tagBDSMReunited Ch. 03

Reunited Ch. 03


"... and, that's my problem," Doug groaned, taking another swig of his beer. "What do you think? I'm dead, right?"

"Let me see if I have this right," Charlie ventured, struggling to keep a straight face. "Becky just came out as some kind of kinky bisexual dominatrix with this old college girlfriend... a big breasted blonde slut who fucks and sucks like a porn star and even takes it up the ass. You get to fuck the girlfriend any time you want, any way you want as long as you're willing to suffer through watching the two of them have kinky lesbian sex. Right?"

Charlie burst out laughing. "Tell me again, Doug... What exactly is the PROBLEM here!?!?"

"Brunette," Doug muttered.


"She's a brunette, not a blonde," Doug groaned.

"Oh," Charlie nodded sagely. "Well, in that case forget it. No, yeah, totally. Can't have that."

"You're a big help," Doug sighed, covering his face with his hands.

"Dude, you're life has just become a fucking porno," Charlie grinned. "You know what you need to do?"

"What?" Doug said, looking up.

"Get some of those little blue pills," Charlie grinned.

Doug groaned and buried his face in his hands again.


Later, as Doug pulled into the garage, his mind was still reeling. It had been since the other night. He'd felt he and Becky had a good solid relationship. Things were going well for them. They were happy. Now suddenly, this Liz had appeared and everything had gotten very confusing, very fast. What was weird, Doug thought, was that while things were confusing, they weren't really bad. The crazy sex had been fun, but more than that, Becky seemed more confident, more affectionate, more... herself, Doug concluded. Since the reintroduction of Liz into Becky's life, Becky had become more like the woman he had fallen in love with. But if that was because of Liz...

Doug sighed, realizing he was still sitting in the car, in the garage, listening the engine cool down while his thoughts chased themselves in circles. Grabbing his briefcase, he dragged himself from the car and headed into the kitchen.

Setting down his case, Doug reached into the fridge for a beer. It suddenly occurred to him that, in his distraction, he hadn't made his usual "Honey, I'm home" joke. Shaking his head, he drew a breath only to have it knocked back out of him.

"Oh fuck!" Becky's voice rang through the house. "Oh yes... yes Lizzie. Just like that..."

"Honey, I'm home," Doug bellowed, his voice louder than he had intended.

He heard Becky gasp, and a barely audible, "Crap!"

Doug waited, his insides churning with emotions. He wasn't sure exactly what he was feeling, whether it was anger, jealousy, lust, or some heady combination of all of those and more. He felt like he was going to explode.

Becky appeared in the kitchen doorway. Her cheeks were flushed and she was panting, as if she had just run down the hall... after being interrupted on her way to orgasm. One hand held shut the button blouse she wore. Her long, creamy legs were bare, and Doug caught a flash of her neatly trimmed bush, framed between the tails of the blouse.

"Hi," Becky ventured timidly.

Doug felt a fiery whirlwind of emotion coalesce into a hot and powerful burning in his head. Slowly, he advanced on his wife.

"So," Doug said, his voice surprisingly calm to his own ears, "I take it Liz is here."

"Yeah. Yeah, she is," Becky said sharply, her back straightening.

Becky's eyes suddenly blazed defiantly in the face of Doug's aggressive posture. Releasing her nervous grip on her blouse, she set her hands firmly on her hips. The power of the stance wasn't much diminished by the fact that, unchecked, her blouse now fell open, baring her pert breasts and neatly trimmed bush, but its effect on Doug was probably the opposite of what Becky intended.

"Becky," Doug said, feeling amazingly rational despite the raging emotions flooding through him, "if this is going to work, we need to talk about it, establish some guidelines we can all live by."

"Yeah?" Becky replied, still defiant but suddenly a little less sure of herself.

"Yeah," Doug said. Suddenly, he heard his voice change as the burning fire in his head migrated downward, "After..."

"After?" Becky queried.

Doug closed the distance between them in a lunge. Seizing his startled wife, he dragged her to him. Their mouths met with bruising force. Pinning Becky against the wall, Doug kissed her wildly. His body crushed against hers. His suddenly, painfully hard cock ground against her and he could feel her warm wetness pressed against him. Becky's body relaxed suddenly, yielding to him.

Panting, Doug broke the kiss an eternity later.

"After," he growled. "First I need to teach your little friend some manners... maybe I should do the same to you."

"Yes," Becky gasped. "Yes, I think you... Yeah, you should definitely do that."

Taking Becky by the arm, Doug led her down the hall into the bedroom.

Liz lay sprawled on the bed. On my bed, Doug thought, with another rush of intense feeling. The curvaceous brunette was naked. Her firm, round ass was red from what must have been one of Becky's spankings. As they entered, Liz curled catlike and sat up, arching her back to display her full round breasts and hard nipples. Doug felt himself ache with lust at the sight of her. For a moment he wanted nothing more than to push Liz down onto the bed and pound her while she screamed.

Instead, Doug seized the collar of his wife's open blouse and roughly pulled it off her back. Becky yelped, but didn't resist. Firmly, he pushed his wife onto the bed. As Becky dropped next to her, Liz sat up a little straighter. The brunette's mouth opened in a surprised little 'O' but her bright blue eyes were unreadable.

"Liz, as I was telling my wife," Doug placed a heavy emphasis on the title, "we need to establish some guidelines about how this is going to work between us. Understand?"

Liz nodded and Doug was acutely aware of her breasts, rising and falling with her suddenly heavy breathing. Becky sat up next to her, her own smaller breasts heaving.

"I can't hear you," Doug growled, looming over them.

"Yes sir," Liz replied without the slightest hint of pretension.

"Yes," Becky nodded, her voice level, "but I think we need a clear head to do that."

"Right," Doug agreed. His hands, driven by the fiery emotion inside, were already unbuckling his belt. "So we're going to talk after."

"After?" Liz somehow managed to sound meek and teasing at the same time.

"After," Doug repeated, pulling his belt off.

"Doug thinks we need to be taught some manners," Becky breathed, looking up at her husband.

"Oh," Liz breathed.

"That's right," Doug growled. "Now turn over."

"Yes sir," Liz gasped. Quickly she rolled over and lay on her belly, her firm, already reddened ass slightly raised.

Doug felt his breath coming quickly as he looked at Liz's pale, round flesh and the slight peek of her wet pussy framed between her thighs. Again, he brutally crushed the desire to just jump on her and start pounding away. Instead, he slowly folded over his belt. Glancing over at Becky, he saw her wide eyes moving slowly between his face, the belt and her lover's ass. Becky's breath was coming in deep gasps, and her pert little nipples were hard as buds.

"I said turn over," Doug said to her.

"What?" Becky's eyes grew even wider.

"Now," Doug repeated. He was a little surprised to find that he didn't raise his voice or even put any threat into the word. It was simply a command, unquestionable and undeniable.

Becky's breath caught in her throat, but even as she stared, shocked, at her husband, she turned over. Still watching him, wide eyed, over her shoulder, Becky lay herself down next to Liz. The brunette lay her hand over Becky's and Doug saw the other woman smile reassuringly at his wife. He saw Becky smile back, at Liz and at him. Then Becky lifted her ass slightly, surrendering to him.

Doug felt a fierce and wild rush of tenderness toward his wife. A tenderness that, strangely, felt in no way incompatible with the burning core of wild passion inside him or doubled length of belt he lifted menacing over her offered ass.

The belt made a loud crack as it smacked down against Becky's bare ass. Doug's blonde wife yelped and jumped a little as the blow landed. Reversing his swing, Doug brought the belt down against Liz's rounder backside. The brunette gasped with the blow. A second stinging blow drew a little cry from Becky. Liz simply exhaled sharply at her next blow.

Doug's arm rose and fell, driven by the raw core of emotion inside him. His blows quickly found a rhythm, moving from Becky's narrow, toned buttocks to Liz's firm, rounded ass and back again. Becky continued to yelp and jump with each blow. Liz moaned and sighed, her ass rising at each pass, clearly eager for more.

Becky's latest cry was sharper than the one before. Nodding, Doug laid a single, furious, stinging blow across Liz's ass. The brunette gave a little gasping cry. It was time for something else, Doug thought, tossing the belt aside. Becky lay still, panting a little. Liz looked back over her shoulder at Doug, her unfathomable blue eyes studying him even as she panted with desire. He wasn't sure why, but he got the sense she too had heard the difference in Becky's cry and approved of his decision to stop.

"Now," Doug said firmly, unbuttoning his slacks, "I need a some attention."

"Yes sir," Liz purred, curling slowly upward.

"Becky," Doug said, a little more softly.

"Anything," Becky sighed, her face still half-pressed into the mattress. "Anything you want."

Doug felt a surge of lust at his wife's words, but mastered himself once more.

"Suck me," Doug commanded, pulling down his slacks and briefs in a quick motion. Liz leaned forward, smiling.

"Becky," Doug said firmly. Liz froze, looking up at him quizzically.

"Becky too," Doug clarified, with a smile.

His wife pulled herself up, rubbing her reddened ass slightly and smiling. Liz reached out, her fingers encircling Doug's hard shaft. Doug moaned as her warm fingers gripped him. Becky slid forward, sitting on the edge of the bed opposite Liz, with Doug's cock between them. The women smiled at each other, and Liz, her hand rubbing up and down Doug's shaft, turned it toward Becky. Doug's blonde wife laughed and lowered her head. Her tongue flicked out, fluttering over the tip, and Doug moaned.

Slowly, Becky rolled her tongue over the head of Doug's cock, teasing and licking only the tip. Liz leaned in and her tongue slid along his shaft. Doug groaned at the feeling of two women licking his cock. The sight of their heads, blonde and brunette, together while their tongues slowly teased and tormented him was amazing.

"Suck me," Doug groaned again, rocking his hips to thrust against his wife's teasing tongue.

Becky moved back, laughing. Even as Doug snarled in frustrated lust, Liz's tongue slid up his shaft and her warm mouth enveloped him. Doug's snarl turned into a moan as Liz's dark head bobbed up and down on his length. Becky leaned forward again and Liz pulled her mouth off Doug with an audible pop. Becky's lips encircled Doug's cock and she slowly bobbed her head. Liz's tongue slid down his shaft and her warm mouth enfolded his balls.

Doug groaned. His hips rocked, thrusting into his wife's mouth. Becky moved her head in time with his thrusts, then released him. Liz took him in her mouth again, swallowing him deeply. Doug shuddered as almost his entire length sank into Liz's throat. The brunette gagged slightly, but doggedly took him inside.

"God, how do you do that," Becky moaned at the sight.

Slowly, Liz pulled her head back up, releasing Doug's shaft.

"Practice," she said, pulling Becky's head over to Doug's shaft.

Doug watched as his cock passed through his wife's lips. Liz rested her hand on Becky's neck, gently pushing her lower. Doug groaned as his lovely blonde wife attempted to swallow his shaft. Her mouth sank slowly deeper and Becky gagged, pulling back. She swallowed convulsively, struggling to catch her breath, and then Liz pushed her gently down again. This time Becky went deeper, gagging but holding on a moment longer. Doug moaned as his wife's mouth convulsed around his shaft.

Quickly, Becky lifted her head, coughing. Wiping her mouth, she smiled up at her husband while Liz took her place. The busty brunette slowly and steadily swallowed Doug's cock to the root. Doug moaned as her lips encircled the base of his shaft. Mouth full, Liz's tongue slid out to tease Doug's balls.

"Bitch," Becky grinned, pinching Liz's nipple. The brunette jumped and coughed around Doug's member, lifting her head.

Becky took her place, bobbing her head up and down rapidly. When she paused, Liz took over again. Doug groaned and closed his eyes while the two women took turns licking, sucking and swallowing his cock.

Finally, he felt the intensity of it growing beyond controlling. His hips rocked, unconsciously thrusting into the wet mouth surrounding him. The mouth, Becky's he realized, convulsed around his shaft and pulled back, coughing, even as he erupted. Cum sprayed from his cock, dripping down Becky's chin and breasts as Doug spasmed.

As Doug moaned in release, Liz leaned in, taking him in her mouth and swallowing the last of his load. Then she turned to Becky and pushed her down onto the bed.

Sensuously, Liz kissed Becky's lips. Then, slowly, she licked the trails of semen from Becky's chin, smiling as she swallowed each sticky white drop. Carefully, she worked her way down toward Becky's breasts while her fingers slipped up and started to tease Doug's wife's pussy.

Doug sank down onto the bed and watched in fascination as Liz licked Becky clean. Her tongue slid lovingly over his wife's neck, chest and breasts. She carefully licked and sucked the white drops of cum off Becky's nipples, teasing them to hardness, while her fingers probed Becky's wet folds.

"Oh God yeah," Becky whispered, opening her legs and pressing her breast into Liz's mouth. "Do that... yes... do that."

Doug slid his hand across Becky's thigh. His fingers brushed against Liz's. The brunette smiled at him, her mouth still full of Becky's pert breast. Together their fingers stoked Becky's pussy.

"Oh wow," Becky moaned. "Yes... yes... touch me... oh god... yes... don't stop."

Liz's fingers danced rapidly over Becky's clit, while Doug pushed his inside her, steadily finger-fucking her pussy.

"Oh... oh..." Becky whimpered, her body arching under their combined touch. "Yes... I... yes... don't stop... don't... oh God... oooohhhh yes!"

Becky's body jumped and spasmed in orgasm. Panting and jerking, she collapsed limply onto the bed.

Quietly, Liz slid to her feet. Unashamedly naked, she padded silently from the room, pausing only to meet Doug's eyes for a second and smile.

Doug moved closer to Becky and his wife nestled into his arms. They lay together like that for a long time.

"You guys have done stuff like that before," Doug said. It wasn't really a question.

Becky moaned, burying her face in her husband's chest. "Please don't hate me, Doug. I..."

"Becky," Doug firmly overrode whatever she was going to say. "I love you. I've loved you for years... and this, all this... it's part of who you are. Even if I didn't know about it, it's still part of you and I love you. Weird, kinky, sexy you."

The words clearly surprised Becky. In the honest part of his heart, they surprised Doug. More so because he knew they were true.

Husband and wife look at each other for a long moment. Then they laughed.

"Hey," Becky smiled. "I'm not the only kinky one in this marriage, Mr. 'teach some manners.' Where did that come from?"

"I don't know," Doug said honestly. "I... it... just felt right. So I went with it. Was it... ok?"

"Well, my ass still stings," Becky replied smiling. "but yeah, it was... wow... just great."

"Ok," Doug smiled.

"Ok," Becky nodded, then drew a deep breath. "So..."

"So, let's figure out how to make this work," Doug said. "Now go tell Liz to stop flashing the neighbors, or whatever she's doing, and let's all figure this out together."

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