tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRetribution Ch. 02

Retribution Ch. 02


(Some people have commented that the story is too "harsh" and brutal for their taste. I just want to remind them that this is just a work of fiction and I am just trying to push the boundaries in this piece. If I offend your sensibilities, I apologize sincerely.

P.S – Please read my previous submission "Retribution" for the sake of continuation.)

There was a smile of contentment on my wife's face as she lay there on the bed having been fucked by three different men. She was still knocked out but would shiver involuntarily from time to time. She was fully covered in the cum of these three men and white specks splattered her face, her breasts and her tummy. A stream of dried cum led from her pussy and disappeared in between her buttocks.

I was still sitting on the chair, my hands cuffed behind my back and a gag stuffed in my mouth. As the guys took turns ravaging Suman, my wife, the girl had undone my pants and underwear and had jerked me off to near orgasm. She had stopped moments before I could cum and my pants and underwear still lay around my ankles. There was a fierce ache in my loins and I would have begged her to let me cum.

Instead she walked towards me and punched me hard in my balls. The pain stung like a million jolts of energy and I doubled up on the floor. She indicated to the guys and they propped me up on the chair again. She came closer to me

"Let us meet your daughters. I do not think you need your pants now."

They lifted me off the ground and my pants and my underwear slipped from around my ankles.

They dragged me out of the room and pushed me into the next room. As soon as we entered, they slammed the door shut and switched on the lights.

Anu was on the bed.

She was still in her tee and Bermuda shorts. That is the way I had last seen her before we had been attacked about 5-6 hours before. These 6 hours had been a blur...

Her hands and her legs were tied to the bedposts and she was laying spread eagled on the bed. There was a gag in her mouth and her eyes were wide open with the glazed look of absolute terror in her eyes.

Oh my God!

She was wide awake and definitely not sedated like my wife had been.

I was standing naked from below my waist in front of my 22 year old daughter and my hands were cuffed behind my back. I cringed in shame and tried to hide my nakedness.

The girl laughed aloud seeing my reaction. She came closer to me, held my drooping penis in her hand and gently caressed its form from the root to the tip. Then she gripped it full in her hand and slowly started jerking me off. I felt my penis harden and in about 20 seconds, it was rock hard poking straight ahead in her hands and my hips started moving involuntarily egging her, begging her to go faster. She stopped just before I could climax.

She left me hanging high and dry and took out a scissor from her pant pocket. She proceeded to the bed and started to cut the shorts of Anu. The elastic snapped as she reached the top and she did the same on the opposite side. She then pulled the front off that came off like a flap.

Anu's pussy was so beautiful. She was a tall slim girl and had a small milky white mound with two brown flaps guarding her sweet love hole. The scissors made its way to her tee and similarly cut off a flap from the front. Within moments her breasts were bare too. Her breasts were just divine. They were definitely bigger than my wife's and stood upright with her faint brownish nipples standing tall a little to the upper part of her breasts. Her pussy glistened with sweat or was it her secretions?

Was Anu aroused by all this?

The girl was through and indicated to the third man, who looked older and was bearishly heavy. He had fucked my wife twice just fifteen minutes ago. He gladly stepped out of his pants and underwear, took off his shirt and went to the dressing table, picked out a tube of Vaseline and squeezed a lump some on his hand and applied it on his penis. His penis was erect again within seconds as he jerked his penis within loads of Vaseline. He knelt between Anu's legs.

Anu's eyes were dancing wildly in horror and yet she could only squirm in terror as she was tied securely to the bedposts. The man held her thighs in her hands and slowly rocked his hips back and forth in air with his erect lubed cock moving inches from Anu's pussy. He then went on to smear the Vaseline off his hands on to her breasts. He kneaded her breasts slowly and his there was a shiver in Anu's body as he started to knead her breasts slowly. He would knead it slowly and end each swirl by pinching her perky nips. She closed her eyes and tears rolled down the corners of both of her eyes. He moved a little forward and pushed the tip of his penis an inch into Anu's pussy. She shuddered at this violation but still kept her eyes shut.

He then spread her pussy lips apart and rammed his penis inside her pussy. It went in with such a force that Anu jerked up, arching her back and screamed into her gag, her eyes straining to pop out of her sockets. It was as if a sledgehammer had been rammed into her pussy.

He groaned in pleasure and turned back to me and guffawed

"This slut is definitely not a virgin! But by Jove! She is tight. She must be hosting some tiny weenies in her twat. She needs to have some real cock in her and I am going to give exactly that to her."

He pulled out and rammed in harder into her. She buckled up with the impact and her back arched up as if all her senses had been assaulted again from inside her pussy. Another of her screams was muted by the gag. This time he stayed in motionless for half a minute. She seemed to relax, her pussy relaxing and accommodating around his massive member. He started rocking in and out. Her feet clawed the air and her hips bucked up to meet his thrusts. Her pussy juices started flowing out of her pussy and she was squirming under him as he continued his assault on her pussy while he bent his torso on her suckling her breasts one by one. Within a matter of seconds her thick creamy pussy juice bathed his cock as it continued its merciless assault on her pussy. It was about a minute of this continuous pounding before I saw my daughter shake up and arch her back up while clutching the bedsheets hard with her bound hands. She probably had her first orgasm. He didn't let up on his speed his sensitivities having been numbed by the fact that he already had fucked my wife twice in the past hour. He continued on and on and Anu was again rocked by another orgasm in a couple of minutes. He just went on and on.

He was biting my daughter's breasts hard and each bite left an impression around her erect nipples.

By now she was moaning in a conundrum of pain and pleasure. She alternatingly screamed at each bite of his mouth and squealed at each thrust of his hips. He was like a machine that just went on and on and on. She was lying exhausted on the bed as the beast pounded into her pussy. Her body shuddered occasionally and I would know that she had another of her many orgasms.

The girl pushed me on to a chair that she had moved to the foot of the bed that gave me a direct view of the man between my daughter's legs and I could see his penis rise up and dive down into my daughter's sweet pussy. I could see his thrusts being met halfway by Anu who was constantly and sedately bucking and grinding her pussy into the cock of this man.

The girl spread my legs apart and knelt on the floor between my legs, took my throbbing and hurting penis in her hands and lowered her head on to my penis. She licked the tip of my penis and it sent a shiver through my body. She slowly put it inch by inch into her mouth and then started slowly bobbing her head up and down on it. I was aching for a release and needed someone to jerk me off real hard and fast and till the end. The girl on my penis was anything but fast. She was just teasing my cock slow and gentle and that just doubled the ache in my loin. The man on the bed was furiously pounding away and my daughter convulsed to yet another of her orgasms. She screamed in pleasure and then shuddered to a serene stillness being jerked involuntarily by the now increasing thrusts of the man between her legs. He was close to his orgasm and within seconds offloaded himself into her pussy. There was a copious amount of cum that filled my daughter's twat and overflowed by the sides of his now shriveling penis that was still buried in her. He must have been exhausted by the third fuck within an hour and just collapsed on top of my daughter. The view was intoxicating not withstanding the fact that it was my daughter being ravaged that was intoxicating me. The guy rolled off my daughter and my eyes were still riveted at her pussy that oozed cum mixed with a tinge of blood. She was still, her eyes closed, her hips still bobbing up and down in air.

And just then the bitch stopped bobbing her head on my cock. I cried out in anguish. She smiled and made her way to the bedside by my daughter, took out her gun and pointed at my daughter's head.

"Finish off within her or I will finish her off this instant."

My daughter heard the words but I guess she was too thrashed to register them.

I shook my head hard and screamed but the words got choked in the gag on my mouth. She took her other hand to the gun and cocked it. She looked up at me and started counting back from 10 and I understood that my daughter's life didn't mean anything to her.

I stumbled forward from the chair and hobbled on to the bed. My penis still stood unashamedly erect, throbbing at the prospect of finding release. It was difficult doing this with my hands bound and I just got between her legs and started poking her pussy. It was difficult to see her hole that was still bathed in the curd of my daughter's cum mixed with the man's jism.

My daughter opened her eyes, looked down towards me and there was pitiful disgust in my eyes. She brought her hand down, held my penis and guided it to her pussy.

The girl's countdown stopped at 2.

I started to push and my penis slipped through content in the wet cunt of my daughter. She looked away and started to buck her hips towards me. Her pussy was wet and my penis easily slided in and out of her dripping pussy. She kept at her thrusts and was slowly milking my penis. I could she her head turned repulsively to one side while she kept bucking her pelvis up towards me fucking me. I stood silently and then my penis took control over my body and I started to push my penis down into my daughter's pussy.

It was strange as my mind resisted this climactic build up and yet my penis was rejoicing this unholy fuck. My penis was wild with excitement and it was as if it had whipped my hips into action and I started pumping down harder on my daughter's thrusts. I felt the release build up fast and there was this tremendous rush of pent up passion that stood on the precipice of a giant fall. And then I let go.

I started cumming.

My body convulsed forward and my penis squirted loads and loads of cum into my sweet daughter's bucking pussy. This particular orgasm felt as if it had started from deep within my penis and had spread everywhere from there.

My entire body convulsed towards my penis that was still buried in my Anu's pussy. The girl was watching me from behind and pulled me from my daughter. My penis plopped out meekly and I shrunk on the bed in shame. Another guy, who was naked now took over and got between Anu's legs. He took the piece of Anu's shorts that was lying on the bed and wiped cum off her pussy that was still dripping down her pussy. He spread her pussy lips and entered her wet insides. He fucked her slowly as I watched inches away on the bed. Another guy turned me around and bent me over a pillow on the bed with my feet planted apart and my ass pointing high up towards the ceiling. I hadn't any idea of what to expect when I saw the girl talking out from her bag what I later came to know was a strap on dildo. She strapped it on her waist and climbed onto the bed behind me.

I realized what she was about to do and shook violently. She was thrown off me but she caught her balance and immediately reached for her gun and pointed towards my daughter. Tears rolled off my eyes and I shook my head affirmatively pleading her not to shoot.

She came back on top of me and mounted me again. She asked for the Vaseline and applied it liberally on her dildo. She then pushed into my arsehole. It was something that I had never ever experienced and had never thought I would go through. It hurt like hell as the penis shaped dildo slipped despite my sphincters having been lubed by the Vaseline. She must have buried herself to the hilt and I felt something cold and firm tearing into my rectum. It was a funny feeling and I felt the urge to pass urine. She started moving up and down and the dildo started shearing into my anus back and forth. She started increasing her tempo and it started feeling better and a bit funny inside my rectum. I was slowly getting aroused and felt my penis harden.

She called on to the guy standing behind to hand her the scarf that was on the clothes stand and then she slung it around my neck and started riding me like a pony. I felt a tightening around my loins and it took some time for me to realize that it was another orgasm building up within me. The scarf was tightening around my neck and I felt choked for air as she continued riding me rough and sending the dildo deeper and deeper into my arse.

I saw the guy riding my daughter release his load another take his place. I was close to my orgasm and felt that I would blow any second. The girl tightened the noose and this time deliberately choked my windpipe as I struggled to breathe against the resistance. I could feel my loins tighten and a massive and yet decidedly different orgasm hit my body and I could feel my rectum throbbing in pleasure around the dildo. The sensation of this massive release exhausted and numbed my oxygen deprived brain into darkness and I passed out...

(to be continued)

Thanks for all your comments on the last submission. I have tried to reply to as many as I could but haven't been able to reply to all. However I read all of them and appreciate all of you who have taken the time to read my submissions. Hope you like the story so far. Kindly continue sending in your comments.


JJ Murray

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