tagMind ControlRepeat After Me Ch. 02

Repeat After Me Ch. 02


As I set up my cameras in this girl's bedroom, I started looking around. Miss Yellow Sundress lived alone. No sign of a boyfriend. Perhaps she was so suggestible because she just didn't get fucked enough. I smiled to myself, remembering how obediently she had sunk to her knees at my command. She was still out there by her front door, awaiting my next order.

"Get in here," I said loudly, still fiddling with the shutter speed on a camera.

The beautiful blonde entered the room on all fours. I chuckled, remembering that I had told her to get on her knees. So, being the perfect little slave, she had crawled the whole way to avoid disobeying my order.

I snapped a photo. Here was a creature who belonged on her knees.

But not with clothes on. Even if it was an irresistible sundress...

"Off with that dress," I said. "It's too hot in here for that, right?"

"...rrrrght..." she slurred, drool spilling out her mouth. I suddenly remembered that I had also ordered her not to swallow. I couldn't help but laugh, watching this young, flawless woman, on her knees before me, unzipping her skimpy little sundress, waiting for me to give her permission to swallow my spit. I snapped a few pictures of her pulling that dress over her head, still on her knees.

"You may swallow now," I allowed, once the dress was finally off. She lifted her glistening chin as she gulped down my spit, triggering fantasies of what else this girl would be gulping down tonight. I took a few shots of her in her light pink bra and little blue panties. Her hands were behind her back again, as if she already knew her place.

"Those nipples could use a little more attention," I said. He bra had slipped down, staps off her shoulders and nipples pointing out over the cups. "But I think that bra is in the way."

"...this bra is in the way..." she breathed, shedding the garment and beginning to twist her neglected nipples just like she had done on the street.

Click, click, click went my camera.

"And rub yourself through those panties too. Your pussy must be dripping wet by now."

"...my pussy is dripping wet..." she said, moving one hand to start rubbing the aforementioned wet pussy, and leaving the other hand pinching a nip.

"Spread those knees apart more, legs wider... good girl." I could see the shiny lips of her pussy, as her busy little fingers had pushed the fabric of her panties so far up.

Click, click, click.

"These pictures are going to turn out great," I said. "You belong on your knees."

"...I belong on my knees..." my model practically moaned in confirmation.

I couldn't resist. "You belong to me," I continued.

"...I belong to you..." she moaned louder, working her nipple and pussy.

"You're a slave to my every whim and desire."

"... I'm a... slave to... you..." she panted, forgetting the rest.

"You're my slave," I said. That should be simple enough for her.

"I'm... your... slave..." She moaned between each word as if the words themselves gave her more pleasure than her eager fingers.

"I'm your master," I said.

"You're... my... master," she repeated, those moans getting louder.

Good thing I had already started the video camera too.

"Get those fingers out of your snatch and suck them," I said, amused by the way part of her underwear remained pushed up inside her.

She sucked her fingers deep into her mouth, eyes staring up into the camera. Perfect. I got a few shots, but I wasn't paying much attention to photographic technique. I wanted to make her take those panties off...

But while she was on her knees, she might as well suck something besides fingers.

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