tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRestaurant Nightmare

Restaurant Nightmare


The night started out like any other night at the restaurant. I was making a killing in tips, thanks to my abundant flirting. I could only guess that my 21 year old body wrapped in the uniform didn't hurt either. The uniform was the traditional tight white shirt and the orange shorts. We were also required to wear pantyhose and sneakers to complete the look.

I have to say my 36C-24-35 body looked incredibly hot in the uniform and my manager, Mr. Simpson, insisted on giving me a size under what I usually wear. This resulted in lots of cleavage bursting out of the top of the low-cut shirt and the shorts riding high up on my hips, letting quite a bit of cheek hang out. Yes, I think the uniform contributed greatly to the amount of my tips.

I had been at the restaurant for about a year and that allowed me to make quite a few friends among the other waitresses and establish a long list of regulars. I had a few of my regulars in this particular night and the waitress crew was all of my closest friends. I was in a good mood and it had the makings of a fun night.

One particular table had two of my best customers and I decided to have fun with them. I stood very close to them while taking their order. When I brought anything to their table I would lean over in front of one of them, bringing my cleavage right in front of their face. I could tell they were enjoying this by the big smiles on their faces. One time I even put my arm around one of them and hugged him. Since he was sitting at a low table this brought his face very close to my chest. I could feel his breath on the top of my breasts. I would get a big tip from them tonight.

A little later I returned to their table and picked up a plate. There was another table close by so I had to squeeze through a small opening. In squeezing through my breasts rubbed along the back of the lucky guy. I guess I could have gone around but this was much more fun. His smile lasted about 15 minutes.

My friend Kristi noticed what I was doing and she was teasing me about it. Kristi is my closest friend and the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She is blonde like me with a smoking body. Her measurements are 38-25-36 and she is in fantastic shape. We work out together and you could say she has a hard body. Many people say we could be sisters but I think she is much prettier than I.

Pam was also working tonight. Pam is a brunette with a tight little body. Her breasts are small, I would guess 34, but her waist is tiny and her little ass sticks out on top of her gorgeous legs. Her ass probably gets more attention from customers than anything else in the restaurant on her nights to work. The only issue with Pam is she is a spitfire, she tells people exactly what she is thinking. Sometimes this can create a problem, especially when a customer gets a little too friendly and she announces it to the whole restaurant.

Another waitress on tonight is Brenda. She also has a very nice body and her breasts are her best feature. She also receives a too-small shirt from our illustrious manager. Her breasts are a little bigger than mine though and she has trouble keeping them from popping right out of the front. The shirt in fact sits lower than her bra, creating a very sexy look. In fact, all of our bras are pretty visible due to the sheerness of the shirts so we have to be careful to wear pretty bras.

The last girl on tonight is Tammy. Tammy is a little heavier than the rest of us. She has large breasts but she also has rolls around her midsection which the uniform does not showcase very well. Tammy is a sweet girl, though and we have a lot of fun.

As I said, the night was going well. I had already made a couple of hundred in tips and there was plenty of night left. It was about 9 o'clock when Tommy came in. Tommy used to be a cook until he was fired a couple of weeks ago. Our manager caught him stealing from one of the registers. Tommy raised quite a ruckus and claimed he didn't do it but he was fired anyway.

Tommy walked in and smiled as he passed me on the way to the back.

"Hello, sweet Holli" he said.

"Hi Tommy" I answered.

I had always liked Tommy. I thought he was sweet but he did always seem a little angry. He was black and he grew up in a tough neighborhood. I felt kinda sorry for him so I always tried to be nice to him. Pam, on the other hand, made no bones about the fact she thought he was a thug and the other girls just ignored him for the most part.

He went in the back and disappeared. I had lots of customers so I didn't pay him much attention. I paid attention about 5 minutes later when he came back out, with Mr. Simpson in front of him. Mr. Simpson's hands were bound together with duct tape and his mouth was covered in tape. Tommy was holding a gun to his back and leading him out into the dining room.

A couple of the girls screamed and a couple of customers moved towards the door. It was then I noticed two very large black men with guns blocking the door. The customers shrunk back to their seats.

Tommy walked Mr. Simpson to the middle of the restaurant. He motioned to his left and I noticed another black guy step out of the crowd. This guy took Mr. Simpson's hands and tied a rope around them. He then threw the rope around a beam in the ceiling and pulled it tight. He tied it to a pole, securing Mr. Simpson with his hands in the air.

Tommy stepped up on a table. You could have heard a pin drop.

"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to my birthday party. You see, I just turned 22 and I decided to have a party. However, Mr. Simpson here fired me two weeks ago so I thought I would have my party here." Tommy announced.

"I would like all of the girls to go and stand next to one of your tables." He said.

Nobody moved. I was too scared and I can only assume everyone felt the same.

"NOW!" Tommy screamed.

This broke me out of my frozen state and I scurried over next to one of my tables. I noticed the other girls did the same.

"Much better." Tommy said.

"You must understand people that I know how to use this and I am not afraid to make an example out of the first fool that tries something stupid." He said as he waved the pistol around.

Tommy stepped down from the table and walked over to Pam. She was standing next to a table in the center of the room, close to where Mr. Simpson was standing.

Tommy looked up at Mr. Simpson and said: "Take a good look, prick, because everything that happens tonight is your fault. I just wanted you and everyone here to know that."

He turned back to Pam and looked at her right in the eye.

"I thought we would start with you since you were always so sweet." Tommy chuckled.

Pam looked right at him and said "Fuck You" very slowly.

"Ah, Pam, just how I remember you." Tommy said.

He turned to one of the guys at the table and said, "Nice tits, huh?" pointing the gun at Pam's chest. The guy shook his head yes.

"Wouldn't you like to see them a little better?" He asked.

The guy shook his head again. Tommy grabbed Pam's arm and pulled her directly in front of the guy at the table. Tommy picked up a steak knife and lifted it towards her chest. Pam drew in her breath and flinched.

"Don't worry sweetie, I am not going to hurt you, yet" Tommy said.

He grabbed the front of her shirt and made a small cut in the middle. He pushed her back towards the guy.

"Tear it open" He said to the customer.

The customer slowly reached up and grabbed the shirt. He started slowly tearing it open.

"Faster!" Tommy screamed and pointed the gun at his head. The customer ripped open Pam's shirt completely to her waist, exposing her white bra to all.

"Very nice", Tommy said.

"Now, open the bra and let's take a look." He said to the customer.

The guy reached up between Pam's breasts and unhooked the front clasp. Her bra popped open and her smallish breasts were now on display to the entire restaurant.

Tommy put the gun under her right breast and lifted it up.

"Well, what do you guys think?" Tommy said, addressing everyone around him.

A small spattering of applause came from the crowd.

"OK, now here's what we're going to do." Tommy said to the five guys at the table.

"We're going to play a little game. You have one minute to remove every piece of clothing from her. If you don't do it she goes free and you guys get to run from this." Tommy said and pointed the gun in their direction. The crowd gasped.

Tommy looked at the guys, "Do you understand?" All of them shook their heads up and down.

"Good", Tommy said.

Tommy turned back to Pam. He reached out and gently grabbed her right nipple. He looked up at her.

"Do you understand?" He said.

"You suck" Pam responded.

"I will take that as a Yes." He said.

Tommy turned around and addressed the huge black standing next to Mr. Simpson.

"Tyrone, you ready?" He said.

The black man shook his head slightly.

"GO!" Tommy said and spun around quickly.

Pam immediately sprinted towards the back of the restaurant. The 5 guys were taken by surprise and were slow getting off of their stools. The restaurant was crowded though and they caught her before she got to the kitchen. Two of them grabbed each an arm and pulled her back to the middle of the floor. Two others grabbed each a leg and held her.

The fifth guy jumped in and began pulling her shorts down her legs. He got them down to her ankles and started working on her pantyhose. Pam was kicking frantically but her legs were held firmly and her efforts were useless. He got her pantyhose down to her ankles and returned for the panties. She had on a sheer white thong and you could already make out her dark pussy hair. This didn't matter for long as the panties were soon gathered around her ankles. He then had to remove her sneakers.

He got the sneakers off and this allowed him to complete the stripping of her lower body. Her pussy was now exposed to the crowd. He then moved up and grabbed her shirt and bra. The two guys let go of her arms and the fifth guy pulled the shirt and bra off of her arms, leaving her completely naked. They released her and Pam curled up on the floor and started to cry.

"Tyrone, time." Tommy said.

"45 seconds" Tyrone said in a deep voice.

"Very good guys, you live on to fight another day." He said to the guys.

"Pick her up and bring her over here." Tommy said.

The guys lifted her by her arms and dragged her back to Tommy.

Tommy put his finger under her chin and lifted her face up. He got very close to her and said, "You will regret your attitude towards me tonight, sweet cheeks."

Tommy grabbed her arm and spun her around slowly, showing her body to the crowd. Her ass was even more remarkable without clothes. Tommy then grabbed a stool and pulled her over the stool. He pushed her head down and her legs were still touching the floor.

"Bring me the pantyhose." He said.

One of the guys scurried over and brought them to him. He took a knife out and cut them in two. He then tied her hands to the legs of the stool. He took the other half and tied her legs to the bottom rung of the stool. She was now bent over the stool with her beautiful ass sticking in the air.

Tommy stepped back to admire his handiwork. He walked back to her and caressed her right ass cheek. He then caressed her left cheek and squeezed it gently. He pulled his hand back and then brought it down fast on left cheek. The slap echoed through the quiet restaurant, followed by Pam's scream. He slapped her again on the right cheek. She screamed again.

She now had handprints on both of her ass cheeks. He caressed them both gently and stepped away. He motioned to the huge black. Tyrone moved over to Tommy without a word. Tommy motioned to Pam's upturned ass and Tyrone moved over to her. He grabbed a bottle of mustard off of the table and inserted it into her asshole. Pam screamed again as Tyrone squeezed the bottle. He filled her ass up and then pulled it out and squirted more around the edge of her ass.

He stepped back and pulled a string on his pants. The string released the tension and his pants fell to the floor, leaving him nude from the waist down. The biggest cock I had ever seen was now pointing right at Pam's ass. It must have been at least 10 or 12 inches long and very thick.

He stepped forward and placed the huge head at the entrance to Pam's virgin asshole. I knew she had never had anal sex because we had talked about it and she always thought it was dirty. In fact, it was in a conversation with Tommy that she said to him anyone who did that was perverted. This didn't sit well with Tommy since he had just confessed his fascination with it. Now this made more sense.

While my mind was racing Tyrone had inserted what looked like three inches in Pam's butt. She was now screaming hysterically and trying to move the stool. She was tied securely though and couldn't escape. Tyrone grabbed the sides of her ass with his large hands and then speared her with the remainder of his massive cock.

He was now buried in her to the hilt and Pam must have had the wind knocked out of her because she was silent but her mouth was open as if she was screaming. Tyrone then began a brutal rhythm in and out of her butt. The mustard was flying out of her as he pounded her poor ass. I could see her cheeks bouncing with each stroke.

Tyrone pounded her ass for what seemed like an eternity and then he stopped. He remained buried in her and I could see his ass cheeks tense up. He pulled her towards him, getting as deep as he could. I knew he was filling her ass with his cum. He held her for a couple of minutes and then stepped back, his cock leaving her ass with a pop. The mustard was leaking down her legs, mixed with his black seed.

"Very nice, Tyrone" Tommy said as the huge man pulled his pants back up, covering his weapon.

Pam was now sobbing quietly. She was not moving. I guess she was either in shock or resigned that she was not going to escape.

"Now, here's the last part of our game" Tommy said to the closest guy. He was the one who got to tear off Pam's shirt.

"You will be in charge of filling up this pretty little ass." Tommy said and pointed to Pam's brutalized asshole.

"If I look over here and see her ass without a cock in it for more than 5 seconds I will kill you." He said, looking the guy right in the eye.

"Do you understand the rules of our game?" Tommy asked.

The guy shook his head up and down and began loosening his pants. He pulled his pants down and pulled out what looked like a twig compared to Tyrone's massive tool. He quickly stepped forward and shoved his dick up Pam's ass. Pam squirmed and moaned in pain.

He stayed buried in her butt and started arranging his friends behind him. When he got a few guys lined up he began a slow rhythmic fucking of Pam.

Tommy smiled and turned towards Brenda. Brenda began backing slowly away from him. She took a couple of steps and backed right into another huge black man. It was then that I looked around and counted at least 6 very large black men standing strategically around the restaurant. Four of them had what looked like machine guns.

Tommy reached Brenda and stood right in front of her.

"Now Brenda, where are you going? Your customers need service." He said with a smile.

He grabbed her arm and walked her back to the table. There were 4 guys at this table, three older gentlemen and a very young kid. He couldn't have been older than 20, most likely 18 or 19. Tommy pushed Brenda right up to him, her breasts inches from his face. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly with her nervousness.

"Now son, would you please open this treasure chest and let everyone have a look." Tommy said to the kid.

He reached up and grabbed Brenda's shirt and proceeded to tear it apart. It came apart easily because it already had a small tear in the middle, another little touch from our now-suspended manager. Her shirt ripped open to expose a pretty lace bra.

"Very nice, wouldn't you say?" Tommy asked the kid.

The kid was speechless staring at Brenda's chest. He just shook his head slowly.

"Well, continue with your unwrapping." Tommy said.

The kid reached around her and unclasped the bra. It hung loosely on her firm breasts. He moved back around to the front and slid the bra down. Brenda's young breasts bounced out in the open.

"Doesn't everyone think he did a nice job and what do you think of these?" Tommy spoke to the crowd. Another small spattering of applause.

"Now Brenda, I see a few empty glasses here at this table. How could you let this happen?" Tommy said with a chuckle.

Brenda was in shock and just stood there.

"Ask them what they want and get it for them." Tommy ordered in a stern voice.

Brenda flinched and then asked the guys if they wanted another pitcher of beer. They responded yes and she took the empty one and turned towards the bar. She walked slowly to the bar and gave the empty pitcher to the bartender. Her walk to the bar allowed many of us to see her massive chest. I can honestly say I don't believe I have ever seen more beautiful breasts. They sat firm and proud on her chest and they were huge. They bounced ever so slightly when she walked.

Brenda returned to the table and poured the beer into all of the glasses. She put the pitcher down on the table and crossed her arms over her breasts.

"Very nice Brenda. You would make a lot more tips if you would waitress like this more often." Tommy chuckled.

Tommy then reached down to the table and grabbed a squeeze bottle of ketchup. He looked at Brenda and said:

"Baby, you were always so concerned with getting dirty. Do you remember how you would make me clean up every chance you got?" Tommy asked.

Brenda shook her head very slightly, keeping her eyes glued to him.

Tommy squeezed the bottle and ketchup hit Brenda in the forehead and sprayed into her beautiful hair. She moved her hands up in front of her face and Tommy squeezed the bottle again. This time it hit her in the neck and he sprayed it over her breasts. She cried and moved her hands back down. She was now covered in ketchup.

Tommy stepped back and picked up a mustard bottle. Brenda shook her head side to side. Tommy smiled and proceeded to squirt the mustard over her upper body. She was now dripping ketchup and mustard from her face and breasts.

"That's better. How does that feel, sweetie?" Tommy asked.

Brenda just stood there whimpering.

Tommy turned back to the guys and told them to clear the table. They immediately got up and removed everything. Tommy turned back to Brenda and grabbed her. He spun her around and pushed her back on the table. The table hit her in the back of the legs and she fell back. She landed in the middle of the table with her legs hanging off the front.

Tommy moved around until he was standing over her head. He reached down and held her shoulders down to the table. He looked at the guys and motioned slightly. They took their cue and began to remove Brenda's shorts. She did not fight them and lay silently across the table. They took off her shorts and then pulled down her pantyhose. Again they removed the sneakers and then pulled down her white panties. Her blonde pussy was now on display.

Tommy asked for the pantyhose again and then tied each of Brenda's arms to a separate table leg. He then pulled the drawstring on his pants and they dropped to the floor. His dick sprang out and bobbed near Brenda's head. It was not as large as Tyrone's but still quite substantial. He grabbed it and slapped Brenda across the face. She moved her face away from it. Tommy grabbed her nose and held it shut. When Brenda opened her mouth to breathe he shoved his dick deep in her mouth.

With himself lodged in her mouth he looked up at the guys.

"Here's the rules of this table. You will keep her pussy and mouth full of cock. Same time rules apply. If I see either of them without a cock for more than 5 seconds I start firing. Do you understand?" He asked the guys.

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