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Retribution: Sub Style


All good story tellers know the importance of setting, and while I can easily debate whether I am good at my part time craft, I too know the importance setting has. So, if it pleases you, imagine if you will...

A room decorated in medieval fashion, heavy decorative tapestries hang from the walls. The ambience is kept deceptively calm by aromatic candles being the only source of light. Dozens of them line the walls resting on built in shelves. The furnishings are simple yet not understated in any way. A large overstuffed chair arranged in such a way as to have an unobstructed view of the bed. Oh, and the bed, a true work of art. It is huge, far larger than even a California King, a size that was popular in the 1980's. The four solid oak posters engraved in great detail with vines of ivy and oak leaves. However, not in keeping with the style, the heavy ornate bed drapes have been removed for better visibility. From each of the four posters a heavy silken cord of ample length has been attached. The last of the furnishings is a large oak table again ornately carved and decorated to match the posters on the bed.

Now, of course, there can be no story without characters. Those people who further the plot or lack thereof. For without characters even the most beautiful of settings will just sit there, and so onto the characters of my humble tale...

First the antagonist, a woman of tender years yet gentle all the same. Blue of eye, rounded in body. By nature even tempered though easily roused to more passionate responses, whether amorous or of a more negative nature depending entirely on the moment. She will be called simply L for this tale.

Now for my protagonist. That unfortunate creature forced to deal with the whimsical nature of L. Long of limb and hair, her eyes the color of clearest emerald green were set in a countenance of refined features.. Now her nature was different than L's, a strong dominant soul motivated her fiery life and actions. Mercurial and temperamental described her well. She will be call G here.

And for my final character His importance in this tale is that of on looker, no more no less.

So now if it pleases you, on to my tale of wrongs righted and amends made.

L entered the room, immediately looking for and finding her Master seated in his chair. She knelt before him and asked "You called for me Sir?"

Yes, My pet, I have a gift for you." he indicated the third person in the room.

"I don't understand Sir." L said.

The answer, when it came from the third person in the room. "I am here to serve your pleasure, to do with as you please." G said.

"Sir?" L asked looking from one to the other.

"It is as she says my pet." the Master said. The unholy gleam that sparked in L's eyes prompted him to speak again. "I caution you to temperance and to remember the responsibilities of Dominance. You were trained with a gentle hand, remember that."

"Understood Sir." His words had only slightly lessened the fire he saw in her normally peaceful blue eyes.

"I am here primarily for guidance as it becomes necessary." His words left a warning in the air, it had better not become necessary.

"Understood Sir." L said again acknowledging his advice, spoken and otherwise.

"Good, now enjoy your gift my pet." He sent her off with a gentle kiss and settled back to watch his pet in action.

L walked over to G. Uncertainty filled every line of G's body as she stood there, naked and awaiting L's instructions.

L's movements were confident and sure. She came to a stop and looked the woman over from head to toe. "So, to serve my pleasure?" L asked her.

"Yes." the answer came with lowered eyes.

"To do with as I see fit? Yes?" L asked.



G looked up and watched as the hurt of betrayal and lack of confidence caused L's eyes to sparkle with unshed tears. With a tremor in her voice G spoke. "In times long past when one person wronged another and retribution was called for, it was often meted out in the form of servitude." Here she paused dropping gracefully to her knees. "And I have wronged you most grievously."

Two silent tears slipped down L's cheeks as she gazed down at her friend. Slowly the pain and hurt melted from her heart and soul. Leaving behind the warmth of friendship and caring. she could feel her Master's eyes upon her, lending her His strength and understanding.

With a gentle hand, L tipped G's head up and gazed into her eyes. She said only two words yet they were more than enough. "I accept."

Relief filled G and pushed out the tension and fear. Fear that L would refuse her. All of a sudden L loved her more in that one moment. That her friend would have the courage to kneel before her, and put herself at L's mercy, all the while knowing mercy might not be forthcoming.

L gazed at her for a moment more then instructed, "On the bed, on your back."

G did as she was told quickly. L walked over to the table which was covered with a large piece of blue silk. She lifted the cloth, then looked in surprise at her Master. His smile told her all she needed to know. He had provided the items lying there. There were two vibrators (an 8 inch one and a 12 inch one), a set of clips, a feather, a large make-up brush with the softest bristles, a double headed dildo and finally a blind fold.

L took the clips first and walked over to the bed. "From this point on you will observe the following rules. You may cum only with my permission. Each directive will be carried out without hesitation with one exception. If anything causes you discomfort mentally or physically you will say so immediately. Is this clear to you?"


"Yes ma'am." L corrected.

"Yes ma'am." G replied.

L briefly considered having G put the clips on but decided against it. She'd had more experience with them after all and knew what purpose she needed them to serve.

With a slow caress L slid her hand up the flat plane of G's stomach to the valley of her full breasts. Then with a thumb and forefinger she brought G's nipples to full erection. The clips followed, just past the point of a firm grip but not quite painful. Watching G's eyes to judge her reaction L pulled on the chain, satisfied to see her eyes cloud over with arousal. L took the chain attached to the last clip and trailed it down her body in a soft caress of steel. G's clit was throbbing, begging for attention by the time L attached the last clip.

"Arch your back, arms flat to the bed" she told G's. The length of chain was satisfactory. All three pleasure points were pulled and stretched. "Relax."

Turning back to the table L took up the blind fold next. "Lift your head." The black cloth was tied swiftly and securely. L paused for a moment letting G's other senses adjust to make up for the loss of one. That was when she noticed the cords at each poster. She started with G's left arm securing it with the silken cord then continuing around the bed securing each limb. By the time she finished G's breath was coming fast and her pussy was dripping wet.

"How are you doing?" L asked. G moaned in answer. "This turns you on doesn't it?"

"Yessssssssssssssssssss" was G's throaty response.

A sharp tug on the chain. "What?"

"Yes Maam!"

"Don't forget again." L picked up the brush and trailed it softly over G's cheek, down the long line of her neck to her nipples. G was visibly trembling as the bristles brushed over her throbbing nipples and then continued downward. Moans were coming with each breathe and when the brush glided over her clit she cried out.

L drug the brush over the lips of G's pussy soaking the bristles in the juices that were there. Reaching out with her other hand she tugged and teased G's clit watching each reaction, listening to each sound she uttered.

The command came suddenly "Cum!" L watched with hungry eyes as the other woman climaxed fiercely. The brush caught the juices of G's orgasm. L carefully brought the brush over G's mouth. "Open your mouth." Thick juices dripped slowly onto G's tongue. She lifted her head slightly, silently asking for more but L had a better idea.

Wetting the brush again in G's juices, with slow wet strokes L carefully painted each of G's nipples. Laying the brush aside, L grabbed the 8 inch vibrator and the double-headed dildo and then joined G on the bed.

A warm breath was the only warning G had before L's lops closed around one turgid nipple. Sucking and nibbling L savored the taste of each nipple and wanted more. She licked and kissed and slowly nipped her way to G's pulsing cunt and, with a flick of her tongue on G's clit, brought her cry of pleasure in a soft gasp. Eagerly L sucked and licked, feasting on the pearly liquid. She tuned and pressed her own dripping pussy to G's mouth. Both women fell into a frenzy of licking, nipping and tongue fucking. G held off her orgasm without reminder as L came violently into her mouth.

L slid down far enough to release G's legs then moved to kneel between them. The blindfold came off next. L reached for the vibrato while holding G's passion drugged gaze. "Hold perfectly still." She slipped it into G's still wildly throbbing pussy, lubricating it with a few swift strokes.

"Ma'am?" G's voice came in a throaty groan.

L looked back up knowing what G wanted. "Yes?"

G was barely capable of speech. "May I cum?"

"No." L had to smile at G's moan of frustration having been in the same position herself. She withdrew the vibrator from G's pussy to press it against the tight ring of her ass and waited.

"Please fuck my ass Ma'am," G begged breathlessly. L drove it deep in one smooth stroke. With hard fast deep thrust L fucked her sweet ass. The command to cum brought a thick rush of juice, G's screams filled the air.

L pulled the vibrator out, picking up the double-ended dildo, held it up for G to see then slipped it deep into her pussy. "You know what's coming next?" G nodded. "Do you want it?"

"Yes Ma'am" G moaned.

L carefully fed the other end into her own pussy. She stretched out over G, nipple to nipple, clit to clit. With subtle tensing of specific muscles L caressed G's body with her own. Holding G's gaze L spoke, "You know that my Master's pleasure is my pleasure. To please him is to please Me?"

"Yes Ma'am."

L looked over her shoulder to her Master, at his look of approval and nod of encouragement she turnmed back and continued speaking. "Would you like him to fuck your ass?"

"God, yes Ma'am!!!"

Kissing G deeply L reached up and released her arms. Without breaking the kiss she rolled them over as one. G shivered as the gently hands of L's Master stroked up her leg, over her back and around to turn her head to the side. At the sight of his hard cock so close to her lips she moaned, eagerly taking him deep into her throat. She sucked him strongly, using her tongue to caress as he thrust into her hot wet mouth.

After a few minutes of her passionate attention he drew away and moved behind her. G shuddered as he slid his cock into the tight heat of her ass, prolonging each sensation. He withdrew in the same slow way only to come slamming back. He set the rhythm fast and hard, each thrust driving the women's clits together, causing the dildo to undulate in their pussies.

With his hands braced on either side of L's shoulders, he looked into her eyes and knew she was very close to orgasm. He also knew that she would wait upon his command before she would cum. G however was mindless with her need to cum. "Cum My pet." he commanded.

L shuddered and issued her own order to G, "Now! Cum!!"

The three of them came together in one massive orgasm. His moans underscored their screams of pleasure. On and on it went until they all had no more to give. He rested his head on G's shoulder while her's rested on L's.

L turned her head slightly and smiled. "She passed out Sir."

He smiled as well. "Let her sleep then. She's earned it." Between the two of them they removed the clips and tucked her in under the covers.

L snuggled close in her Master's strong arms. Kissing her gently he said, "You did very well tonight my pet. I am proud of you." In answer he heard her soft purr of satisfaction as she slipped off to sleep. He smiled, tucking her in closer and drifting off to sleep himself.

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