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"I am god." The closed eyed lover teased after treating me wonderfully under the starlight, "Who shall you be?"

Ah you, you lay there before me, resplendent after our rapturous mating. Do smile for me. My handsome warrior, king of dreams.

How ethereal you are.

"Oh Ren, I am your goddess..." I said softly tracing his beautiful full lips. It rouses you. I see you wake. You smile with those beautiful eyes. That glint in them only make you more loved. A spark that always lull me to dream but never...allow me to awaken.

Please let me awake, my handsome warrior...

Oh damn you to all nine hells!

"Good." The warrior spoke deeply, coming out of his slumber and got up to pull his trousers on and walked across the bedroom to pick up his claymore. He turned to me with ice in his eyes, "Stay where you are."

A cold chill went through me and I felt incredibly small. I curled up and clung to the furs. Winter in the mountains were harsh and even more harsh with him home. He is a solider for Ertan army. A commander with corrupt bloody hands. Corruption runs deep in his soul and he switches from lover to someone...evil and cursed. Alas my heart bleeds. I fear for my life.

"Answer me!" his voice boomed at me and seemed to quake the little hut we live in.

Let there be summer just once. Just once...

"I-I shall stay, Ren." I said weakly hoping this time I do not anger him so much.

Ren growled and stalked out of the room, leaving me in despair. I had been married to him for 7 unlucky years. My father arranged it and told me he would treat me right. Papa is dead from a raid three days after I married Ren. My mother died of a broken heart shortly after. Ren was supportive with fierce need to justice for my parents. His honour made my heart swell.

Now? 7 bitter violent years after, Ren, my handsome warrior is darkness itself. He is a demon! A monster! I must go...escape somehow.

After long minutes I heard Ren leave the hut to go to the village in the valley for a drink. I hurried out of bed and tore off my nightgown, crying softly from the blood trickling down my legs. He was too vicious. Oh my heart cannot take this anymore. I need to run.

In wild haste, I dress and grabbed my fur cloak, the canteen, and food rations. I stole some valuables to get money. After grabbing a cleaver to put in my makeshift pack, I sobbed as I ran out in the wintry morning. The snowflakes fell too slow. The time seemed to slowdown. I looked up to the white blinding sky.

"Please" I said to the gods who may have been watching and listening, "I mean no offence. I am in much pain. I am the caged nightingale who cannot sing anymore."

Blind with terror and desperation, I ran to the stables and got my mare which I had used all the time. My only friend through the 7 years of hell. I saddled her and eventually took off in the road. Panic seized me when a realization hit me. He might catch her on the road! I veered my mare to the left and headed for the trees across the meadow. The ethereal forest is said to be guarded by spirits. Maybe they'll protect me!

Please, I prayed to the gods, Save me! Don't forsaken me!

As the mare galloped like the wind itself, the smell of the forest started to invade my senses. A sense of frenzied serenity washed over me and I sighed content to smell the pine, the evergreen – the crisp scent of fresh freedom!

Freedom never smelt so good. Ren didn't come close to smelling this good.

The greens and whites of this surreal forest seemed to welcome me as I neared it but to my horror, I heard Ren's angry yelling thundering after me. Oh I didn't want to dream with him anymore. He was vile! I urged the mare on faster although I felt her old bones strain from exertion.

"Come on girl. You can rest soon. Please...I beseech you to run like your God of the winds, Ranu. Please..." I uttered in sheer panic and encouragement. I cannot and knew quite well what Ren would do if I gave up. I only had one shot.

"You little whore!" Ren screamed and howled like a feral animal, frightening me even more. Ren was a vicious soft spoken demon but hearing his voice thunder like that terrified me. Tears spilled out and I screamed pleading to the forest, "Please, please save me...from the god of dreams who took away my freedom and heart. Please save my soul! Help me...help me!"

Ren still yelled and was very close now on his nightmarish stallion, pounding after me cursing me to stop.

Was his eyes glowing like hellfire now? Oh! Help!

Suddenly a white flash of light swallowed me whole. I was horrified but felt the warm and protection from it. An authoritative voice whispered in my mind, I heard your call and I shall help you, maiden. Weep no more.

Gasping in relief and fear as well as utter confusion and awe, I relaxed and heard a sickening clanging and yelling that ended with cracking and squelching sounds. I struggled not to cry but I cried out verbally unsure what will happen next.

Warm arms embraced me, thick muscular ones that surely belonged to a man...fear ripped right through me like black ice.

It can't be Ren! No!

"Open your eyes, sweet maiden." That same voice whispered and I didn't realized I had closed them. I gasped and saw a warm male face watching me. Oh he wasn't handsome, but his sheer green eyes that were green as evergreen smiled at me. I stared at his thin angular face that was so silky looking and smooth. Ren was always bearded like typical warriors were. This man was no warrior. He seemed to thin and hollow. His clothes hung off him a bit fitting his thin body. He was built in a way but wasn't muscular.

In a start, his long girlish fingers brushed my wet cheeks as he murmured with a soft chuckle, "Weep not."

I finally found my voice and looked around. I was standing somewhere else. My mare was nowhere to be found. My hero stood before me, being careful not to alarm me. "Where am I and what happened to my horse?"

"Your mare is safe. I had set her free in the fields beyond this forest. She is quite happy. You are in my realm, maiden, for I am Dreganphly Guardian of the Evegrove forest." He smiled easily and eyed me carefully, "What be your name? Your dark curls are from Ertan bloodline but your eyes are not. They are beautiful sea blue."

I stammered for a minute and studied Dreganphly closer noticing he wore soft white leather and tunic embroidered with silver and green with a bow and arrow strapped upon his shoulder. He wore his hair in long white braids and I then noticed his ears. They were pointed and beautifully pierced with silver rings. His skin was so pale, like snow itself. A ghost?

"I am..." I stated weakly suddenly shy of this male creature who rescued me. "Marie..."

"Marie is a good name! Come, I will not hurt you. You need to rest and eat."

"But Ren, my husband..."

"Ren's dead." Dreganphly murmured flatly, "He will not harm you anymore."

My heart stuttered at the news and I couldn't help trembling and cried out, "Fiend! Murderer!"

I wasn't thinking that clear and slapped him hard in the face. Dreganphly didn't seemed offended and pulled me into a sublime embrace whispering strange comforting words I did not know. I realized he was actually singing some type of lullaby. He had such a beautiful voice for a male...creature.

I felt my legs turn into liquid as I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around him. Oh he was so skinny yet strong and safe. "D-Don't let me dream...Forgive me. I am cruel to hit you like that."

"You won't dream and cannot hurt me when your emotions are well validated. Let me take care of you now."

I nodded and blinked when I felt something odd under my fingertips. I yelped and stepped back breaking the wonderful embrace. Dreganphly smiled softly and his wings of light moved lazily.

"I am not human, Marie. Do not be afraid. You have been in the darkness too long. Have you forgotten what the light looks like and feels like?"

"Wha...What are you..."

"Light. I am the god of light. So long have I tried to keep the darkness from dominating." He spoke softly, "Take my hand, Marie. Feel nothing but warmth and security. I am not here to hurt you. I am here to save you."

I stared at him in disbelief and moved slowly to him, lost in those gorgeous green eyes. Oh my spirit soared but my mind remained suspicious. I couldn't help it. I took his long fingered hand and held it. I smiled with blushing cheeks. He laughed gently and it was music to my ears. He pulled me in swaying with me. Soon my body swayed with his. Oh how we danced! I laughed for the first time in 7 years and felt alive. Awakened.

"Oh Dreganphly! Thank you for this." I said happily twirling and gasped when he dipped me with a charming grin. He seemed relieved I calmed down and ran his fingers along my throat. Never have I felt such pleasure. I made a soft noise and blushed fiercely with Dreganphly smiling and pressed his tender lips on mine. So light and warm. Nothing like Ren. What was I doing? I felt like a unmarried girl again and happily kissed back.

He responded kissing me deeper and fully, with a seeking warm tongue. He laid me down on the snow but it wasn't cold or wet. I eagerly parted my lips welcoming his tongue. It was too wrong but it felt right.

He was...not vexatious at all!

Dreganphly smiled in the kiss with his long fingers sliding over my poorly dress and did something wicked. I am flushed and rewarded this god with a moan. Encouraged he proceeded with every touch hitting every erogenous area on my body. My body reacted blissfully craving and pleading for more. I wasn't even naked yet.

Oh how I wanted to be naked.

As if he read my mind he undressed me with precision and care. It was amazingly gentle, unlike Ren who was a monster and tore my clothes and skin off all the time. Scars were gained from it. Dreganphly didn't care for the scars and kissed one of them that was on my breast. It made my heart soar.

"Oh! Dregan-"

"Shh. I am here to take care of you." He interrupted with a twinkle of desire and laughter in his green eyes. Oh gods above! He was beautiful...

Kissing my body like it was a shrine, he made me melt under him. I moaned arching my body, unable to resist moving my hips trying to meet his own. His thin washboard stomach pressed against my own stomach. Heat flared like fire from the morning sun. Crying out softly I pleaded happily, "I want you inside me."

Grinning, the god of light rose a bit and showed his manhood to me. How I forgot to breathe. He didn't have to have looks with that divine body part of his! I gasped in anticipation and forgot everything around me. He wasn't on top of me now and I frantically searched for me but he laughed softly and kissed my hot sex wit his tender lips I loved to kiss.

I moaned loudly and excitedly as he paused and licked my slit venturing his tongue inside me. I cried out welcoming this due to never feeling this way before. He was attentive and soft but steady and...hard!


Like a virgin, I exploded into his mouth. His eyes sparked with hunger and lust as he lapped eagerly. He then said the sweetest thing to me, "You are very beautiful when you give yourself to me. I shall now give myself to you."

He was nothing like Ren! Ren now began to fade like a unwanted memory and I watched lovingly as Dreganphly moved over me and found his way inside me. I saw stars as he buried himself to the hilt so tender and deep that I couldn't utter anything, let alone breath.

My hands cupped his smooth face and he smiled like a lover should. He bent down to kiss me and His skin was aglow. I moaned in the kiss feeling light as a feather. I was surely in paradise. His thrusts were deep and slow, holding me close teasing my swollen lips with his tender lips.

Alas I could stay like this forever. My mind was blinded with his light. His warmth, his hardness....safe, so safe.

He moved faster, eager to hear my spirit sing and his own sing possibly. His face was so reverent and loving. My hero. He kept this up for so long, and we united so lovingly that the idea of separation hurt. Pushing that out of my mind, I focused on him, loving to hear his grunts and sweet kisses and whispers of love and kindness.

I never knew such kindness.

We burst like pair of shooting stars of the night, forever shining. Our cries harmonized and his breathless laughter was simply contagious. His fingers stroked my throat and his lips kissed my sensitive spot on my neck. I panted seeing stars and his wonderful wings caressing me.

I went blind with love, feeling blood seep from my eyes. I took no heed as I sighed and held his wonderful sweaty shuddering body against my own.

"I love you..." I croaked out.

Silence greeted me and soon heard the strangest words. Cold words from his lips I found so tender and sensual.

"I loathe you." He said and hands wrapped around my neck and squeezed. I couldn't see and cried out wondering what went wrong. "Let this unhallowed forest be your grave!"

I choked in horror and clawed at him trying to fight back. He was unbelievably strong. Why? Why? He was my hero! His laughter was the last thing I heard as I faded away in the warm wet snow. I thought my last:

How resplendent was he, my Light...I was his all along...

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