tagLesbian SexReunited Ch. 01

Reunited Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Corrin's Plan

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I straightened my skirt although there was nothing really wrong with it, and adjusted the matching suit jacket. Corrin St James would be here in a few moments and I wanted to make sure nothing went wrong. She was the biggest client I'd hooked in a long while. I was an associate at one of the biggest advertising agencies in the city. If I closed the St. James account I could almost guarantee I'd make partner this year. Which would mean I was the first black woman to make partner and I was only thirty years old. I had not met Corrin yet but that wasn't at all surprising, after all she was the CEO and founder of one of the leading international cosmetics companies. I had been interfacing with the vice president of the company who had in turn forwarded all of my ideas and presentations to Miss St. James. Apparently everything had gone off without a hitch because after my latest presentation she had sent word that we would meet in person at 9:00 am today. The intercom buzzed, invading my daydream, "Miss St James is here Miss Steven's." My secretary's voice came through the phone.

"Send her in" I said picking up the receiver, "Oh and hold my calls during the meeting. Thanks Becky"

Replacing the receiver I sat up straight and fixed a smile on my face, I had the compulsion to reach in my top drawer and check my face in my compact. However I didn't have the time and I knew my face was as "fixed" as it was going to get as I had just checked it five minutes ago. "Well, maybe just a peek." I thought, but at that moment Becky opened the door and ushered Miss St. James through the door.

Sheer will power kept me from tumbling from the chair like a rag doll. Becky walked out of the office shutting the door after her. I sat speechless in my chair concentrating on breathing and sitting upright.

"Reggie it's been ages"

She called me by my first name, an old nickname really. When I was younger I'd popped a few kids one for calling me Regina, which was my given and then hated name. But I'd grown up a lot since then. Still only close friends had the privilege of calling me anything other than Miss Stevens.

I looked her in the eye but I still didn't say a word, we had been close friends once. We had been lovers.

Back then she had been Karolyn Thomas. She'd been my best friend too, when she disappeared it had taken me years to get over losing her. I had searched for her for years to no avail. Finally after adulthood was in full swing, I had to face the fact that she was dead or not willing to be found. Still when I found myself in a large crowd I consciously searched for her face, now here it was in front of me.

She stepped closer to the desk; she was smiling in a way that sent chills from the base of my spine to my neck. "Breath baby, or you're gonna pass out."

I let out my breath in a whoosh. I hadn't even realized I'd been holding my breath.

"Aren't you happy to see me baby?" She was walking around the desk. Running her fingertips over the surface as she moved toward me. I watched her. I still did not trust my voice, plus I wanted to see how this scene would play out. She was next to me now, and she kneeled so that her face was level with mine.

I looked directly into her eyes, parting my lips a bit as my breathing seemed to be labored.

She reached up and removed the bobby pins from my meticulously coiffed hair and let the gentle waves fall. It had taken me damn near a half hour to brush my unruly curls into submission before pulling it up into a neat bun and in less than a minute it was all undone. My hair hung just about to my ass and most of the time it was an albatross but I kept it long because I loved the look of it. It made me feel achingly feminine; to feel the weight of my long hair as I walked.

Corrin seemed to be enjoying my hair, When I'd known her I'd been a tomboy. Always keeping my hair a little past my shoulders and more often than not it was in a ponytail or stuffed under a baseball cap. She was running her hands through the length of my hair. Starting at the roots and moving outward, when she got to the tips she let them cascade from her fingers and fall gently back into place.

Corrin laughed and moved her hands from my hair to my neck, I wondered briefly if she was planning to strangle me where I sat. I actually smiled at the morbid thought. She wouldn't have to strangle me if she wanted me dead. I would've staked my career on the fact that if she kept touching me I'd die of a heart attack.

Corrin looked at me as she ran her hands over my neck then kept going until she was touching the uppermost area of my chest. Once again I found myself holding my breath as her hands descended lower.

She was cupping my breasts lightly and teasing me through the fabric. I relaxed against her and noticed the ache in my muscles. I'd been holding myself stiff as a board since she'd stepped through the door.

She smiled with a look of satisfaction as I pressed closer to her.

"You always were such a slut"

"Only for you" I said finally speaking.

Corrine looked surprised that I had spoken at all, she smiled the little chilling smile again and slipped her hands lower. If I didn't know better I'd say she was ignoring me. Not physically as her hand was currently slipping up my inner thigh. But ignoring the fact that I had spoken.

I lost my train of thought as her fingers crept up my thigh to the band of my panties. I spread my legs a bit wider as I felt her tug the satiny material. I thought she was going to pull them over my legs but instead she gave them another hearty tug and ripped them right off.

Her fingers went right to work working over my clit in slow circular motions. I moaned and slid lower in my chair. She shot me what I would call a warning look but I had no idea what the warning was regarding. I bit my lip and closed my eyes. I couldn't help but reflect on the last time we'd been in this position. I was sitting on the bed in our dorm room naked as the day I was born. Corrin who had been Karolyn back then was kneeling on the floor between my thighs as I rode her pretty face. She glanced up her eyes told me if her mouth wasn't busy she'd be smiling. I smiled down at her and ran my fingers through her thick brown hair and pulled her head closer. Her lips were wrapped around my clit as she flicked her tongue back and forth over the sensitive nub. I gripped the sheets in my fingers as I rode her beautiful brown face. I was moaning low in my throat and grinding against her as the waves of orgasm washed over me. I repeated her name like a mantra between gasps and moans. The door of the room was suddenly thrown open and in walked two people that I had seen only in passing. In the eight years that I'd been attending boarding school with Karolyn I'd only seen her parents a handful of times. She rarely talked about them and I'd learned to stay away from the topic. I did know that her mother was a rich bitch socialite and her father was a corporation bigwig. Still they didn't seem to care about Karolyn, more often than not she came home with me during holidays and before that she'd gone home to a house of servants as her parents were off on one vacation or another every time school was out.

Her mother was livid and her father turned away as I covered her with a sheet. Since her mother had already taken a good long look at everything I had I stood and walked over to retrieve my clothes from their various positions on the floor. I got dressed and took a seat on the bed. Her mother was watching the whole time. I could see where Karolyn got her figure her mother looked amazing and she had to be at least 35 years old, which sounded old to my 18-year-old ears. Her brown skin remained unblemished and the suit she was wearing had to have cost at least a thousand dollars, It clung to her breasts and defined her waist as it tapered. The skirt was a little short but it only emphasized her amazing legs right down to the tips of her matching canary yellow shoes. I knew a pair of Manolo Bahlanik shoes when I saw them. This woman's outfit had cost more than my wardrobe, and the funny part was she would have looked just as good in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt.

Karolyn's father looked uncomfortable and wouldn't meet my eyes. Even with his face averted I could tell he was a handsome man and I recognized some of Karolyn's features on his unfamiliar face. The silence was intense and increasingly more uncomfortable. I looked at Karolyn but she had her head bowed, Mr. Thomas Was looking every where but at us so I turned to Mrs. Thomas. She was livid I wondered if she'd have to be physically restrained. I was embarrassed but it was too late for regrets and what ifs now.

I looked her dead in the eye and waited. I didn't have to wait long she flipped in about two seconds.

She called me every name in the book from little queer to brazen slut. She accused me of turning her precious baby out. I laughed aloud at that one. Her precious little baby had seduced me if anything she had turned me out. Karolyn shot me a look but I ignored her and stood.

"Since when is she your precious baby? You never gave a damn when she was coming to my house at Christmas for God's sake. When was the last time you called her? Or wrote? Or did anything but send her a Goddamn allowance?"

Her mother blinked momentarily silenced.

"How dare you"

"No how dare you" I shot back

"Stupid bitch" I mumbled not quite under my breath.

That was a mistake she pulled back her hand and slapped me hard enough to make my eyes tear.

I couldn't believe this uppity bitch had slapped me. I slapped her right back using the back of my hand instead of the palm. Karolyn and Mr. Thomas both looked startled and a little scared. With good reason too Mrs. Thomas lunged at me; she was surprisingly agile for a woman in four-inch heels.

Mr. Thomas had to physically restrain her. He was easily a half-foot taller than his statuesque wife and outweighed her by at least sixty pounds but still he had to struggle to hold her. After that everything was a blur but by the next day Karolyn was packed up and gone. I tried in vain to contact her. I'd gone to her father as a desperate plea he had been no help. In a last ditch effort I'd even confronted Mrs. Thomas.

At first she hadn't been very forth coming then she had given me a few recent photos and she sent me a new one from time to time but still no word about Karolyn. I asked her once why she even bothered to send the pictures and she'd said "I admire the way you defended her, No one before or since you has been willing to confront me or defend my daughter to me."

I had seen Mrs. Thomas from time to time, most recently at a charity benefit my office had sponsored few months back. She had looked stunning as always. Her black dress was short and the back was cut low enough for me to see the shallow dip at the base of her spine. If it were any lower he ass crack would have been showing. She had more than a few drinks and was stumbling when I found her wandering the halls.

I'd gotten bored and had been doing a little wandering myself. She was stumbling a little but other than that she didn't appear out of sorts. I offered her my arm for support and she took it, she pulled herself closer to me than necessary leaned against me. She looked in my eyes and said "Thanks."

Then before I realized what she was doing she grabbed my hair and kissed me. I tried to push her away but she wouldn't budge. She pulled me closer her hands tangled in my hair and her thighs straddling

My left leg, I tried to keep my lips firmly pressed together but her tongue played over my lips and I opened to her. T grabbed her ass and rode her thigh as she ground her sex against me. My dress was longer than hers was so her pussy was moving against the satin of my gown while her dress was hiked up giving me access to her firm muscular thigh. I moaned against her lips and moved my hands to caress her breasts. She moved one of her hand from my hair and pressed it against the wall behind us, as I moved back a step or two. She had me pressed against the wall and she was riding me like a pro. I could feel her body tensing as she came. I was only second behind her I buried my face in the crook of her neck and I could feel her teeth biting into my shoulder blade as she cried out. When she stepped away from me she looked a little dazed. She'd left a wet spot on the dark satin of my dress. She backed away and if I hadn't grabbed her wrist I felt sure she would have hurried off. "Where you running off to Katherine."

She looked uneasy as I held her fast.

"Let go of me"

"Not yet Kitty Kat" I played on her nickname

She looked like she might cry so I loosened my grip a bit.

"Please" she pleaded

"What just happened Kitty?"

"I don't know. I had to many drinks"

"No you didn't Kitty Kat level with me" I said looking into her eyes

"What do you mean?"

"I mean when I kissed you, I didn't taste alcohol. If you'd had that many drinks surely you'd taste and even reek of alcohol right? You stumbled earlier and just a second ago you were ready to bolt. You're a helluva actress though Kitty Kat. You almost fooled me."

"Stop calling me that. And let go of me. All of sudden you're Nancy fucking Drew"

"Stop calling you what Kitty Kat? I can think of a few other names for you" I let go of her arm and quickly embraced her for a moment. Then I ran my hands underneath her dress and cupped her ass. "Is this better" I was kneading the firm flesh lightly. I felt her relax against me as I kissed her lightly on the lips.

"Were you always a closet slut or just recently? Little queer. Stupid little bitch" I was repeating verbatim the words she had said to me in the dorm years earlier.

"Stop. Please."

"Not on your life Kitty Kat"

I moved my hands up her back and lowered the straps that held her dress in place. Lowering the top of the dress I kissed her naked breasts, pulling her hard chocolate colored nipple into my mouth. She arched against me as inhaled the scent of her perfume mixed with the unmistakable odor of sex.

I teased her for a while enjoying the way she moaned and undulated against me, then without warning I straighten her dress and started to walk away.

"Where are you going?" She grabbed my hand pulling me back to her.

I kissed her deeply, then backed away "Good night Kitty Kat"

She had stood there while I walked away. When I turned back she lifted her hand then pressed her hand to her lips blowing me a kiss. She mouthed a silent "Thank you" and walked away. The next Day she had sent a breathtaking flower arrangement, and she'd called me. Just hearing her voice on the phone had me wet.

Corrin was still kneeling before me and it was hard not to superimpose Katherine's feature onto her face.

As Corrin had gotten older she had begun to look more like her mother. If I didn't know better I'd say with a yellow suit and a slightly different hairstyle she'd look exactly as Katherine had the day she caught us. It was more than a little unsettling

I pushed Corrin away, and stood. Finally my mind was back from its coffee break. A lot of things didn't add up and I wanted answers. Sure I was horny as hell but I needed to know a few things.

"Why are you here Karo... Corrin?"



I actually took a step back as she whirled around to face me. I remembered she used to have a helluva left hook. "Like mother like daughter" I thought. She advanced and I backed up again.

"You never even wrote me. You said you loved me but you never came for me"

She sounded like a little girl, and there was a tremor in her voice. I had never seen Corrin cry, not even when her parents came to take her away. But her eyes were glistening and her voice was trembling.

I was shocked and for the second time within 20 minutes I was speechless.

When I regained myself I told her

"Honey I tried, for years and years I tried."

I took a step closer to her.

"I sent letters and emails and tried to call you but nothing. I even went to your parents." I was close enough to touch her now but I didn't, I opened my arms for her to step into them. She looked for a moment before stepping into the circle of my arms.

"They changed your name and everything. How could I find you?"

She didn't say anything, from the way she was trembling in my arms I knew she was crying and doing all she could to suppress a sob. I rubbed gentle circles on her back, as if she were a fussy child.

"Why didn't you call me? I didn't change my name."

She broke then, sobbing into my shoulder. I held her tight and let her cry. When she was coherent she answered my question.

"I couldn't. I hated you, I thought you left me with them. That you'd lied. My parents agreed if you loved me enough and came after me I could go with you. They didn't want me besmirching the family name at the school, couldn't have it getting out that their daughter was a lezzy could they."

I looked at her wanting to cry my damn self at all those years of hurt and anger.

"I swear to you that I loved you." I walked over to the desk and unlocked the bottom drawer it was filled with letters and cards. All addressed to her all returned unopened.

"Look" I pointed "I sent these to your house. I knew your parents traveled a lot so I figured you'd get at least some of them."

She knelt on the ground pulling out all the letters and cards. There was a card for each birthday, Christmas and Valentines Day for the past 12 years. The letters were more numerous, at first I'd written almost every day but over the years I'd written them less and less. She looked up at me, tears in her eyes again. They spilled over her cheeks, she didn't move to wipe them she just looked at me crying. I knew that I'd never seen her so vulnerable, even with her almost insatiable need of sex in those days we had never gotten this intimate. I kneeled on the floor next to her I was crying too; we probably made a helluva a picture. The two of us sitting among letters in business suits crying.

The clock on the wall told me our hour-long appointment was due to be over in 15 minutes. We hadn't even discussed business. "Well Miss St James I guess we need to reschedule this meeting."

"Whatever for"

"We haven't discussed anything relevant to the new ad campaign"

"You know buzz around here is that if you make this deal you'll get partner."

"And how would you know that?" I was really interested in how she knew.

"You went to school with me for eight years, you know I always do my homework."

I smiled she was nothing if not studious, hell some of the time she'd done my homework.

"Anyway I'd planned to come in here today to tease you a little and jerk you around. Then tell you sorry; no go on the deal. You wouldn't make partner and the higher ups would remember this for ages. I'm worth millions you know"

"Well what a conniving little bitch you turned out to be" I feigned anger and she laughed. I couldn't really blame her could I? Meanwhile I was a little apprehensive about the real possibility of losing this deal. She looked at me intently for a while.

"Aren't you going to ask what I'm going to do now?"

"Are you going to tell me"?

"You got the deal"

"Because I used to rock your world?" I asked, relief clouding my senses

"Used to?" She moved closer to me and took my hand. She worked my hand under her skirt; the crotch of her panties was soaked. "Baby you still rock my world."

She moaned deep in her throat as I pushed her panties aside and began to fuck her pussy with three fingers. She rode my hand with abandon and began to unbutton her suit jacket. Once the jacket was open she slid her hands under the lacy fabric of her bra and began pulling and tugging her nipples. She had always been vocal but now she was practically screaming. I reached over near the desk and picked up the small piece of fabric that lay there. It was my underwear that she'd torn off. I smiled and pushed them on her lips, never breaking the slow steady rhythm of my fingers. She opened her mouth for the makeshift gag as I pushed the panties in. With that done I leaned forward and began licking and sucking her already hard nipples as she ground her pussy on my hand. I could feel her muscles tightening around my fingers as I lightly ran my teeth over her breasts. I took the thumb nail of my free hand and ran it over her clit,

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