tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRetribution Within the City Ch. 2

Retribution Within the City Ch. 2


Janine knew too well that the wrath of the Persian takeover would continue. Night had fallen. Janine and dozens of other female council members had been herded into a cordoned area within the arena. Fires built and maintained by the guards provided dim lighting and warmth, and the captives huddled in close proximity. There were no blankets with which to cover their nearly naked bodies. Janine's hands were still bound as were the other council member's. String supported parchment cloth, covering the front only, was the only modesty they had been allowed. Persian soldiers walked the perimeter of the isolated area and occasionally they would enter carrying wooden buckets of water that would be ladled to the restrained prisoners. She had attempted to rest but the anxiety over her ultimate fate prevented the release of sleep.

The sexual accosting she received the previous afternoon kept replaying in her mind. She couldn't understand how she had become so aroused when she was bound and raped for the amusement of her captors. The fact that she had sought and found orgasm under the most savage and forced conditions perplexed her. Janine knew that the ordeal had awakened within her a strong desire for more of the same treatment. She also understood that the severity of her situation made the prospect of re-experiencing the same treatment quite likely. Janine began to realize that the fear she felt was in complete tandem with her newly discovered desire. She had thoroughly enjoyed the heightened sensation that the restraints had produced as her body was sexually ravaged. She recalled her degree of excitement, wrapped within her fear. What her mind specifically revisited was how erotically stirred she had become when she was forced to submit and that she was the center of all attention during the fuck spectacle she unintentionally provided. "How can this be," she wondered. The combination of fear and wanton sexual energy had become her strength.

She knew she would need that strength to cope with what the breaking dawn would bring. As the dawn broke, Janine's attention was drawn to one of arena's entrances. The approach of soldiers held her eyes and as they neared she could see the Centurion in the middle of the squad. He was escorting a man and a woman; from their demeanor she surmised they were high ranking officials. As the troop of Persians neared, the Centurion and the two officials stepped forward. The Centurion announced, "All female council prisoners are sentenced to death." He then instructed his charges to prepare at once and marched a few paces away as the male and female officials followed in a supervisory manner to stand next to him. There was an immediate sobbing and wailing within the cordoned area as the prisoners reacted with panic and despair. Janine had reacted to the edict as though she hadn't heard it. She was frightened but she had anticipated what her fate would be. She watched as many of the condemned women attempted to flee the tightened perimeter the soldiers had formed. It was a feeble effort as their bindings prevented any way of gaining the initiative. Janine hoped it would be a swift and merciful end.

The Persian method of mass execution for captured political prisoners was the sword and the process was underway. Large detachments of soldiers poured through several arena gates, rapidly advancing, wielding swords. The bound captives huddled in a terrified group, many falling to the ground. In stark contrast, Janine held her place and faced approaching death with resolve and courage. The display caught the attention of the two officials standing next to the Centurion and they ordered that Janine be removed from harm's way. Two soldiers whisked her away from the advancing danger. As she was pushed towards the officials the attacking soldiers reached the remaining female prisoners and the slaughter was on.

The male and female motioned to the Centurion and he ordered guards to lead Janine away, leaving the carnage behind. She was taken into a vestibule within the arena. The vestibule was adorned with plush cushions and elaborate tapestries. Janine was standing alone in the center of the lavish room as the two officials conferred with the Centurion. When they had completed their brief conference the Centurion saluted and led the guards from the vestibule. The male and female officials immediately drew close as Janine stood bound and nearly naked before them. The female spoke presenting herself as Marna and her associate as Clopay. They were royal ambassadors sent to assemble the new city order. Marna explained to their captive that she was spared the sword because of her attractiveness and the courage she displayed as impending death approached.

As the female ambassador addressed Janine, Clopay stood very near. He looked the prisoner up and down as though examining a piece of sculpture, yet she remained motionless. He felt her naked breasts, lightly squeezing them to evaluate the firmness, and sliding his fingers to their tips he gently pinched her nipples. As his examination continued Marna informed Janine that the Centurion had briefed them about the erotic performance she had given the previous day. "We've been told that you appeared to enjoy the fucking you received upon the altar and I'm disappointed that we didn't witness it," Marna said, as Janine stood silent before her. By this time, Clopay's hands were caressing the captive's exposed buttocks from behind. He parted the firm cheeks stretching Janine's anus slightly. The sensation caused her breasts to jut forward as her shoulders flexed back. "Does it please you," Marna commented, as she ran her hands through Janine's hair. "Because of your bravery and attractiveness we will allow you the pleasure that Clopay and I can provide."

At this, Clopay cut loose the leather strings that held her cloth covering and she stood completely nude. Marna reached forward and inserted several fingers into Janine's soft vagina. The female Persian's touch ignited Janine yet she barely moved. Marna attempted to kiss her as she expertly manipulated the pussy she desired but the advance went unheeded. Janine found the heated stimulus difficult to resist as the combination of the female's foreplay, and her restriction, created lustful submission within her. Again, Marna brought her lips to Janine's. This time they met and Janine opened her mouth allowing the Persian to insert her tongue. Their lips combined as their tongues twisted and caressed in wanton passion. As the prisoner accepted the sensuous advance, Clopay slowly inserted his middle finger into Janine's rectum. He gently swirled his finger as Marna intensified the in and out thrusts her digits were delivering. The female tongues were still entwined as the touching magnified Janine's desire. She knew that she would now submit to whatever sexual scenario her captors wanted. Willingly or unwillingly, she cared not. The Persians escorted their tied and naked captive toward another room within the vestibule. Janine was no longer afraid as her erotic appetite had returned from the prelude to sex she had just received. She now understood that erotic contact while restrained caused her to lose all inhibitions. No matter how precarious the danger, or how frightened she was, she would submit to sexual advance and perversion willingly. Her confidence was thorough within her unknown fate. Helpless desire and submission were her strengths and she would need them.

As Janine was led into a different room, she saw two guards on both sides of an unusual device. The device was a wooden pole secured to the floor and rising nearly four feet. The top six inches of the pole had been carved into a smooth and lubricated phallus, while two short and slender appendages curved upward and out from the phallus' base. There were leather straps at both ends of a cross-member secured six inches from the floor and constructed as part of the pole. The entire unit resembled a small inverted cross. Marna and Clopay walked Janine towards the device. As they came close, the guards grabbed the bound female at the hips and lifted her, positioning her rectum over the phallus. After insuring that the alignment was accurate, the guards lowered Janine so that the oiled dildo penetrated her ass. She slowly slid down its length. The slender, curving appendages gave her frontal support as they cupped her pubis on either side of her vagina. The appendages also governed the amount of penetration the phallus could achieve. Janine's feet were unable to touch the floor. At first, the insertion caused mild pain but the length and thickness of the phallus were not beyond her tolerance. Immediately the guards tied Janine's dangling ankles to the low crossbeam with the leather straps attached at both ends.

When they were finished, Clopay motioned the guards to leave and they obeyed. The captive was now impaled upon the pole. Her shoulders were flexed back because of the pinioning of her arms and her hands and wrists struggled against the straps causing her chest to wriggle, drawing attention to her firm breasts and erect nipples. The low crossbeam positioning resulted in Janine's legs spreading as her feet pointed down at the floor. Each leg and ankle pulled independently at the leather restraints causing more undulations and making her anus involuntarily work the phallus within her. The Persians watched as their prisoner continued the erotic air dance before them. "Most enticing," Clopay commented, as he watched. Janine's eroticism was awakened by her forced situation. She felt the sensation of the phallus impaled in her rectum to be most arousing as the bindings prevented her from disengagement.

She relished the sight of the Persian eyes fixed upon her. The uninhibited feeling was again present within her and she longed for her captors to take total advantage of her. Marna moved forward and knelt before the impaled prisoner, her head immediately in front of Janine's spread sex. She could see that the supporting appendages had opened the bare pussy lips before her and she inserted two fingers into Janine's cunt. The impaled woman's sex was completely soaked and the juices coated Marna's hand. She removed her fingers, placed both her hands on Janine's hips, and proceeded to glide her tongue up and down between the prisoner's labia. Janine twisted and turned in waves of restrained passion as the Persian female masterfully tongued her. The combination of her pussy being licked and helpless submission had Janine sensing the throes of a deep orgasm approaching. As she now wantonly tugged at her bindings, the phallus in her ass seemed to become a part of her. It, and the masterful tongue on her clitoris, generated erotic passion equal to the fucking she had received the previous day. Throwing her head back and challenging her restraints Janine came in massive waves as her body tensed against the bindings.

Clopay had exited the room as Marna began to service their captive's sex. He now returned carrying a satchel that he nonchalantly dropped near the breathless vixens. It sounded as though it contained numerous metal parts from the clanging it made as it contacted the floor. "My, my, have we been busy," Clopay sarcastically observed as he stood inventorying the sight before him. Janine looked helplessly seductive mounted upon the impaling pole. She was regaining her breath as her body calmed from the intensity of her climax. Marna was sitting on the floor with her legs stretched out and her arms braced behind her in relaxed support. She looked up at Clopay as he spoke again. "I want to see our prisoner perform upon you Marna, with the roles reversed." Marna knew that Clopay had the power of life and death over her. If she refused, he could have her imprisoned or beaten or worse. Marna arose from the floor looking puzzled at the Persian ambassador.

"Yes lord," she replied, "but why me?"

"Why is unimportant," he snapped back. Next, he commanded her to remove her robes and to prepare to mount the pole. Marna knew that she was not going to cooperate with his plans for her. She felt degraded and immediately resolved not to be an object for his perverse pleasure. Clopay had begun to rummage with the tooling in the satchel resting on the floor and his back was turned away from Marna as he made his selections. She could see the sadistic utensils that he was bringing forth and she understood that the bastard would use them on her after she was bound and impaled.

As she watched the unsuspecting ambassador preparing his cruel instruments, she knew that she must act swiftly. On the floor at Clopay's feet was a metal straight piece that resembled a dagger. Marna saw the metal shank as her implement of deliverance. She allowed her rage to fester and willingly let it overtake her. She had to act immediately or face Clopay's perversions. "Now," she thought. She leapt towards the sharp tool, grabbing it with both her hands and plunging it into Clopay's back. The tool ripped deeply into the Persian ambassadors flesh and caused him to rear up slightly but he instantly fell face down to the floor with barely a sound. He was dead. Janine couldn't believe that she had witnessed the violent scene. She was frozen motionless still secured upon the pole. Janine could see the rage in the Persian assassin's face.

She was shocked but not frightened and she wondered if the murderess before her would now use the dagger on her. Janine sensed that the female was calming down, as she was looking directly into her eyes. Marna walked to the leather satchel and reached in, producing a knife then confidently swaggered toward her impaled captive. Janine, believing the knife would be her demise, prepared herself to die. To her surprise, her captor began to cut loose the leather straps that bound her to the pole.

When Janine's wrists and ankles were free the Persian ambassador assisted Janine, raising her body and causing her rectum to slide up and off the phallus. She then gently supported the prisoner until once again Janine could stand alone Suddenly, Marna shrieked "Guards! Come at once, the prisoner has killed Clopay"! Several guards immediately entered the chamber with swords drawn. Seeing Clopay's lifeless body lying on the floor they rapidly advanced at Janine intending to strike her down. Marna commanded the troops to halt. They instantly obeyed but Janine could see the desire for retribution in their faces. She quickly realized why the Persian had freed her from the impaling pole. For all intent and purpose, she was guilty of stabbing the male Persian ambassador to death. Marna ordered the soldiers to bind Janine's wrists behind her back and take her to the arena. As the soldiers did so, the Persian female looked Janine straight in the eye and informed her that she would be executed alone, and as a spectacle, for killing her colleague. Marna motioned with one arm and the guards lead Janine away.

The midday sun felt hot on Janine's skin as the guards lead her into the arena. There were many soldiers performing numerous tasks, most noticeable of which was the erecting of a scaffold onto a wooden platform. Near the platform was the stone altar where Janine had been the sacrificial fuck the previous day. She could see the Centurion standing among soldiers in front of the slab and as she came closer, she could see two male slaves standing on both sides of the stone structure.

Each slave was naked and very muscular with genitals that protruded long and thick causing the prisoner to recall her passions from the previous day. Janine's escort marched her to the Centurion who appeared to be preoccupied as his eyes looked beyond her. He was waiting for Marna as she trailed the entourage by several seconds. When the female ambassador caught up, she ordered the Centurion to have Janine prepared for execution and added that the proceedings were to be a spectacle for the entertainment of the troops. The Centurion ordered his lieutenants to assemble their men as guards pushed Janine to the altar.

The female ambassador now began to issue commands that were implemented as fast as she recited them. She instructed that one of the naked slaves was to lie on his back upon the slab. The Centurion motioned to the slave closest to the carved edifice and he climbed atop, laying back. He began to caress his penis, preparing it for what he knew was coming while his counterpart also readied his manhood. Both slave's preparations were producing impressive results as their cocks were swelling in length and thickness. As Janine watched the carnal display, Marna directed that Janine's binds be cut and her arms fell forward.

The Persian guards snatched Janine by her arms and legs and lifted her above the waiting slave then lowering her so that her back lay upon the supine body. The slave secured her around the waist as soldiers tethered her arms and legs to the altar. The attached leather straps spread Janine's arms and legs wide as the male beneath her began to feel her breasts and vagina. The heat was beginning to cause the involved participants to perspire, which produced an appealing sheen upon their bodies. Persian cadres were gathering to witness the events and many more were arriving. They were delighted to see the bound female captive being prepared for their amusement. Her smooth sex, glistening and spread wide, was partially concealed by the massive hard cock rising from underneath her. Janine could feel the large penis touching between her legs. She tugged at the restraints, rekindling the erotic stimulus she was becoming accustomed to. She was no longer afraid; she was extremely aroused knowing that she would once more be the erotic center of all attention.

The Persian ambassador ordered the slave to insert his penis into the rectum of the prisoner. Simultaneously she instructed the second slave to mount the bound female and bury his prepared cock into her vagina. The supine slave's cock was the first to enter. Janine's torso tensed against the restraints as the penis penetrated her ass and began pumping in long upward strokes. Janine looked down to see the other slave climbing on top of her and settling himself between her extended legs. The slave fucking from beneath reached his hands to pull open Janine's cunt lips allowing the mounting slave access. The second cock split her pussy lips and rammed deeply into her as the male below withdrew his hands placing them on her breasts and massaging them. Both pistons began working independently within Janine.

The rhythm-less frenzy of both poles of flesh, penetrating and withdrawing sporadically, was exciting her intensely. The sensation that her restraints provided was causing her to buck wildly as she was sensing orgasm. The glistening bodies were entwined and pushing feverishly upon the altar much to the approval of the gathered soldiers. Their eyes were glued to the cocks fucking the prisoner in both her feminine openings. Janine could feel the thick penises throb and pulsate as they fucked her until finally she tensed at her restraints and cried out "Fuck me, I'm coming!" Spasms overtook her as the intensity of the orgasm's shock waves flowed through her body. She undulated and writhed against the restraints as the slaves continued pumping. In unison, the slaves began to tense and slam their engorged organs faster into Janine's body. Their muscles tensed and became pronounced as each was near his sexual zenith. Together, both cocks spewed cum within their respectful orifice, filling Janine with overloads of hot semen.

"A masterpiece," one soldier commented, as the witnesses concentrated on the erotic emotion upon the altar. The work on the scaffold being erected as Janine was marched into the arena was now complete. Its shadow fell upon the cadre of soldiers surrounding the stone altar several yards away. Janine could see the sturdy supports and crossbeam rising ominously as the slaves dismounted the altar. She wanted so much to caress herself as an epilogue to her magnificent climax but could only writhe at the restraints. The heat had kept a moist sheen upon her stretched body and her breasts rose and fell seductively. Her freshly fucked openings were unable to retain the heavy loads of cum that had been brought forth and the cream oozed down her extended crotch. There was a stirring of approval from within the ranks of soldiers. They were satisfied with the spectacle thus far, but were anxious to witness the next installment of Persian justice upon the condemned female. Janine's sexual and submissive energy had her intensely aroused, as she had learned to relish being the centerpiece of raw lust and merciless manipulations.

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