tagLoving WivesRetaliation


byDG Hear©

A big 'Thank You' to WanderingScot for taking the time to edit my story and make it a much better read.


Chapter 1

I was trying to think of a name for this story. It could have been, 'Getting Even', 'Retribution', 'Revenge', or even 'Getting Fucked By My Best Friend'. I decided that 'Retaliation' fit the bill. Then I had to decide on a category. It fits in so many such as 'Mature', 'Erotic Couples', 'Interracial' (seeing I'm of mixed race), and 'Romance'. I chose 'Loving Wife', even though she wasn't my wife. You'll see why if you decide to read this story.

My name is Sam, short for Samuel. I'm of mixed race due to my ancestors. My grandfather was black and my grandmother was of Asian descent. My dad was rather dark skinned and so am I. To complete the interracial picture, my mom was Mexican. I will say she was and still is a beautiful woman. Maybe that's where I got my good looks from, just kidding.

My story begins with me and my best friend Bill. He is a white guy or to be politically correct a Caucasian dude. At one time we were the best of friends but that isn't the case any longer. We have gone our separate ways a little over a year ago while we were still in college.

We met in grade school and even hung out together most all the time. We always tried to outdo the other. In sports he was usually one step behind me. It always pissed him off. We both ended up playing college ball. He was pissed when I received a full ride scholarship and his was a partial one.

He said it was because I was of mixed race and his family having money. It never paid to argue with him when he always threw race into the mix. As far as having money goes he was right. His family was rich. They owned a packaging business. They would package brand name products for many different companies.

His mother inherited the business from her father. She was president of the company and controlled most of the purse strings. Bill's dad was an outside salesman for the company. He was also the vice-president.

My family was middle class. Dad worked as an insurance agent and mom worked in a ladies fashion shop. Bill's mom shopped at the store where my mom worked so they knew each other.

As I mentioned Bill always tried to one up me in everything. He would brag whenever he beat me in anything which wasn't very often. About the only time it bothered me was when we dated different girls. In high school some girls said they couldn't go out with me because of my race. So when Bill went out with them he always bragged about it.

Once we got into college things changed. The girls didn't have their parents there telling them who they could and couldn't date. I dated women of all races. We both dated some of the same girls. We did have a pact that if one of us got serious about a girl the other would keep his hands and other body parts off.

Even though we both played football I was also an honor student. I wanted to become a Certified Public Accountant. Bill just wanted to get a business degree. He told me he knew he would be in the family business so he didn't need to try that hard.

When we went home to visit after our junior year, Bill's mom told me when we graduated she had a position for me in the office. In the coming year they would be extending their business, adding another building. She was hoping that I could be in charge of the accounting for both offices.

I gave her a big hug and thanked her. She always looked and smelled so good. I can't remember how many wet dreams I had about her while growing up. Too bad she was Bill's mom. Her husband was known to cheat on Mary whenever given a chance. I had seen him more than once with other women. I'm sure Mary knew about him but never said anything.

I told Bill that his mother offered me a job when I graduated. He told me I would probably be working for him. He was going to be running the new warehouse. I couldn't tell him I would be in the office and he would more than likely be reporting to me. I figured I'd just wait and see what transpired.

In our senior year I met a woman named Sasha. She, like me, was of mixed blood. So beautiful and an olive color. I fell for her pretty quickly. She was so good in bed and would do most anything. We did it in almost every position except she wouldn't let me fuck her in the ass.

When I told Bill about her, I reminded him of our pact and to keep his hands off of her. At the time he was going with a good looking girl named Judy but when it came to looks, Sasha was special. She had this exotic and mysterious look. I fell pretty hard for her and thought we would maybe have a future together.

I didn't date any other women. I didn't need anyone else since I had Sasha. Whenever we had sex I always used a condom when I was in her pussy. I would often pull it out, take off the condom and come on her tits and belly. I did my best to see she came first.


I was named player of the game twice during the season. Of course Bill wasn't so he was pissed at me rather than being happy for me as a friend. Before the Christmas vacation I received all A's on my report card and made the Dean's list. I was so happy that I took Sasha out on the town and then we fucked all night.

For New Year's we were going to a party with Bill and Judy. Not long after we got there Judy said she wasn't feeling well and wanted to go home. Since I drove Bill asked me if I could take her home. I offered him my keys but he said he had already drunk too much.

Judy apologized to me and said she shouldn't have come but Bill told her she should try. I told her it couldn't be helped that she was sick and that I would take her home. I told Bill to watch after Sasha while I was gone. A lot of guys would probably want to hit on her.

I walked Judy to the car and took her home. I walked her to the door to make sure she would be okay. "Thank you Sam, you are a good friend."

I kissed her on the cheek and wished her a Happy New Year and hoped she would be feeling better, then headed back to the party.

It was held in this huge house and there must have been hundreds of people all over the grounds both inside and outside the house. I kept looking for Bill and Sasha and couldn't find them. One gal told me that she thought she seen them going upstairs. I couldn't understand what they would be going up there for. It was mostly bedrooms, another living room and a bathroom.

I started looking through the different rooms and when I opened one of the bedroom doors, I saw Bill fucking Sasha. I couldn't believe it - he knew how I felt about her and what about our pact?

At first they didn't even know I was in the room. The only light was from a night light near the bed. "Oh fuck Baby, Sam was right, you are one good fuck. Come on give me some more of that fine pussy."

When I walked toward the bed Sasha looked over at me. She looked surprised but didn't say a word. I knew she had a lot to drink but she knew what she was doing.

Bill looked at me and grinned. "Sorry old Buddy but I just had to have a piece of her. She's every bit as good as you said. Hell, I might even have her ass before the nights over."

I wasn't sure what to do. Should I fight with Bill over her? She wasn't being forced and knew what she was doing.

"You mother fucker. You knew that I really cared for her but you just had to do it. Someday, someway, I'll get even with you, you son of a bitch. You can have the fucking bitch now. I don't want anything to do with her or you."

As I turned to leave Bill made a loud noise. I knew he must be coming. I looked back and noticed he wasn't even wearing a condom. What a fucking asshole. I left the house and the party just as the clock struck midnight and everyone was yelling, "Happy New Year." It wasn't one for me as I left the premises.

The next morning Sasha tried to call me a half dozen times, each time leaving an 'I'm sorry' message on my answering machine. Finally I answered it. "I just have one question. Why the fuck did you let him fuck you? I thought we had something special."

"Bill told me that you and he often swapped. He said you would probably be having sex with Judy. I didn't know till after it was over that he had lied to me."

"You're a fucking whore. You just wanted some strange cock and found a way to get it. Well, I want nothing more to do with you and hope the hell you got knocked up. I'm just sorry I wasted my time on you. Hope you and Bill will be happy together."

I just hung up. Later in the day I got a call from Judy. She said she heard what happened and said it was her fault. If she didn't get sick, I would have stayed at the party.

"Judy, Bill has spent his life getting even with me. Both of them knew what they were doing. If he didn't fuck her last night, he would have some other time. I'm just glad I found out the truth about her before it was too late."

Judy and I talked a little more and she said she had broken it off with Bill. She didn't want a boyfriend who would do that to a friend. She also said if I ever wanted to get together with her for a little revenge fuck it was alright with her.

I saw Bill at practice. Thank God we only had one game left. One time he was grinning and approached me. I spoke quickly.

"Get the fuck away from me you son of a bitch. You come near me and I'll kick your sorry ass into next Tuesday. Take your cheating ass friendship and your new girlfriend and stick them both up your sorry ass."

Bill's grin turned very serious. He knew I wasn't kidding. This time he knew he went too far.

After our final game I put most of my time into my studies. I wanted to make sure I graduated with honors to really show Bill up. One evening there was a knock on my door and when I opened it, there stood Judy.

She was holding a six pack of beer. "Hi Stranger, care for some beer and a piece of ass?"

It had been nearly two months since I broke up with Sasha. I took Judy up on her offer. We fucked every which way but loose. She even gave me her ass. After spending the night I made us breakfast. We both knew we wouldn't be a couple but the sex was good.

We got together a few more times as 'friends with benefits' before I graduated. Judy was a good friend and a good lay. Neither of us had anything to do with Bill or Sasha. In fact Judy told me she heard through the grapevine that Sasha was knocked up. I had to smile.


It was getting near Easter and I was planning on going home for a visit. I had heard that Bill and Sasha were going to get married. Of course I didn't get an invitation but wouldn't have gone anyway. I did wonder about Mrs. Abel, Bill's mother. She had promised me a position with her firm but now since Bill and I were no longer friends, I did wonder where I stood.

I stopped at the fashion store where my mother worked and while I was there, Mrs. Abel came in for a dress she had altered for Bill's wedding. She looked as beautiful as ever.

"Samuel, it's so good to see you. I've been wanting to talk to you. If you have a few minutes we can sit down and have a cup of coffee or tea."

Mom told Mrs. Abel it was nice to see her and said she would see me later at home; she had some customers to attend to. Mrs. Abel and I went next door to a coffee shop and got a beverage and talked. Damn, she looked good. She brought back memories of the wet dreams I often had about her.

"What is it Mrs. Abel? I've been wanting to talk to you also. I guess you know Bill and I aren't friends anymore. I was wondering if that position as an accountant was still waiting for me?"

"Samuel, the position I have for you is in the accounting department. Ethel Guthrie is our head accountant and she has two assistant bookkeepers. She will be retiring later this year and I thought you could start as her assistant, learn all about our books and be her replacement later.

"Ethel is old school and has been there since the beginning of time but she does everything by hand. By that I mean she uses a weekly ledger and posts all the accounts receivable and payable by hand. I was hoping to have you transfer all our records to the computer. Ethel said it was just too much to learn."

"I've learned computer accounting, in fact I'm the top of my class," I replied.

"That doesn't surprise me. You've always been a smart boy," she looked at me, "and now a good looking smart man."

"So, will I still get the position after graduation? It's only two months from now," I asked.

"We have a slight problem Samuel. I can't have you and Bill being at odds with each other. It would make for a bad work environment even though you wouldn't see each other every day. What caused this riff in your friendship anyway?"

"He didn't tell you? Sasha, his soon to be wife was my girlfriend. I caught them in bed together."

"I thought the both of you dated the same girls many times. Why was this any different?"

"I told him I really cared for her and thought she might be the one. We made a pact that if either of us got serious about a girl that the other one would keep his hands off of her. He knew I cared for her, I told him so but he just had to break our pact."

"I'm sorry Samuel but it's over now. Bill and Sasha are getting married and I do want you working for me. I suggest you let bygones be bygones and come to the wedding. You two don't have to be close friends but I do need you to be civil to each other. It's up to you now."

I gave kind of a smile. "Mrs. Able, I have no problem being civil to both of them but I wasn't invited to the wedding. They might not like it if I show up."

"Don't worry about that. I'm paying for the wedding and I'm inviting you and I'll let Bill know that I invited you. Thank you for being the bigger person here. No wonder I've always liked you," she said with a smile and gave me a hug when we stood up.

I was hoping she didn't notice I had a slight hard on. Thinking about her always did it to me and now I was hugging her and smelling her. Damn, I don't care how old she was, I was infatuated with this woman.


I entered the church vestibule and there stood Bill in his tux.

"So, I see you came. Mom said she invited you. Why are you here?" asked Bill.

"I'm here because your mom asked me to come. Look, I know we're not friends anymore and I don't intend to be but your mom offered me a job after graduation and I want to accept it. She's worried that our lack of friendship would disrupt the business. I promised her that I would not argue with you and would always be civil to you."

"What about Sasha and you trying to get even with me. I know as well as anyone how you carry a grudge." replied Bill.

"I promise you, with God as my witness, that I will never do anything to hurt your marriage to Sasha. I realize that even though you broke our pact that Sasha made a choice too. She chose you and I will honor that. We'll never be close friends again but that doesn't mean we can't be civil to each other." I put my hand out for Bill to shake and he did so reluctantly.

I walked in the church and sat down toward the back. I didn't know most of the people there but did recognize a few and said hello to them. I know Bill didn't trust me or even believe me when I told him I wouldn't come between him and Sasha. I did mean it but it didn't mean I wouldn't get even with him some other way.

After the wedding I walked through the greeting line. I said hi to Mr. and Mrs. Abel, giving a handshake to Tom and giving his wife Mary a hug and a light kiss on the cheek. I also shook hands with Sasha's parents. I doubt if they even knew who I was.

When I got to Sasha, she looked nervous and her pregnancy was beginning to show but she was still an exotic looking woman and very beautiful. I told her and Bill congratulations and gave her a light kiss on the cheek and shook Bill's hand. He didn't even smile at me. I know he was wondering if I was going to try and jeopardize his marriage. He didn't have to worry because I didn't want anything to do with Sasha and her cheating ways.

At the reception I sat with a few people that I knew. I drank a few beers and danced with a few women. There was a lot of talk about Bill marrying a mixed race woman and the fact that she was also pregnant. I just mentioned we went to the same college. I didn't want it getting back to Bill that I said anything negative about him or Sasha.

I was about to leave when Mrs. Able asked me to dance. I took her out on the dance floor and put my hand on her bare back and held her some distance away from me.

"Come on Samuel, I won't break. You can hold me a little closer," said Mrs. Able as she smiled at me.

I knew it would happen. I got the start of a hard on. I was hoping she wouldn't notice but she put her arms around my neck and held me close. I knew she must have felt it but never said a word. God, this woman turned me on. I figured once I began working for her I would see another side of her and my feelings might diminish.

She did tell me that the next song was one where the bride would be dancing with all the men and the groom with all the women. They had a jar to collect money for dancing with the couple. It was an old tradition.

I did take a turn and danced with Sasha. I couldn't help but notice that Bill was watching us even though he was dancing with other women.

"I'm sorry Sam," said Sasha. "Some day I would like to have a talk with you and explain to you why I did it. I'm so sorry that I hurt you. You deserved better than that."

"No need to explain anything to me. It's over and done. You picked the man you wanted to be with."

Before she could say another word another man stepped up and began dancing with her. I just told her I wished her and Bill the best. After walking away I went home. It did hurt me. I don't know if it was the way she did it or because I did have some feelings for her. All I knew is that it was all over now. I was going on with my life.

Back at school life became quite hectic. We were taking all our finals and getting ready for graduation. I did see Bill and Sasha a couple of time but didn't really talk to them. Judy had told me that she heard Sasha was going to finish the semester but was going to take a year or two off after having the baby. Judy and Sasha were both sophomores.

On graduation day I sat with the honor roll students while Bill was with the general assembly. It felt good that I had beaten him one more time but it wasn't anywhere near the retaliation I wanted for what he did to me. That would come much later.

My parents were so proud of me for graduating high in my class. Mr. and Mrs. Abel were there and they came up and congratulated me; she gave me one of those hugs. I was sure glad my parents were there. It gave me something to think about other than Mrs. Abel.

"We hope to see you a week from Monday so you can start your new position," said Mrs. Abel.

"I want to thank you again for the opportunity." I replied. "I promise I'll do my best for you."

"I'm sure you will Samuel," she said with a smile.

Chapter 2

I arrived at the packaging company on time dressed in my suit and tie. I was to go to human resources for my interview and instructions. According to Mrs. Able it was all a formality but I did need to fill out my paperwork.

I met Mr. Henderson and he gave me my paper work and explained my benefits and wage. I was surprised that my wage was as low as it was. I know I could make a lot more money if I went job hunting.

I need to explain a little about the business. As I mentioned they package things for any customer anywhere. They mostly dealt with major manufacturers who find it cheaper to outsource their packaging needs.

My dad had told me that when Mary Abel's dad owned the business it was a sweatshop, with very low wages and no benefits. After Mary took over she tried to make it a better work environment.

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