tagFetishRevealed in Dance Class Ch. 03

Revealed in Dance Class Ch. 03


Saturday morning found me and James emerging from a relaxed slumber in the guestroom of Eliza's cottage. We rose from our beds and greeted each other with a smile. Still wearing the things caused us so much commotion the night before, in my case a pair of highcut pastel blue panties and in his a simple translucent pink nightgown he had borrowed from me, we moved about the room and prepared for breakfast with our hostesses and a day on the beach. On inspection, each sported a clearly discernible stained area – not spot - where our ministrations on the other had each provoked monstrous orgasms. Also noticeable was that our cocks seemed poised for more, as we both had pretty full hardons. James' waved around, curling upward under that nightie, seeming to draw strength from the way it was caressed by the soft fabric.

"It's amazing, the way you brought me off last night in this soft nightie made it feel like as if my cock hadn't even been touched, as if a cool breeze were blowing over it, so I feel harder than ever," James remarked. I too felt a quicker recovery and more enduring strength than I expected after such a massive blast, and chalked it up to both the soft feel of the panty embracing my cock all night and the anticipation of whatever we might encounter over the coming day.

Eliza knocked on the door at about 8, asking if we were ready for breakfast and later, the beach. Wrapping a beach towel around my waist, I cracked the door open, letting James remain concealed behind. She looked great in a long white t-shirt; her yellow bikini was clearly visible beneath.

"Sounds great. Hey, you know, Eliza, I forgot to pack a swimsuit," I lied (as my forgetting was entirely intentional).

With a knowing and just slightly evil grin she replied, "Well, I am sure you'll come up with something. Don't worry about us or the crowds, because I'm guessing my mom's ready for anything and we're unlucky if there is more than one party on the beach every 100 yards." With that she turned and sauntered toward the kitchen, flashing her long legs and gently shaking her fine derriere as she went.

"Well, with that kind of freedom to choose I have a tough decision," I announced to James. I held up the size 5 nude highcut panties and the size 5 dark blue hipsters that I figured might be mistaken for a Speedo from a distance. "I know I can't wear these blues I have on now, as we pretty much wrecked them last night. Between these two, what do you think?"

"I think I'd better join you in femming a bit but in that case you'll have to let me borrow one. Question is, which do you want?" he replied with a smile, having read my mind.

"Here, close your eyes and feel each and pick," I answered. He did so and I rubbed each one in turn softly along each of his thighs.

"Whichever one is on the left is just fine with me," he said and opened his eyes.

I tossed the dark blue ones into his lap and said, "OK, time's wasting and let's get ready."

We peeled off our nightwear, placing these in my bag, and donned the fresh panties. Our hardons were unmistakable, primarily so for James due to the small size of his "speedo" and for me because of the thin nude fabric that revealed everything, including the fleshy color and other details of my circumcised cock. Over these we each put on cut-off shorts and a t-shirt and filed out to confront the day.

Francesca, Eliza's mother, had along with her prepared a tasty breakfast of pancakes, sausage and fruits. She was wearing a loose floral wrap over a white one piece maillot; neither were sufficient to conceal the lovely shape of her slightly pendulous tits, narrow waist and fine butt. She was a fine complement to her daughter, who was wearing the same outfit she had greeted me with that morning. We all made light conversation and were soon joined by Nick, Eliza's slender and good-looking 18 year old brother, in a red t-shirt and board shorts. The outward appearance of my own and James' normal clothes enabled my hardon to recede a bit, but I knew it would re-emerge on any additional stimulus such as that staring me in the face in the form of those beautiful females.

Along the walls of the dining area were hung a number of photographs. Alongside the usual pics of the kids growing up were some with a more artistic orientation. Some featured Eliza in dancewear or other costumes, and looked readily convertible to a model's portfolio. Likewise there were a few of Nick in various states, and finally one with the two of them wearing leotards, staring at the camera in a comfortable embrace. James complimented whoever the photographer was for capturing such a great series of poses, and Eliza pointed out with pride that it was her mother's work.

At 1030 we packed a large lunch, drinks, a couple of chairs and an umbrella and made off over a sandy path for the beach, which lay beyond the dunes that rose up a short distance from the cottage. We immediately felt the heat, as the breeze was light to nonexistent that day. Topping the grassy rise of the dunes over a set of wooden stairs, we saw the ocean at low tide lapping up to a fine sandy beach some 50 yards away. I was gratified to see no other parties on the beach and few telltale footprints; it really looked like we had the place to ourselves.

Setting up about 30 yards from the water, we planted the umbrella in the sand and placed the cooler and chairs under its shade. Already a sheen of sweat formed on our skin from the sun's searing heat. Francesca thanked us for our labors and gracefully shucked the wrap, revealing both the blinding white maillot and a fantastic body for a woman in her forties. I knew I was in trouble from that point forward. She took a seat in the shade and relaxed under her sunglasses with a thick magazine.

After we laid out our towels in the sun, Eliza mischievously asked just loud enough for all to hear, "So guys, surely you're not going to stand out in here in this heat all day in those shorts and shirts? We are at the beach you know."

"Well I suppose you're right," I replied and grabbing the hem of my t-shirt with my arms crossed over my stomach (you know, the way women remove sweaters) slowly lifted the t-shirt over my head. "I'd like your help in getting some lotion on my back, as I don't want to fry. That OK?"

Next, without missing a beat I unbuttoned and then partially unzipped my shorts, knowing that this way they would be too tight to drop without some additional fuss. I noticed that James was going through the same motions a few feet away, and was already lowering his shorts to the ground. Knowing Eliza's eyes were glued on me, I wriggled my hips to get the shorts down to my legs and then let them fall. I heard Nick suck in his breath as he stared open-mouthed at the sexually charged display James and I presented. Having heard, his mother then turned her head in our direction to confront our practically nude bodies so licentiously posed before her family.

Arching an eyebrow, she calmly noted, "Eliza, my dear, I guess you weren't kidding when you said these young men were plenty adventurous, and fine. May I compliment you both on your physiques and unusual swimwear, which shows them off so well."

From behind her sunglasses she didn't take her eyes off us for some moments as we, like so many girls we'd seen our entire lives, pulled lightly up at the waistbands of the "swimsuits" and then ran our fingers along the back and front of the leg openings, adjusting the way they fit to make sure they lay flat without wrinkles on our abdomens and glutes. Thankfully while we were a bit hard and very slowly swelling, we weren't bursting out of the panties, probably due to the slight nervousness of unveiling ourselves so boldly to those we didn't know that well.

"Dave, lie down and I will put some lotion on your back. Nick, you better get James before the sun does its worst," Eliza commanded her younger brother gently. As if mesmerized, Nick turned to do just that, rubbing a generous dollop of cream all over my friend's back as he lay on the towel. Nick's obedient response to her exhortation interested me, and I wondered if it was the result of being the youngest in a family of such obvious sexual dynamism. Having put too much cream on James' back (purposefully?), Nick had to take extra time to work it in, and made sure to cover every square inch. This, I noticed, included James' shoulders, lats, and area right above the panties' waistband. Meanwhile Eliza performed similar ministrations on my prostrate form. She made gentle sweeps up and down my back, accidentally touching the waistband of my nudes several times in an attempt to make sure the cream was fully worked in. She deliberately leaned over far enough to smash her right breast into my back, provoking additional hardening of my cock. With a couple of smaller dollops she also ensured that the backs of my thighs were protected too. As she ran her hands up and down these from knee to the bottom of my panties, I became more and more aroused, thinking of how just one very thin layer of elastic fabric concealed my assets from her gaze.

"Now that you are done could I get you to put some lotion on my back?" asked Eliza, tossing me a brown tube. She took the t-shirt off to reveal her yellow bikini and beautiful angular 5'8" body with its slightly out of scale tits. She lay down on a towel and took her hair in one hand to clear it from her upper back. With both hands she unsnapped the back of her top, and then drew the strings from the knot at her neck and let them fall beside her, after which she closed her eyes. I had to sit up and the sheer size of my erection, which was pointing up to the waistband at an angle, was unmistakable. It bowed outward and upward, teasing the underside of the waistband. I squeezed some cocoa butter into her back, making sure the lotion was completely worked in through long deliberate strokes that reached from her shoulders down to the dimples in her lower back. I noticed her subtle writhing on receiving my practiced strokes, which made me even more excited than previously. I was happy I wasn't wearing the tighter, smaller blue panties I had given James, as either these might have become too confining and uncomfortable, or my penis might have escaped those confines altogether with my gathering lust.

Meanwhile James was kneading some white cream into Nick's back to ensure he didn't burn either. The urgency of his own arousal was clearly evident with the lurid display of his hardened, pantied cock jutting upward, challenging the confines of the waistband. For his part, by the look in his eyes I could tell Nick was energized despite his futile attempt to relax.

Having finished with our hosts, we each then lay back on our own towels and slowly rubbed lotion onto our own thighs, shoulders, chests and abdomens. I could tell Eliza was occasionally sneaking a glance at the sight before her, but she practiced indifference in a vain effort to conceal her interest in the goings on. Both of us had huge tents, more like ridges, in our panties as we worked the cream into our flesh. Small spots of precum appeared at both our tips. After finishing we each closed our eyes to the sun and the heat and tried to unwind a bit.

After a silent rest of about an hour I asked James, "Would you like to take a walk?" He nodded and Nick also perked up. The ladies meanwhile seemed too crushed by sun and heat to do much of anything. Extracting three beers from the cooler, we headed south with our feet in the water, our cocks in sensual elastic microfabric [well, two of us anyway] and our heads in the clouds. Our hardons paraded before us, hidden from exposure only by the thinnest of fabrics. Sweat dripped from our torsos into the waistbands of our panties.

There were only a few other parties on the beach. As we passed by a quartet of high school girls we noted their extreme interest in our unfamilar swimwear and taut physiques. A trio of apparently gay men in their twenties also took pleasure in the sight before them. Once our beers were finished and we were on a long stretch of empty beach, Nick suggested we take a dip. I think he may have been interested in what would appear once our "suits" were wet, but the sun's relentless assault on our skin made it seem a good idea in any case. We walked into the cooling water, and as our panties became soaked they clung to our skin, and our cocks, even tighter. We stood about waist deep, dunking our heads in periodically to cool off and letting the surf buffet our bodies. As I expected, my nudes became utterly transparent, and James' blues also became significantly more revealing. We emerged into shallower water about knee deep. With the panties drenched, the details of his lengthened circumcised penis were apparent to anyone within 25 feet. "God this feels great," he exclaimed and I nodded my assent. Nick looked on thoughtfully as if prepared to make some point but remained silent.

"What do you think, Nick, about our swimsuits?" I teased him gently.

"I wish I had your guts and your imagination, because I can tell you're really turned on and frankly so am I," he replied.

With the panties in their current state, our walk back was even more invigorating. Each of us was checking out the other, and especially enjoyed the shocked and focused stares of the parties we passed along the way.

On our return we flopped down on our towels and Eliza remarked, "You all look so refreshed I think it's time Mom and I got wet too. It's just too hot today." With that she and Francesca marched into the surf, and frolicked about for some time, looking more like sisters than mother and child.

When they returned I noted that Francesca's bright white maillot had become almost transparent from the hips up. Her breasts fronted by quarter sized nipples gently undulated as she returned to her chair underneath the umbrella. Eliza also looked amazing, and the heat of the day and perhaps her own thoughts added a languorous sway to her gait as she too returned to our little circle.

On resuming her prone position on the towel she asked Nick to re-apply cocoa butter to her back, a command he appeared eagerly ready to fulfill. I watched with interest as he took care to work the lotion well into her tanned skin, making sure her skin was protected and her back muscles were loosened by what appeared to be a pretty good amateur massage. Watching this in turn raised my own heat, and my hardon returned to a state that challenged its inadequate elastic confines.

We all ate our sandwiches and consumed more fluids, so necessary on that absurdly hot day. The three guys preferred beer, while Eliza and her mom worked on some sangria they had prepared that morning. Later I and James demonstrated to Nick some easy stretching exercises from our dance class earlier that spring. Our legs sticking straight out before us, we wrapped our hands around our feet and brought our heads to our knees. Then we uncoiled and lay flat, before putting our hands on the ground next to our ears, walking our feet slowly backward and erecting perfect arches by pushing our abdomens to the sky. I could see clearly the outline of James' cock, the highest point in that arch, and noted that both Francesca and Eliza were closely observing our performance as well. Lastly we reverted to lying down flat, and slowly brought our legs over our heads until our toes touched the ground about a yard beyond. Then we walked our toes slowly back toward our heads so that our knees ended up touching the towels next to our heads. Not for the first time when doing this particular exercise, I noticed just how closely this positioned my hardened cock to my face – it seemed the only thing pre venting it from slapping me in the face was the slight wisp of fabric I wore. Afterwards we had to readjust our undies, running our fingers around the waistbands and then pulling down on leg openings.

James, Nick and I headed down the beach aways for a dip. After passing the teenagers again with a friendly wave we entered the water, staying between knee and navel depth. In this way we enjoyed the transparency of our "suits" and frolicked about, splashing each other and taking pleasure in the sight of our fine forms.

Next we headed back to the ladies. Just when I thought my poor prick could relax a bit, upon our return I was mildly shocked to see that both had gone topless, Eliza by removing her top and her mother by rolling down her one piece to below her navel. They each were rubbing cocoa butter into their defenseless breasts, although the fact that they weren't entirely pale indicated they had done this before. The fantastic undulating motion of their breasts being mauled by their hands, and gleam of the butter shining on those, restored some power to my flagging pole. Behind her sunglasses I imagined Francesca's sardonic perspective on my mildly priapic state – all my fault basically.

We stood in front of them for a moment, fussing over our panties again the same way girls do bikini bottoms. At this point I, and I imagine James, was so consumed with lust and exhibitionism I took no apparent regard of the wonderfully revealing nature of the panties – yet of course we were aware of little else.

We eventually repaired to our towels for some fruit juice and a lie down. After crisping away in the sun for another hour on that windless day we all had enough. Seemingly of one mind and without any discussion we began to pack our things and shortly headed back to the cottage. And our skin was baked. On the way back Francesca remarked quietly to James and me, "James, Dave, we're all exhausted and I don't expect it to get much cooler, so dinner will be light and early. I also want further insights into your fashion choices as explained to me previously by my daughter - I'll expect equally adventurous costumes for our evening party." Needless to say, it sounded like a quite an evening coming up.

To be cont'd

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