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They found themselves in the kitchen, a large airy room that had originally been decorated in white tile which, over the years, had been darkened by dirt and mould. Late-afternoon light streamed in from the partially boarded-up windows.

Dorota was standing in the middle of the room as if frozen. She then spun around quickly to face them, her eyes full of excitement, saying, "I saw them! The girls? The twins? They were here! They...I saw them through the's like they were leading me in. And then they rushed in and...disappeared."

Tim blinked in disbelief and aimed his flashlight at some of the darker corners. "What the...the girls that disappeared. Geez, they must be about - fifty now? or so?"

Dorota shook her head and furrowed her brow in confusion. "No I mean...they looked like they did at the time. Uh, Andre showed me a few photos - I think? God, it sounds weird now, but I'm sure I saw it!" Her voice trailed off with some doubt.

Denise cleared her throat, "You guys might want to get some images of this."

Everyone's attention turned to a heavy wood table pushed against one wall. It was built of large pieces of wood, and all of it, especially the top, was scarred by deep grooves from the hacks, chops, and cuts of large knives butchering meat, and one extremely large, heavy, butcher's cleaver was still standing up straight, the top edge of the blade thrust at least an inch into the wood. There was a large stain in the centre of the table as well, dark red, it once had been dripping right off the table but was now dried solid after many years.

There was a doorway leading out of the house from the kitchen, and believing they'd explored most of the first floor, Tim and Denise stepped outside. "I'm just gonna stick around here a bit," Dorota said, "Get my head on straight, okay guys? I'll meet up with you in front again."

She waited for the sound of footsteps and voices of mother and son to trail away, and she began thinking again about what she'd seen.

She leaned back a bit against one bare kitchen wall and undid the top button of her pants. Yes, she could still see them in her mind now, just as they'd appeared to her in person. Two blonde girls, almost full-grown women, wearing sort of schoolgirl outfits, dark shoes, white socks, kilts, and grey sweaters over white blouses.

Dorota tugged her pants down enough so she could rub her hand on the outside of her pussy, then, after the first touch felt so good, she slipped her fingers in the waistband of her panties and felt her bare, damp lips. She tried to justify it to herself by thinking that Andre had left her unsatisfied after she'd blown him that morning, but there was something more to this; she'd never done anything like this before, masturbating in a strange house, with anyone liable to walk in.

Thoughts of the Bernard sisters crowded out other thoughts. They were holding hands when she saw them, and they both turned their heads toward each other and looked back to her, their faces so clean and fresh, as if lit by the glow of summertime, with just a hint of corruption when you looked deep in their eyes. They had motioned their heads as if beckoning her, and then laughed and faced ahead and started walking, faster and faster. And Dorota had followed.

She had her pants around her knees now, rubbing her thighs together with her damp hand working her pussy, her bare ass rubbing against the cold tile wall. Her eyes were shut and the moans and pants from her open, drool-dripping mouth echoed through the abandoned kitchen, and little whispers of her voice travelled all through the old house on the byzantine air circulation system, little murmurs in the ears of the explorers and others.


Hesperia and Troy had crept uneasily down the bare wooden stairs to the basement. Any windows to the lower level had been entirely blocked off, so if it wasn't for their lights they would be enveloped in complete darkness. She was holding the photo camera and he had the video, and after he was first down the stairs he turned the view back up to her, and enjoyed the sight every time she became a little unsteady on the creaky stairs, her large breasts swaying under her turtleneck now that she'd left her jacket behind her.

The basement was the most intact part of the house, though it had been the least decorated as well. As they explored it, they found it mostly full of stone-walled passages leading into rooms containing nothing but dust on the floor.

There was one door that was different from the rest, much heavier wood, and curved at the top in a large arc. It stood half-open, and the two pointed their flashlights into the darkness, and then decided to head in. They both tried to push at the door, but it wouldn't even budge, so they had to squeeze in through the opening.

Standing in the middle of the room, they saw the wooden lattices against every wall, the old shattered glass swept up into different corners of the room. "Looks like we found the wine cellar," Hesperia said, and then added with disappointment, "And it looks like there isn't a drop left."

As she bent forward to examine a yellowed label, Troy quietly filmed her, tracing the viewfinder up and down her curves; those big breasts contained in a bra, her comparatively slim waist flaring out into her big round ass, and her strong thick thighs which then led down to the rest of her sexy, fit legs. Troy was so caught up he only realized he'd been caught when she turned to the camera and laughed, "Getting some interesting footage, hmm? Let's see what else is here."

It was quite a large cellar, and the racks were not simply arranged against the walls, but in twisty narrow passages, which meant they had to turn and turn, step carefully, navigate over debris on the floor while sweeping away cobwebs, to explore the rest of the room.

They stopped in their tracks as a low moaning, muffled sound was heard. They were both trying to figure out what it was - something alive? - when they saw a movement in front of them, in the half-lit shadows.

"Holy fuck!" Troy exclaimed in surprise, "Did you see that?"

"I-I think so," Hesperia said, and took a few steps forward. "Is it...was it...people?" She was posing the question to herself as much as to Troy, thinking about how much the little flash seemed like two long-haired blondes rounding a corner.

"It was here, wasn't it?" They stopped near the end of the passageway, and she faced a mostly-empty wine rack that looked just like the rest.

"I think so, Professor Jones."

"Please, you can call me Hesperia. Now, this looks unremarkable, doesn't it? I wonder if - Oh!"

She'd put her hands on it, and under her thumb she'd felt something move, like a switch being pushed. At the slightest pressure the section a few feet across gave way and swung inward, revealing another room.

They stepped in and quietly began to explore the room. Perhaps because it was hidden away, there was far less dust and dirt, and there was little sign of any damage.

Troy spoke up first. "Is this"

"A chapel," Hesperia replied, her voice echoing slightly. They were standing in the central aisle. A handful of wooden pews stood on either side, facing the front. A slight arched ceiling stood above them, painted with shapes and figures that were faded but visible. In the front, on a slightly raised platform, was a carved stone altar, very plain. On the wall behind it were nooks and pedestals where artefacts and objects of veneration once stood, now removed. "A chapel, but I don't think a Christian one. Or of any religion practiced openly today."

She walked up to the main platform and began pacing around the main altar, slowly.

Troy asked, "How do you know?"

She shrugged and kept walking. Troy noticed her circling the altar at a steady pace, twice, a third time. Then again. "Hesperia? Um, Professor?" Her walk was slower, lazier. She swung her hips with each step in an exaggerated manner. As her hip thrust one way, her bust wiggled in the other direction. Step by step.

Her eyes stared off into the distance now, as she kept walking, her mouth just slightly open, her full lips shiny with dampness.

"Professor Jones!" Troy had walked up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. She stopped and blinked her eyes, as if coming to herself for a moment..

"Hm? Yes, what?"

"You were...acting weird." Troy took his hand off her, concerned maybe he'd over-reacted.

She exhaled and leaned, back, standing in front of the altar, her buttocks sat on the edge of it as she drew in a few deep breaths. "Yes, it was just...I got caught up in it, you know. The, um, voices."

"Voices?" Troy asked, concerned, and looked into her eyes. They were clear for a second, but now a sleepy, drowsy dazed-over look was creeping back into them.

She said, "Oh, I don't mean words, I just mean...there's so many spirits here. Forces." She put her hands on his hips and pulled him into her. "It's overwhelming."

She locked her lips with hers, and they kissed. Troy just relaxed, unable to fight the strong sensuality of her full lips kissing his, feeling her tongue push his mouth open and slide in, their spit mixing now as they kissed deep, her hands going around him to rub and stroke his back, one leg lifting up to hook around the back of his knees.

Hesperia pulled off for a moment and Troy gasped for air. "Oh my god, what are we doing?" Any thought that she was pulling off for second thoughts vanished when she took the opportunity to grab her sweater and tug it off, casting it aside, showing off her large pale breasts held up by the large lacy bra.

"Fuck!" Troy exclaimed at the sight of them, and put down the video camera on the edge of the altar so he could get both his hands on those globes, squeezing and caressing them as Hesperia's hands joined in. He hadn't done it on purpose, but the camera was still recording, facing them, its light bathing them, as they stared in each other's eyes, then kissed again, all while four hands explored all over those huge globes.

Hesperia reached back behind her and undid her bra, letting her tits fall free. They didn't sag much at all, still so full and round, the hard nipples pointing right at Troy. "Holy fuck, these are amazing!" he leaned in and started to suck on one full, warm pale breast, as his hand kept caressing the other. Hesperia moaned out loud, throwing her head back, then her hands reached out to start fumbling for Troy's cock, undoing the front of his pants.

"Mmm, there we go, baby," she said softly, undoing the front of his pants and letting his hard cock out, wrapping her soft hand around the shaft and stroking it to full size. "Ooh, that's a nice big thick cock. It's forgotten all about that other girl, hasn't it - what's her name, Hana?"

Troy's mouth switched to her other breast and he looked up at her as he sucked it, flicking his tongue off it, "Please don't tell her about this? Ok? I mean, uh, I'm guessing you don't want to date me...what I'm saying is--"

Hesperia put one hand on the back of his head and pushed his face into her big warm breasts, letting him mumble and slurp away, "Less talking, more fucking." She stroked his cock a bit more, then pushed him back and stood up, getting her pants off, and putting all her cast-off clothes on the altar behind her, making a spot on the cold stone where she could lie back.

As Troy jerked off he watched as this beautiful buxom redhead sat down and then laid back, her thighs spread, playing with her own big tits, and rubbing her damp pussy with one hand, inviting him to fuck her. The lips looked so wet and pink, her sparse red pubic hair closely trimmed. He stepped forward as if in a daze, and before he knew it he was sinking his rock-hard cock into that pussy, both of them gasping moaning in the abandoned chapel.

Troy put his hand under one of her thighs and lifted her leg up a bit, shifting it to the side to get her pussy to open up more. She smiled at him, "Mmm, yes, that's it, fuck me. Take charge. Take that fucking pussy, c'mon!"

Troy quickly sunk in all the way into that hot wet pink pussy, until his body was slapping on her thighs with every thrust, and his swinging balls wetly smacked her ass.

"Yeah, you like that, Professor Jones? You like that big young cock fuckin' your hot pussy?" Troy squeezed one of her big full breasts and gave it a shake.

Hesperia grinned, her eyes on fire, looking at him, "Uh-huh, I do I do. Mmm, you're still a teen aren't you, baby? First year of college?"

Sweat dripped from Troy's brow as he nodded and kept panting and fucking away at this voluptuous pale redhead in her thirties. Hesperia ran her hand through her hair and tossed it around, moaning in pleasure, "Oh, so hot, getting fucked by a big-dick teen and loving it! Mmm, honey, you're gonna make me cum, I can feel it! Damn I've never cum this easy before, FUCK!"

She grabbed her breasts in both hands, squeezed and mauled them, as her face looked right up at Troy, fixing him with an intense stare, and growling deeper and deeper through her teeth, bubbles of spit pushing through. "Yes yes yes! Fuck me, FUCK ME...don't stop, don't stop, right there, yesssss."

Troy kept thrusting into her over and over, pushing into that hot wet pussy and against those big strong thighs, grinding his cock in. He did his best to stay in her as she started to orgasm under him, leaning over her and doing his best to keep his cock inside her despite her writhing and bucking. Feeling this gorgeous, voluptuous, sexual woman orgasm around his cock rivalled the most intense orgasms he'd ever personally had.

As her quick shallow breaths slowed and became deeper, beads of sweat slowly rolled off the curves of her breasts. She pushed herself up, moaning softly at the pleasant soreness in her joints, and wrapped her arms around Troy and gave him a deep sloppy kiss.

She put a hand on his chest and pulled her face back a bit, looking at him. "Mmm, good job, lover. You want to fuck me some more, huh? Get that sexy cock off? Maybe hit this big ass from the back? You want that, huh?"

She pushed him back more, and as his cock slipped out of her and bobbed, she stood on the floor again, turned around, bent at the waist and put her elbows down on the altar. Her mussed-up red hair turned and her face looked back at him as she wiggled her hips, "C'mon, put that cock back in me." She reached back with one hand and spread her plump asscheek, and even in the dim light of the chapel Troy could see her wet glistening pussy, and above it her tight pink puckered asshole.

"Oh, god!" he moaned out, closing his eyes tight, as he sunk back up in that pussy, put his hands on her hips, and started to thrust away. Troy could feel his sperm building up in his balls, and started pounding away deeply, knowing he wasn't going to last much longer. Hesperia had a huge grin as she mostly stayed in place and got fucked by that cock she was loving, her ass slapping on Troy's body at every thrust into her, her big breasts swinging free under her. Occasionally her bobbing head looked this way and that into the shadows, and she thought she could see various shapes, moving and scattering about in dim light, watching. She'd studied this case, and many others like it, and she wasn't much surprised. She even gave them a wink.

Troy's hands squeezed very tight on Hesperia's hips, starting to hurt her. He gave a few last savage thrusts into her, then drove deep and held it there, his cock starting to spurt deep in her as he roared loudly, "FUUUUUUUUCK!" The sight of the chapel was before his eyes as he closed them shut tight and erupted, but as he orgasmed sights appeared before him, through his fevered imagination or some other piercing of the veil of time, where in flashes he saw the chapel as it was in its full splendour, and the majesty and depravity of the ceremonies performed by its supplicants. All while his cock kept erupting his thick hot creamy seed into that pussy.

Finished, in a daze, he stumbled away naked, and sat down on a front pew, letting his cock soften and drip stringy goo off its tired head. He rubbed his eyes and tried to get his mind around what had happened.

When he looked up Hesperia had her pants on again, her sweater thrown over her shoulder, and was fixing up her hair. "You just take some time to recover," she said to him, "You did some good work, very promising for what's to come." She patted his head and leaned down to kiss his forehead, then walked off into the dark shadows.


The second floor of the house was in the worst condition. In many rooms the windows were open to the air, or the ceiling was in such bad shape light was coming in from above, leading to plenty of water damage everywhere every time it rained. When Hana and Andre entered a new room and flashed their lights around, often a bird would beat its wings and take flight, or the small scurrying feet of squirrels, mice, or other vermin could be heard.

Hana shuddered, "I'm just glad they're not bats."

Andre motioned upward, "I'm sure we'd find some in the attic." He saw the expression on Hana's face and modified his remark. "Don't worry, we're not going up there now. You don't have to go up at all. But I would like to take a look at some point..."

Some of the rooms had weathered the years better than others, and they found themselves in such a bedroom. There was still a definite red tint to the ornate patterned wallpaper on the walls, and the bed in the centre even had a mattress and blanket on it, though Hana felt no desire to take a seat. There were a few rugs on the floor, and one doorway led off into a private bathroom which Hana explored quickly with the beam of her flashlight flicking here and there. It was fitted with stained brass fixtures and a marble countertop.

When she turned back around, she found Andre contemplating some small sculptures standing on a bookshelf.

"What are those?" she asked, walking up closer.

"Not sure," Andre said, snapping some pictures of them, "They're quite...unique, aren't they?"

Hana leaned in closer, then pulled back and made a noise of disgust. "That doesn't look like art to me.

"I thought people had class in the past - that just looks...ugh."

Andre turned to her and gave her a disquieting smile. He put the butt-end of his flashlight on a table, so it shined up the ceiling and gave a slight illumination to the whole room. "So, it disturbs you?"

"I-I guess."

"Maybe that's what good art should do." He made up the distance between them quickly, and was sliding his hands over her hips. She wiggled a little in a surprised response but didn't draw away. "No it's not like that. It's just weird and...strange."

"Sometimes getting strange is good," Andre said in a softer voice, and leaned his face into hers. She did try struggling now, but he held her hips tightly until he obtained a kiss from her lips. He pulled back a little, licking his lips, and said, "C'mon, don't run."

She smacked a fist against his chest helplessly, "No!" Her words were muffled as he kissed her again, and his arms easily lifted her up so that he could press his body against her as he kissed her, his hands exploring up and down her front now, her body breathing quickly and trying to squirm away.

They stopped as they heard a little laugh from the door. Andre looked over and saw a shadowy figure leaning against the doorway to the hall.

Hana took the opportunity to bolt away from Andre. She scrambled away in a dash, stumbled on a rug, and hurried out almost on all fours, not giving the other figure a glance.

They listened to Hana's footsteps rushing down the stairs in a panic. Then the figure in the shadows took a few lazy steps forward and spoke in a lazy drawl, "Mmm, that's it, let the little minnow go, why don't you pick on someone your own size?"

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