tagLoving WivesRenuka: The Gardeners Wife

Renuka: The Gardeners Wife


Renuka, was the wife of the gardener who looked after the country estate next door. He lived there with his wife and three young children, two girls and a boy. She was an excellent cook. She was slim and tall with an expressive face and a brilliant smile. It would light her face up and she looked happy and was often smiling but it was more like a wide grin. Her slim figure made her look much younger than she was and no one could imagine she was a mother of three. Her long black hair was always tied up in a ponytail or a bun with flowers tucked in. Her style of dressing was a traditional Maharashtrian style of sari with a fold tucked in between her legs accentuating her hips and bum and traditionally she wore no panties. During her periods she would tie a thick absorbent cloth in place accentuating her mound of Venus. Her broad grin was infectious and her enthusiasm for work apart from the fact that she needed the income, she gladly accepted a job with the neighbours as a part time cook. Since she lived next door she could keep an eye on her children as well. Her thin frame made her blouses look loose but the swell in her breasts was the exception, firm though small they stretched against the cups giving the impression of wanting to burst like ripened fruit. Her dark nipples were easily responsive jutting out against the fabric of her thin almost transparent blouse. The palau (border) of her sari was tightly drawn across covering her breasts though often her palau would slip. Her complexion was fair and her skin and face unblemished. She wore scented flowers in her hair apart from her traditional ornaments of gold bangles a mangal sutra (a gold pendant attached to a chain of black beads) as is traditionally worn by women to show that she was married.

As a young girl she had grown up in a village situated in surrounding hills of Khandala and at a young age had been married off to her husband the gardener. He was a third generation gardener and his father and grandfather before him had worked for the same family tending to the gardening of the estate. He was a widower from a previous childless marriage and much older than Renuka. Renuka had now reached a point in her life where she wanted a little fun and excitement in her life. She enjoyed her children and her husband was a kind man who did not bother her much. He was getting old and could no longer satisfy her in bed. Sex was almost her only entertainment. Occasionally they would watch a movie but that was rare and the cost of cinema tickets these days was unaffordable with the high taxes the Government had put on entertainment in the State.

At the time I was staying in Khandala to convalesce from a broken leg and my health had deteriorated. The kind hospitality of friends had ensured that I was well looked after by Renuka and the other servants that lived on the estate. She could sense my attraction to her and responded with her smile and the flowers in her hair and their intoxicating aroma made a heady mixture. Her sense of proprietary would change in front of the other servants and she was quite flirtatious when we were alone which was not often.

On this particular day, I was in my room upstairs in my underwear having just had a bath and was struggling to change the bandage when there was a knock on my door. As usual she had come to ask for the daily menu of food to be cooked except that today she was earlier than usual. As I sat on the edge of the bed, she noticed my struggling with the bandage and volunteered to help me with it. Not embarrassed by my state of undress she acted as if it was normal. I naturally accepted her offer of help with gratitude. She expressed her unhappiness with the dryness of my skin and the fact that it had started to crack and peel. She offered to heat some oil and massage the leg saying that I would feel much better and less itchy.

She left to get the oil. While I awaited her return I fantasized what it would be like to make love to her and my cock started to get stiff from the vision of my thoughts. My hand dropped to my lap as I closed my eyes and I started to stroke my cock through my underwear-shorts causing my penis to get stiff. As I drifted off into a fantasy of making love to Renuka, my hand slipped under my shorts and I stroked my cock rubbing the length of the hard shaft. My cock easily aroused grew further in my hand.

Unnoticed, Renuka entered the room and caught me playing with myself. She burst into a smile and cleared her throat to get my attention. The embarrassment in my face showed as I opened my eyes and I pulled my hand away immediately. She laughed it off lightly and apologized for interrupting me saying I could go back to my actress fantasy after she completed the bandage. I smiled and let it go grateful for her matter of fact approach.

I straightened my self and the interruption of Renuka's return and getting caught took the stiffness right out of my erection as quickly as it had arisen and my cock became flaccid. In my embarrassment I had not noticed that she had bolted the door.

She squatted near my feet placing a towel in her lap and beckoned me to put my foot on it. She placed my foot atop the towel and proceeded to pour out some warm oil in her palm. Rubbing her hands together she placed them over my feet massaging them, pulling my toes and digging her thumbs into the sides of my arch rising up to my calves and using both her hands she rubbed the oil into my skin. Her movements were gentle yet firm. Her fingers deftly plied the sinew and muscle of my legs and feet. She dug into my blocked nerves like a pro and the pain was intense. The relief was felt instantly as the blood rushed into my now opened canals. I sighed as she continued to pour more oil into her hands anointing my feet and tired legs. As she leant slightly forward to massage my foot, her exposed cleavage accentuated the swell of her breasts. She continued her small talk and smiled when she noticed my staring at her accentuated cleavage and heaving bosom. As she continued to apply the oil, small beads of sweat appeared on top of her cleavage and trickled down between her breasts. She enjoyed the attention as much as her breathing stepped up a notch. As her hands reached the top of my calves, she pressed my thighs with her palms causing my foot to accidentally press against her breast. She didn't seem to mind and continued applying the oil. I could feel the stiffness of her nipples on the soles of my feet. I felt the heat of her body expressing her passion.

My foot stayed firmly pressed against her breast and she made no attempt to move it so I used the opportunity to massage her breasts with my toes, very gently and carefully caress her breast. I could feel the stump of her nipple harden and as my toe pressed against her nipple her breasts swelled even more out of her blouse and I could see the rim of her white cotton bra shift slightly to reveal the darkened borders of her teat. She looked at me nonchalantly and asked if she should oil the other leg as well and before I could answer she shifted my leg and turned her attention to the other foot. Again as she turned towards my other calf smiling, my foot pressed against her other breast. I could see that the slow movement of my feet against her breasts was turning her on. She smiled enjoying the soft caresses of my feet on her breasts, which swelled in response. With the heat that radiated from her body, she was getting sexually aroused was apparent from her heavy breathing and body language as she pressed her breasts against my feet. Both her swollen nipples were stiff from the caresses of my feet. She pressed her breasts against my feet her nipples scraping my soles encouraging me to continue my response as her breathing distinctly changed to a step up.

Slowly she placed my feet on the ground and turned her attention towards my thighs. Spreading them wide she ran her fingers over my thighs and remarked with a wide and mischievous smile how hard my legs were. She ran her palms over my thighs and as she spread my knees further apart using both her hands she stretched my groin, I felt exposed and the feeling excited me. My cock stiffened further in anticipation. She pressed her thumbs into the sides of my thighs sliding her lubricated fingers towards my groin. As she neared my groin, her hand accidentally brushed against the tip of my stiff cock through my underwear sending me into a spasm. The shape of my stiffened cock showed clearly against the thin material as she proceeded to press my thighs in continuous lateral motions moving her oily hands over my thighs massaging my muscles with her bony fingers pressing to release my blocked nerves and stiff sinew. The flow of blood surged towards my groin with her physical manipulations. My erection hardened as she neared my groin. Brushing against my cock her hands softly passed over my stiffness.

My toes whilst caressing her breasts had inadvertently unhooked a couple of hooks at the top of her blouse and displaced the swollen tops of her breasts as if to escape the confines of her bra and her swollen mounds became even more clearly visible to me. Like ripened mangoes they beckoned me as if they were about to burst open offering me their sweetness. By now I was in a highly aroused state and Renuka clearly sensed this as I was showing off my stiff member was lustily transparent. The Onyx skin of her breasts was smooth translucent light coffee inviting me and I wanted to fondle them, pinch her nipples, suckle them and let my tongue enjoy the suckling and licking, biting and tickling motions of my tongue flicking her eraser stiff nipples whilst kneading the firm fruit of her small but firm breasts. I nudged her erect nipples pinching them gently between my toes through her blouse. I tried gently to pry open her blouse hooks.

"You smell so nice" she remarked huskily as she moved her hands towards my crotch. Sliding her fingers into my underwear she lifted one side as she caressed and oil ed my balls gently squeezing and plying them in her palms.

I reached over her shoulders and unhooked her bra and then her blouse as her small yet firm breasts fell out. I gently ran my fingers over the smooth skin of her shoulders. Considering she was a mother of three children who had suckled her breasts, they looked ripe and very firm with her pert darkened mounds ending in eraser stiff nipples sticking out firmly in the air. Her nipples like ripened raisins were ready and she was willing to let me manipulate those hard studs with my lips and tongue to renewed levels of ecstasy.

She raised her knees causing her sari to fall over her legs exposing her mound and tuft of pubic hair. She squatted exposing her pubic mound as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do. The fleshy moist outer lips of her vagina hung between her thighs like orchids waiting to bloom, The liver-like flesh of her labia hung like an opening of petals of a flower crumpled and soft ready to drool its nectar. With a protruding middle finger I leant forward and gently pried open her vagina lips inserting my finger gently into the entrance of her pink wet tunnel. I scooped out a drop her cum and sucked it. She gasped sucking in air with her lips noisily as she thrust her hips towards me ever so slightly. I licked off her gooey drop withdrawing my hand. Her desire was over whelming. She bucked her hips thrusting her opened vagina on my finger penetrating her deeply. I bent my finger in her to caress her inner mound and found her g-spot. She raise her vagina towards me as I fingered her to an orgasm that yelled out as she gasped for air.

With both her hands she peeled off my underwear and I was sitting before her stark naked while she was exposed in all the right areas. Her breasts hanging like ripened mangoes, the flower between her legs had opened its petals to welcome me. I leaned back enjoying the drop of her cum in my mouth.

She was fascinated with my circumcised dick she had never seen a circumcised penis before. She held it in her hand tenderly admiring my stiffness with curiosity. She smelled my penis and I encouraged her to lick it. She at first hesitantly ran her tongue over the length of my penis gaining more confidence as she continued. I encouraged her to lick my dick like a lollipop and when she knew I was enjoying it, she licked me more vigorously. Her tongue wrapped itself around my stiff cock and she licked the solitary drop of ooze that had covered the tip of my stiff dick. Her tongue repeatedly flicked the tip of my penis head and the feeling of ecstasy rippled through me as I leant back and let her hot tongue and mouth go to work on me as the warmth of her breath on my cock strained itself towards her mouth.

Enclosing my penis head with her wet lips the bulbous head of my shaft slowly but surely disappeared into her mouth. Her hot tongue wrapped itself around my hard cock and she sucked me hard. She apparently loved to suck her husband's dick but wasn't sure whether I would enjoy it. She gently nibbled the tip of my penis and I went into an ecstatic spasm that shook my whole body. She sucked enthusiastically on the shaft of my cock with her hot mouth and her hot wet tongue went to work on me as she licked the tip and most of the remaining ooze with it. She sucked on my penis head a while longer lapping her tongue against my tip. The sensation sent shivers through my back and I urged the stiffness of my penis gently shoving it deeper into her mouth till she almost choked. As she withdrew her lips, her saliva dribbled out on to the length of my shaft. She lubricated my cock with her spit and stroked my hard pulsating rod with her hand rubbing my penis up and down. She ran the inside of her fingers over the tip of my cock and I almost sprayed cum into her hand.

She continued to stroke my cock in an up and downward movement licking my cock at the tip. She then concentrated on swallowing it again into her throat. Her hot mouth engulfed my cock as she stroked my penis her tongue like a snake enveloped my cock with greater force as she swallowed me deeper. It was an effort not to spill my load into her mouth but I wanted more and did not want this feeling to end. Again as she choked she withdrew my shaft coughing her thick saliva onto my cock she stroked me furiously sucking noisily as her saliva dripped from her mouth onto my hard shaft.

She rested her mouth, which was tired and started kissing my cock plying my balls with her fingers. She rested her head in my lap as I leaned forward to play with her breasts. I cupped both her breasts in my palms poked by her stiff and hard eraser nipples, squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples pulling them and tweaking them between my fingers. Her nipples hardened at my touch perking out even more stiffly. I leant forward to suckle them, biting them and pulling them gently with my teeth. She moaned and wrapped her legs around my waist. She leant back pouting her breasts at me and I sucked, nibbled, each nipple to a new degree of stiffness as they grew with my oral craving for her bosom. I sucked squeezed and suckled her breasts pressing them together making them swell.

I clasped my hands behind her back lifting her just below the bums and moved her to the bed. I lay her on her back and brought my penis to the entrance of her wet vagina. I stroked my penis against her labia, gliding my stiff rod over her clitoris as she moaned even louder. "Ah oh ooh, don't stop" she moaned as I nudged my cock at the entrance of her wet and dripping hole.

I was afraid that the other servants might hear her and she bit her lip to stop the sound of her sexual urges from escaping her lips. I continued to suckle her bosom concentrating on one breast and then the other. She oozed a creamy discharge from her nipples, which I rubbed into her nipple massaging them with my fingers alternating with my lips and tongue sucking her nipples pulling at them with my lips.

All the while my cock was nudging against her hot moist vagina. She was wet and I felt her juices dribble gently onto my cock as it lay patiently nudging its head repeatedly against her wet and juicy dripping passage. My cock lubricated by her juices and by the drops of my own ooze that allowed me to slip gently entered her wet pulsating vagina. Her vaginal lips gripped my cock firmly as she thrust her hips rhythmically towards me gently plunging me deep into her warm moist cunt and my cock easily slithered itself into her. Slowly thrusting in and out of her our pace quickened as we moved in unison our motion a passionate exercise driving us to ecstasy. She rocked her hips forward thrusting her self against my cock making me plunge into her with easy force she widened her legs further apart allowing me deeper access. Her canal hot and wet gripped my cock like a glove I almost felt her sucking me in.

As I held my self with my hands beside her she squeezed her breasts and tweaked her nipples pinching them hard and she let out her cries of an impending orgasm wrecked her lithe body, "Aah hhmm mmh ffakta hai ooo ahhhh sheesh hai ha" as I rocked in and out of her with a quick alternating and thrusting motion. She raised her hips to meet my thrusts her legs tightly wrapped around my waist. I slipped in and out of her easily as she lubricated her passage with her juices that flowed from her.

Suddenly I felt her body stiffen and she twisted her pelvic region causing my cock to spasm and we both came holding onto each other as waves of orgasm rocked her body and causing her vagina to writhe and squeeze my cock milking it dry as I came into her with abandon and exhaustion. As we collapsed into each other our breathing was all we heard and our heaving bodies pressed against each other was all we felt. Her hot breath tickled my ears as mine did hers. I sucked the lobes of her ears causing goose bumps to bloom all over her arms as she laughed and dug her tongue into my ear. We bit each others lobes feeling the ripples rush through us. She put a finger in her vagina and scooped out my, cum with her fingers which she then licked clean. I kissed her on the lips tasting my, cum in her mouth. She felt strange kissing me and pulled away gently when I inserted my tongue in her mouth. We hugged pressing our nakedness towards each other.

After a while I pulled away as I recovered my breath. She arranged her sari and fastened her bra, buttoned up her blouse and straightened out her self before she left. Leaving me on the bed in a deep contented sleep, naked.

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