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Restless Heart


Three-hundred dollars? How can I possibly afford three-hundred dollars for new tires? I'd have to stay home for a month eating ramen noodles and drink nothing but water just to pay for new tires.

I should have stayed in school, I said to myself. I would have had my degree by now, but no, I needed my independence—I had to move out of my parents' house and into my own apartment to satisfy my compulsion for immediate self-gratification.

Instead, I waited tables in a third-rate café, and lived paycheck-to-paycheck in a crummy little one-bedroom apartment with furniture that was older than me.

I'm going to make some changes, I told myself. I'm going to exercise some self-control and make some improvements in my life.

I heard Mister Z groan above me—that was the only way I could ever tell he was close to cumming. My fingers stroked his shaft faster as I furiously sucked his fat cockhead.

I'll put away half of my next four paychecks then in a month or so I can buy the new tires, I decided. I'll drive fewer miles than normal, and get rides from Tommy. The tires I have should last another month.

His balls contracted in my hand so I flattened my tongue over his cock-slit and lapped up and swallowed his cum as he shot his load into my mouth. His semen didn't taste half-bad this time—'The Witch', as he called his wife, must have him on a better diet.

I remained naked on my knees as he pulled up his shorts and slacks. He patted me on the head.

"That was one of your better blow-jobs, boy," he said, "...see what you can do when you concentrate?"

I smiled and waited to hear the front door close.

"See you Friday," he said before he shut the door behind him.

I went to the kitchen table and sat down before my laptop. It was open to my 'special file'. I stared at the photos while I caressed my semi-erect penis. I loved gazing at hard cocks being serviced by pretty boys.

When I was fully erect my hand moved faster. I needed to make this one quick—I had to shower and get ready for work. I slowly scrolled through the photos as my left-hand became a blur on my cock. When I got to the picture of the boy on his knees with a long, slender penis in his mouth I sat back and stared at the photo. I felt the familiar rumblings begin deep in my balls. I squeezed and stroked my cock harder and faster then closed my eyes as the cum suddenly shot out of my cock into the air. My hand and thighs were covered with my jism. When I regained my composure I took a shower.

I was dressed and in the bathroom combing my hair when I heard two sharp knocks on my front door then the door opened. I knew it was Tommy, my neighbor and best friend; we worked together at the café. He was on the couch when I went into the living room.

"I ran into Mister Z when he left your apartment," Tommy said, "...the old lecher actually squeezed my butt when I walked by...how can you keep doing that ugly, fat old man—he's disgusting."

"Yeah," I said, "but he's got such a warm and fuzzy personality..."

"He's got the personality of a doorknob..."

"It's easy if you imagine he's Johnny Depp," I said. "I fantasize he's Captain Jack Sparrow, and I'm his prisoner and he's ravishing me."

Tommy wasn't amused; he shook his head sadly.

"Look..." he said, "I know he gives you a big discount on your rent for your, ah—'company', but if you move in with me you'd pay even less and you wouldn't have to deal with his fat little greasy prick—all I'm saying is think about it."

We have the same discussion every week. Tommy is one of my oldest friends and has always looked out for me. He was there for me when I told my family and friends I was gay; he introduced me to his friends and helped ease me into my new life.

He's given me solid advice and a shoulder to cry on when things haven't turned out the way I'd hoped or expected. He even introduced me to Patrick, my first boyfriend, and was there for me when Patrick and I broke up.

Lately, he's seen me through a series of mini-crises, and it seems like there's been one crisis after another. Like I said, he's always there for me, and I have a special fondness for him--but I'm not in love with him.

The café was busy—it usually was, and I was happy. The night flew-by, and I made good tips. Tommy was the best server there and I tried to pattern myself after him. I didn't like the job at first when Tommy got me in there, but I watched closely how he went about the work, and I listened to him.

"You have a choice here," he once told me. "You can hate the job—be miserable all night—like some of the guys here—give lackluster service to the customers and make mediocre tips and then bitch about it, or you can be a professional. For the few hours you're here, you can be attentive, courteous, smile and have fun with the customers...believe me, the time goes faster and you earn more money when you're having fun. Look around—the bad waiters use more energy at avoiding work than the good waiters who simply do their jobs."

He was right, of course, and he could have added they were unpleasant to work with, too.

On the way home I asked Tommy if he wanted to stop at the club for a drink.

"I've got an early class..." he said. Along with his job, Tommy was working towards a degree in Computer Science.

"Well, we'll just have one, I promise...never know, Richie might be there." I said. He had the hots for Richie.

He smiled. "I don't know why I always cave-in to you..."

When we pulled into the parking lot of 'The Back Door Bar & Grill' we saw Patrick leaving with a little flamer I wasn't fond of.

"Didn't know he liked that type," I commented. Tommy didn't say a word.

The place was crowded but we found two stools at the bar. We got our drinks and started talking politics. We knew what was wrong with the world, but our opinions differed on how to fix it. It was always fun debating with Tommy.

In the back-bar mirror I saw 'Bigfoot' coming up behind us. My heart skipped a beat. His real name was Fred, but he was a huge man so someone gave him that nickname. He was rumored to have an enormous cock. He had a dark and swarthy complexion, and was ruggedly handsome. He made me nervous, but I was curious to see if the rumor was true.

Fred put his hand on my back and gave my neck a squeeze—it gave me goose-pimples. I swung around and smiled at him.

"You're looking real sexy tonight, Johnny," he said.

"Just tonight?" I smiled.

I flirted with him. We never talked about anything serious which was fine with me. He wasn't very interesting and he was kind of dumb but I liked the attention from a hunk like him and the size of his cock was always on my mind.

"Can I buy you a drink?" he asked.

I looked at Tommy. "I need to get going," he said.

"Sorry, Fred—Tommy drove me here."

"I'll give you a ride home," he said.

I saw a look of disapproval in Tommy's eyes but it quickly went away.

"Have fun," said Tommy as he got off the stool and left me with Fred.

Fred sat down and we talked. He bought me four drinks and I lost track of time. When the bartender yelled- out "Last call", Fred bought a pint of whiskey. We finished the drinks in front of us then headed to his car.

I was sitting next to the passenger door and he patted the seat beside him.

"Why don't you sit next to me—I won't bite—unless you want me to..."

I moved next to him and immediately felt very small. He put his arm around me.

"I've always liked you, Johnny—I've always wanted to get to know you better."

He kissed me. He caressed my face and our lips pressed together. He was a good kisser—I kissed him back. I placed my hand on his firm chest as our tongues melded into one. He took my hand and placed it on his crotch—I gasped for air as my breath caught in my throat.

He chuckled. "Yeah, I knew you'd like this...squeeze it, baby—feel my cock."

The rumor was true. He guided my hand the entire length of his massive organ. My head began to swim with lust. I couldn't believe a penis could be so long and thick.

"Let's go to my place..." he said. It was more a command than suggestion.

"Okay..." I said softly.

Whenever we stopped at a red light he kissed me and said, "You're gonna love this, baby—you're gonna love this...."

I kept my hand on his cock the entire ride. He opened the whiskey and sipped it as he drove. He would put the bottle to my lips and fill my mouth to the brim and I choked it down. Between his cock and the whiskey I became light-headed.

When we arrived at his place I noticed he lived fairly close to me, maybe a mile or so away. We went inside and he turned on a light and took me in his arms. He was so big I couldn't get my arms all the way around him—not even close.

"Take your clothes off, baby—I want to see you naked," he commanded.

I took everything off and stood naked before him. My five-inch cock was rock-hard--he smiled and took me in his arms and we kissed again.

"Let's go to the bedroom," he said as he took hold of my hand.

He flipped on a small lamp on the nightstand.

"Take my shirt off," he said.

I unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. I stroked and kissed his firm, hard chest. He was so much taller than me my head was even with his shoulders. I was overwhelmed by his powerful body.

"Take off my shoes and socks," he said in his monotone voice.

I dropped to my knees and worked-off his shoes and socks.

He lifted a foot and said, "Kiss it".

I didn't think twice--I covered his foot with kisses.

"Open my pants," he commanded.

My hands trembled as I fumbled with his belt. When I pulled down his zipper my hand pressed against his cock. He laughed.

"Ready for a treat, baby? Tell me you want my big cock--say it—I want to hear you say it."

I was breathing hard and my penis was throbbing. I couldn't help myself.

"Oh, God, I want your big cock—I want your big cock...."

He softly laughed then said: "Pull down my pants and underwear, Johnny...I know you want my cock—pull down my pants."

I hooked my fingers in his slacks and pulled them down along with his boxers.

When his cock sprang into view my heart stopped—my eyes bugged wide-open.

"OH MY GOD!" I exclaimed with surprise.

His magnificent cock was at least 12-inches long and 4-inches in girth. My balls ached at the sight of it. His manly aroma filled my nostrils making me dizzy with lust. I leaned forward to kiss it but he pushed my head away. I groaned with frustration. He laughed out loud.

"Finish taking my clothes off," he ordered.

I hurriedly removed his slacks and boxers. He sat on the edge of the bed.

"Kneel between my legs, baby..."

I got into position—I couldn't take my eyes off his cock.

"If you ask nicely, maybe I'll let you feel it..."

My mind was swirling, unable to form a thought.

"Please let me feel it, Fred...please...."

He was smiling down at me. "Go ahead and feel it, Johnny—use both your hands...."

My hands didn't come close to reaching all the way around the shaft. I softly stroked his cock with both hands. I imagined a horse would have a cock like his.

He caressed my head and hair. "Do you wanna be my cum-slut tonight, Johnny?"

Something snapped in my head. "God, yes, Freddy—I want to be your cum-slut tonight."

"I can't hear you, baby--LOUDER...."


"Kiss it," he said and I immediately planted my lips on his monster-cock.

I kissed and licked every inch of his cock. From the tip to the base my lips and tongue reveled on his hot flesh. I traced my tongue along the veins and bumps. I breathed deeply—his aroma drove me wild with desire.

"FASTER!!" he yelled.

My hands moved furiously on his horse-cock. I stretched my lips wide but there was no way I could take his cockhead into my mouth. I pressed my lips tight around his slit and tickled it with my tongue as I stroked his massive prick.

He held my head to his cock—I stroked him faster. I heard an animal-like groan escape his throat then he grabbed a fistful of my hair and pushed my face away from his cock. He took hold of his cock and stroked it and aimed it at my face. Suddenly he screamed and I felt heavy streams of cum splash on my face.

I tried to pull away but he held me in place. His hips jerked and bucked and he kept cumming and cumming on my face. Every inch of my face was covered with cum. I had to shut my eyes to keep his semen out of them.

When he was finished I put my hand to my face to wipe off his cum but he slapped it away.

"You're gonna wear my cum tonight, baby..."

When his cum began to drip off my chin and cheeks, he caught it in his hand and smeared it back onto my face. The air in the room was thick with the smell of his semen. It was strangely thrilling. My cock throbbed and my balls ached for release.

He reached down and lifted me off the floor and onto the bed. I was in awe of his strength—I was powerless against him.

He had me lay on my back—my cock pointing straight up.

"Jerk-off," he ordered, "I wanna see you jerk-off."

I was eager to obey—I needed relief. He whispered in my ear as he watched me stroke my cock.

"Oh, yeah baby—stroke it hard—cum for me—cum for Freddy."

Then he shouted: "CUM FOR ME NOW!!"

My balls exploded and I cried out. He pinched my nipples hard. Waves of pleasure engulfed me. My body writhed and contorted in ecstasy. I unloaded shot-after-shot of cum on my belly and thighs. I gasped for air as I collapsed back onto the bed.

He looked down at me then kissed my lips.

"Patrick was right--you're a good little cum-slut-faggot, Johnny," he said with a sneer on his face.

I didn't like his tone of voice. "I better leave..." I said and tried to roll off the bed.

He was on top of me; he pinned me to the mattress—I couldn't move—his weight almost suffocated me. He held my head still and stared into my eyes.

"You'll leave when I'm finished with you." He coldly spat at me.

I was scared for the first time.

He suddenly shifted his weight. His knees were on either side of me and he moved forward until he was almost sitting on my face. His butt-crack was directly above my face and he slowly lowered himself until my face was caught between his cheeks.

"You're gonna eat my asshole, faggot...do a good job and then you can go."

I had no other choice. I was helpless beneath him. When he pushed his butt onto my face I pressed my lips to his anus. I kissed and licked his anus. I curled my tongue and pushed it inside him.

"That's it, baby—give Freddy a good tongue-fucking—push your tongue in my asshole, baby—TONGUE-FUCK MY ASSHOLE SLUT!!"

I worked hard to please him. I licked and sucked his asshole. I massaged the walls of his hole with my tongue. I had the taste of his asshole on my tongue.

Suddenly he lifted his weight off me and moved backwards. His horse-cock was hard again. He moved down and forced my legs apart with his. I was no match for his strength.

He collapsed on top me—we were face-to-face.

"I'm gonna give you an ass-fucking you'll remember the rest of your life..."

A full-scale panic swept over me. I pushed at him with all my might but I couldn't move him an inch. He gripped both of my wrists in one hand. His knees pushed my legs as far apart as they would go. He reached down with his other hand and took hold of his cock and pressed it against my hole.

"Patrick said you had a nice, tight asshole—he said you're a good fuck—your old boyfriend gave me permission to give you a good ass-fucking!"

He slowly forced his cockhead into me. I screamed and shouted and begged him to stop. He forced a quarter of his glans into me—It was the most pain I'd ever felt in my life. Tears flowed down my cheeks—he was going to kill me with his horse-cock.

One of my hands broke free of his grip. When he tried to catch it my other hand twisted free, as well. With all the strength I could muster I brought them both down against his ears with a thunderous clap. It surprised him more than hurt him but it allowed me to wriggle out from beneath his massive body and off the bed.

I ran out of the bedroom—scooped-up my clothes off the living room floor—then ran out of his house and into the darkness still naked. I looked behind--he was nowhere in sight—he wasn't chasing me. I stepped into the shadows and quickly dressed and walked home as fast as I could.

When I got to the apartment building I looked around—it was very quiet and not a soul was on the streets. I reached into my pocket for my keys—they weren't there. I frantically searched all my pockets.

WHERE THE HELL ARE MY KEYS? my mind screamed-out.

I looked around again—I was still alone. I pressed the buzzer for Tommy's apartment. I pressed it four times before I heard him speak.

"W-What is it? Who's there?" he said. I could tell I woke him from a sound sleep.

"Tommy—Tommy it's me—please let me in."

He buzzed the door open and I hurried to his apartment. He opened his door.

"What happened to you? You look terrible! Did Freddy hurt you?" he was wide awake now, and I passed by him into the safety of his apartment.

"Please," I said, "...I lost my keys—I don't know where my keys are—can I stay with you tonight?"

"John, what happened?"

"Please, Tommy...I don't want to talk about it--please, just let me stay with you, okay?"

"Sure--of course."

My heart rate finally returned to normal. We went to his bedroom—I stripped to my bikini briefs—he took off his robe to reveal his boxers.

He climbed into his side of the bed and I lay next to him. He turned off the light. I moved over and rested my head on his chest. In the darkness he put his arm around me. I began to tremble and shake. He didn't say a word; he gently stroked my quaking flesh.

Before I fell asleep, I knew Tommy could feel my tear-drops falling silently on his chest.

I awoke to the sound of water running in Tommy's shower. It was a good sound—a reassuring sound.

When he came into the bedroom to dress I watched him through half-closed eyes. He thought I was still asleep.

He was a handsome man with a fine, chiseled physique; he went to the gym five-days-a-week and he had developed a firm, muscular body. I'd seen him in his boxers many times before, but I guess I never really looked at him. I watched him dress. He was manly and graceful at the same time. He was three-inches taller than me and forty pounds heavier and he moved like a cat.

He was careful not to wake me. When he was dressed he came to the bed and I continued to pretend I was sleeping. I felt his weight on the mattress and he kissed me on my forehead then went into the living room.

When I heard him leave the apartment I began to drift-off to sleep again. Suddenly the front door swung open—it scared me. Who could it be? I trembled; whoever it was left very quickly. After the front door closed I rolled out of bed and stealthily crept into the living room. No one was there.

Something caught my eye. My keys were on the dining room table. They must have slipped out of my pocket on the seat of Tommy's car. It had happened before. I calmed down and returned to Tommy's bed. I wasn't ready to go to my apartment—there was something about Tommy's place that made me feel safe and secure.

I tried to make sense of last night. Why would Fred want to hurt me? And he made it sound like Patrick gave him his approval to do it. Patrick was pretty mad when he broke up with me, but I didn't think he hated me.

I decided to stay at Tommy's until he got home. I made a light lunch then took a shower. I wore one of his heavy terry-cloth robes; it made me feel warm and safe. When he got home he was surprised to see me; he wasn't his usual outgoing self.

"l'll get ready for work and be right back," I said. "Maybe we could see a movie or something after work?"

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