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The following is a story I wrote for my husband….. It is written from his point of view and I know it is one of his biggest fantasies. The thought of having me replace him with another man in his own home always gets him going…..

Who knows maybe one day I'll surprise him?

Chapter one

I guess I have no one to blame but myself for the situation I now find myself in. On a daily basis I have to battle with the highs and lows of sharing my Wife of eight years Sarah, with her lover Ted.

Looking back I guess it started quite innocently, a TV programme was on detailing the 'alternative' lifestyle of swingers. Both Sarah and I commented on how it might be fun to have a different partner now and again. To kind of 'spice things up'.

Sarah though is a jealous person by nature and it didn't take her long to concede that it wouldn't work because she couldn't stand to see me with anyone else. I joked that that maybe that would be OK, I could just watch her with someone else. Sarah took a long moment to think, then told me that I had better be careful what I said or she may just take me up on it.

To fast forward, things progressed pretty slowly really. Sarah would go out with the girls and would always tell me if she had been chatted up, which invariably happened. Eventually, over the course of time, this then moved onto dancing, kissing and even petting with guys she met.

She would always come home in a very horny state, needless to say we would passionately fuck whilst she recounted her evening to me. Telling me how she wished she could have fucked Mark, Dave, Steve or whoever it was she had spent the evening dancing and chatting to.

I guess we crossed the line when during one particularly passionate fuck I told her I'd love it if she did fuck another man. Sarah stopped grinding her pussy down on me and asked me if I meant it. I was so horny at that time I didn't give it a second thought as I told her yes. She gave a little smile and whispered

"Beg me"


"You heard honey…… Beg me to take a lover…….It's what you want isn't it?"


"Well go on then"

She began slowly riding up and down my cock again, squeezing her pussy muscles as she did so, sending waves of ecstasy over me.

"Please Sarah"……..


"P…please Sarah, please take a lover if you want to"

She smiled down at me as she upped the tempo, bringing me closer to orgasm each time she thrust downwards, impaling herself on my cock.

"You don't mean that" she teased

"Yes…..Yes I do, please……please take a lover…. I want you to"

With that I came, filling her pussy with my hot cum. Her pussy gripped my cock, milking out every last drop. When we finally managed to catch our breath, she slowly climbed off me and went into the loo to clean up. When she returned she slipped into the covers beside me and kissed me.

"One day I might just take you up on your offer" she whispered before cuddling up to me and drifting off to sleep.

Chapter two

I guess over the next two years things moved on little by little. Sarah had, with my blessing begun to date other guys. One day I showed her some of the stories from the net about cuckold husbands and confessed that it really turned me on when she was out doing whatever she wanted with other men.

Sarah took the bits from the stories that she found appealing and started to use them in everyday life. She would have me run her a bath, then, whilst she relaxed and soaked in the water, she would get me to pick out her lingerie for her dates and lay them on the bed. Just small, but powerfully erotic things like that.

It was I guess nearly a year ago that Ted came into our lives. He was doing some freelancing work at her Offices and a colleague introduced Sarah to him. They chatted and met a couple of times, within a group, for lunch.

Sarah was quite open and told me that she fancied this guy at work and that he had asked her out. She could tell that it turned me on to hear her saying that she would like to meet Ted. She ran her hand over the front of my trousers and gripped my hard cock.

"Aww is poor hubby all horny?" she teased

I nodded

"Well maybe I'll just replace you altogether, I think you'd like that wouldn't you?"

I guess I should have read more into that than I did.

At first Ted and Sarah went out on normal meal / film / drink dates. I would always lay out Sarah's lingerie and clothes and even drive her in to wherever she was meeting Ted. She would then get a taxi home afterwards.

Then within a month they had taken things to the next level. Ted was now fucking my Wife…. And at every opportunity!. Again, at first this was always at his house, then gradually Sarah started inviting him around to our place. She said it was much easier for her to relax when he stayed here. Besides, she joked how she liked to show off her new boyfriend in front of me.

I guess I should describe Ted a little. At 44, he's a little older than either Sarah or I. He's very confident, without being arrogant. He has obviously looked after himself as he is in good shape and he dresses smartly. Sarah you could tell, was smitten by him from the start.

It was quite awkward the first time I met Ted. Sure he did his best to put me at ease, but it was his arm my wife clung to as she introduced us. He wasn't phased by any of this, the fact that here he was making 'Smalltalk' with the husband of the woman he was dating. Sarah and Ted soon made themselves comfortable in my presence, They would kiss, cuddle and generally behave as if they were a newlywed couple, leaving me to watch from a distance.

I say watch, but Sarah made it quite clear that she didn't want me seeing them making love. For all intents and purposes our bedroom was out of bounds whenever the door was shut. Needless to say that Ted shared our marital bed whenever he stayed, and I slept in the spare room. It was agony at times, as I would lie awake listening to the unmistakable sounds of passion as Ted made love to my Wife in the room next door. It was quite apparent just how much Sarah enjoyed it, as she was never usually that noisy with me.

Very early on, it got to the stage that Ted was staying over at Sarah's request about 4 out of 7 nights. He would arrive early on a Friday afternoon and they would head straight to bed before I had even got home from work. I then watched in a state of frustration and I guess humiliation as Ted took my place as the 'man of the house'. If they ventured out it would fall to me to make up their bed and check that there were enough condoms left in the bedside cabinet for them to use. It was only when he returned home on a Tuesday that I was able to reclaim my place back in bed next to Sarah.

Naturally, Sarah was usually quite tired by the time Tuesday came around. I of course was as horny as hell, having spent the best part of the weekend watching her and her 'boyfriend' enjoying themselves to some degree. Whenever I tried to be intimate with her she would let me go down on her to bring her off. Then afterwards when I tried to enter her she would stop me and insist on just wanking me off. I begged her time and time again to at least give me a blow job but she would always remind me that she didn't really like doing that. And so it became the norm, she would sit over my face whilst I licked her and she would play with my cock and quickly bring me off into a tissue. I was so hooked on being her cuckolded husband that I didn't complain!

It was just after last Christmas that I returned home from work one Friday to hear the familiar sounds of the bed creaking upstairs. As usual, I made myself comfortable and watched TV. My cock was straining as I imagined what my Wife was getting up to with her lover in our bed. About an hour later they both came downstairs hand in hand to join me. Both of them were just wearing bathrobes and as they made themselves comfortable on the settee, Sarah's robe opened a little at the front and I could clearly see a tell tale hickey on her left breast. Sarah noticed me looking and smiled as she wrapped the robe tightly around her again, covering herself up from my gaze.

I fetched them a couple of drinks and she and Ted cuddled up on the sofa. I excused myself and said I was going to take a shower and Sarah asked me if I would mind changing the sheets on the bed. "Sure" I replied, " I'll check to see if there are enough 'things' (meaning condoms) for you in the cabinet as well. Sarah smiled and quite matter of factly said "No need to honey you only bought a new box last week". I took it that she knew there were plenty and made my way upstairs. On entering the bedroom I could see their clothes still strewn all over the place, as if they had ripped them off each other in the height of passion. I tidied up a little and fetched a new sheet and pillowcases.

I stopped still as I went to remove the bottom sheet. There in the middle of the bed was a large wet patch. My heart was beating fast as I tried to collect my thoughts. It couldn't be….. I kept telling myself over and over. I tentatively opened the bedside drawer and retrieved the box of condoms. The cellophane cover was still intact……I knew then that Ted had fucked my Wife and not used a condom. It was another sign of just how much she desired him. Almost in a daze I pulled off the sheet and replaced it with a new one. I showered and dressed and made my way back downstairs not knowing whether to say anything or not about my discovery.

As I entered the front room I was greeted with the sight of my wife kneeling in front of Ted, his bathrobe wide open, giving him a blow job. I stood mouth open as I watched her lovingly working his cock in her mouth. This was the first time I had seen them being this intimate.

Ted was breathing heavily and on the point of cumming when he noticed me standing there. He didn't say anything but just smiled. Then taking hold of the back of Sarah's head he pushed his cock deep into her mouth. "Nghhhhh…I'm cumming" he groaned in obvious ecstasy. Sarah sucked hard on his cock, swallowing his cum as he writhed in pleasure. When finally his cock had stopped twitching she slowly eased it out of her mouth and looked straight at me, then back at Ted. "Mmmm, I just love doing that for you" she said to him.

Slowly she raised herself up and sat next to Ted again, she toyed with his cock, which was still on display, as she looked at me. "Don't look so shocked honey, I know I don't do that for you…..But you don't mind seeing me do it for Ted do you?"

"N….no" was all I could say as I sat down in the chair

There was a bit of an awkward silence before she whispered something to Ted and he got up and made his way upstairs.

"Did you change the sheets?" Sarah asked me almost matter of factly

"Yes" I replied, still trying to take everything in

She smiled and came over and sat on the arm of the chair.

"You must have known this would happen"

"W…what would happen" I stammered

"That Ted would see and do things with me that you don't anymore"

"Besides….. I think you enjoy it don't you?…..Knowing that your wife is giving herself to someone else more fully than she does with you"

Her hand reached over and caressed the front of my trousers. My cock gave my feelings away

"Ahhh yes….. My poor hubby likes the fact that I've replaced him with a real man doesn't he?"

"Y…yes" I replied, feeling quite embarrassed

She continued stroking me through my trousers as she continued

"It's alright honey…..I still love you, it's just you have to realise that Ted is now taking care of me in that department"

"W….what do you mean" I managed to blurt out

"Well no doubt you know that we haven't used those condoms you bought and that when Ted fucks me now, I love to feel his cum deep inside me"…..

I went to reply but Sarah put her fingers to my lips

"Shhh…. Just listen honey….. Ted and I have been talking and he doesn't like the idea of sharing me with anyone else…. Not even you. Ted's lease is due for renewal and it seems silly him taking on a new contract whilst he spends half his time here…..So we've decided that it's probably best if he moves in here full time for a while and then he and I can be together whenever we want"

"But what about me?" I managed to blurt out

"Of course you'll still be my husband…… in most senses…… but you just wont get to enjoy me sexually any more…….Now be honest, doesn't the idea of having Ted and I living under the same roof as you fulfil all your cuckold desires?"

Sarah was still stroking my cock with her hand, bringing me expertly close to orgasm

"I….I guess so" I said not knowing exactly what I was committing to. My cock was literally ruling my head

"Then it's settled….. You can help Ted bring his stuff over tomorrow and I'll move your stuff into the spare room whilst your gone"…..

Sarah released her grip on my cock and leaned over to kiss me full on the lips

"Mmmm thank you honey, you're the best husband a wife could wish for"

"Please Sarah…. At least finish what you started"

"Ah Ah…..Didn't you hear what I said earlier?….. Ted doesn't like sharing me so you'll have to get used to sorting yourself out"

Slowly she stood up and opened her robe a little…. Grinning like a Cheshire cat she then eased her panties down.

"Here……. You can always use these to help you" she said pressing the discarded panties into my hand

"They're a little wet from before I'm afraid, but I'm sure you won't mind…. Now you see to yourself down here whilst I go and join Ted in the shower…. I can't wait to tell him the good news!"

That brings us full circle. I now live under the same roof as Sarah and Ted. But it is he who gets to enjoy my Wife whilst I have to make do bringing myself off to the sound of them making love. Her discarded panties are the closest I get to contact with Sarah in any sexual way, but there is a part of me that just loves the situation and wouldn't change it even if I could!

I cannot explain the thrill I get seeing him caress her as she sees him off to work in the mornings, then she joins me back at the breakfast table and we chat as if nothing had changed……………….

The End

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