tagBDSMReunited Ch. 01

Reunited Ch. 01


"Let's hear it for social networking," Becky smiled.

The pretty blonde sat curled on one end of the couch in her living room, her legs folded under her and glass of wine held negligently in her hand. Her guest sat opposite her on the couch, firm legs curled under her short skirt, a white blouse hugging her full curves and contrasting with her dark brown curls, her bright blue eyes twinkling with joy and a hint of mischief. Becky realized suddenly that she'd been smiling since she opened her front door to find Liz standing on her front step.

"Isn't it amazing," Liz laughed brightly. "All these new toys they didn't have when we were in college..."

"Music downloads," Becky offered, waving a hand toward the home entertainment center and the music softly playing in the background.

"Wifi," Liz smiled.

"Smart phones," Becky grinned.

"Oh gods," Liz laughed, briefly hiding her face against her shoulder.

"What?" Becky asked, puzzled.

"Can you imagine," Liz replied, peaking at Becky through a curtain of dark curls, "if they'd had camera phones back in college. The pictures of me that would have been all over the internet..."

Becky flushed hotly as memories flooded back: a crowd of guys around a door watching, Liz face-down on a bed, naked, her face flushed and sticky, a strange man fucking her ass while cum oozed visibly from her abused pussy.

"Oh God," Becky shuddered, laughing weakly. "Your father would have killed you."

Liz laughed, "Probably wouldn't have helped the whole 'family values' platform, I guess... having photos of his daughter's antics all over the 'net."

"How is your dad anyway?" Becky asked.

"The Senator is retired now," Liz replied. "He got the boot in the last 'throw the bastards out' wave. Now he's on the lecture circuit, still standing up for family values... which is funny given the divorce and the fact that he's fucking an intern named Antonio."

"Seriously?" Becky stared at her friend, laughing.

"I don't blame him," Liz smiled. "Antonio has fantastic abs and he can do amazing things with his tongue."

"Oh my God!" Becky clapped her hand over her mouth. "You fucked your father's boyfriend. You are such a slut."

"A slut is just a woman who isn't afraid to admit she likes sex," Liz purred, leaning closer to Becky. "and is able to get it when she wants it."

Becky blushed again, suddenly remembering Liz bent over a sink in the ladies' restroom, short skirt bunched up around her waist, round ass red from spanking. Then she remembered Liz on her knees, looking up from between pale thighs. The feeling on her hot breath on Becky's...

"So, do you ever hear from Derrick?" Liz asked softly. Becky jumped, snapping out of her memories. She felt strangely conscious of the other woman's knee touching hers.

"Derrick?" Becky stammered, "Oh God, Derrick. No, I don't think I've talked to him since we broke up. That was a little after you graduated. It just didn't work out between us."

"He said so," Liz smiled slightly. "I remember him saying he wasn't the right guy for you."

"Yeah," Becky felt her smile returning. "but it was a lot of fun to try."

"I remember that, too," Liz grinned.

Becky's mind flashed to the memory of Derrick, tall, handsome with dark, mesmerizing eyes. She remembered his powerful hands pushing her onto the bed, while Liz knelt beside them, naked, rubbing her own clit as she watched.

Becky groaned, burying her red face in a cushion.

"Oh God," Becky mumbled, "my face is burning."

"I've always thought your face was hot," Liz smirked.

Becky threw the cushion at her. "That was just pathetic," she laughed.

"Can't blame a girl for trying," Liz grinned.

"You're not even blushing," Becky grinned back, looked at her friend. "How can you remember the stuff we did back then and not blush?"

"Because I'm not embarrassed by it," Liz replied calmly, a slight smile on her face. "Because even those few bad things, I survived and I'm not ashamed of. But most of it, I remember fondly... very, very fondly."

Liz leaned forward, her face inches from Becky's, her blue eyes bright and wild. Her fingers traced warm lines down Becky's cheek.

"Do you..." Liz whispered in a husky voice, "... remember me... fondly?"

"Liz," Becky whispered into her old lover's lips, " are you trying to seduce me."

"I've been trying to seduce you since the moment I walked in the door." Liz's finger traced a line down Becky's neck to brush along the collar of her t-shirt.

"Slut," Becky purred, closing her eyes.

"Yes," Liz sighed, "mistress."

Their lips met in a passionate kiss. Becky's lips parted and their tongues fluttered together. Liz's fingers slid lower, her hand cupped Becky's small, pert breast, squeezing through the fabric of her t-shirt. Becky moaned into her lover's mouth. Becky's arms moved to encircle Liz's shoulders.

Becky jumped back, suddenly. The glass of wine, forgotten in her grip, had quavered and dripped onto her hand.

"Damn it," she gasped, panting for reasons that had nothing to do with the wine. "I almost spilled this all over you."

Liz leaned back slightly. Her head cocked to the side as she gave Becky a quizzical look. Slowly, with a slight smile, she reached out and took the wine glass for her old lover's hand. Becky watched, strangely entranced, as Liz lifted the glass to her lips and took a slow swallow of the bright red liquid.

"No," Liz purred softly. "we wouldn't want to spill it. Would we?"

Slowly and deliberately, Liz tipped the glass forward, pouring red wine down over her pale cleavage. The red stain spread across Liz's expensive white blouse as the white flowed over her full, round breasts.

"You're going to ruin that blouse," Becky said breathlessly, unable to take her eyes from the swell of Liz's breasts.

"I'd better take it off," Liz purred. "So we can soak it."

"Yes," Becky breathed.

Slowly, Liz unbuttoned her stained blouse, revealing the curves of her full breasts, contained in a pale, lacy bra and the smooth surface of her belly. Slowly, she peeled the wet fabric from her chest and dropped it onto the floor.

"Oh," Liz pouted exaggeratedly, "my bra is stained too."

Her fingers traced the edge of the lace, down the slope of her full breasts. With a deft twist, she unhooked her bra and shrugged it off. Her heavy breasts fell free, their full curves pale where they weren't shiny with dark wine, large round areolas pink against her fair skin , nipples achingly hard.

"I'm all sticky," Liz purred, a wicked grin rising on her face.

"You," Becky growled, leaning down toward Liz's full, round breasts, "are... unbelievable."

Liz pouted, leaning teasingly away from her friend. Becky grabbed her arms and pulled her forward again.

"Here," Becky sighed, "let me help you clean up."

Becky's tongue flickered out, fluttering over the hard tip of Liz's breast. Liz groaned, her playful expression fading into unabashed lust. Becky's tongue lapped along Liz's soft skin, licking off the sweet, sticky wine. Her hands moved to cup her lover's heavy breasts, squeezing and molding them as her tongue slid over every sticky inch of their surface. As she worked across Liz's breasts, Becky paused occasionally to suck and nip at the soft skin before moving on. Liz whimpered and moaned. Her fingers tangled in Becky's blonde hair. Becky looked up at Liz, smiling over the swell of her breasts. She lowered her face once more, sucking firmly first on one nipple and then on the next. With a gentle nip that sparked a pained gasped from Liz, Becky released her and rocked back onto her hips.

"There, all clean," she panted, her eyes shining. With a shuddering breath, she glanced down at the pile of stained fabric on the floor. With a laugh she added, "We really should soak that. You've probably ruined it."

"I don't care," Liz purred. "It was worth it."

"Come on," Becky said, pulling herself to her feet.

It seemed the most natural thing in the world for Becky to lead Liz to the bathroom in the house's master suite. Later she would wonder abstractly why she hadn't chosen the kitchen or the hall bathroom, but by then, she already knew the answer. Likely, she always had.

Becky rested her shoulder against the bathroom door, watching, as Liz bent over the bathroom sink, soaking her stained blouse and bra in the hot water. The brunette's breasts swung freely, reflected in the bathroom mirror. Her dark, curly hair spilled down the pale skin of her bare back. The short black skirt hugged her hips, and below it her shapely legs stretched to the floor. Becky felt her eyes drawn to the hem of the skirt, rising as Liz bent lower over the sink, creeping up to reveal the curve of her full ass and the flushed, swollen lips of her pussy, framed perfectly between her strong thighs.

"Jeez, Liz," Becky sighed. "You're not even wearing panties?"

"No, I'm not." Liz looked back over her shoulder at Becky, smiling through the curtain of her curly hair. "Am I bad girl?"

In two quick steps, Becky closed the distance between them, her open hand swinging to deliver a stinging blow to Liz's half-bared ass. Liz gasped as her body rocked with the blow. Sensuously, she arched her back, lifting her ass toward Becky.

"Yes." Becky's voice quavered between laughter and lust. "You are a very bad girl."

Becky's left hand slid up, wrapping her fingers around Liz's neck. Her right came up again. The two women watched it rise in the reflection of the mirror, poised in the air above Liz's ass.

"Now you're going to be punished," Becky whispered, "slut."

Becky's hand fell, striking another stinging blow against Liz's ass. With a quick gesture, she flipped the brunette's little skirt up, completely baring the pale curves of her round ass. One cheek was already flushed pink from the first two blows.

Becky smiled, raining a flurry of open-handed blows down on each ass cheek. Liz moaned and whimpered with each fierce slap. Her pale ass grew red, as Becky continued to spank her. Liz's back arched more, raising her buttocks to meet the blows. Her legs spread slightly. Becky turned her hand, slapping Liz's upper thighs where they met her ass. The other woman gasped.

Becky paused, smiling, then delivered a sharp blow directly between Liz's legs. Liz moaned as Becky spanked her pussy. Becky rested her hand between Liz's thighs, her fingers tracing the other woman's wet folds. Liz shuddered and groaned, pushing back against Becky's teasing fingers. With a quick blow, she slapped Liz's pussy hard. Liz gave a shocked little cry.

Smiling, Becky withdrew her hand.

"You are a very bad girl," Becky smiled. "You are a naughty little slut who likes getting spanked."

"Yes," Liz moaned. "I am a naughty slut and I love getting spanked. Punish me mistress. Please."

Becky reached down and picked up a hairbrush from the bathroom counter. Liz's eyes grew wide. Becky smiled.

The hairbrush made a loud crack as it struck. Liz yelped, jumping at the blow. Becky stood for a moment, admiring the red rectangle blooming on Liz's already pink ass. Liz cried out as Becky's second blow drew another red mark on the opposite cheek. She shrieked as the next blow crossed the mark left by the first and gave a quivering moan as the next blow, and the next, and the next, crossed and recrossed the burning redness on her ass.

Panting, Becky lowered the hair brush. Liz leaned over the bathroom sink, clutching the counter and gasping for breath. Liz's hair hung in disarray around her face. Her full breasts heaved, flushed as red as her beaten ass.

Becky slowly turned the brush in her hand. Leaning forward again, she pressed the handle against the slick folds of Liz pussy. Liz groaned fiercely as the thick handle penetrated her. Working slowly, Becky moved the brush in and out of Liz's pussy, gently thrusting it deeper and deeper into the other woman. Liz moaned and thrust back against the handle. Pressing her palm against the brush, Becky reached her fingers forward and found Liz's engorged clit. The brunette quivered, grinding her hips against Becky's fingers, driving the brush deeper into herself. Liz's breathing quickened. Her hips rocked and thrust franticly. The edge of the brush itself was driven slightly into her wet folds as Liz violently fucked herself on it.

With a desperate cry, Liz's body convulsed, shaking as an intense orgasm overwhelmed her. Panting, she sank to her knees on the bathroom floor, the hairbrush still deep in her spasming pussy.

Gasping herself, Becky looked down at Liz's crumpled form. Quickly, Becky pulled off her t-shirt and unhooked her bra. With a single motion, she pulled off her jeans and panties and kicked them away. Turning, Becky stalked over to the large bed that dominated the master bedroom. She dropped onto the edge and spread her legs.

"Come here," Becky said in a firm voice.

Liz looked up at Becky, through her tousled hair. With a soft whimper, she pulled the brush from her body and let it clatter to the floor.

"I said come here," Becky commanded. "Come here, you slut, and eat my pussy."

Languidly, Liz curled to her hands and knees. Her heavy breasts swayed as she crawled, cat-like, across the floor.

"That's right," Becky panted, watching every motion of Liz's lush body. "Crawl to me."

"My mistress," Liz purred.

"Oh God," Becky gasped, catching the intensity in Liz's eyes. "Yes."

"My mistress," Liz growled, sliding her hands up Becky's legs.

"Yes," Becky sighed, leaning back.

"Mine," Liz breathed, her breath hot against Becky's thighs.

Becky's hand leapt out, seizing Liz's curly hair, holding her head firm. The two women locked eyes over the blonde curls of Becky's pussy.

"Mine," Becky snarled.

Roughly, she pulled Liz's face forward. She felt Liz's tongue lash out, parting her folds and fluttering along her slick flesh. Liz's hands clutched at Becky's thighs as Becky rolled her head back and groaned in savage lust.

"Oh yeah," Becky cried. "Oh eat me, eat me you fucking slut. Lick my pussy."

Liz licked and sucked at the outer folds of her pussy.

"Oh god, yes!" Becky growled. "Yes, yes, yes... you fucking... slut... oh god."

Liz's tongue fluttered over Becky's clit.

"That's it," Becky moaned, pulling the brunette's hair harder, grinding her pussy into Liz's face, "just like that. It feels so good. Oh god, Lizzy... my Lizzy... my fucking slut... eat me!"

Liz's fingers parted Becky's folds. Her tongue teased and fluttered over Becky's clit. Thrusting, she pushed two fingers into Becky's warm pussy, touching her inside.

"Oh god," Becky moaned, "Oh yes... Lizzy, yes... don't stop... my fucking slut...don't stop... I'm... I'm... I'm coming!"

Becky spasmed, arching back onto the bed as her whole body tensed with the power of her orgasm. Slowly, it faded away, then suddenly she spasmed again. Liz's tongue continued to flick against Becky's clit, sending little sparks of pleasure that coursed through her body.

"Enough," Becky moaned, "enough."

Smiling, Liz rocked back onto her heels. Languidly, she crawled up onto the bed and stretched out next to Becky, their naked bodies pressed against each other. Liz's fingers traced slow spirals along Becky's side and belly. Gently, she rested her head against her lover's small breast.

For a while, they lay together like that.

"I love you," Liz said finally.

"I love you," Becky replied lazily, then tensed suddenly. "Oh God!"

"What?" Liz purred.

"I think I just cheated on my husband," Becky moaned, covering her face with her hand, trying to pretend that the other hand wasn't still cupping Liz's breast.

Liz laughed softly. "Maybe, a little."

"A little," Becky laughed humorously. "Is that like being a little pregnant?"

Liz lifted her head, propping it on one arm to meet Becky's eyes.

"Do you love your husband? Do you want to spend your life with him?" Liz asked calmly.

"Yes," Becky groaned, "but I just found you again. I don't want to give this up."

"Then don't," Liz replied. "I can share. You know that. Can he?"

"I don't know," Becky moaned.

"Well, we could ask," Liz replied. Then, with a mischievous smile, added, "I bet we could convince him."

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