tagNovels and NovellasReturn To Pleasant Street Ch. 10

Return To Pleasant Street Ch. 10

byD.C. Roi©


As I've said numerous times, there's no shortage of story ideas here on Pleasant Street. As long as there are people, I'll have ideas for stories.

Marcus and Carol Eckworth have lived on Pleasant Street for about five years. They're a good-looking couple in their mid-forties who don't have any kids. About a year ago I began hearing rumors that Marcus wasn't exactly being a faithful husband. In fact, from what I've heard, he acts like he's on a quest to sleep with just about every woman he meets. It doesn't surprise me that he's successful with women. Although he's a little pudgy, Marcus isn't bad-looking. He's about six feet tall and probably weighs a little over two twenty or so. Lately he's been wearing his graying brown hair cut very short. He makes good money as a computer consultant and seems to have the gift of gab.

Marcus isn't cheating because his wife isn't attractive. Carol Marcus is an attractive woman. She's not petite, but she is incredibly attractive. She is almost as tall as her husband, probably five-ten or so, and most likely weighs between a hundred and sixty and a hundred and seventy pounds, but every last ounce of her weight is well-distributed. Her breasts are large, but look just right on her. Her legs and bottom are masterpieces. I know she spends a lot of time at the local health club keeping fit. She has a dynamite personality, too. I can't imagine she isn't dynamite in bed.

Given the number of people who seem to know what Marcus is doing, I have a hard time believing his wife hasn't at least heard some whispers about his cheating. If she has heard them, is it possible she might do something to extract revenge on her cheating spouse? If she did that, could it have gone like this?


Marcus got home from work on a Friday night in September and found a note from his wife on the kitchen table. He picked it up and read:

"Marcus, honey, can you pick me up at the health club tonight? My car's in the shop and won't be done until morning. I should be done about nine or nine-thirty. Don't be late. They lock the club after they close and I don't want to have to stand around the parking lot alone waiting for you.


Marcus made himself dinner, then sat and watched the news while he ate, thinking about the fun he'd had with a lovely gal named Lauri a bit earlier that week. He also kept a close eye on the clock. He didn't want to be late to pick up his wife. He left the house about quarter of nine, knowing it took about ten minutes to get to the health club.

He wheeled into the parking lot and saw Carol's car sitting there. "What the hell?" he thought. Miffed, he parked and sat in his car, waiting for his wife to come out.

Time dragged and by nine-thirty, his wife still hadn't come out. Even grumpier than when he arrived, Marcus got out of his car and headed for the door. There were two or three other cars in the lot and some lights were still on inside, so Carol probably wasn't the only one still there. "She's probably shooting the breeze with someone," Marcus thought, his anger still on the rise. He checked the door. It was open. He went in.

The club was modern and clean. It had all the latest equipment in a setting that, he guessed, justified the high membership prices the club charged. He didn't see any people, though.

"Where the hell is Carol?" Marcus wondered. He walked over to a door marked "Women's Lockers", but wasn't sure whether or not he should go in. Carefully, he pushed the door open. "Carol?" he called softly.

An attractive, short, red-haired young woman peeked from behind a row of pastel-colored lockers. "Can I help you?" she asked.

"Ah...I-I'm looking for my wife," Marcus said, feeling himself blush.

He studied the young woman in the locker room. She was eye-catching. Her hair was short and straight, her face was cute more than pretty, but her body was what really caught his eye. She had on a pair of loose olive-drab pants - tight at the ankle - which were tucked into white sweat socks. Her high-top leather sneakers were untied just the right way. A white sweatshirt, cut to the waist in back and just above her waist in front, hung over her slacks.

Her surprisingly large bust pushed the sweatshirt out and up, exposing a strip of tan, smooth belly. "Tidy, tiny, and busty!" Marcus thought. "Not bad. Not bad at all!"

"What's her name?" The girl had a tiny voice and sounded little-girlish.

Marcus thought the "little girl" sound of her voice it made her more desirable, a little girl with a lush, miniature woman's body. "Ah...Carol," he stammered. "Her...her name's Carol."

The girl shrugged and smiled at him. "I think I know who she is," she said, "but I don't know where she is. I saw her earlier. She was talking to the instructors."

"There's nobody around," Marcus said, "Do you have any idea where I could find the instructors?"

"You can check the men's locker room," she suggested, "Or maybe the pool. I think they have to clean it every night."

"Thanks," Marcus said. He let the door close and turned around. The men's locker room was on the other side of the building so he headed in that direction. He had just reached out to push the door open when he heard what sounded like a moan. He froze.

"Oh, God, Baby, that feels fucking fantastic!" a male voice said.

"Yeah. Jesus, she's something, isn't she?" Another male voice.

"What the hell is going on?" Marcus wondered. Cautiously, he pushed the door open a crack. He couldn't believe what he saw. His wife Carol, buck-naked, was kneeling on the floor. Two muscular young men stood in front of her, both as naked as she. They had hard-ons, apparently provoked by his wife's ministrations.

Marcus watched, shocked, as his wife took first one cock, then the other, into her mouth. While she sucked one man, she stroked the other man's cock with her hand.

Marcus couldn't believe it! Not Carol! Not his wife! She couldn't be doing this! He considered rushing into the room and breaking up the lewd performance, but two things stopped him. First, there was no way he could have handled the two men. Both of them were younger and in far better shape than he was. Either one could have pounded him into pulp, together, they'd have killed him.

Second - and despite the shock of what he was seeing - watching his wife service the two men was turning him on! Gulping, Marcus stood there, shaking, staring at the activities going on before his eyes. He couldn't move.

"Gawd!" One of the men, a bulky blonde about six feet tall, groaned as Carol deep-throated him. "Jesus, Carol! You sure know how to make a guy feel fuckin' fantastic!"

As if to thank him for his compliment, Carol cupped his balls in her hand and licked them. Marcus's cock lurched. He knew exactly what that felt like.

The other guy, his rigid cock bobbing like it was on a spring, moved behind Carol and got on his knees. Marcus watched, his heart thudding. The man was going to fuck Carol! And he was going to watch! There was nothing else he could do!

His legs shaking violently, Marcus leaned against the door jamb to keep from falling. He watched the young man take his cock and lay it in the cleft between Carol's lovely buttocks. He moved his hips and the swollen shaft slid up and down against her skin. Marcus shuddered and took a deep breath.

The young man rocked his hips back and, guiding the thick fleshy pole with his hand, put the flared purple tip between Carol's labia, against the opening to her cunt. She was soaking wet. Marcus could see the shiny droplets of fluid that were seeping from her. He watched the young man's swollen shaft slowly disappear into his wife's body.

Marcus bit his lip to keep from groaning. He couldn't believe he was watching his wife get fucked while she gave another guy a blow-job!

Carol kept sucking one guy while the other drove his pecker into her. It was wild. Every thrust the kneeling guy made forced his friend's cock deeper into Carol's mouth! The faces of both men were red, their muscles taut. They sure as hell looked as if they were enjoying what they were doing.

"What are you doing?" The soft voice startled Marcus and he turned. The girl he'd talked to in the women's locker room was standing behind him. He wasn't sure what to do. She must have thought he was watching guys get undressed or something. He couldn't talk, he couldn't think.

"Oh, Jesus!" one of the men groaned. "Shit! I-I'm gonna come! Oh, baby!"

"What's going on in there?" The girl squeezed by Marcus and peeked through the slightly open door. He heard her sudden intake of breath. "Oh!" she said, but didn't move.

Marcus resumed watching what was happening in the locker room. The guy Carol was sucking must have been the one who'd come, because Carol's face was all shiny with pearlescent, sticky white goo. The guy was still standing in front of her and she clung to his hips as his friend continued slamming into her.

"Give it to me! Harder! Fuck me harder!" Carol groaned, digging her fingers into the standing man's ass so hard it made white marks on his tan skin. Her large breasts, dangling under her, bounced and jiggled wonderfully as the man behind her slammed into her again and again.

"Suck me again, baby!" The standing man thrust his hips against Carol's face. "Get me hard so I can fuck you!"

Carol took his softening cock in her hand and put it in her mouth.

"Yeah! Oh, yeah!" the man moaned, his hips rocking forward, his hands tangling in Carol's hair, pulling her face against his crotch.

"I-I don't believe I'm seeing this!" the girl standing next to Marcus whispered.

The door wasn't open very far, so for both Marcus and the tiny girl to watch what was going on in the locker room, they had to stand very close together. Marcus was very aware that the foxy young woman's body was pressing against his. That didn't help the wild feelings sweeping through his over-heated body. His cock stiffened even more. He moved a little and felt it brush against the girl. He had no idea where it hit her, even though it was in his pants, but she had to have felt it.

"Mmpphh! Mmpphh! Mmpphh!" Carol moaned around the cock in her mouth, her back arching, her body quivering. She was coming!

"Gahh!" the man fucking her groaned. His hips were a blur, his thrusts pounded her as he erupted into her. "Take it, baby! Take it! Take it all"

The girl pressed tighter against Marcus. He was having serious control problems.

"My turn!" The guy Carol was sucking pulled his re-invigorated cock out of her mouth. "I want to fuck her, too!" He was shorter than his blonde friend but just as bulky. He moved behind Carol and patted his friend on the shoulder. "Come on, you had your turn! Now it's mine!"

Marcus could hardly stand. He rolled so his back was to the wall next to the door and stayed there, gasping. As he did, he let the door close. The girl remained near him, face flushed, wide-eyed, her magnificent chest rising and falling. Her nipples jutted against her sweatshirt. She was as turned on as he was!

She really was tiny. The top of her head only came to the level of Marcus's nipples. She looked up at him and he looked down at her. "Is...is that your wife?" she gasped.

Marcus nodded.

"I-I can't believe what I just saw," she stammered, still looking at him. "She's...she's doing it with...with two of them!" Her eyes moved downward and from the way they widened, he knew she'd seen his hard-on. "Oh!" she said. "Oh...my...God!"

"Are...are you as turned on as...as I...as I am?" he croaked.


He took her hand and dragged her across the exercise room, through the door into the women's locker room. She offered no resistance. This was crazy and he knew it. If she came to her senses, she'd yell "Rape!" and he'd be in deep shit, but he didn't care. He had a hard-on and was going to do something about it with this lovely little thing!

Marcus put his hands under the girl's arms and lifted her onto one of the benches fastened to the floor between the rows of lockers. That put her breasts at eye level. Then he slid his hands under her sweatshirt and cupped those startlingly large breasts.

The girl put her hands on his head and pulled him against her, moaning. She was wearing a bra and, as excited as he was, undressing her slowly was the farthest thing from Marcus's mind. He pushed the bra up, baring her large, swollen orbs to his touch. He slid his hands over her hot, skin, looking for her nipples, then the swollen buds of flesh bored into his palms.

"Please!" she moaned, "I need it so bad! Don't make me wait!"

Marcus slid his hands down, undid the belt around her waist, then pushed her slacks down. The slacks hung up on her sneakers and it took a little fumbling until he got them off, but he managed. He was a little surprised to discover she wasn't wearing panties.

After she kicked out of her slacks, the girl sat down on the bench, then lay back. Marcus watched, fumbling with his clothes like he'd never taken clothing off before. Finally, he got his pants off and, with a groan, he fell on top of the petite girl. He felt her tiny hands clasp his rigid cock, then warmth engulfed it as he sank into her.

"Oh! Yes!" that baby-doll voice wailed. Her legs, surprisingly strong, locked behind Marcus, pulling him to her. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" Her pelvis worked against his feverishly, she clutched at him, her fingers digging into his biceps.

Fuck her Marcus did, as powerfully as he'd ever fucked anyone. His cock slid in and out of her tight cunt easily in the moist lubricant of her excitement.

"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Oh, yeah!" the girl grunted as Marcus drove into her. "That's it! Oh, God! That's it! I-I-I'm gonna come! Oh, God! Am I ever! Gah! Gah! Gah!" Her body stiffened, then went wild.

"Uh! Here...it...comes!" Marcus moaned as his body pumped blast after blast of hot seed into her snug, clasping pussy. "Here it comes! Now!"

"Can't stop! Oh, God! I-I-I can't stop cumming! I can't stop! Oh! Ohh!" his wild tiny partner cried, her body continuing to spasm.

The girl did stop coming eventually. Her arms and legs fell away from Marcus and she lay still under him. Carefully, he pushed himself off her, pulling his softening cock from her still rippling pussy.

The girl looked up at him, wide-eyed, her pretty face flushed, her red hair tousled. "Oh, wow! Jeezum! That was really intense!" she whispered.

"It was, wasn't it?" Marcus agreed. He was feeling a little shaky.

"I-I don't even know your name," she said, blushing.

Marcus introduced myself. "I don't know your name, either," he pointed out.

"It's Didi," his chance lover said. "Didi Thomas."

"It's been a pleasure meeting you, Didi," he said.

Didi sat up, not bothering to cover her nakedness. "Well, I guess I can say its been a pleasure meeting you, too," she said, giggling. Her small hand caressed his belly. "A real pleasure!"

"Same here," he agreed.

Didi looked at her watch. "My God!" she gasped, "I gotta get going. My boyfriend's gonna kill me!" She got to her feet, gathered her clothing, and slipped into it. When she finished dressing, she stopped and looked at him, smiling. "You got a pen and paper?" she asked.

"Ah..." Marcus searched through his shirt, which he still had on, found both, and handed them to her.

Didi wrote something on the paper, then handed it to him. He looked, she'd written a phone number. "Call me." She tugged him down, kissed him on the cheek, then started for the locker room door. "I get home from work at four and my boyfriend doesn't get home until six." She disappeared and the door closed behind her.

Still a little weak, he got his pants back on, straightened his clothes, and left the women's locker room. Once more, he walked across the exercise room and listened at the door of the men's locker room. Moans still came from behind the closed door, so he opened it slightly again.

Marcus got another shock. The blonde guy was lying on his back on one of the benches, and Carol was atop him, riding his cock. That wasn't the most shocking thing Marcus saw. The dark-haired guy's cock was buried in Carol's ass! He gulped. His wife was being double-fucked. Her body shook and quivered as the two men drove their swollen prongs into it.

"Now! Now! I'm coming! Oh, yes! Fuck me, you big-dicked studs! I'm coming!" Carol

screamed. "I'm coming! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!"

The two men groaned and began moving even faster. "Gahh!" the blonde groaned, his hips pushing up off the bench.

"Oh, damn! Oh, damn! Take it! Take my come, baby!" the dark-haired one groaned, slamming his cock deeper into Carol's ass as he, too, joined in coming with his partners.

Marcus let the door close and staggered out to his car. He was sitting there, almost under control, when Carol finally emerged from the health club.

Smiling, she walked over to Marcus's car. He was surprised she could walk after what he'd seen her doing. "You didn't have to wait out here all this time. You should have come in," she said.

"I wasn't sure if the door was locked or not," he replied. "I thought your car was in the shop."

"After I left that message, the garage called. They brought it over. Wasn't that nice of them?" she said, acting as if nothing had happened. How could she be so cool? "You aren't angry, are you?"

"Me?" Marcus shrugged. "No, heck, why should I be angry?"

She leaned in the window and kissed him. There was a faint taste of cum on her breath. "See you at home."

"Yeah, sure."

Marcus watched her walk to her car, get in, start it, then drive off. He started his car and followed. "You should have come in?" Had Carol wanted him to catch her with the two men?

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