as the fucking goes on. It will not be long before young Mark completely forgets to care whether 'e is being used by a man or a woman."

Shirley smile broadened. Men are so silly, she thought. So long as they are trying to get you to do something, they are all about 'If it feels good, do it!' But let someone decide to do something that felt good when done to a man instead of by a man and the guys come all unglued. This was especially true of young Mark. But he would learn. It wouldn't be too much longer before all it would take is a drink or two for Mark to be willing to spread his cheeks when another man wanted him. It wasn't a question of being 'converted' to bisexuality but of becoming a true submissive. And that was always the mayor's goal for her toys.

Marilyn hung in her harness face down and spread eagled. Someone's hands were 'milking' her dangling breasts and someone else's fingers were rubbing her G-spot and thumbing her clitoris. An orgasm was building.

Another hand ran down her back and caressed her buttocks.

"I remember this one from August," said a male voice. "She'd never had anal sex before that night so Shirley made sure her husband sodomized her first. Then the rest of us had at her." The caress turned to gentle pinches. "And she loved every minute of it, didn't you dear? I'll bet you spent the next day sitting on pillows. Anyway, that's her hubby hanging over there."

"Is it? My, he's a choice one, isn't he?" The second voice was a throaty alto. "I read the stipulations on his contract. Imagine a pro trying to claim that he doesn't do men. He will tonight! I saw Hercule unpacking the Electrosex™ machines. Once that boy is tuned into the wave forms, he'll be so lost anyone will be able to do anything they want to him. I told my Eric to make sure and get in line for him."

"Eric is bi? I never knew that."

"Hmpf! Eric is still trying to say he isn't but he's much quieter about it these days. I just told him that if he wants my ass he has to try out any other I send him to. And if it's some guy, it doesn't matter. You know, I think Eric's almost at the point where I can have some other guy fuck him. Why don't you and Jill stop by some weekend and we'll see. You can tie me down for a gangbang and afterward when you're rested both of you can do him."

Electrosex™ machines? Oh my god, I've heard of those. Are they really going to use those things on Mark? On us? The sensations in her body took over, sending Marilyn bucking and moaning in her bonds. Quiet applause broke out around her. A warm mouth pressed against her lips driving its tongue deep inside. The tongue slithered over hers, behind her teeth and under and over her lips. Then the tongue withdrew and the mouth sucked hard, pulling her tongue into it. It sucked like a nursing baby. She felt her thighs being spread and another mouth pressed against her pussy, its tongue invading her sex and then running up to tease and violate her ass. Another orgasm started to build.

Mark heard a thump on the floor beside him. It barely registered because both nipples and his cock were being sucked vigorously. Some lusty lady had managed to get high enough to press her pussy against his face and as he sucked and licked he could feel her tremble in anticipation of the coming climax. Have to give the customers their money's worth! At least she doesn't want me to give her dildo a blowjob. I still haven't got the breathing rhythm down for that. I'll just have to have Marilyn coach me. She is so good at it!

Then the familiar chime rang and the crowd quieted.

"Mes amis," Hercule began, "tonight we 'ave added somezing extra to our entertainment. Voila! Be'old the Electrosex™ machines. Tonight we will attach them to our petit playthings. We will start them at a low level and then gradually increase the pulses. When the entertainers 'ave reached a fevered ecstasy we will then join in. Of course, if there are those who simply cannot contain yourselves feel free to take whatever liberties you wish with each other." The crowd laughed appreciatively.

What in the Name is an Electrosex™ machine? Mark was alarmed, suspended and helpless as he was. The answer soon arrived in the sensation of a cool patch on his buttock with a wire that hung down—somewhere. Then his erection was encircled by a cold metal ring. He heard the crowd press in closer. Somewhere in the room a drum roll began and the crowd counted down in a whisper, "Five—four—three—two—one—action!"

The four felt an odd pulsing begin in their genitals. The women felt their labia swell even more and the lubrication flowed. For his part, Mark's erection was the hardest and stiffest he ever felt. He could feel the tension increase but no one was touching his cock anymore. That was frustrating. He would never get release that way, he thought, unless he could somehow manage a 'dry' orgasm. He could do it fucking a woman but hanging here it seemed out of his reach. The pulsing increased, he began to buck writhe in his harness, his face a grimace.

"Oh look at him, dear, he wants it so bad. I think it's time to grease you up, Eric. I want you fucking him, sweetie. Then later you can do me."

Shirley grinned. "He's almost there, dear. Oh look, Eric is going to do him first." She got down on her knees. "I'll just keep you ready until he's done."

"Non,cherie," Hercule clutched Shirley's hair in his hands, "you will entertain me now. Later I may try young Mark again but I 'ave already 'ad 'im and the so-beautiful Marilyn. Per'aps I will plunder Sophie tonight." Holding her head tightly, he began powerful thrusts down the mayor's throat.

Mark felt pressure on his anus. Someone was going to have him. He hoped it was a woman but right now all he wanted was release and when the climax came, it came in waves that crashed over him again and again. The pulsing increased. Vaginas and anuses impaled themselves on his cock, cocks and dildos impaled his ass. Solid, warm things he hoped were dildos pushed into his mouth and down his throat. Still the orgasm rolled until at last he blacked out.


Mark woke up, his throat raw and his butt sore. Light streamed through the curtains of his own bedroom, a fact that was puzzling since he didn't remember riding home. There was a warm body snuggled up next to his and an arm wrapped over him, its hand doing arousing things to his genitals.

"Oh, good, you're awake," A voice whispered in his ear, "that means we can play, just the two of us."

"Shirley? Where's Marilyn?"

"At my house under my husband, of course. He's undoubtedly porking her this very minute unless he either already has or is about to. I'd do the same thing to you but I'll bet your poor misused backside could stand a rest. So instead, since you're all nice and hard now, how about you roll over and fuck me blue?"

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