tagLoving WivesRevelations Ch. 03

Revelations Ch. 03


A special thanks to Frontma for making this a better read.


The trip back home was uneventful. There had been a couple of calls from his daughter and some from his wife. There was one SMS text message from Vanessa reminding him to take his medicines. He sent her a reply, as well as his daughter, saying that he had been tired and had gone off to sleep early the previous night with the mobile switched off as the battery was low, and yes, he had taken his medicines as prescribed.

He didn't want to talk to his daughter because by now, perhaps she feared for the worst, and if he let slip anything, then her suspicions would stand confirmed and all hell would break loose. He didn't want to talk to Vanessa either for the obvious reasons. She had been unfaithful to him some years back and he had now been unfaithful to her as recently as last night. A lot of emotional swings were taking place inside him. So did that even out the score, one all? Somehow, he had the gut feeling that there was no other man in her past. Should that be making him happy? Did Paula's reasoning come close to helping him in understanding why his wife had an affair with her boss? Were the feelings involved during those so called intimate personal healing sessions similar to those between Paula and him? Had his wife done what she had done with a genuine reason, at least in her own eyes?

After all, marriage did not mean the woman surrendered her body and soul to her husband. A woman rightfully had an independent identity before marriage and would continue to have it after marriage also. A marriage, according to him, was the most accepted form of a live-in relationship throughout the world. If one were to use some modern management jargon to describe marriage then, a man and a woman bring in their input into the institution called marriage with the marriage vows defining the basic ground rules to be followed, just like the memorandum and articles of association of a newly formed company. So at the end of the day, the so-called marriage vows are basically a self-defined set of do's and don'ts of the human mind with the fear of God thrown in to ensure better adherence and compliance.

Considering all that Paula had said, should he continue or should he stop feeling cheated? Another cock had been welcomed inside her body by his wife. Should he or should he not look upon it as a betrayal because, as Paula had pointed out, it was something his wife had done to help somebody? A part of him urged him to wholeheartedly accept Paula's line of thinking while another part of him continued to look upon it as a betrayal of the worst form, never to be forgiven. A piece of manly flesh entered his wife's body...how angry should he be? If something in the nature of non-consensual sex had occurred then even that would have involved a piece of manly flesh going inside his wife. Would he have treated that as a betrayal? No, definitely not, because his wife had not been involved in that physical activity with her mind. So, what ultimately mattered was what went on in her mind during her tryst with her boss. It was all in the mind, as they say. And how could he correctly judge what her mind was thinking when she bedded her boss, lust or healing? After all, she said she loved him. She hadn't left him for her boss even though he was now single and available. Should this go in her favour, along with her plea about it being some kind of sexual healing?

Shit! Had he not opened that courier, this would have always remained her secret and gone to her grave with her and he would have continued to live happily in ignorant bliss. In the end, it all boiled down to how you perceived her actions, as an action done to help somebody in need or an action to enjoy some variety in bed.

He still hadn't found an answer to the last question when his house came into view and he was soon parking in the driveway. The meeting with Paula and her plausible explanation for his wife's rationale behind her actions had definitely helped him in getting some clarity on the main issue. Funnily enough, it was something close to what Vanessa had all along been repeating. Perhaps the visit to the cabin had been fruitful after all.

Vanessa was waiting for him as he walked in from the garage door. She seemed to have wilted in the last couple of days. Her face continued to bear a deathly pallor and it seemed she hadn't slept much. There were more streaks of grey in her hair than ever before.

"Hi," she said tentatively, and came up to him and gave a hug. Victor found himself returning it. He was surprised. Perhaps it was the talk with Paula or the feeling of guilt he harboured inside him. She went on to ask him about his trip and he replied back politely. He told her about Paula and her family but omitted the details about their romp in the night. In turn, she brought him up with the happenings in their children's lives. His grandchildren missed him terribly and they wanted them to visit, the sooner the better.

All along, Vanessa had been eyeing him cautiously. Perhaps she had deliberately spoken about their grandchildren because both of them adored them. Victor too acknowledged that he missed them but refused to comment upon when they would make a visit to their children's place together. Both of them refrained from talking about that big elephant in the room. He had just returned home and, being a Sunday, they had all the time in the world.

She prepared some of his favourite foods for lunch and by the time he bathed and came downstairs, the food had been tastefully laid out on the table. They made some light talk as they ate. Most of the talking was done by Vanessa while Victor interjected every now and then. He was exhausted both mentally and physically and was thankful Vanessa had refrained from broaching the sensitive subject. After lunch he excused himself and retired to rest in the master bedroom. Later in the day they visited the local mall to make some purchases.

On the way back, they happened to cross the children's park and decided to stop and spend some time there. Watching the children at play with their mothers fussing around nearby was exhilarating. It brought back fond memories of their own days as responsible parents. They began talking about some of the incidences as though it had just been yesterday.

Finally, Victor decided to bring up the topic. "Why did you have that affair?"

Vanessa took a deep breath before replying. Perhaps she too had sensed that this was not going to be an ordinary Sunday outing. "Victor, I had never planned on cheating on you. You must believe me. As I told you before, we, at the office, could see that Harry had totally withdrawn himself. It ... it was sad and kinda scary too, to see a grown up man, somebody we've all known and admired, slowly waste himself away. Initially we had decided that I would be around him to ensure he began taking interest in the day-to-day activities."

"Why you and not some other woman on the staff?"

Vanessa blushed and looked away, her cheeks and neck turning a dark shade of red. "He...he always had a crush for me," she started off hesitantly. "During time at the office he would never fail to hit upon me. A girl realises that, however hidden it may be."

"And so you volunteered to take up the onus of delivering the healing touch upon yourself," cut in Victor disgustedly. Suddenly he remembered that night at the party so long ago at Harry's place. "You remember that evening when I walked in on you two on the patio? Tell me honestly what you two were doing all alone in the dark."

That seemed to embarrass his wife even more and her face took on an even darker hue of red. "He...he was dry humping me," she finally managed to confess.

"With his wife and your husband in the next room! That bastard!" spat out Victor vehemently.

Vanessa cringed at his outburst. "Darling, now that he's dead we shouldn't be ..."

"And the two of you have turned me into the living dead, what about that? The images of my wife and her lover fucking in every possible manner and just about everywhere are permanently burnt into my memory. It might have been a healing touch for you but your expression seems to clearly show you enjoying it as much as you enjoy with me, perhaps even more. That...those shots of you with a strap-on fucking him in the ass with the other end pushed into your cunt and pleasuring you didn't seem to be nothing but some good hard fucking," hissed Victor.

"Oh, Victor...oh, no, no," wailed Vanessa softly. "I...I never knew he was recording us. Oh, shit, what have I done? I...I never realised the damage it could possibly wreak upon us." The words were now coming out intermittently in jumbles. Vanessa had covered her face with her hands and was silently sobbing.

"That bastard got real lucky. God knows what you had been thinking when you began your healing therapy but it seemed Harry got a new fuck partner to replace his dead wife in his bed and he seemed to have made the most of it, at his house, at the beach, at his yacht...everywhere," whipped out Victor angrily.

There was an awkward silence then as neither had anything more to add. They continued to gaze at the children playing with laughter on their faces. Vanessa had her handkerchief in her hand and would wipe her eyes every now and then. Then, after taking a deep breath, she turned towards him and spoke once again.

"I...I had a call from the lawyers in Dallas. It was about that million dollars he left for me. I told them to pass it on to his family," she said continued quickly.

Victor suddenly felt as though the entire city's shit had just been dumped on him. He had completely forgotten about the portraits and the money they had fetched. He now smiled sardonically. He was perhaps one of the greatest cuckolds in the history of mankind. The bastard had made a million-dollar payment for bedding his wife. He wondered how that doctor was feeling. His wife had slept with the General and like his own wife, she had also earned a lot of dollars for herself by writing a book about her paramour. Was the doctor also feeling like he was? But there was a difference. In his case, he had got to know about the cuck money before it got transferred into their bank account. In the case of the doctor, the money from the publication of the book must have been received and spent by him on himself and his family before he got to know it was a cuck payment. The poor sod.

"Yes, the payment for your services! How could I have forgotten that? Tell me, my dear wife, had I remained completely ignorant of your affair, would you have refused the money coming your way?"

The ensuing silence was more than self-explanatory.

"Victor, I...I never looked upon my actions as detrimental towards you..."

Victor stopped her short with a show of his palm and stood up. They had been through all of that before and they were not going anywhere.

"Enough Vanessa. That was your well-earned money and what you do with it is not my business."

Vanessa looked up at him with a shocked expression on her face, almost as though she had been slapped hard. "Don't say that. You make me sound like a whore," she whispered almost inaudibly.

"When did the two of you select those paintings?"

"It...it was when we spent a few days on his yacht," replied Vanessa hesitantly, refusing to meet his eyes.

"I bet the office thought you two were on an official tour."

The silence was convicting.

"Well, Vanessa, you spent some time on his yacht amongst other places getting your brains fucked out. Perhaps you thought you were on a noble mission but the actions of that bastard clearly show he never looked upon it that way. He filmed you getting fucked by him in every imaginable position and more, just like any other SANE guy would do if he were so inclined. The nobility of you spreading your legs for him never ever entered his mind...and he also makes a nice tidy payment for the services rendered. He could have willed those paintings over to you if he had had some feelings for you but no, he doesn't do that. He has them sold off as he has no use for them and gives you the sales proceeds to take care of your monetary requirements in your mature years, as you are no doubt no longer as young as you once were. You decide what that makes you."

"Please, don't say it like that...please. I never knew he was recording us," sobbed out Vanessa once again.

Victor walked away from his sobbing wife. It was a good ten minutes before Vanessa came out of the park and joined him in the car. The drive back home was silent. Vanessa went into the kitchen and began preparing dinner. Victor took a bottle of Jack Daniel and went to the den. He was in no mood for eating but he didn't stop his wife from preparing the dinner. At least that kept her away from him. "She still thinks she was on a noble mission," thought Victor angrily. He stared blankly ahead while his mind kept going over each bit of conversation he had had with his wife.

The bottle of JD was by now half empty and Vanessa had retired to bed a long time back. When she had called him for dinner, he had dismissed her with a wave of his hand. He had then heard her sobbing her way up the stairs. The dinner lay cold on the kitchen table.

"Is she trying to cover up her affair by saying it was some kinda healing touch? Or should I go by Paula's line of reasoning that she did what she thought was correct in the given situation?" He desperately wanted to believe his wife. Even if he were to believe her version about some healing stuff, he was still not sure if he could forgive her. The road ahead was no less bumpy. But he had to first decide upon a starting point of reference before moving forward, either accept her version on face value or go by the call of the demons raging inside his head.

He needed some more information, not from his wife but preferably from a third unbiased source. How? From whom?

The empty glass slipped from his hands. Another bottle of JD lay near empty beside him. He had been drinking a lot since this started. He shut his eyes and leaned back on his easy chair. Where? Where could he get some more information from? Was there something he had missed out on in the CD's? Images of his wife fucking away merrily with her boss began to replay in his mind. His body tensed as his mind replayed one of the scenes where they were sitting by the pool. In fact, Harry was on a deck chair while his naked wife was astride him with her lover's cock buried inside her. She was rocking to and fro and had a silly smile on her face while Harry had grabbed her boobs with both his hands. He was saying something and Vanessa seemed to be smiling in response. Then her eyes became unfocussed and she lost all interest in whatever dirty talking Harry was doing.

"She's close to her orgasm," thought Victor angrily. He knew that look very well. By now her mouth had partially opened to form a small 'o' and her to and fro rocking movements had increased in intensity. Suddenly she went still and then slowly slipped down to lie on top of her lover. Harry put his arms around her and pulled her closer. They lay there like that for some time. Harry could be seen moving his palm all over her naked back. His wife had her eyes closed and seemed to be relaxing in the afterglow of her orgasm. Then Harry began kissing her fervently before rolling on top of her and placed his mouth on her right breast while he began kneading her left boob with his hand. He continued to ravish her for some time and then pulled back to sit on his knees. It was then Victor saw that his cock was standing straight up. The bastard hadn't shot his cum yet. No doubt he had some good staying power. He saw his wife looking at her lover's erection with pure lust in her eyes. Then Harry began moving forward to enter his wife.

"Nooo..." screamed out his mind. Paula said it's only some healing of the body and soul. She's not supposed to be smiling lustily. Oh, God, he's entering her ..."

Victor's eyes snapped open. He looked around. It was late in the night and the only sound to be heard was that of his ragged breathing. His face was covered with perspiration and he had an erection! No doubt that trauma of seeing his wife with another man was sending all sorts of zigzag signals. The booze was also having its effect by now. Victor ripped off his clothes and took his erection in his hand. He closed his mind and another set of images began playing across it. This time the CD images were from Harry's yacht during the trip when the lovers had purchased the paintings. They were both naked and he could make out the dark triangle between her thighs. They were standing together and drinking from the same glass while Harry steered the yacht with one hand. His other hand was draped possessively across his wife's back. No, they were, in fact, placed on her ass cheeks and he seemed to be squeezing them every now and then. His wife, too, had her free hand draped across her lover's waist and she was squeezing his buttocks and talking. Her eyes were sparkling with vigour and...and the afterglow of some raw, hard fucking. Harry then said something to his wife. She looked around as if to see whether any other yacht was close by. She then put down the glass and went down on her knees in front of her lover.

"Oh, shit, no...no" screamed his mind. Victor kept his eyes shut tight while his hand worked furiously in tune to the action being played out in his mind. "Noooo ..." he shouted out loud, his veins sticking out in his neck. She had just swallowed him in and the bastard was happily smiling. Victor opened his eyes. He was hard, very hard. He would show her what sexual healing his. Yes, yes, he would show her, thought his drunken mind, as he staggered up to their bedroom. His wife was sleeping on her back. He could hear her deep breathing. Victor clambered onto the bed and came close to the sleeping form of his wife. He could see her nightie had ridden up to expose her creamy white thighs. He moved closer and began playing his hand over her thighs, marvelling at her smoothness. His hands brushed her womanly trove and he became still. Then he settled between her thighs and inserted his long manhood inside her and began fucking her. He began building up to a faster pace. Vanessa opened her eyes in surprise but did not try to dislodge him. It was just fucking, pure and simple fucking.

Vanessa adjusted her position to make her husband more comfortable on top of her. She clasped her hands around him and pulled him close and began kissing him. Victor grunted in response and increased the pace of his raw, hard fucking. He could sense his wife's body responding. Her tunnel had become wet with her natural fluids.

"Yes, baby, yes," she gasped out in response to his powerful thrusts. By now Victor had grabbed both her breasts in his hands and was hammering away in full gusto in an almost animalistic response to claim what was his, trying to go in as deep as possible so that when he shot his cum, they would overcome all the seeds deposited inside his woman by Harry and she would be then his and his only.

"Take me...take me...harder...yeah, harder," moaned Vanessa as her body moved in an undulating rhythm, matching each penetration.

Victor froze as though he had been pole-axed. He could sense his cock wilting... wilting in defeat. Vanessa opened her eyes and looked up at him questioningly.

Those words of passion let out by his wife were the very same he had heard her utter when Harry had been on top of her during one of their fucking sessions at his house. Victor had run that part again and again, not believing the sounds his wife had been making, and so the words had been kinda burnt permanently into his mind. The two had been fucking in Harry's living room and those had been her exact words of ecstasy.

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