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"Why did I do this to myself?" I thought, watching her set up in her new cubicle. It was August, the start of a new school year, and she was wearing a tank top and shorts that showed off her best assets; her long, athletic legs, and her tight round ass. I tried not to stare, even though she was facing away from me putting books on the shelves.

"Why did I choose a research assistant that I'm attracted to?" Isabella had just graduated from Georgia Tech with a PhD in mathematics. She had done well in the interviews for this position, but if I had been hiring purely based off of skill I probably should have chosen Yang, the Chinese man from Stanford.

"I really appreciate you getting me such prime cubicle real estate," Isabella said, turning around to face me. My eyes snapped up from her ass and I hoped in embarrassment that she didn't notice.

"It is still a cubicle," I laughed softly, smiling at the beautiful woman in front of me. That happened a lot when I was around her; I tended to smile more. I guess it was in the pursuit of happiness that I decided to hire her. That's what I tell myself, at least. "But you're right, having a spot by the window will be really nice. Spring in Boston is especially nice, when all the flowers on the trees are beginning to bloom."

"Sounds wonderful," she smiled back, turning back around to continue shelving books. God, she was gorgeous. Her parents were from Turkey, but she was born in the US. Her dark brown hair and pale green eyes provided a contrast that made her appearance even more striking, and at times I found myself almost paralyzed in her gaze.

I knew it was wrong, to be attracted to this woman, and even more wrong to have hired her for that same reason. I was married, to a man that I loved very much, but never in my life had I felt a burning lust like the one I felt for Isabella. It was too exciting, too new, to pass up.

"I'll let you get settled in then." I walked away, unsure of what else to say, and headed back to my office. Once there, I found myself unable to concentrate on my work. I kept thinking about her, about her legs, her long hair, and her smile. I tried to force these thoughts out of my head, but they were simply too overpowering. Being around her, even for a short period of time, was intoxicating. I looked down and noticed that I had been stroking my own thigh as I was daydreaming, and now I was extremely aroused.

The image of Isabella, penetrating every thought, clouded my head as I got up to lock my office door. Leaning with my back against the door, I grasped my breast with one hand, massaging myself through my shirt, and unbuttoned my slacks hastily with the other. I could feel my wetness through my underwear, and with her image in my mind, I was already so close to climaxing. I looked down and imagined Isabella's head between my legs, her tongue lapping rapidly. Moaning softly, I leaned my head back against the door and began to touch myself desperately. I imagined her soft, nude body, her long, toned legs, and her dark hair strewn violently across a white bed sheet as I made love to her passionately. It wasn't long before I brought myself to a shattering climax, my hand flying to my mouth to muffle my scream of pleasure.

I continued to touch myself throughout the orgasm until it died down, and I collapsed in a heap on the floor of my office, panting heavily. In the back of my mind I knew what I just did was wrong, but the intensity of it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I had sat there for a few minutes, recovering, when I heard a knock on the door. Hastily, I buttoned up my slacks and attempted to straighten my hair.

"Isabella!" I said nervously, opening my door to reveal the beautiful young woman standing in front of me.

"Hello Dr. Greene," she said innocently, completely unaware of what I had just done moments earlier. I tried not to blush.

"All settled in?"

"Yes, and I was wondering if you could walk with me to our research meeting? I'm not sure where the room is." She looked embarrassed, as if she was somehow at fault. I had almost forgotten about the meeting.

"Of course, of course, let's head over there right now." I grabbed a notebook and led the way to the conference room. As we walked side by side I could almost feel the sexual energy between us. It could have been my imagination, but it was so strong I couldn't see how that would be the case. We talked of light things as we walked, the city, our upcoming research project, nice restaurants around campus. I held open the door for her and we walked inside; the rest of our research group, two middle-aged professors and their younger PhD student Neil.

"Everyone, this is my new research assistant Isabella. She'll be helping with our project on statistical modeling of wireless interference." I could see their eyes scanning her in disbelief as she waved hello. Never in the history of this school have we had such an attractive faculty member, I thought.

The other professors gave updates on their work and everyone was taking notes. I noticed Neil seemed a little distracted, however; he kept pretending to write things down while furtively looking at Isabella. But who could blame him?

In fact, as the semester went on, I noticed Neil and Isabella hanging around each other more and more. I wasn't willing to admit to myself that I was jealous, because I spent just as much time with her as he did, but a little part of me really despised Neil. It was torturous, trying to concentrate on my work knowing that she was so close by. Every time I would see her in the hallway or whenever she would stop by my office asking for help with something my mind would become clouded.

One afternoon I was typing up a research proposal when I heard a soft knock on my door. "Come in," I said absentmindedly.

It was Isabella. She was wearing tight gray slacks, black heels, and a simple white blouse that contrasted beautifully with her long dark hair. I looked up and she had my attention immediately; I tried not to scan her body with my eyes, but God, was she gorgeous. The dirty thoughts that flew through my brain just then made me feel ashamed and disgusted at myself. I looked at the picture of my husband on my desk and suddenly I also felt quite guilty.

"Sit down, Isabella. What can I do for you?"

She smiled shyly as she took a seat across from me at my desk. Her lips were smiling, but there was something in her eyes that made her seemed worried and afraid.

"Professor Greene, I...well, this is silly," she sighed and looked down in her lap, an unsure look on her face.

"No, Isabella, please...what is it?" I stared at her beautiful face as she looked down, studying it. She was so perfect. Absolutely flawless.

"I mean I've given presentations a million times before, but this one is different. I've never given a presentation where...it's for my project funding, Professor." Her eyes lifted up to meet mine and I could see just how worried she looked. "I'm going to be judged in front of a panel from this company, and if they like me they'll give me the funding for my research, but if they don't, I don't know if I can continue on my project..."

"Isabella, I remember my first presentation like that. It's no longer like the presentations you did in grad school; it's like being a salesman and trying to win someone over. I know what you are feeling. In fact, I don't know if you know this, but I'll be giving a presentation at that same conference as well. Just sell your idea, Isabella."

"I don't know how to be a salesman!" She looked on the verge of tears, and I wanted desperately to walk over to her and embrace her, comfort her...

Instead, I just smiled reassuringly. "You just have to word your presentation a bit differently. Do you have it with you?"

"It's in my email..." she said, a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

"Pull your chair over here and bring it up on my computer. We'll walk through it, and I'll give you some helpful tricks I've learned over the years. It's all about how you word things."

Isabella pulled her chair over next to me and opened up a web browser to login to her email. My breath caught in my throat when she reached over me to use the keyboard. She was sitting very, VERY close. Did she need to be sitting that close? I suppose, to get at the computer, but...God...her arm was mere inches from my breast. Our legs were practically touching. I felt panicked, excited, and intensely aroused. I tried to focus.

"Here it is," she opened up a PowerPoint presentation on the screen. I could barely make out the letters. "It's more academic now, really. I'm not sure how technical I should be getting with business professionals when I am proposing project to them..." Isabella continued. "Here, I'll just give you the presentation as if you were someone from the company, and you can critique me."

"O...okay," I managed to stutter. She reached over to hit the down arrow to go to the next slide, and our legs, ever so lightly, touched. I pretended not to notice anything and it was clear that she didn't notice herself. I could hear her talking about the presentation, but the words didn't really resonate with me. All I could feel was her leg touching mine, that electric connection, and I was so turned on that I could barely think straight. The wetness between my legs was practically pooling, and when she shifted slightly to hit the key again, the friction of our legs rubbing against each other almost made me orgasm right there.

I could smell her perfume. So light, but distinctively Isabella. It was driving me crazy. I knew right then I could never be sexually satisfied in any way, shape, or form unless I had her. Just once. I just needed her once. Then this would all be over.

"Isabella." I interrupted her mid-sentence. She looked at me, confused and slightly startled. "I'm sorry, but I just remembered I have a teleconference at -- " I looked at the clock. It was 1:25. "One-thirty. Can we do this another time?" I could feel my face flushing, and I hoped to high heaven that she couldn't smell my arousal.

"Oh," she said softly. "Oh, Professor, I am so sorry. I shouldn't have barged in on you like this to begin with. Next time I'll email you beforehand, I mean..."

"No no, it's completely fine, I was the one who suggested we go through the presentation. Just. Please. I have to..get to this..." Isabella nodded and rose from her chair. My body screamed at the sudden lack of contact between us; it wanted -- needed -- so much more. "Please close the door on the way out, thank you."

"Thanks again Professor," she seemed slightly confused at the way I was almost literally pushing her out of the door, but I couldn't take it much longer. The second the door clicked I was unbuttoning my slacks and shrugging out of them. When I dipped my finger in between my folds I almost screamed in ecstasy. Everything was so swollen, so wet, and so soft. I finger-fucked myself into oblivion as I held on, white-knuckled, to my desk. Somewhere in the background I could hear the rapid sloshing noise as my fingers went in and out, and I could still smell Isabella. All my senses were overloaded, and as I came, I saw her smiling face before me.

Days passed, and Isabella hadn't asked to practice her presentation with me again. I sent her an email asking about it and she said she had given the presentation to Neil. I felt a pang of jealousy. I couldn't focus on it too long, however, because the big meeting for funding with the company was coming up in a few days and I had to get my presentation ready as well.

Luckily, Isabella and I hadn't crossed paths in a while, and the distraction had somewhat subsided. I was able to finish my presentation in time for the conference tomorrow in Chicago. Isabella and I were the representatives from our research group and we would be flying there together.

The night before the conference, I kept thinking about being together with Isabella in Chicago. There were so many possibilities for us to finally get together. The fantasies that entered my brain were completely insane and would never happen, but I liked thinking about them anyway. As I was lying in bed, my husband noticed I was a little fidgety.

"Honey, is everything alright? Are you nervous about your presentation tomorrow?" He was a sweet man, very kind, and very generous. I married him for that reason. But as the years passed, he had put on a few pounds and I found myself less and less attracted to him. I loved him with all my heart, but our sex life was lacking, to say the least. It had been months.

But tonight, I was feeling very randy. I turned to him and began stroking his chest, a mischievous glint in my eye. "It's been a while, Carl, I was just thinking about -- " I didn't even have to finish my sentence; he got the idea and we began to kiss. I knew he was still very attracted to me; I had kept my slim figure over the years and bar a few gray hairs, looked almost the same as when we met.

I could feel his thick hands roaming my body hungrily, tugging at my nightdress. Expertly, I pulled it off and threw it to the side of the bed. Carl got on top of me and began kissing my neck passionately while his hands reached behind me and unhooked my bra. I pulled off his shirt and we continued kissing. I could feel his erection, rock hard through his boxers, against my stomach. He began to rub his cock against my stomach desperately. Groaning, his hands moved down my body and nearly ripped off my panties. My mind was distracted; responding to the physical stimuli but thinking of someone else entirely. I felt his fingers play with my clit and I pretended they were Isabella's.

I moaned and I could tell he was encouraged and couldn't wait much longer. I could feel his hard cock slipping inside of me and his large belly pressing against me as he entered me. Somewhere in the back of my mind I realized he forgot to put on a condom, but I was still thinking about that dark haired beauty. Carl heaved against me slowly, grunting each time. After less than a minute, he gave an extended groan and pulled out and lay on top of me. I could feel the massive amounts of hot cum spraying all over my stomach; luckily, he had pulled out in time. With my hands on his back I could feel how sweaty he already was, even though the entire ordeal had certainly been less than 10 minutes. I was not satisfied. In fact, I was feeling hornier than ever.

He was out of it, so I rolled him off of me and fingered myself desperately. It only took a little while before I, too, was orgasming. Orgasming to the thought of her. I could hear Carl panting beside me, his hand lazily groping my thigh as my body spasmed in ecstasy. He thought I was turned on because of him. I felt so guilty. I got up to wash the cum off of my stomach and when I got back to bed Carl was already asleep.

I kissed Carl goodbye as he was dropping me off at the airport that afternoon. I met Isabella in the lobby and she was looking as gorgeous as ever; she was in a simple white tee and jeans but she pulled it off beautifully.

"Hi, Dr. Greene," she beamed.

I couldn't help but blush and smile back. "Hello."

We got through security painlessly enough and boarded our plane right on time. Since we had bought the tickets at the same time, we were seated next to each other.

"I apologize ahead of time if I just fall asleep on the flight," Isabella said as we were waiting in line to get on the plane. "I have to take motion sickness medicine every time I fly and it has the nasty side effect of drowsiness."

I laughed and assured her it was completely fine. "Sleep away," I told her. It would be easier for me that way anyway; I wouldn't have to try and force my brain to come up with topics of conversation for the three hour flight.

Isabella wasn't lying; nearly ten minutes after we had taken off she had already fallen asleep. I looked out the window over the farmland to distract myself from staring anymore at the sleeping angel beside me. I felt creepy enough already.

Just when I had finally gotten my mind off of her and onto my presentation, I felt something hard thump down on my shoulder. I looked down and Isabella had tilted over and was leaning on me. The sudden contact sent electricity through my body and I felt warm all over. I spent too much energy controlling my breathing, making sure not to wake her, as I looked down on her. I couldn't help myself; I bent down slightly and smelled her long, dark hair. It was the same smell I had come to love; she smelt of oranges and cinnamon. My eyes fluttered closed as I took in her scent, and it took everything I had in me not to kiss the top of her head.

It was relaxing, having her leaning on me, and soon I had fallen asleep as well. I woke up when I felt someone gently shaking my shoulder.

"Dr. Greene? Dr. Greene, we're here..." I groggily sat up and rubbed my forehead. "I'm sorry I fell asleep on you, I didn't mean to, it's that medication, making me drowsy..."

"It's completely alright Isabella, relax...no harm done," I managed to smile at her. In fact, I had quite enjoyed it...

By the time we checked into the hotel it was already far past dinner time and both of us were starving. Unsure of the city and what would be open at 10:30 PM, we decided to just order room service.

The hotel room had one queen size bed, and Isabella and I sat on the edge of it eating chicken fingers off of the room service cart. They were pretty mediocre, but we were starving.

After ten minutes of frenzied eating, we collapsed backwards onto the bed in exhaustion.

"That was delicious." Isabella sighed.

"No, that was nasty. But anything is delicious when you're starving," I turned to her and laughed, but stopped when our eyes met. I had never seen her this close up before, and her beauty was almost too much to handle. When her dark green eyes met my light brown ones, I had to turn away.

"Is something wrong, Professor?" Isabella asked. She was so unaware of how I felt. If she knew the situations I had pictured her in, if she knew what horrible things I had imagined myself doing to her body, I knew she would feel disgusted. I tried not to let on.

"No, Isabella. I'm just tired is all. And I just realized I forgot to check in with Carl when we arrived at the hotel."

"Carl? Your husband?"

"Yes, he likes to make sure I'm okay," I turned to face her again, bracing myself. "He's a very caring man." I stated it mostly for myself, trying to remind me of what I had at home.

"I hope someday I can find someone like that," Isabella said longingly, staring into my eyes. I looked back at her, searching for something behind the stare, searching for something more.

"I thought you and Neil had something going on."

She laughed quietly, and the sound made my heart flutter. I was simultaneously very aroused and very nervous as I lay there next to her, and I hoped with all my heart that she couldn't tell.

"No...he's...he's nice, but he's not really my type. It's so hard to find someone."

"It can't be that hard, for a beautiful and intelligent girl like yourself," I smiled warmly. In a sense, I admired her greatly, even though I was her elder. Her gaze seemed to bore into me, penetrating deep down to my core. I had to look away. I looked down at her body, sprawled out on the bed. She was so perfect. Her long legs, crossing slightly, seemed to go on forever. I could see a hint of cleavage out of her tank top, and it seemed to beckon me. I would have given anything to touch her at that very moment.

"It's so much harder than you would think," it was almost a whisper, and I knew she had seen my eyes scanning her body. I looked up at her with guilt. I felt like a child with his hand caught in the cookie jar; but my arousal was on the brink of being unbearable.

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