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Repeat Offender


Cautiously she drove the roads, still rattled at her strange encounter. She dreamt about the encounter several times and awoke very aroused. Her husband had benefited greatly from the dreams. Every time she passed a law enforcement vehicle he heart skipped a beat and her sex grew wet.

This was crazy she new and it was almost like a dream except for the bruises left on her pelvis from the window. Would he really find her again? What did he want besides to ravish her body? Days grew into weeks and weeks turned to months. She wasn't as sensitive these days and had pretty much agreed that this was a freak occurrence.

It was early morning and she was getting out before many were even awake. The sun had just started to come up. She figured turkey season was close and a bit of scouting wouldn't hurt. A few desolate roads provided good views of prime turkey habitat.

Headlights appeared behind her, but she didn't think anything of it as it was probably a local rancher going to check his cattle. But when the lights flashed she knew he had found her again. She was both afraid and frightened. Her body grew aroused and her mind screamed to run.

Obediently she pulled over into a pivot road. The corn was tall, but not ready to cut. He pulled in behind. Getting out of the care she could see his well defined body and his face at last. He looked like he had been cut from granite. His features were rugged and his eyes were ice blue.

"Get out of the car please," he said in a way that was more and order than a request.

This time you don't hesitate. You step out of the car and he looks you up and down. He looks into your eyes and you see the need and hunger in them. "Get on your knees," he barks,

The ground is muddy and you begin to protest. He spins your around and pins you against the vehicle again. You can feel his hard cock pressing against your ass. Pulling your arms behind you he has you cuffed again. A swift chop of his knees has your on yours. Thankfully the mud cushions your fall. He moves you around until your facing his bulging pants.

"I thought you had learned your lesson, but no matter we can do this the hard way," he says as he unbuckles his pants and releases his engorged cock. It's very large and thick. Almost 8" and very thick, no wonder it filled you up so well before. You nose catches a scent that you don't recognize at first, but then realize it's the smell of sex. You are not his first this morning.

He grabs your hair and runs his cock across your lips. You try to keep your mouth closed but he grabs your jaw and forces your mouth open. The head slides across your lips and you can taste his Precum and the sweetness of the woman before you. He begins slowly fucking your mouth as he holds your hair tightly in his grip. "MMM that's it suck it, mmm bet you love the taste of my girl on my cock. She sure loved the taste of you."

Your eyes flash with the realization that he is sharing his exploits and how he ravages you with his lover. You begin working his shaft and teasing the head of his cock. He pulls out and you lick up and down the shaft while looking up into his eyes. Sliding lower you lick and suck his balls. His body reacts to your talented mouth. Sucking his balls and licking up the juices of his lover is making you wetter and more turned on.

You swallow his shaft as deeply as you can and he thrusts it in and out. You work his head and tease the tip to make him even crazier. Wishing your hands were free, but enjoying his hard pussy flavored cock as it is. Soon your talents have him grunting and pulling your hair forcing you ever deeper onto his cock.

At first you gag a bit and then relax as his cock slip inside your throat. He is getting closer and closer as you work his cock. Faster and faster you slide up and down on the shaft as he pulls you in. Soon you can feel his cock twitching and he explodes filling your throat and mouth.

You manage to swallow most of it and only a tiny bit dribbles down your chin. He grabs you under your shoulders and stands you up. This time he leans forward and kisses you deeply his tongue invading your mouth. He licks up his cum and offers it to you. You suck his tongue like you just did his cock.

Now he puts you on the hood of your truck and pulls your pants off. Today you are wearing a yellow thong and he smiles. It is ripped off by his powerful hands. He dives in and begins eating your wet pussy with abandon. He sucks your clit in deep and nibbles on it. His tongue swirls around and over it. First he licks circles, then figure eights. His hand moves up your thigh and parts your swollen lips.

Fingers soon find that hotspot inside and begin massaging it. First one and then a second as he sucks and licks your pussy at the same time. The juices flow and dribble down the crack of your ass. He begins rubbing your back door gently and allowing you to relax. Soon his finger begins to slide inside and you feel its pressure against his other fingers.

A deep trembling begins to fill your body. He is filling both holes and stroking you as he sucks and licks your clit. Holding it between his lip covered teeth he rocks his head back and forth and flicks your button with the tip of his tongue. This is too much and you begin to cum

Your hips buck as your try to grind into his face. Your ass is on fire and the feeling is incredible. You can't believe how all these sensations are combining to make you cum harder than you can ever remember. You squirt into his mouth and he drinks you dry. He continues to work and quickens the pace until your second hits you and hits your hard.

Before you know it, he is standing and has your legs high in the air. Your hangs ache from the cuffs and he pulls you slightly off the edge to take some pressure off of them. He impales your quickly and your loose your breath. His cock is rock hard again and he begins pounding your as his balls slap against your ass.

Leaning forward he sucks and bites your nipple tugging on it slightly as he pushes your legs back further getting deeper inside you. Working your nipple with his teeth and tongue only adds to the fire. Soon he stands up and begins to thrust harder and harder. Veins stand out on his neck and face as he forces your legs further and further over your head. It feels like you will break when he stops suddenly.

He pulls you off the hood and turns you around. Before you know what is happening your filled again with his eager cock. Harder and harder he fucks you. Grabbing your long hair he pulls your head back and begins slapping your ass. His slaps are sharp and soon the skin is pink and turning read. He is like a beast as his cock assaults your inner depths. One orgasm fades into the next as he works his magic.

You can feel him tense up and his rhythm falters for a second. He explodes with great force deep inside you. His cock pulses as jet after jet of hot cum is pumped deep inside. Your mind explodes with pleasure from an orgasm that seems to have no end.

Once again you regain your senses and find your self released. Your wrists sting a bit, but hopefully the red marks will fade soon. You can hear him pulling up his pants.

He leans forward and licks you from the base of your ass to your neck. You can feel his body pressing on yours.

"Mmmm even better than last time baby, perhaps next time I will share you with my lady. She would love to fuck you too."

With that he returns to his car and drives away. Your pussy drips with his seed and your juices. Your underwear is gone and you pull up your damp, muddy jeans. Once again your left shaking and wondering what he will do next.

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