tagGroup SexRenu the Tormentor Ch. 02

Renu the Tormentor Ch. 02


Renu was looking sexy and alluring which in the current situation was an 'understatement'.

"This is perverted", 19-year-old Renu told herself as she crept down the darkened drawing room of her house, moving closer to the soft moans coming from her brother's bedroom. It was almost one o'clock in the morning, and Renu, clad in her flimsy blue nightie had been fighting the urge to peek and look for quite sometime now.

"God! You're so fucking tight like this!" Jitendra whispered, his words carrying, easily to Renu's ears in the nearby bathroom. The neighbour's wife Harpinder half moaned, half sighed her response, pushing her upper body up on her hands, her full breasts swaying beneath her slim, supple body. "Fuck me hard, my lover...Aaaahhhh my husband remains ineffective even after all medications and you are so strong." she breathed.

"Fuck me hard and fast. Cum in me!"

Harpinder was a sex goddess but this was unbelievable for Renu's ears and eyes.

Harpinder was also a very nice lady around 29 years in age and Renu was pretty close with her and that her brother could be 'fucking' their neighbour was 'fearsome' but very 'interesting'.

At nineteen, Renu was a knockout. She was slender and tall and fair, with a stunning figure and a truly beautiful face. She was easily the sexiest,prettiest girl in the whole colony. Her hair was long and silky and hung down to her waist in a glossy sheen when she left it open or made it into one long, bouncing pony tail.

At that age when girls just get out of teens and are looking forward to learn the right lessons in sex, Renu had mastered the art of seduction and erotic copulation at the same time.

While studying at the local girls' college and returning to a colony of pervert males, Renu easily could be seen as one of the most sexy girls in the area, there were at least seventeen males who confessed to 'masturbating' endlessly thinking of the beauty.

She was the most talked about and 'fantasised' sex doll.

She slowly caressed herself and watched the two lovers on the bed, her brother on top of her neighbourhood 'friend' from behind, both kissing and fondling each other in post-coital bliss, just floating along together. Renu finally realized the show was over and she crept back to her bed, still excited by what she'd witnessed. Her own sleep came only after she'd rubbed her grown cunt to orgasm, fantasizing about the two men in Narangs'-their cocks pounding her and thinking so, she came and finally slept.

The next day, she was at the Narangs.

Mrs Narang was the tailor whose skills with stitching fetched the family some additional money and in their house, the Narangs had given the ground floor room to two bachelors working in the local electric company .

The bachelors were glued to the windows- their darling Renu had come and today both were masturbating shamelessly watching each other ejaculate while Renu on the balcony was smiling mischievously at them holding her breasts through the faded pink tee shirt with yellow flowers on it.

It was a very tight garment and did little to hide the accentuated boob set, Renu possessed a pair of 'doves' which could make any man mad with lust and in this case Ajay Chowdury and Sushil Kumar were just 22 year old baby-men, out of the college and still masturbating-virgins, no actual sex experience.

Renu knew that she had the desired effect on them and finally left the baclony along with Narangs' daughters and made her way down the staircase to collect the 'stitched clothes' from Mrs Narang and go home.

Upon reaching the gate of the house, Renu looked back at the bachelors' window and teased them with her tongue popping out in a lascivious manner, this raised obvious suspicion in the mind of Mrs Narang who at that point was in the kitchen, she quickly turned to look at the bachelors' window but was not able to see anybody, the curtain was drawn across.

Behind the curtain, both Ajay and Sushil knew that this had to end with a good fucking of Renu. But how?

Ajay started to think.

"I will be-friend her and it is very easy- look at her stimulating tricks, she cannot say no to me". - Ajay was very confident.

Their chance came, a few days later it was 'Lodi' festival and all of them were invited to the Electric company and Plantation's common - central ground.

Night time and spring season in Ranikhet, it was chill cold.

All the lovers of Renu were there and so were Ajay and Sushil.

Renu took quite some time to come and join her friends and when she came there was a hush silence and a sigh amongst all the young males- none of the family ladies noticed it but the males were sure something had gone amiss.

Renu was in a 'kaftan' and was looking great and erotically eatable.

Ajay and Sushil saw her and she saw them and smiled at them in a very sexy manner. Ajay took the initiatve - " You look more beautiful then on the other day - but I must say, you look real sexy in that pink T shirt", boldly saying he brushed her shoulder before reaching for a glass of water in front of him.

Renu was not startled- she knew they would try all desperate things and why not, she was making it difficult for them. Renu could not be happier. She glanced her eyes towards Sushil and knew his fly was hot and bulging too, she knew the effects she had on men.

"What are you doing babe after this, tonight understand you are staying alone since your family is away at Dehradun?" Ajay asked sweetly.

"You'll see," was Renu's reply .

That night it didn't take Renu long to put Ajay over the edge.

Leaving Sushil panting and shivering out in the cold, Renu let Ajay easily get into her house without being seen using the door keys, she slipped them into his pocket while talking to them in the grounds and that made it all that easy, and that's it . He was inside her abode, and she followed him later .

After half an hour, lying on the bed inside the house totally nude, Ajay craned his head to look at Renu. She had just came back from the 'Lodi', the sight of her 'near naked sexy' body and the overpowering odor stuff making him gasp out loud at her.

“Oh God that’s lovely.” he stuttered to say as she walked towards him and without wasting a minute removed her kaftan- she was totally nude except for a flimsy bra and a thread like panty beneath the same.

Renu stood by the back of his head. All he could do was look up at her. She reached forward with both her hands and put them on his shirt over his chest and started to rub his chest with both hands, then leaned her body forward, so that the black bra was near his face, so near, yet so far.

Renu slowly worked them down to his trousers, circling, downwards, then back up, then a little more downwards. She wanted to tease. By now she had lowered her chest so that sometimes the bra

would brush his face. Renu made sure that she moved her chest from side to side.

He reached up and held the side of her chest.

“Can I please undo your bra?” he asked.

“Mmmmmh, well I suppose so.”

That night Ajay enjoyed plenty of licking and sucking, not to mention that exquisite feeling of Renu's throat clutching his cock, it started Ajay's cum on its journey from his large balls to his darling's warm and inviting mouth. Renu accepted the load with glee. She was amazed at first when she found that she had started to love the taste of sperm so much.

Earlier she had heard from her older college mates that sperm was foul tasting but her own experience made it real savoury.That may have been their experience but Renu was happy to learn that they were wrong in her case.

She sucked down all Ajay had to offer. She then worked the tip of her tongue into the piss hole of his cock looking for leftovers. And while doing all this,she remained in her panty.

"Ajay, I will fuck you and your friend together in your own house , wait for that moment, and now, get lost", saying she showed him the door.

After they returned home,Sushil was very dejected but could not stop himself from masturbating hearing to the episode narration from Ajay . "Uski to main ab leker hi rahoonga(I will fuck that bitch".}- was his gruntled emission synchronising with the ejaculated sperm.

Renu did not show up at the Narangs' for quite some time and it was nearly two months later that both Ajay and Sushil had gone to see "Dil Chhahta Hai' at the Navrang theatre driving in Narangs' Car, (they did an errand for the 'house owner' every month in getting the rickety vehicle serviced at the local mechanic shop, these trips to 'theatres' etc. were some of the 'unasked' perks.) and lo-behold, they sighted the 'love' of their dreams, she saw them too and gave her choicy cute and teasing smile with a dimple on the right cheek and a nice pout on her lips.

She was with two other girls, both from the plantations' colony at Ranikhet.

The mens'line was pretty long and as usual, women were few. Ajay ventured forward and requested Renu- dressed in a very formal churidar kurta with a nice looking chuni, to buy them the tickets.

Renu was okay with it and got them the tickets in no time. She told him, " I will sit with you,let Sushil go and sit with them". Ajay knew this would cause major 'hungama'{commotion} and asked her something very unusual - 'Is it okay if you sit with both of us and let your friends sit in our seats?".

" Perverts! Okay fine". - Renu conceded.

Once inside the hall and on the balcony, the three realized that they were not very far from civilisation. Though the movie had run for 50days already, it was still doing pretty brisk business, there were people all around and some were from the colony and they did notice Renu sitting with the two slimy studs.

Renu got worried and wished to be away from the crowd, ofcourse Oh no no - obviously not from these two men.

"I want to let you know that you are the first to ever suck me off like that, and I want to thank you for the experience. I also want you to know that I want you to do it again, but first I want to fuck you.I hear you're tight, and I've always wanted to fuck a tight pussy.", Ajay was holding her hands and massaging them as if they were her tits.

The movie had begun and in the dark row nearly at the rear of the stall, the three were trying to become 'ONE'.

"WHO TOLD YOU ABOUT MY P........., anyway I loved sucking your cock" Renu told him "and I want to suck it again whenever you let me. I want to feel you stretch my pussy like you stretched my lips, and before the weekend is over,I want this monster(Sushil) creaming in my ass. I'll beg him for it if you want me to...".

Ajay could not bear this anymore- ," Let us go to our place, the Narangs have gone to Nainital and only the boy is here, he is not a threat". - Ajay was pretty loud this time.

"Yes, let us go"- Sushil was clutching his prick, he had heard all she was saying.

Sushil squeezed her breasts hard and pulled her back and kissed her roughly as Ajay,shaking his head, put their car in gear and nosed into the heavy traffic. He moved slow but deliberately, taking his time, driving carefully.

Fortunately the traffic itself grew heavy enough to slow him down further but not too much that he couldn't keep one eye on them.

Flicking his eyes in the rear-view mirror, he saw that she had turned on the seat, leaning against the door, with her churidar drawn down her legs up to her hips. Sushil's head was in her crotch and he was licking her slit greedily over her panty. Her legs were spread wide. She pulled open her blouse and squeezed her breasts erotically, moaning loudly.

"Yes ... yes ... Sushil yes ... Ohhhhh yes ... go on yes ... lick it ... lick my cunt ... Ohhhh yes ... there ... Ahhhhh ... yes!" she gasped.

"Hey folks, we're home," he announced. "Want to get out?"

Sushil and Renu moved apart and staggered out of the car.Ajay watched her with a smile. She was fantastic. Beautiful, sensuous and very sexy.

They were inside their room which they reached in ease- late evening and it was dark.The young woman moaned with passion as she felt one of Sushil's hands slip inside her open kurta and squeeze one of her bra-covered breasts. Ajay was already holding his lips on her mouth and still kissing her, he also slid a hand underneath Renu's thin churidar and squeezed away at the other full, luscious ripe mango .

Her passions ignited, Renu writhed between the two men as they continued to feel her up.

Next, she slipped her left hand into Ajay's lap and then rubbed his cock, while her right hand working on Sushil's crotch, the 19-year-old female now rubbed a different male erection with each hand.

Sushil slid his hand from inside into Renu's churidar, eased the strings and slipped it down to her hips. He squeezed her ass for a moment, then ran his strong palm over her firm upper thigh.

Renu squealed in lust as both guys continued to work her over.

Renu sighed as Ajay slipped her kurta off.

She responded to that action by first breaking her kiss with Sushil, then smashing Ajay' mouth with her own.

Sushil smiled, admiring Renu's large, plump breasts in the tiny white bra which were trying to conceal them. Then he opened his hand, and rubbed his palm against Renu's panty clad crotch. Her churidar was a piece of dirty garment still lingering around her legs.

As a result, the woman's pussy tingled with pure excitement.

"I want one of your cocks," Renu sighed as she broke the kiss with Ajay. "I don't care which."

It was enormous, even though it was still limp, a good eight inches long and correspondingly thick. Making sure that Sushil could see her, Renu began to masturbate her lover's cock, pumping her fist expertly.

Then her lips parted and her pointed tongue snaked out and swirled about the cock-head and then her lips followed, engulfing the cock-head slowly, then part of the shaft.

Her lips slowly, deliberately slowly, slid around his cock-head.

She began to suck him gently, lifting her head to use her tongue on the cock-head. It began to harden and swell and Sushil gasped, grunted, grinned looking down at her and stretching his hands to fondle her breasts.

At last she rose, a thin trail of pre-cum gunk clinging to her lips and chin. Ajay was right,

"she is a slut" -thought Sushil. He could not hold back and spurted three or four loads of cum in her mouth and she tried to swallow it all, but some slipped from her lips.

He then pushed her head back and shot several spurts of cum all over her face. She watched as he ejaculated on her and his cum was in her eyes and on her nose. Large globules of cum dripped down her cheeks.

Sushil then put his prick back in her mouth, her lips again encircling his massive dark colored 'Bhopali'shaft. He continued moving her head back and forth until he was completely drained.

Renu suddenly realized that she had cum several times during this extended blow-job so she did not even object or show any feelings when Sushil just tore off her blouse from the tits.

She mopped his jism with her fingers and hands licked it up and then she was away whirling furiously across the room to Ajay, her naked body like a real slut’s in heat.

'Wait, where are you running away- "Wipe some a my cum on you boobs." Renu heard Sushil shout at her, she put her fingers to her face and scooped up some left over and rubbed his cum into her tit flesh, concentrating on her nipples.

Sushil took his cock in his hand and brought it back to her face. She kneeled before him obediently as he rubbed his prick over her face, massaging his cum into her pores.Her face glistened with his seed. He brought his cock back to her mouth and she licked it clean.

I will fuck you now." Ajay had come around and said this holding her very casually. "Bend over the table and spread you legs." Renu complied with his command.

She quickly got up off her knees and turned around to the 'study table' behind her. She bent over and rested her head on her arms on the table. Her naked breasts hung down, aiming at the floor.

Ajay lifted her legs and eased the panty from her crotch down her legs and the non descript garment stayed at her feet when he pushed her onto her back and put his hands on her ass. "Nice fat ass." he commented. She stepped out of her panties and stood with her back to him, her legs spread, waiting for Ajay to fuck her shiny young cunt. "Tell me how much you want Ajay's cock in your cunt." He directed her as one of his fingers played around her asshole.

"Please Ajay," she begged, "please fuck me. I need you to fuck me. I need to be fucked by a real man. Please fuck me! Please STICK IT IN!"

Slowly, Ajay pushed his prick inside of Renu. His hands were on her sexy hips guiding the movement of her cunt just the way he wanted it. Renu felt the long dark prick inch its way up her pussy. When it was half way in, it was further up Renu's cunt than any man's full penetration earlier. Renu was really thrilled- this was the best cock till date.

Ajay rammed his cock fully up her pussy. He began to slap her ass with one hand and push a finger of his other hand up her asshole. Renu was moaning and groaning in passion as he pistoned his cock in and out of her wanting cunt. Renu pushed back to meet his every thrust. Ajay was calling her degrading nameslike slut, whore, bitch, pig and cunt.

Renu kept begging him to fuck her harder and faster.

She couldn't get enough of his long, thick brownish dark shaft. While Ajay was enjoying fucking her pussy, Sushil's finger was all the way in her asshole. Sushil twisted the fingers around as Ajay continued to fuck the cunt. Then suddenly Ajay pushed his cock in to the hilt.

Though it was the fuck for Ajay, the sheer reality of fucking 'Renu' made him hold it in there, then ever so he began to slowly withdraw it.

Renu felt his dick in every part of her cunt and moaned louder as Ajay continued to withdraw his cock until only the very end of his cockhead was in her.

Suddenly Ajay came in spurts ans fell on the table prostrate.

Renu Bhatia reached for his cock. It was wet from her cunt juices. She dropped to her knees. She licked and kissed his limp dick, tasting her own cream.

Suddenly she felt hands pushing her all over, "Get back on the table.", it was Sushil ordering her holding his thick ready cock in his hands. Renu stood up and once again sat on the edge of the study table, her creamy browny legs spread wide.

Sushil put his huge dark cock back in her cunt, fucking the young 19 years old Renu once more in quick succession to the pounding she had received from Ajay a few minutes back. Renu looked down and watched as his massive cock fucked into her, the passion began to build within her once again and she moaned and groaned with pleasure.

Sushil pushed her head against his chest and Renu sucked his manly nipples while he massaged

her breasts. Periodically, he would pull out of her pussy and run his dickhead over her ass hole.

He then reached around Renu and grabbed onto the fat hanging down from her belly and rammed his prick all the way back up Renu's pussy. She came with a scream. Sushil did this several times then went on to methodical humping at an even rhythm. Finally he thrust deeply into Renu's cunt and shot a load of his BHOPALI cum up her cunt. Renu flexed her cunt muscles to milk every drop of his cum that she could.

Sushil left his cock in her cunt as the exhausted Renu remained bent over the study table savoring the fucking she just received.

"Thank you Ajay and Sushil. That was the best fucking I ever had." She told them.

Renu was very sore that night, reaching home, she had a lot of explaining to do, her brothers were furious since they were waiting for her to come back from the movie, and even though the other two girls had returned, she had not come. She made some excuse and went into the wash room.

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