tagNovels and NovellasReturn To Pleasant Street Ch. 05

Return To Pleasant Street Ch. 05

byD.C. Roi©


Larry Tilton lives three doors down from me on the East side of Pleasant Street. Larry has been divorced for about three years, now. He and his ex-wife were married for eight years, and have a couple of wonderful kids.

The marriage came apart because Larry's ex-wife, Monica, developed a drinking problem. That led to Larry having a short affair with Debbie Lawrence, a cute neighborhood girl who babysat for them. I'll give him credit; he broke off the affair in an effort to help his wife recover from her drinking problem. Despite their best efforts, though, the marriage failed, and Larry and Monica got divorced. Larry got the house here on Pleasant Street and Monica moved back to her home town, with the kids.

The kids are still close to their father, and spend holidays and school vacations with him.

Since the divorce, Larry has dated a little, but he really hasn't gotten serious about anyone. He and I talk from time to time, and occasionally, Debbie Lawrence's name has come up. If you ask me, I think he's still a little smitten with her.

Debbie graduated from college a few weeks ago, and is home. She's starting a job here in town in a few weeks, but right now she's at loose ends. I've seen her sunbathing in her back yard a few times, and I guess I understand why Larry can't get her out of his mind. I wonder if she feels the same way about him that he does about her.



Debbie Lawrence couldn't understand why she couldn't stop thinking about Larry Tilton. Years earlier, when she used to babysit his kids, they'd had a brief affair. Actually, Mr. Tilton was an important man in her life; the man who'd taken her virginity. She'd been upset when the affair ended, but she understood Mr. Tilton's desire to salvage his marriage.

Then, the other day, her mother mentioned that the Tiltons had gotten divorced several years earlier. Ever since she heard that, Debbie couldn't stop thinking about Mr. Tilton. Did he know she was home? Did he remember her? Was there any chance he still cared for her?

Although she wouldn't admit it, Debbie still had a huge crush on Mr. Tilton. She decided she'd drop in and see him. Maybe he didn't know she was home. She went to her room and tried to decide what she should wear. She found herself very concerned that she look just right.

She finally decided what she wanted, and took off her clothes. First, she donned a peach-colored satin bra, and matching thong bikini. She realized she was dressing as if Larry Tilton was going to want her, and that she might be disappointed, but she didn't let that stop her. Over the very sexy underthings, she put a soft white ribbed cotton top that was pretty loose. Next she pulled a pair of teal-colored soft cotton fleece shorts up over her lovely legs.

Once she was dressed, Debbie checked herself in the full-length mirror on the back of her bedroom door. She was satisfied by what she saw. Her softly curled silky light brown hair dangled to her waist, surrounding her pert face and shoulders like a fluffy halo. Her body was still slim and had filled out a little since the last time she'd seen Mr. Tilton. She still wasn't quite satisfied with her breasts, which she wished were larger.

She looked at herself and recalled some of the things she used to do when she was babysitting for Tilton's. She used to like to go into their bedroom and feel Mr. Tilton's things. The smell of him on his clothing used to make her stomach feel funny. In fact, remembering it was giving her that same giddy feeling. Once in a while, wanting to get even closer to him, she would take her blouse and bra off and put one of his shirts over her bare upper body. Every time she did that, her nipples got so hard they hurt and she got so turned on she had to masturbate and make herself come. Those reactions, too, were beginning to happen, as she stood in her bedroom, remembering.

"If I'm going to do this, I better get going," Debbie told herself. She walked out of her bedroom, downstairs, out the front door, and started up the street toward the Tilton house.

Debbie found it harder and harder to think clearly as got closer to the Tilton house. She wasn't sure how she'd react if it turned out he wasn't interested in her any more, but she'd committed herself. It was too late to turn back now.

"What am I going to do if...if he has someone else?" she thought as she started up the steps to the back door of the house. "What...what if...if he's engaged, or something? Maybe...maybe I just ought to go home." She took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

Larry, who had just come into the kitchen to get himself a soda, heard the knocking and opened the door. His eyes widened when he saw Debbie standing there, looking even lovelier than he'd remembered her. His heart was pounding, his throat was tight, and his hands were trembling.

"Hi, Mr. Tilton," Debbie said softly.

"Ah...Debbie...ah...Hi...please...please come in," Larry stammered. He backed up so Debbie could come in the house. "God!" he thought as she moved by him, "She's even more beautiful than she was five years ago!"

Once Debbie was inside, they stood looking at each other. Neither Larry nor Debbie seemed to know what to say.

"I...I didn't expect to see you today, Debbie," Larry stammered.

"I...I wasn't sure you wanted to see me," Debbie responded, her voice very soft.

"I...I did...want...to...see...you," Larry stammered. He took a step toward her. "I've been thinking about you." All he could think of was taking Debbie in his arms, and kissing her. It had been so long! And he'd thought about it so much!

"You...you have?" Debbie responded, looking at him, her heart thudding. She took a step toward him.

Suddenly, they were in each other's arms. Their lips joined, their bodies pressed together, and both of them felt passion flaring. No further talk was necessary.

Larry didn't think it was possible for him to get close enough to Debbie. He cupped her bottom and pulled her against his already-erect cock.

With a groan, Debbie thrust her hips forward and her hands tangled in his hair. She felt Mr. Tilton's hands slide down, push her shorts down, then move onto her bare buttocks, which were hardly covered by her very scanty string bikini. She couldn't believe how aroused she was and how quickly he had gotten her that way.

Mr. Tilton's hands, squeezing her buttocks, were driving her wild. His tongue, lashing in her mouth, had her panting with lustfulness. She felt the juices of arousal pouring out of her, soaking the silken panel of her panties. She'd never needed anyone as much as she needed Mr. Tilton!

Larry was so turned on he couldn't wait to get Debbie to the bedroom to make love to her. His cock felt as if it was about to rip a hole in his pants and the urgent movement of Debbie's buttocks in his hands wasn't helping things at all.

"Oh, God, Debbie! I...I have to have you!" Larry murmured. "I...I can't wait!" He lifted the trembling young woman off her feet and started carrying her toward the kitchen table.

Debbie kicked her shorts off as Mr. Tilton carried her across the kitchen. She had no idea what he was up to, but the fact that he obviously wanted her desperately was terribly thrilling.

"We...we're going to make love here...in...in the kitchen?" Debbie wondered, when Mr. Tilton sat her on the kitchen table. "Oh, God!" she murmured when Mr. Tilton dropped his trousers, pulled out his erect penis, pushed aside the excitement soaked panel of her panties, and shoved his swollen organ into her. She couldn't believe it! He was making love her in the kitchen, on the table!

"I'm...sorry...Debbie...I...can't...wait!" Larry grunted as he drove into her urgently. Her warmth engulfed his plunging rod and he gloried in the wonderful sensations he was experiencing. "I...have...to...have you!"

Debbie didn't care. Mr. Tilton was doing exactly what she hoped he'd do, and it felt so good, she never wanted it to stop. Her bottom slid back and forth on the slick table top as he plunged into her ardently.

When he grasped her hips and pulled her tight against him, bright lights began flashing in her brain. "Ahh! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh! Ahh! Ahhh!" she groaned, "I'm coming! I'm coming! Aahh! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Ahhh!" Paroxysms of ecstasy shook Debbie as she experienced a powerful orgasm. Her hips squirming desperately, she clung to Mr. Tilton as she experienced unimaginable pleasure.

Larry felt Debbie's hot cave begin to pulse, then his insides--wound tight--uncoiled and his hot fluids were disgorged into Debbie. "Oh! Debbie! Debbie!" Larry cried. He squeezed her buttocks, pulling her even tighter against him. "Yes! Yes!"

Finished, they stayed there at the table, clinging to each other, barely able to breathe, overpowered by the force of their joining.

Debbie was the first to move. She leaned back and looked at Mr. Tilton. "That was incredible, Mr. Tilton!" she gasped, still gasping for breath.

"I...I'm sorry, Debbie," Larry apologized. "I...I...I needed you so desperately..."

She kissed him softly. "It was super! Don't be sorry! Having you want me that much is wonderful!"

"Yeah, but I acted just like a horny teen-ager," Larry continued. "I..."

"You sure didn't feel like a teenager to me!" Debbie replied. "God!" She giggled. "Do you plan to make love on the table again? Or can I get down?"

"Oh," Larry stepped back. "I...I'm sorry. I..."

Debbie slid down and stood there, her legs still a little wobbly, looking up at him. "Now what?" she asked.

"First of all, you have to cut out that Mr. Tilton stuff," Larry said. "My name's Larry."

Debbie felt herself blushing. She'd always thought of him as Mr. Tilton, even when they were lovers before. It was something her parents had ingrained in her. "I know," she said. "I'll try to remember to call you Larry from now on." She grinned. "Now that we've gotten that taken care of, what next?"

"Then I think we ought to go upstairs," Larry said.


Debbie started for the doorway that led to the hallway where the stairs were. Larry stood at the table and watched her go. He still found it hard to believe she'd shown up at his house, and that they'd made love. She looked so gorgeous! The top she had on barely hung to her bottom, and he could see the peach-colored satin panel between her lovely buttocks. God! Why hadn't he called her? Why had he waited? fortune.

Debbie realized Larry was still standing by the table. She stopped and looked back at him. "Aren't you coming, too?" she asked.

"Ah...yeah," Larry said. He pushed himself away from the table and followed Debbie, feeling his cock begin to get hard again as he followed Debbie through the door.

When he walked into his bedroom, he saw Debbie's hands grasp the hem of her top, then she pulled it over her head and dropped it to the floor. All that remained on her lovely body was the peach-hued satin lingerie.

"I...I like your outfit," he said softly.

"Do you?" Debbie replied, smiling. "I wore it special for you." She giggled again. Larry thought it was the most wonderful sound he'd ever heard. "I thought you might like it. I didn't think you'd like it as much as you did, though."

Larry stood drinking her in with his eyes. "You've become a very beautiful young woman, Debbie," he said softly. "I...I think you're even lovelier now than..."

Debbie blushed. She loved the tone of adoration in Larry's voice and the worshipful look in his eyes as they traveled over her nearly nude body.

"Don't stop what you were doing," Larry said. His chest had tightened again and talking wasn't easy. He hadn't felt like this in a long, long time. "I want to watch you get undressed."

Debbie slowly unhooked her bra, continuing to enjoy the avid look in Larry's eyes. She wasn't sure why, but she moved slowly, wanting to tease him, to add to their pleasure. When all the clasp was open, she let the flimsy garment slide slowly down her arms. It fluttered to the floor next to her top.

Larry watched Debbie's bra fall and his body jerked as if he'd been zapped with a stun gun. She was so lovely! As he continued to gaze at her, Debbie's hands went to her scanty underpants and she bent and slid them down her supple legs.

Debbie sensed she was, at that moment, in control. She straightened up and smiled at Larry. "Now it's your turn," she said softly. "Take your clothes off."

Larry stripped off his pullover shirt, unbuckled his pants with trembling hands, and pushed them down, taking his underwear along with them. His hands were trembling, so it wasn't easy. The fact that he was hard again gave him some problems getting the pants over his unyielding

member. Finally, after displaying much less grace disrobing than Debbie had, he was standing there, nude, gasping for breath.

With a soft smile on her face and fire in her eyes, Debbie walked toward him. When she was close enough, she cupped her hands around his straining prong.

Larry gasped with delight.

"Do you like that?" Debbie asked coyly.

Larry gulped and nodded, too overwhelmed by passion to speak. "Uh-huh," he croaked.

"You'll like this, then," Debbie said. She sank to her knees and began to kiss his swollen, veined shaft, which was still slick with the remnants of their recent mating.

The pleasure Larry received from Debbie's fondling was so exquisite, he thought the top of his head would come off. He looked down and what he saw was so incredibly eye-popping, for a second he feared he would come.

Debbie decided to give Larry a blow-job on impulse. She had only done it a few times before, but she'd never, ever wanted to more. She wanted to make Larry feel good, as good as he always made her feel. And she found, as she played with his cock and kissed, it was a very delightful experience. And she could tell from Larry's passionate groans that she was making him feel very good, which was exactly what she wanted to do.

The lovely girl wrapped her pert lips around the arrow-shaped tip. When she did, she felt Larry's legs tremble. "Should I let him come in my mouth?" she wondered. She was surprised that not only was what she was doing to Larry turning him on, it was a major turn-on for her, too!

After licking and suck the tip of her gasping lover's swollen wand for a while, she tried taking the shaft into her mouth and was surprised by how fantastic it felt. She could get to like this!

Debbie's oral ministrations were having a powerful effect on Larry, who felt his peak coming closer and closer. "Debbie, please!" he moaned. "Don't make me come like that. I...Oh! I want to be in you!"

The warmth surrounding his cock disappeared, then Debbie's body was pressed against him and her lips were covering his. Larry tasted himself on her mouth, and found that incredibly erotic.

"Let's get in bed," Debbie murmured. She walked over, laid down, spread her legs, and held her arms out to him.

One second, Larry was standing next to the bed, the next he was lying on top of her. His cock, as if guided by an invisible hand, slid into her.

"Yes! Oh, yes!" Debbie groaned, clutching at him. "Take to me, Larry! Oh, God, take me!"

Larry needed no encouragement. Like a stallion, he plowed into her, driving her body against the bed. He couldn't get enough of her! "Now! Oh, God! Debbie! Now!" he screamed, as his seed rushed into her. "Debbie! Debbie!"

"Yes! Oh, yes!" Debbie shrieked as his eruption triggered her explosion. "Take me, Larry! Oh, God! Take me! Yes! Yes! I'm coming! Oh, God! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Spent, Larry collapsed on Debbie, kissed her, then rolled off and pulled her into his arms. "You are incredible!" he exclaimed.

Debbie smiled and kissed him. "You're pretty fantastic, too!" she said. She pushed herself up on an elbow and looked down at him. "It's always really intense when...when we make love, isn't it?"

Larry caressed one of her breasts gently and felt her shudder. "It really is wonderful when it's like tht," he said. "But I think it could be just as nice if it were soft and gentle, too. Maybe, once I get my strength back, I can show you that kind of love-making."

Debbie returned his kiss tenderly. "I can't wait," she said, then she snuggled into his warm embrace.


Debbie was thrilled, when, after they rested for a while, Larry began making love to her once again. Now his tongue was sliding up and down between her labia. He was driving her wild! He had talked about having their next love-making session be gentle and soft, but that wasn't how she felt. God, did this ever feel fantastic!

"Larry!" she cried, "Oh, God! Oh, God! That feels so good!" Her hips twisted and turned and her hands pulled at the covers.

Larry couldn't recall ever enjoying eating a woman more. It didn't matter that she tasted of him, he was determined to give Debbie an experience she'd never forget!

"Aahh!" Debbie howled, her body thrashing, "I'm coming! Oh, God, Larry! Oh, God! I'm coming! I'm coming!"

Larry, with his head trapped between Debbie's silken thighs, could barely hear her screams of joy, but her wildly thrashing body told him she was coming, so he kept on with what he was doing until her legs fell away from his head. He gave her vagina one last kiss, then he slid up on the bed next to her and again took her in his arms.

Debbie looked at him, eyes filled with wonder. "That was so wonderful!" she exclaimed. "I love the way you make me feel!" She kissed him passionately.

"I love making you feel that way, Debbie," Larry said. He returned her kiss and his hand began sliding over the silken softness of her skin. He felt her muscles rippling as his hand roamed over her.

"You really made me feel wonderful..." Debbie murmured. "But what about you?"

"Making you feel good makes me feel good," Larry replied. Then he drew one of her rigid nipples between his lips, evoking a soft groan of delight. He'd never seen nipples like hers. Not only did the centers get hard, so did the areolas! The effect was mouth-watering.

Debbie rolled atop her Larry and felt his erection slide between her legs and rub against her damp opening. She loved it! It seemed like Larry was constantly horny! She had no idea she could come so much! She'd had at least three orgasms since she arrived and even when she wasn't having an orgasm, Larry had her feeling better than she dreamed it was possible to feel!

Debbie rocked her hips and felt Larry's rigid pole caress her sopping vagina. She experienced a tremor of bliss. She couldn't believe she could still be turned on, but she was! She wanted him in her again!

Larry's hands cupped her breasts and his thumbs tweaked the swollen tips. The joy she experienced was so intense it almost took her breath away!

"Oh! Ohh!" Debbie moaned, her head rolling on her shoulders.

Larry wanted to be in Debbie as much as she wanted him in her. Her insistently moving hips rubbed her vagina against his rigid pole, driving him crazy. He took one hand from her firm, young breasts, grasped himself, and managed to position the flared purple tip of his erection between the lips of her dripping opening.

Debbie continued to move, almost unconsciously, and as she did, she felt Larry's shaft sliding into her. The sensations his entry evoked were intense! His hand returned to her chest, joining it's mate squeezing and thumbing delight into her while his swollen prod rubbed the super-sensitive walls of her furrow Feelings welled up inside her, joined, expanded, and began to race though her in wave after wave of ecstasy.

"Oh!" Debbie moaned, "It's going to happen again! That feels so good! Larry, I'm...Oh, God! I'm coming again! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! Ahhh! Yes!"

Larry felt the young woman start shaking and quivering. The motions of her hips grew so frenzied he was afraid she'd snap his penis off. He looked up and saw that her face was slack with passion, and her head was bobbing limply on her lovely neck. She clutched his arms, her fingernails bit into his skin. Her cave gripped his cock, rippling, squeezing it as she came, milking Larry into another explosion.

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