tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRetrieval of Raven

Retrieval of Raven


In an unlit padded room somewhere inside of an abandon mental hospital, the man known as Raven sits in the corner, dressed in a dirty straight jacket and tattered jeans. He rocks back and forth quietly as he long unkempt hair hangs down over his face. There is no sound, other than the somber drips of water from a pipe out in the hallway. Raven closes his eyes for a moment, but then he hears a new sound. The sounds of footsteps walking down the hall. Raven's dark eyes become locked on the only entrance and exit of the padded room as room is suddenly illuminated. The door of the room is opened slowly and a female, a woman with long fiery red hair, and dressed in a light blue tank sleeveless shirt and denim jeans steps into the room. Raven looks at the woman with a raised eyebrow, not knowing who she is or what brought her to his private abode.

The redheaded woman closes the door slightly and stands against it as she looks down at him as if with a sense of admiration or that of compassion or a mixture of the two. She clears her throat and folds her arms, "Are you... Raven?"

Raven stares up at the woman for a long moment, before slowly nodding his head. "Yes..." He says in low voice as his eyes become locked with hers. "Who... are... you..."

The woman tries not to smile, but the obvious delight of having his curiosity is shown through her body language, "My name is Christy... Christy Hemme."

"Why... are... you... here..."

Christy slowly walks towards him and kneels down so that she is now eye level with him. "I'm here on behalf of TNA management... I just signed with TNA..."

Raven shifts his weight a bit and the straight jacket he's wearing falls forward slightly as he moves his arms within it. "Why... are you here..." Raven asks again.

"I'm here... to retrieve you... I'm here to bring you back to TNA..."


Christy slightly licks her lips as she sits down on her knees next to him, "Because... you were wronged..."

Raven's eyes fall to the ground, completely confused by Christy's reply, but nods his head, "Yes... I was..."

"I was wronged as well... but I feel... I can help you..." Christy whispers.

"Help... me... how?"

Christy gently places a hand on his back and pushes the straight jacket open so that it falls forward from its weight and the only thing holding it on Raven is his own arm which are crossed within it. "By telling you... that because of me... you are now reinstated in TNA..."

Raven slowly turns his head to look at her, "I never... met you... before..."

Christy nods her head, "I know..." She whispers as she moves a bit and pulls the straight jacket from Raven's body, revealing his battle scar covered body. She lays the straight jacket on the floor behind her before she places a hand on his chest, "But... we have both... been removed from places where we wanted to be.... I don't have a chance to go back to where I was before... but I can help you..."

Raven eyes narrow slightly, "I... will... not... be used... by... anyone..."

Christy retracts her hand from his chest, "I don't want to use you..." she says as she slowly lifts up her top to reveal her bra-less, firm, perfectly round breasts. She then takes Raven's cold yet clammy right hand and places it on her left tit. She locks eyes with him and whispers in a melody, "I want you... to use me..."

Trains of thought runs through Raven's mind as he tries to interpret the answers and replies Christy is giving him as instincts take over slightly as he lightly squeezes her breast. "You... are... quite...interesting..." Raven says quietly as Christy lets go of his hand.

"Thank you..." Christy smiles before she leans forward and softly kisses his lips. Both part their lips and slip their tongue forward so that they intertwine. Christy moans tenderly into Raven's mouth as she allows his tongue to enter her mouth. She lightly closes her lips around it and sucks on his tongue gently for several minutes before she breaks the kiss. Before she can do what she has in mind, Raven grabs her wrist.

"Undress... yourself..."

Christy smiles again and nods, "Okay..." She says as she slowly stands up and unfastens the button of her jeans before she removes them to reveal a bright red thong. Christy then slowly remove her thong and now stands before the former multiple time World Heavyweight Champion completely nude. Raven's eyes roam over Christy's body as he starts to move to her. She smiles at him, "What do you want me to do..."

"Turn around... and get down on your hands and knees..." Raven's reply confuses Christy a bit, but she does what he said and turns around. She slowly gets down to her hand and knees, with her gorgeous juicy ass face him. Raven closes the distance and lays on his stomach behind her. "Now..." Raven lays a hand on her asscheek, "Play with yourself..."

Christy giggles a bit, "Okay..." She balances herself with her right hand and moves her left hand to her pussy. She begins to rub her clit with the palm of her hand before he slides two fingers into her cunt. The beautiful red-haired woman slowly finger fucks herself while Raven suddenly starts to lick her asshole. Raven's tongue circles around her asshole before he darts it in and out of it for a few moments.

"Ohhhhhh ohhh geez...." Christy moans as she feels Raven's warm tongue inside of her backside as she adds a third finger to her pussy. She closes her eyes and pushes her ass back against Raven's tongue. Christy slowly speeds up the rhythm of how she's' fucking her own pussy with fingers, making herself moan louder. "Ahhhh god... I love that...mmmm!" Christy bites her bottom lip and lets out a low moan.

Raven slowly pulls his tongue away from her asshole and pats her ass. "Turn over..."

Christy opens her eyes and nods her head, "All right..." She moans as she turns onto her back. Raven spreads her lovely legs apart and lowers his head to her pussy. He slowly laps his tongue against her clit before starting to slowly lick up and down between the lips of her pussy. Christy arches her hips to press her pussy against Raven's face as she pinches her hard nipples.

"Ahhh ohhh god... yess... yes..." Christy moans as Raven's tongue snakes its way into her cunt. As the unusual man continues to eat out her pussy, Christy squeezes her eyes shit as she starts to cum, "Ohhhhh ohhhh fuck yes!" Raven laps up her tasty juices from her pussy before he lifts his head up from her pussy. He watches Christy's chest rise and fall as she tries to compose herself from the orgasm she was just brought to. Silently, Raven stands up and takes off his raggedy jean shorts to reveal his large fat cock.

"Come..." Raven says as he motions with one hand for Christy to come to him. She nods her head as she gets to her knees in front of him. Christy grips his cock and stroke his hard shaft to feel every inch of his shaft with her tiny soft hands. She looks up at him and licks her lips.

"This is a big cock..." She says with a smile, "Might be a bit much for me..."

"Just do... what you... can..." Raven replies with a cool tone. Christy nods her head and leans forward and flicks her tongue against the head of his cock. She then presses the top of her tongue right against the slit of his cock before she starts to repeatedly circle the thick head of his dick with her tongue. Raven moans quietly as Christy opens her mouth and slowly takes all of his cock past her lovely lips. She lightly closes her mouth around his dick and begins bobbing her head back and forth across the length of his cock. She then moves her left hand to his balls and gently caresses them as she deep throats his cock.

"Ahhhhh.... You... are... quite something..." Raven moans as Christy continues to suck on his cock at a steady pace. She continues to suck Raven's meaty fuck stick before she pulls away, leaving his dick covered with her warm saliva.

"That is not all... I'm here for you to use..." Christy replies as she lays on her back and spreads her legs for him.

Raven licks his lips, "And you... understand my needs..." Raven whispers as he moves to thrust his cock into her warm tight wet pussy. Christy lets out a squeak as every inch of his cock is stuffed inside of her cunt. Raven starts thrusting back and forth at a rapid unyielding pace, giving Christy no time to arch her back or hips to grind her pussy against him

"Ohhhh ughhhhh fuck... ahhhh shit.... Mmmmm Raven...." Christ moans as Raven smashes his cock over and over again into her pussy. She places her hands on his arms as he lays his on her trim waist. Raven pulls the attractive redheaded woman against him to gain more leverage to drill her.

Raven then rolls onto his back so that now Christy is on top of him. The former WWE diva quickly gets used to the new position and starts to bounce on his rigid staff as he rocks her back and forth. She bites her lips as she leans back, placing a hand on one of Raven's legs as she rides him as fast as she can. "Ohhh ahhhh god yes... ohhh I love your cock.... Ahhh ahh yes... oh fuck..."

Raven watches her facial expression change wildly as Christy comes down hard on his dick. He then catches her and holds her up when she starts to rise on his dick once more, "You... are going... to be mine... time... to prove yourself further..."

Christy nods her head, "I.... I understand... I'm yours... take me... anyway you wish..."

"I want you... on your hands and knees...." Raven replies. Christy nods her head again and moves to get down into the doggy style position. Raven gets behind her and teases Christy as he grazes his cock against the entrance of her pussy, but in a lightning fast movement, Raven shoves his entire cock into her tight little asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me!" Christy screams as the result of the shocking anal invasion. She grits her teeth as Raven fucks her like a whore, using a fire of lust and desire he has not experienced in quite some time. Raven grunts and groans as he thrusts his cock into Christy's butt-hole.

"You... are mine..." Raven sneers as Christy slams back against him as he drives her to a level of ecstasy she did not count one.

"Ohhh god yes... I'm yours... I'm yours!" Christy screams as she moves a hand to play with her dripping wet pussy. She lowers her head down and rests it on her left forearm as she shoves three fingers into her cunt. Christy's lovely mouth hands open as her pussy clamps down around her own fingers as cums so hard her entire body shakes Raven continues to drive his cock in and out of her anal passage for several more moments, before he pulls out of her asshole. He gets to his feet and wraps a hand around his throbbing cock and begins to jerk off.

"Turn around... and accept me..." Raven says. Christy has to draw an extra ounce of strength from deep down and turns around. Right away she opens her mouth and flicks her tongue against the head of his cock.

"Do... not... consume it..." Raven moans as he starts to cum, causing streams of cum to land across Christy's face, but a good amount lands on her tongue and in her mouth. Some of his hot semen doesn't go far and drips down and splashes on her. When he's done cumming, Raven sticks two fingers into Christy's mouth and collects some of his spunk with them.

"Look up at me... but do not swallow" Christy complies and looks up at him, keeping her mouth open so that he can see his cum resting at the back of her mouth. Raven nods his head approvingly before he uses the spunk on his fingers to draw a crucifix on her forehead. Chills go through Christy's body as she feels his fingers draw the symbol on her skin with his own cum. Once he's finished he places a hand at her chin and pushes her mouth closed.

"Consume..." He whispers. Christy swallows the cum in his mouth, but then much to his surprise, she takes hold his hand with cum stained fingers and sucks them clean. Christy then cradles his shaft with her soft hands to hold it up so she can lick any residue of his load that is at the slit of his dick After making sue she got every drop of his cum that isn't on her body from him, Christy looks up at him.

"You are... coming back... to TNA... aren't you?" she asks.

Raven gets a small smirk on his face, "Yes... you have come to retrieve me from my asylum... and by doing this... you have unlocked the doors... for those that have wrong me... with their desire to use me for their personal gain... you have given yourself to me..." Raven takes Christy's hands and has her stand up and she gets a look of wonderment on her face as the man in front of her acts completely different than when she entered the padded room. Raven cups her chin with his left hand and tilts her head back slightly. "The path to their destruction... will be the one I walk... their blood will be on their hands... while their fate lies in mind... none of them will ever return home... welcome to the terror dome..."

Raven then kisses Christy fully on the lips, and the tips of their tongues touch, and they remain touching as Raven breaks the kiss. When their tongues cease connecting, Christy smiles up at him. "So quote the Raven..."

Raven nods his head as raises his arms out to his sides before he finishes the line, "Nevermore..."


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