tagLoving WivesReunion: Caught

Reunion: Caught


Checking my watch, it turned out that the time was later than I thought. I knew I was more than a little drunk. The girls were still out on the dance floor just like old times as the guys, too chicken shit to dance, sat around in a group at a table talking about football and reliving old memories. Jesus, I couldn't get over how strange this weekend had been having my fifteenth high school reunion.

"Marc," Steve asked me drunkenly, "Who was that chick you fucked during gym class our sophomore year?"

"Two chicks dude," I said taking a drag off my cigarette and holding up two fingers for emphasis.

"No way man," said Mike Barbossa from the other side of the table, his every word dripping of disbelief, "I don't remember that."

"Yes, way," I said sarcastically, "And you weren't there were you?"

The rest of the guys around the table nodded their approval. They knew I never lied about sex.

"No, seriously," said Steve again, ignoring Mike altogether, slurring worse this time, "Who was it?"

"Brenda Parker and Heather Marshall," I replied, still feeling satisfied from that encounter.

"Oh, yeah," said Todd Murphy, "That bitch, it's a wonder your dick didn't freeze off. Nobody could get any of that action."

"Well," I said, giving Todd a look, "I guess you lived in the wrong county. Bryerson used to get plenty of action from her."

Todd just made a disparaging comment as to what he thought of the sex life of the other star quarterback in the county. Todd Bryerson had been quarterback for our rival school and Todd Murphy's main rival on the football field. But Bryerson and I had been pretty close buddies off the field. On the other hand I had stolen Todd Murphy's girlfriend from him junior year, sort of. At least I'd been a major cause of their breakup.

Todd was a looking a little seedy as he sat there, and I was guessing he'd let himself go since high school. Rumor had it that he was a pediatrician somewhere in the Midwest, but knowing Todd's intelligence as I did, I wouldn't be taking any kids of mine (or anyone else's) to see him any time soon.

By contrast I was pleased with myself that I'd kept in shape compared to some of my old buddies. Those that worked locally in construction had stayed fit, but most had some layers of fat that bespoke a too comfortable life. I was still rock hard, lean and more muscular than high school and in better shape even than when I'd left the Marines.

"Wild times," said Bill Howard disparagingly, giving me a malevolent look, and bringing us all back to reality.

I assumed that he must have realized that something had gone on with his wife that afternoon. But he hadn't mentioned it to me or intimated anything along those lines.

"Now listen man," I said to Bill, trying to bring him up short, "You're not still sore I took Mary Francis's virginity are you? I mean I know you two had gone out a couple times, but...."

There was a general chorus of laughter at the table as we remembered just how pissed Bill had been when he'd found that out.

The look he gave me then really was pure evil.

I smirked back at him. See how you like that asshole! You can take it and shove it up your ass along with your little pencil prick.

I needed some air.

"Look gents, I need to take a piss. Hold down the fort for me."

I didn't need to piss, but I headed off for the back hallway where the bathrooms were located anyways. We were in the old high school gym where we'd had many a school dance. There were a lot of girls I'd fucked in the janitor's closet next to the entrance to the boy's bathroom too. Man, those were the days.

So I headed for the back to reminisce.

I was about to hit the bathroom when Jen Howard opened the door of the janitor's closet, with a look of pure excitement on her face! My cock jumped remembering what she's done to it earlier that day. She'd changed her dress since then, and she was wearing a tight cocktail number that enhanced her beauty and figure exquisitely. She also had that same horny look on her face. Over eager beaver we used to call it.

And she was drunk, too, which was probably the whole cause of this.

But I didn't wait for an invitation, or anything else. I pulled her roughly into my arms right there at the open door, my mouth covering hers. Her arms went around my neck as her mouth opened to allow my tongue access. My hands cupped her ass over the tight material of her dress, and I could squeeze her soft flesh beneath my fingers, as my tongue explored her mouth.

Jen was aroused.

I could feel it in every inch of her body. She could no doubt feel my bulge pressing against her stomach as I backed her inside the stuffy warmth of the closet. Without breaking the kiss, I grabbed for the door behind me, pulling it shut. I broke the kiss and she looked up at me with her dark eyes, her chest heaving. I gave her one of my best smiles.

She smiled back, not needing to say anything.

I pulled the zipper down on her dress, revealing more and more of her tanned skin. Down the zipper went, breasts sweet ripe breasts spilled out. Two perfect mounds of flesh, erect nipples surrounded by those dusky areolas. She didn't resist when her dress fell off her waist and down to the floor. She stepped out of it, becoming almost completely naked.

I pulled off my jacket and undid the buttons of my shirt, revealing my muscular upper body, gold chain dangling from my neck. I took off my shirt as her eyes drank in my chest and abs, broad muscular shoulders, and round biceps. I was a big man at six feet, three inches tall and two hundred twenty pounds. She hadn't seen this much of me, this closely, since we'd last fucked the summer between our Sophomore and Junior years of high school. Back then I was nothing but a well experienced boy. But now I was a man in every sense of the word. And Jen was a woman. Where I was hard and uncompromising, my body like rippling steel, she was soft and welcoming. I had seen her fully earlier in the bathroom. Her physical perfection had ripened in the time since high school. He curves had deepened and she was graceful and fluid. Everything about her drew me into her, made me burn with desire. And my cock eagerly stretched its confines to get out at her.

I couldn't resist. Didn't want to. I pulled her naked body close to me, kissing her as I backed her slowly towards the wall. I neither cared that our reunion was going on just outside, nor did I care that I'd just needled her husband.

All I thought about was her thighs.

My lips trailed down her neck to her ample cleavage. I kissed up the slope of her breast to her nipple, where my tongue teased around it. I sucked her hard tit right into my mouth briefly before releasing it, sending tingles of pleasure down her body to her crotch. My tongue lightly ran across her other nipple. I massaged her one breast while my tongue continued to tease her other nipple. I noticed suddenly, that my cock was very uncomfortable in my slacks. As I sucked her nipple into my mouth, I undid my belt and pushed my slacks down a little ways, along with my boxers, freeing up the thing that made me a man.

I began to kiss down her belly, and I found her spreading her legs a little. Bill might be her husband, but right now, her pussy was all mine! My lips passed over her belly button and I continued kissing my way down her sexy body. I got to her neatly trimmed bush, and I kissed over it. I could smell the strong scent of her arousal as I drew closer to her treasure. I could smell my earlier cum still inside her!

Her legs were as wide apart for me as she could get them, and I kissed the inside of her left thigh. I kissed higher up her thigh, right beside her pussy. I kissed her other thigh, teasing her.

She reached down between her legs and, using both hands, gently guided my head to her treasure. I kissed her swollen pussy lips. Jen gasped as tingles of pleasure fired up her body. Her knees bent. Her legs were as wide as they could be.

Her hands stroked my hair as my tongue darted out and slowly licked from the bottom of her slit up to the top.

"Oh yes..." she moaned.

My tongue took forever to get to the top of her clit, but the trip was worth it. My hands slid under her bare ass, holding her cheeks tightly as I shot my tongue far inside her hole.

I loved her taste, and my tongue licked all around the inside of her needy pussy hole. Her eyes were closed, her toes were curling and uncurling on my shoulders as her fingers stroked my hair.

She began to move her pussy up into my face subtly. I sucked the lips of her vagina into my mouth and released them.

She gasped as bolts of ecstasy fired up her body. I sucked her swollen slit into my mouth again, and released it with a loud audible 'slurp'. I ran my tongue up and down her lips rapidly, purposely ignoring her sensitive clit. She moaned again, louder this time. I could feel her press my head into her a little harder.

Then I lightly licked her clitoris, just teasing it a little. She sighed loudly as a wave of pleasure rocketed up her body. Suddenly, too drunk to be patient, I sucked her clit into my mouth, trapping it there. I ran my tongue back and forth over it rapidly and Jen rubbed her crotch against my face as her orgasm built to a crescendo.

She cried out, cumming violently. She was thrashing against the wall and into my face, and it was only because I was holding her ass that she didn't fall over. Her entire body was on fire, her pussy was convulsing. Her feet were stretched out and her legs squeezed my head tightly.

It took a few moments for her to relax, and when she finally did, I kissed her swollen pussy lips one more time before I began to kiss my way up her body, standing up. I kicked my slacks down to my ankles as my mouth trailed up her stomach to her breasts. I briefly sucked a hard nipple into my mouth before releasing it and continuing on my journey.

My lips kissed up her neck and she turned to me, eagerly finding my mouth with her own. Her tongue darted into my mouth as I positioned my member at the gateway to her wonderful hole. She placed one foot on an empty paint can and I used my strong arms to raise the other leg.

She was all mine to do with as I saw fit.

I slowly ran my fat dick down the moist lips of her cunt, stopping where she was at her hottest. I was French kissing her passionately as I prepared to enter her.

Then I pushed forward, feeling Jen's pussy lips open up and allow me entry. She moaned into my mouth, not breaking the kiss as I slid inside her inch by inch. She was so wet, so horny that I gradually slid entirely inside her in long, slow strokes. Her hands clawed at my back as she felt her pussy filled up to the max with my cock.

I was inside her!

Ten minutes ago I was swapping stories with her husband and now I was inside her wonderful cunt. Her tongue swirled around in my mouth and the entirety of my nearly ten inches of dick was inside her body.

I broke the kiss and grunted and I began to thrust in and out of her using short, fast, hard strokes. I grabbed her by the hair and forced to look straight at me as I fucked her. Her dark eyes were filled with lust; her eyebrows were raised as my monster dick glided in and out of her hungry, needy hole.

Her moans were loud immediately, with nary an effort to muffle them. She was breathing loudly, heavily as her needy pussy was filled over and over.

Still holding her by the hair, I looked down her lightly tanned body. Her breasts were bouncing up and down with every thrust; her leg was raised up in the air next to me. I looked at her, thrusting harder. Her eyes had glazed over, and her moans were now higher pitched. She looked so beautiful when she was on the edge! The alcohol was all that prevented me from losing it then and there. It gave me incredible longevity as it always had.

Jen was losing it again. How many times can this bitch cum, I thought? It just didn't stop! I was so deep! And I stretched her so fucking wide that I thought she's break.

"Oh, fuck! God! God! God!" she moaned, wincing.

She brought her legs up to wrap around me as my cock pinned her to the wall. She couldn't arch her head back as there was no room. She was gasping for breath when I pressed my mouth against hers. I forced my tongue inside and she struggled to catch her breath. No mercy this time.

Her orgasm was finally subsiding when I pulled my mouth away. She moaned again, taking a deep breath as dick continued to poke into her helpless body. I gave her a peck on the lips and slowly pulled my long, steely shaft out of her twat.

I kicked off my slacks and boxers altogether and lay her down on the dirty floor. I held my rock hard cock in my hand. Jen's chest was heaving as she found the strength to sit up. My dick was so big, and I was holding it straight up in the air.

She slid her hands up my legs until she reached my lap, both of her small hands taking my cock from me. I could not get any harder. She could feel how tightly my foreskin stretched around my manhood. She stroked me lovingly as she bent her head between my legs. I felt her tongue lap at my balls, and I opened my legs a little wider for her.

Jen sucked my left ball into her mouth, teasing the soft testicle with her tongue as her hand squeezed my shaft a little tighter. She released me, and slowly sucked my other one into her mouth.

I reached down and gently held the back of her head as she lapped at my nuts. I ran my hand through her hair as I watched her stare right at my thick cock. She released me again, and looked up at me with her gorgeous eyes.

She stuck out her tongue and I watched it slowly trail up my shaft. It was a long trip as I was huge. She could no doubt taste her pussy on my cock as she licked it. Her hand gently held me upright as her tongue approached the top. She slowly circled the head of my dick and I squirmed. My tip was sensitive. Jen kissed my mushroom shaped head erotically, and smiled up at me.

She opened her mouth and slowly slid her lips down my fat cock.

I groaned, watching a part of me disappear into this beautiful woman's mouth. I could feel the moist warmth of her mouth slowly engulf me, and her lips were wrapped tightly around my skin. She took as much of me as she could, and I felt myself touch the back of her throat. She held me in her mouth, staring down at my taut stomach and my pubic hair beneath. Finally, she slowly lifted up, gliding her lips along my pole.

Suddenly, she began to eagerly bob her head up and down on my crotch. I groaned again, watched her suck me off with abandon. My eyes trailed up her body. She was sticking that gorgeous ass of hers up in the air as she knelt between my legs. Slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp she sucked hungrily on my thick dick. I arched my head back, sighing. My hand was still on the back of her head, moving up and down along with her.

"Oh, fuck me!" I whispered.

Jen pulled my cock out of her mouth. She didn't need to be told twice! The tingling in my crotch grew stronger, and I sank to the floor. She crawled up quickly, straddling me.

Her mouth was on mine, and she kissed me urgently. I was conscious of her warm, wet slit pressed against my rod, and I ground against her as I sent my tongue into her mouth. She breathed heavily into my mouth, unable to take anymore. She raised her ass off of me, hovering over me as she reached behind her and underneath her. Her small hand gripped me and raised my shaft straight in the air.

I could feel my hardness poking at her entrance, and then she eagerly pressed down on me. Her swollen lips parted again for me again and I could feel her being stretched wide again.

She was more excited than when I took her virginity all those years ago.

"Ohhhhhhhh..." she moaned, closing her eyes.

I watched her arch her head back as her pussy slowly engulfed my rod in her heat. I grabbed her soft ass, helping her ease me inside her. Her pussy was now pressed against me tightly. My rock hard member was sticking high up inside her. I kissed her, my tongue searching her mouth. She wrapped her arms around my neck, holding me close as she held me deep inside her.

Jen began to raise and drop her ass, slowly sliding her tight cunt up and down my member. I moved right along with her, rising up off the floor to meet her gentle thrusts. My hands gripped her ass cheeks tightly and helped her ride me.

I was helping her ride me quicker than she was ready to go. Her face grew even more flushed as she took my incredible cock into her body. She broke the kiss, moaning. I kissed at her cheek, neck and ear as I made love to her.

"Turn around without taking me out of you," I panted.

We were both gasping for breath.

Jen obediently slid her pussy most of the way up my cock, keeping only two inches inside her, and lifted her foot off the floor. With me holding her waist and balancing her, she slowly spun around. My big hands grabbed breasts and laid her back on me. Her nipples were fully erect in my hands, and I could feel her ease her pussy back down on me.

Jen laid her head beside mine, turning to me, and her lips were searching for mine. I kissed her passionately as my hands caressed her tits.

Our tongues explored each other's mouths as we moved against one another. My one hand released her breast and slid down her stomach. I ran my hand through the curls of her bush and slid my fingers down her slit. My hand rubbed against her tiny clit as I caressed her lips. I could myself enter her vagina over and over.

She moaned into my mouth. I began to rub her sensitive clit, driving myself up into her even harder. She moaned a little louder now, still stubbornly trying to maintain our passionate kiss. She was losing it.

Jen placed her foot on the edge of the wall, opening her legs as wide as possible. Still expertly rubbing her clit, I began to drive myself up into her hard and fast. Like lightening, my dick fired in and out of her wet tunnel, showing no mercy. She couldn't help it, she broke the kiss.

She cried out for salvation, her eyes closed. She was moaning right in my ear, almost there. Suddenly, she was silent. All that could be heard was the quiet sounds of my ass bouncing off the floor. She was wincing, cumming silently.

I fucked her through her orgasm, before shoving my cock all the way inside her, holding it there. I held her body close to me as I placed my foot on the floor. Still keeping my cock in her, I lifted us both up. I got her up on her knees, still keeping much of my prick in her. Jen placed her hands floor, and pushed her ass back against my groin. She couldn't get enough!

She moaned. I felt even bigger when I was inside her this way! I grabbed her beautiful ass on either side and began to fuck her doggy style. I watched her tanned cheeks jiggle each time I rammed against her, driving my iron manhood up into her extremely tight hole. Then I eagerly began a rapid pace, my balls slapping her ass.

Now she moaned softly, heart pounding excitedly.

I had one foot on the floor and a tight grip on the sides of her ass, getting full leverage in my thrusts. Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap! The sound of me slapping against her was so loud that there was no doubt it could be heard outside if anyone had been listening.

I suddenly jammed my cock up into her, holding it there. I slid my hands up Jen's soft, naked body, cupping her tits. I pulled her upright, kissing her neck. She sighed, arching her head back, pussy bursting with cock as my lips trailed up her neck.

"Can I fuck you up the ass?" I whispered, hoping.

I didn't think she would be up for it, but I was a little drunk so I thought I would ask anyway.


The magic word came out of her mouth. I kissed her cheek, happily. And my dick slowly slid out of her vagina.

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