tagNonConsent/ReluctanceReturn of The Vile Gamer Ch. 2

Return of The Vile Gamer Ch. 2


Chuck saw me standing there and looked puzzled for a moment. He made a move as if to get up and his eyes widened in shock as he realized he couldn't move his arms or legs. He looked wildly about, seeing for the first time the predicament he was in. I couldn't help but flinch when he began to violently struggle against his bonds. I was praying fervently that I'd tied them tightly enough. Apparently I had, because his struggles soon stopped and he stared at me with a mixture of astonishment, fear and rage. I was trembling in the face of that rage and had to remind myself that he couldn't get at me. He did, however, begin to curse me soundly.

"You fucking BITCH!!" he screamed, making me flinch again, "What the FUCK did you DO TO ME??"

Again he pulled and strained against the rope with all his strength it seemed, cursing and yelling the whole time. I felt stupid standing there trembling when he was the one that was helpless, so I finally found my voice and some of my courage, despite the way his muscles were straining. Could he actually break the damn rope? For my sake I was hoping against hope that he couldn't.

"Shut UP!" I said loudly, "or...or you get this again!" I wielded the stun-gun at him in a threatening manner. I tried to keep my hands from shaking while doing so, but I don't think I did a good job of it.

The astonishment returned to his face briefly, then the rage again--more so than ever.

"So that's what you did! Oh...you bitch! Ohhhh...just wait you little CUNT!! I'll fucking KILL you!!"

"I don't think so you bastard," I said quietly. "Haven't you noticed who's tied up this time?"

I wasn't gloating or laughing or anything I'd imagined myself doing when I daydreamed this moment. In truth, I was still too amazed that I'd actually done this; that it had really worked.

There was also something else that kept me from doing any victory jigs...Chuck still frightened me, even though it didn't appear he could escape. But remembering the pain and terror he'd inflicted on me before...the rage he'd pounded into me with...God help me if the rope or my knots didn't hold him. He probably would kill me if he could get free.

Dammit it wasn't fair that I should still be afraid of him! He was the helpless one now...just as I'd wanted. I was hoping this unreasonable fear of my captive would pass soon. I wanted him to be afraid, not still scaring me!

"Oh I see," he sneered, "So it's payback time, huh little Heather? This is why you suddenly started talking to me again?"

Something was wrong. Why wasn't he more scared? Maybe he knew I had no sadist in me. The idea of hurting someone badly made me sick, but there was no way he could know that, at least not for sure. So despite my discomfort in my new role, I threw my shoulders back and tried to put on a front.

"Yeah Chuck...you got it. Payback's a bitch," I said with what I hoped was a tough voice.

"YOU'RE a bitch!!...So what are you gonna do now? Huh?? You gonna rape me Heather?" Some of his rage rubbed off on me when he started to laugh.

"Shut up," I said again. Great comeback, I know.

Truthfully I hadn't really decided what I was going to do with him. No way was I going to "rape" him or have sex of any kind with him. Most of my planning involved getting him tied and helpless. The only clear plan beyond that was how to let him loose without getting killed. I'd already decided that whenever I was done...doing whatever I was going to do, I would stun him again and untie one wrist. By the time he was free I'd be long gone. Thank God he didn't know where I lived.

Great, I thought--I'd planned the capture and the release, but had no clue what to do in between, besides maybe tease him to unbearable frustration. Now I didn't even feel like doing that.

"Hey, I really wouldn't mind," he continued in a mocking seductive voice, "you look really good baby. Won'tcha come on over here...attack me. You know you want to."

I suddenly saw red...he was just such an asshole!! I was suddenly at his side, breathing hard. How dare he mock me?? How dare he even be angry in the first place after what he did to me??

"FUCK YOU!!" I screamed.

Still grinning, he stuck out his tongue and waggled it suggestively at me.

"Yeaaahh baby...that's what I'm talkin about!"

He was laughing again and I wanted to kill him...even his frightening rage was better than this! Without thinking, I reacted with instinctive violence. The loud noise of my hand connecting with his grinning face cut his laughter short. In my rage I'd hit him really hard...harder than I'd ever hit anybody (and truthfully I couldn't remember ever hitting anybody that way before). My palm stung with the force of it, and a tattoo of my handprint stood out on his face, which was no longer smiling.

"You'll pay for that you cunt," he snarled through gritted teeth.

The slap had startled me as well. I was biting back the automatic "I'm sorry" that wanted to pop out over long habit of civilized behavior. Instead I tried to play it off like inflicting pain was the most natural thing in the world to me. I doubt he was fooled.

"I've paid enough, Chuck," I said with bravado, "Tonight it's your turn to pay."

"We'll see, bitch." I didn't like how he was smiling again...like he knew something I didn't.

I stood there a moment (biting my lip like a stupid girl) trying to decide if I should even attempt to stay and keep up this charade that I really had no stomach for. I was thinking maybe I should just zap him again and get the hell out of there. That was sounding like the better plan, because I didn't want to be here anymore. The vibes were all wrong. Instead of triumph all I felt was the panic of impending doom. But then where was Chuck's punishment in that?. I should have realized that being outsmarted by a woman was probably the worst punishment I could inflict on a guy like him then followed my instincts...and run like hell.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when a sharp knock sounded on the door. What the hell?? Calm down, I thought. Somebody obviously has the wrong room. Then the knock was repeated, this time accompanied by a male voice.

"Open up...Police"

I gasped with surprise and some shock...Police?? What were the police doing here?? Of course...Chuck's yells must have annoyed one of the other guests enough to call them. Shit!! I felt vaguely resentful that no police showed up the last time I was in a room with this guy. I'd screamed...at least before the threat of his knife silenced me...then later a gag had muted the loudest, most agonized ones...

"Aren't you going to answer that?"

I looked at Chuck then...torn from my reverie and indecision...and was flustered by the look of smug triumph on his face. Quickly I ran to the bathroom and came back with a washcloth which I promptly stuffed in his mouth, ignoring the look of pure hate in his eyes.

I was halfway to the door when I realized that all I had on was the silky black teddy I'd put on earlier to entice my "guest." I was frantically searching for my clothes when the cop knocked again...louder this time.

"Just a minute!" I trilled, as is everything was fine and dandy while tugging my jeans on over the teddy. I couldn't spot my sweater anywhere, but said to hell with it and finally went to the door.

Mindful of the sight of Chuck behind me, spread out and bound to the bed as he was, I only opened the door a little. Sure enough, there was a policeman on the other side of it looking at me quizzically. In fact he was outright staring, and actually looked more astounded than quizical. I really didn't understand his surprise...was it my attire? Surely he'd seen women answer his knocks wearing less. The top of my teddy wasn't even all that revealing.

"Yes officer?" I inquired politely (and calmly I hoped).

He was rather handsome...maybe not as conventionally so as Chuck, but he had what looked like a friendly face, nice mild blue eyes, and blonde curling hair under his police cap. He stared at me for a few moments and appeared to be at a loss for words, as if he had expected somebody else...anybody else to open the door. Maybe he had the wrong room after all.

"Is there a problem?" I asked tentatively.

"Uhh...well...um...," He looked terribly distracted and I was becoming every bit as puzzled as he seemed to be. Finally he spoke.

"There were some complaints of noises coming from this room," he said uncertainly, "Is everything all right?."

He was trying to look over my head and behind me, trying to see inside. I was trying the best I could to block him from seeing anything, and babbling an apology for the noise when Chuck suddenly let loose with a godawful shout behind his gag. Holy Christ!! What can he be thinking I wondered with real surprise. Pissed off he may be, but why would he want the cops in on this?? This was between us, just like the first time...and I didn't go to the cops on him! I felt indignation and more than a little disgust at what I considered to be his cowardice. Was he really scared of me after all?

The cop looked at me, his eyes suddenly wide, and I'm sure I looked guilty as hell, but I wasn't prepared to be shoved backwards by the door as Officer Friendly forced his way into the room, nearly making me fall on my ass for the second time that night.

"Hey!!" I yelled, both frightened and outraged, "You can't DO that!!"

Ignoring my protests, the cop charged into the room, and the first sight to greet him was Chuck, bound and gagged and thrashing for all he was worth. He was clearly wanting help from the cop. No, that's not quite right--actually he seemed to be demanding his help! Fucking tattletale wuss, I thought with contempt.

The policeman seemed genuinely shocked at the sight--what was the matter with him?? Had he never heard of sex games? That's what the scene would have looked like to an outsider, just a fun game of bondage between lovers. Of course Chuck's obvious fury was the only thing making it look more serious...but still, the look of shock on the cop's face didn't seem to fit the situation. His jaw had literally dropped!

I tried to salvage the situation by offering the obvious explanation...if only Chuck would shut up!

"That's just my boyfriend! We were just...you know...playing..."

Then I was the one astonished when the cop's initial shock gave way to laughter. I don't mean a few snickers either...great gales of hearty laughter shook his body till he had to bend over. He was laughing so hard that tears were squirting from his eyes and he had to swipe at them. He was laughing as if it weren't a bound and furious man on the bed he was seeing, but Jim Carrey or somebody doing a comedy routine in front of him.

I glanced at Chuck, who was glaring at the cop furiously. I was simply dumbstruck. What the hell was so funny??

"Well well...," snorted the cop when he could finally speak, "what have we here?" He was visibly trying to stifle the wild laughter that wanted to erupt again, but having difficulty.

Thinking back...Oh God, if I'd only had the sense to realize something was rotton here, perhaps I could have bolted out the door while Officer Zany was having his laughing fit, but I was so amazed I was rooted to the spot.

"I told you...he's my boyfriend, officer...we were just...um...you know..." I mumbled.

"Playing!...Riiight!" he exclaimed with the same high humor. "Well, let's see what your boyfriend says about it, shall we?"

He strode over then and pulled the rag from Chuck's mouth. Once ungagged, Chuck wasted no time.

"GET THAT BITCH!!" he screamed.

"Oh yeah...good idea my man," and while still chortling laughter he suddenly whirled around and grabbed me by the arms. Before I could do more than gasp with surprise at this new development he'd swiftly cuffed my hands behind my back.

"NO!! WAIT!!" I protested. I couldn't believe this shit!

He was still laughing as he forced me to sit in one of the chairs.

"The DOOR Stupid!!" from Chuck.

"Oh, yeah" the cop giggled foolishly then shut and locked the door he'd just charged thru, then returned to me. To my horror and utter confusion, he pulled a length of rope from somewhere in his uniform and started tying my ankles together. I'd never heard of the police doing that!

"God you're great! I think I love you already! But really, I can't let you get away with doing that to my friend, Heather"

My eyes widened as I started to feel really scared for the first time. How in the hell did he know to call me Heather? And what did he mean "his friend"??

Turning to the prisoner on the bed, he addressed him for the first time.

"Hey, how did this happen anyway Chuck? I figured you'd have her good and tied by now! What did she do??"

My jaw was the one that dropped then. Chuck? He'd said "CHUCK"! He knew him! Realization dawned on me with a sickening thud. Despite my careful planning I'd been set up! So this was Chuck's "little surprise"! A fucking goddamn PARTNER! No wonder he'd looked so smug! No wonder the "cop" had looked so surprised to see me open the door...and no wonder Chuck had made so much noise! He didn't want his pal to think he had the wrong room and leave him.

I realized their plan then without having to be told. Chuck had probably planned to be very rough, very frightening with me, despite his almost warm greeting upon finding me. Then at some point his pal, dressed like a cop, was going to show up, and just when I thought I'd been rescued he was going to suddenly join the festivities. Oh DAMN Chuck!! Triple goddamn him!!

I started to shriek then...screaming for help. Unfortunately this new guy was fast and quickly shoved the same washcloth, still in his hand, into my mouth.

"Shut that fucking bitch up!!" Chuck was still bound, but his mouth was working fine.

"Now now...sssshhhh," my new captor soothed me mockingly, "we can't have all that noise can we? Somebody might call the cops or something!" He burst into new laughter at his own wit.

"Goddamn it, untie me Eric!!" Chuck commanded, but Eric was in no hurry. He was still enjoying Chuck's predicament too much. Too much for Chuck's taste anyway.

"Come ON!!" the embarrassed prisoner yelled impatiently.

"Wait man, you gotta tell me how she did that!" He was still laughing in spurts, which infuriated his bound buddy.

"A fucking stun gun, OK?? Now untie me dammit!! Let me at her! I'll shove the goddamn thing up her ASS!" he turned his hateful glare on me then, "You hear me whore?"

I sure did, and I was beginning to cry now with real terror. Oh god...he was going to kill me when he got loose! I was sure of it. Not only had I outsmarted him--to an extent anyway--but I'd humiliated him to his friend...someone he'd obviously bragged to about raping me. Now that friend was laughing at him as if this were the funniest thing he'd ever seen. My goose was cooked worse than ever now and I knew it.

"A stun gun huh? Clever!" Eric turned to me with what looked like genuine admiration. "I like your style baby."

He moved over close to where I sat helpless and shaking.

"Your tits aren't bad either!"

I squirmed and tried to evade him as he treated himself to a nice feel of them through the sheer material of the teddy.

"Mind if I get a better look?" asked Eric jovially.

Using both hands he pulled the thin straps over my shoulders, then pulled down the rest of the front, exposing my breasts to his view.

Eyes widening, his expression of admiration deepened as he whistled, exclaimed "Niiiiice," then smiled at me as though we were good friends. Somewhere in the back of my mind I felt humiliation and outrage, but I was too terrified of Chuck's immenent release and vengeance to worry much about his friend's lecherous attentions.

"HEY!! Untie me you stupid motherfucker!" Chuck was getting more pissed by the second.

"Oh yeah!" Eric laughed again, apparently having the time of his life so far. "Sorry, pal, I got distracted there for a minute. You weren't bullshitting about this chick. She is prettier than her pictures!"

"Fucking bitch won't be pretty when I'm done with her!"

Chuck was speaking to Eric, but was looking at me.

"Aw, come on! Don't be like that...you gotta admit she's pretty cool! Fooled your ass good!"

Eric was moving toward Chuck to finally untie him. OH GOD HE COULDN'T!! I tried to get his attention. I was shaking my head desperately...pleading incoherently behind the gag...trying to convey my panic over him freeing Chuck, but I knew it was useless. It was only a matter of time. Maybe I was hoping he'd pity me (or even fear for me) since he seemed to like me, and let me go before untying him. No such luck.

"I'll be right back, Sweetness," he winked at me, then bent to work on the knots that were keeping the furious madman safely away from me.

Eric suddenly stood up before making much progress, as if a new idea had hit him. He had the look of a mischievious kid.

"Hey Chuck! Too bad I'm not half a fag; me and Supergirl here could have some fun with you!"

That cracked him up and he was off again with the wild laughter. Chuck wasn't amused at all. He shouted "You MOTHERFUCKER!!" and I swear his face turned purple as he renewed his thrashing struggles.

Eric was definitely the only one appreciative of his humor. Maybe if I weren't in such deep shit I would have been amused too, but I was wishing like hell he would stop with the jokes. Chuck was seriously pissed as it was and I knew the more Eric laughed at him the more I would have to pay for it.

"Tough room!" declared Officer Wiseass while looking from Chuck to me. Chuck's eyes blazed fierce hatred, while my own could only show stark terror. There was really nothing funny about any of this.

"Aw, c'mon Chuckster! You know I'm just fuckin with ya! Supergirl's the one I want."

Winking at me again, he bent to untie his friend--for real this time.

"Wow...this chick ties some hard knots!...hang on now...hold still dude!"

While Eric was working on the knots Chuck never took his eyes off me, and as the old saying goes, if looks could kill...well, you know.

When both his hands were free, Chuck shoved his rescuer away and furiously untied his own ankles, muttering and cursing the whole time. I heard myself whimpering uncontrollably the closer he got to freedom.

The whimpers dissolved into terrified sobs when he was completely untethered...inside as well as physically, I feared. He turned his hate-filled gaze to me again, but this time there was dark triumph there as well. He nearly fell off the bed like I'd done earlier in his mad scramble to get at me. He was nearly growling during the few seconds it took him to reach my side.

He snatched the gag from my mouth, then hauled off and slapped me hard. I gasped at the explosion of pain on my face as my head snapped violently in the other direction.

"BITCH!" he spat, then slapped the other side of my face just as hard before I'd had time to recover from the first one.

The slaps continued for what seemed forever. Chuck abandoned the back and forth pattern he'd started with and delivered each blow to the left side of my face, chanting "BITCH" every time a blow landed. I was shrieking hysterically at this point. The last time Chuck had slapped me like this had been hard enough to bruise my face and split my lip, yet those had been loving caresses compared to this.

Through my cries of pain, hysterical sobs and Chuck's curses, I could dimly hear Eric's voice raised in weak protest.

"Oh hey!...Dude!! Calm down...quit it! Don't fuck up her face!"

Eric finally physically intervened by charging forward and grabbing Chuck's arm while it was upraised to deliver yet another blow. Who knows how long he would have gone on slapping me? Or how long before his open palm turned into a fist?

I was blearily grateful at first, but unfortunately, Eric's intervention only managed to divert Chuck's unspent fury to another idea...something way darker than slaps.

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